Frustration Ch. 01

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Pamela Davidson watched from the doorway as her husband, Vincent, drove off heading for work. It was eight thirty in the morning and he had his regular nine to five job that he had to be at. The thirty-eight mother of two then closed the door and turning around, balled her hands into fists and shook them in the air angrily. “Damn bastard,” she muttered quietly.

She walked to the couch and looked again at the time. It should be safe, she thought. Her son, Matthew, had a class at the local college he attended that was supposed to last for three hours, and her daughter, Meghan, now in her senior year in high school, wouldn’t be home until three thirty at the earliest. That left only her father, Harley, to worry about. But the fact that he was out until two thirty in the morning last night made it doubtful that he would wake.

She sat on the couch and let her robe fall open around her waist. She ran her fingers down through the hair of her pussy to her clit and began rubbing it. Fuck, that felt good, she thought. Damn Vincent for his shit ass job of fucking her. Her husband had thought it would be good to have a third child now that Matthew was twenty and Meghan eighteen. He had thrown away her birth control pills and took every chance he had to fill her pussy with cum. Last night after he came home from his card game night he had fucked her hard until he filled her hole, then gone to sleep, only to turn over and fuck her again the next morning, shoving his cock into her as deep as possible in the hopes that she would get pregnant. What he didn’t know was that although he had thrown out her pills, she still had her diaphragm and she made sure that it was in place every time he fucked her.

She sat there as frustrated and horny as she had ever been, thinking of how to get some real relief. Who should she think of while frigging herself off? Maybe Nelson from next door? No. He seemed to be acting weird at the last party they were at. Almost creepy, even. Jack from Vincent’s work, she decided. That would be much better. The young man would have to be full of pep not to mention lots of cum. She pictured the twenty three year old as having a very big thick dick as her fingers probed her cunt, looking for the release that had been denied her both last night and earlier that morning. She imagined his cock would smack against her cervix as he fucked her, her diaphragm now resting in its container in her bathroom vanity. She could almost feel the cock shoving in and pulling back out of her as she plunged four of her fingers in and out. “Fuck, yes,” she moaned out loud feeling the pleasure of her pussy being filled and stretching it out slightly as the lubricating juices flowed, clinging to what was very quickly becoming her sodden bush.

“Ahem,” she suddenly heard from her right.

“Fuck! Da-ad!” she exclaimed as she quickly drew out her fingers and threw the robe back closed around her legs. “I wasn’t expecting you to be up.”

“Obviously,” Harley Richards answered as he stood there in his sweats and t-shirt. “Now, I’m up in more ways than one.”

Pamela blushed and hid her face after a quick glance at his crotch, the baggy sweats hiding any evidence of what might be there. “I’m sorry, Dad. I’m just so frustrated and I needed some release from the stress.”

“What’s wrong, sweetie,” the fifty five year old said as he sat next to her on the couch.

“Don’t worry about it, Dad. I’m fine.”

“You can talk to me, Pammy. What are fathers for if not to help their children when they need it.”

“It’s just Vincent. He wants another baby and he fucks me every time he can get it up. The thing is, he doesn’t help take care of my needs at all. He just shoves his cock in me and pounds away at my cunt until he fills it with his cum. It’s like wham, bam, thank you ma’am, and then it’s done and over with until he’s ready to try again. I’m just a cum bucket to him and my needs don’t matter at all.”

“So he’s trying to use that old ‘barefoot and pregnant rule?’ I’m sorry to hear that, baby.”

“Barefoot and pregnant?”

“You know. Keep the wife at home by keeping her pregnant in the summer and barefoot in the winter. That way she can’t leave to find someone better.”

“I’ve never given him any reason to doubt my faithfulness to him.”

“I don’t doubt it, honey. It’s his insecurities that are the problem.”

“Then, how türkçe alt yazılı porno do I deal with it? He’s given me two wonderful children and I love them, but, I don’t want another child from him. So, I’ve been using my diaphragm whenever he fucks me, now. And his performance is so lousy lately, I’m just about ready to fuck anything that has a cock and will use it to help me as well as himself. I remember how loud Mom got when you two were going at it. But it sure as fuck isn’t that way for me and Vince. It just makes me so frustrated and leaves me so fucking horny that I’d almost even fucking jump your bones to get a good fuck. “

“Really? Don’t you think that there are plenty of studs out there who’d be willing to give you a good fucking without resorting to your old man? I’m sure that there are plenty of guys in the neighborhood that would be willing to accommodate you.”

“They’re all married.”

“Let me remind you that are you, too. If you’re really thinking of having an affair, it would probably be best if it was with someone who is married, anyway. That way, they’re not looking to invest anymore into the relationship than you are.”

“Speaking from experience, Dad?”

“No. I never cheated on your mother, and as far as I know she never cheated on me. At least not from the time of our wedding up to the day she died.”

“You mean there was something before the wedding?”

“A couple of days before the wedding, she had a bachelorette party in which the male stripper they hired fucked her silly for hours. Damn bastard filled her pussy with cum three times that night. Good thing she was already pregnant with you or he would have been a father nine months later.”

“Fuck!” Pam said. “And she told you about it?”

“The day after it happened. That night was my Bachelor party, and she gave me carte blanche to fuck any girl who would take my cock.”

“Did you?”

“Well, you know that your mom was a bit older than me, right?”

“Sure. Almost three years older.”

“Right. So it wasn’t a problem for her to get a male stripper for her party. Mine on the other hand was a problem. None of the strippers wanted to risk a legal suit by doing a party for a sixteen year old, so I didn’t have a chance to.”

Pamela laughed at his predicament. “So she had the opportunity to cheat on you and you couldn’t even retaliate? Poor baby.”

“When I turned twenty-one, she offered me the chance again.”

“So you did it then?”

“She set up a party for me at a nearby club and made sure my friends would see to it that I went. She stayed home to take care of you. That’s what she said, anyway. I’ll admit that the thought occurred to me that she could have used the opportunity to cheat herself, but I didn’t think she was. I was pretty sure that she was telling the truth. Anyway, before things got too far along, I left the party and made my way home. I had bought her some flowers earlier in the day and had them with me. I got home and looked in to watch her playing a game with you. Chutes and Ladders, I think. Then I quietly entered the house and came up behind her to thrust the flowers in front of her eyes. I didn’t care about the fact that I didn’t have the chance with a stripper. I belonged there with you and her.”

“I think I remember that. I remember a huge bunch of flowers and her asking if you were supposed to be someplace else. You said that line about belonging right there by her side.”

“I’m surprised you have any recollection of that. You were only four.” He lowered his head for a bit. “I still miss her.”

“I bet you miss the sex, too. You haven’t tried to start a new relationship with anyone else in the four years since she passed.”

“It isn’t the sex that I miss, dear. She was the best person there ever was, and I miss her for all the other things as much as any time we had in the bed, although she was the best there, too. Besides, I’ll have you know, I got laid last night, young lady.”

Well, good for you. At least someone is having a good time with it.”

“So, why don’t you fuck one of the guys in the neighborhood? That would certainly take care of your problem, and you know I won’t tell Vincent.”

“Yeah, but if I’m going to cheat on him, I want to be sure that it’s with the right guy. The problem with trying to do it with doeda porno someone in the neighborhood is who to fuck. They all know Vince, and there’s no telling which would jump at the chance to fuck me and which would refuse and run to Vincent to tell him about it. Way to risky. See my dilemma? So here I sit frustrated and horny as hell.” She let out a sigh. “Well, you don’t need to hear about my problems. I probably shouldn’t have said anything. I’ll get you some breakfast.” She got off the couch and started for the kitchen then turned back. “I meant what I said, though. As horny as I am, I just about would have jumped at the chance to fuck even you.”

“I figured,” he answered. “That’s what worries me.”

“What do you mean?”

“I wouldn’t have done anything to stop you from doing so.”

Pamela stood there staring at her father with a look of surprise on her face as her eyes widened and her lips pursed in a small “o” shape. The talking had been helping to calm her down, but the realization that her father wouldn’t have stopped her from fucking him brought back the feeling of need. Again she glanced down at his crotch. In his seated position, the sweats were still baggy, but she could see an outline that could be his cock. If it was, she told herself, he had one hell of a good sized dick!

Finally she began to move, not toward the kitchen where she had been headed, but back toward the couch and her father. As she stepped closer, she grabbed the sash that held her robe closed and untied it, letting it fall from her otherwise naked body to the floor as she climbed into his lap and straddled his hips. She moved in and kissed him, running her tongue along his teeth while slowly grinding her pussy against his still covered cock, Her Double d cup tits pressing against his chest. True to his word, he didn’t resist. Instead, he instinctively opened his mouth and allowed access to her probing tongue, letting his own wrestle with hers as his hands moved to massage her ass and pull her tighter to him. Before she could hesitate and change her mind, she reached between them and slid her hand into his sweats. she began tugging on his cock, marveling at the fact that her hand barely fit around it.

Finally he broke the kiss. “It’s easier without the pants,” he said. “But you’ll have to get off my lap to remove them.”

Pamela chuckled as she rose up and grabbed the waist band of the sweat pants, pulling them and his underwear off at the same time. “Beautiful,” she exclaimed as she looked at his cock. She grabbed it again as she knelt down and licked up the shaft from his balls. A drop of pre-cum leaked out and she quickly caught it with her tongue and swallowed it down. Then she took his cock into her mouth and made her way slowly down it as her right hand twisted around the lower part.

“Oh, fuck!” Harley exclaimed. “That’s so good! So nice!”

His daughter continued to suck on his cock as she brought her head back up and then lowered it again until she had him fully in her mouth. She realized that she could get him to cum with just her mouth , but she wanted-, no, she needed more. She needed him to fuck her, to fill her pussy with his rod, to feel him stretch the walls of her cunt with his girth.

She lifted off of him and stood, leaning over to kiss him again. “Fuck me, Daddy,” she begged.

Harley stood and wrapped his arms around her. “Gladly, my daughter. Gladly.” He picked her up as he had when she was his little girl and gently lowered her to the floor, making sure that the robe was under her. Then he lowered himself on top of her and aimed the head of his cock at the entrance to her neglected pussy. He moved slowly, letting her grow accustomed to his size as he pushed in.

“Fuck!” she yelled. “You’re so fucking big!”

“Not really,” he said. “I’m only about six and a half inches in length.”

“But it’s so thick,” Pamela argued. “Vince is only five inches and rather skinny. This feels so much better.” She lifted her legs and wrapped them around his back trying to pull him deeper, but he kept his pace slow. He pushed steadily until he was all the way in and the hair around his dick meshed with that of her pussy. “Fuck, yes,” she wailed as he finally bottomed out right up against her cervix. “It’s like your cock was made for my cunt, Daddy. It fits just right. You’re right up against my cervix. Vince never got that deep.”

Harley wiggled his cock around inside Pam’s pussy a bit to be sure that he wouldn’t hurt her as he began to fuck her. Then he pulled it back out very slowly. Once he had all but the tip out, he slammed it back in as hard and fast as he could, slapping her clit with his abdomen and causing her to let out a grunt. He kept going at it like that, slowly out and quick and hard in, mashing her clit between them with each inward thrust.

“Ugh,” Pamela exclaimed. Oh, yes, Daddy. You feel so good. Don’t ever stop.”

Harley listened to her moans as he moved in and out of her cunt. As he fucked her, he thought of how fortunate it was that he had jacked off earlier in the morning while listening to Vincent and her when they had been fucking so that he wouldn’t be looking for release too early. He heard her moans change as they became more incessant and closer together. She was getting close, he thought. Quickly he withdrew and dropped between her legs to begin licking her clit through the wiry bush of hair covering her hole.

“Ffffuuuuuckckck!” Pam screamed as her back arched. Her hands moved to pull his head tighter to the sopping wet pussy and he was treated to a deluge of fluids from her spasming hole. Harley kept going, sucking on her clit, licking at her labia, cleaning everything with his tongue, sucking the cum from her cunt hair, then once again working on getting her to cum again.

And cum she did. Within just a couple of minutes, she was screaming out her pleasure and he was awash with her fluids again. He sucked them down greedily, slurping at her cunt. And still he kept going. Not until she had cum another five times did he let up, his face and mouth bathed in her orgasmic fluids each time as he drank all that she would give. Finally, he repositioned himself between her legs to once again ram his cock into her needy pussy. Once he was back in her, she wrapped her legs around his back. “You’re not going anywhere, now, Daddy. Give it to me nice and hard and deep.”

“Sure, Baby.” He began pounding into her again. This time, he set up a regular rhythm and the two of them bounced against each other as they moved, his cock in and out, her pussy reaching and pulling away. He pulled her legs up onto his shoulders and leaned forward, bending her nearly in half and angling her pussy a little higher.

“Oh! Fuck!” she exclaimed as she felt his cock inch a little deeper into her pussy. The head of his dick scratched at her cervix as if knocking on the door to her womb. He pushed hard with each thrust in, banging against her clit with his abdomen and hoping that she would reach that peak again.

But now, he was getting close to his own orgasm. He could feel it building in his balls as they slapped against his daughters ass. He pounded harder, reaching for his own release, now, hoping that she could cum one last time and be happy with how he had made her feel.

Then he was there. “Aaaaarrrrghghghghg.” he cried as his cum raced up his shaft and out of his cock.

“Push!” she begged. He shoved as hard as he could inside her cunt as his dick pulsed and he bathed her insides with his cum. As he did, he felt her release again and was glad that he had been sure the robe was beneath her to catch the fluids flooding out of her as her cunt spasmed, milking him of his gift and trying to pull it from him and into her.

Harley rolled off of her and they lay there breathing hard and trying to calm down as his cum leaked back out of her, clinging to the hair of her pussy. “Wow!” he said at last. “Well, there it is. Harley and Davidson. Together again.”

Pam laughed. “Silly old coot,” she teased.

“Think we ought to start building motorcycles?”

“Fuck the damn motorcycles. What we did was much more fun.” She paused thinking of what she had just said. “On second thought,” she added, “Don’t fuck the motorcycles. Save that for me. Thanks, Dad. I really need that.”

“My pleasure, sweetie. Literally. I’m available any time you need it.”

“I’ll take you up on that. I’ll make that wonderful cock of yours very happy to have met my pussy. But, for now, we need to get cleaned up. It’s only about an hour and a half before Matty will be home, and he shouldn’t catch us like this. Let’s get a shower and see what we can do in there.”

The two picked up their clothes and carried them, walking naked to the bathroom. Neither of them saw the shadow that moved from the kitchen doorway as they entered the hall. Nor did they hear the soft click of the door leading from the kitchen to the outside as it was pulled back shut.

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