FUCK MY MOUTHMy wife certainly had a virgin cunt when I first penetrated it as I still well remember how we were both rubbed raw following the consummation of our commitment to each other and she rarely enjoyed anal sex, but her mouth was certainly not virgin territory as she,d decided to compromise by sucking her boyfriend,s cocks and having had a fair few due to her good looks and stylish mini dresses she,d had a few by age twenty two and somehow satisfied them by sucking them off.. She discovered spitting his cum out cost her her first boyfriend she really fancied so “bit the bullet” with her second beau and allowed him to shoot in her mouth nearly gagging at first as his ejaculation took her by surprise and soon she had cum trickling down the side of her face. She was pleasantly surprised at the taste of the semen and swallowed as much as possible which led to her boyfriend thanking her by going down on her pussy and eating her out which took her unawares. She,d messed around with boy,,s cocks and let them lower her panties and finger her tight slit, but no one except her closest girl friend Heidi had licked her pussy before and she gasped “Alan What are you doing?” “Eating your delicious pussy Sarah! What did you think bursa escort I was doing!” he replied annoyed she interrupted. “Oh,,er Okay!” Alan,s tongue and fingers were not gentle like Heidi,s but once she relaxed she decided she really enjoyed it as he probed deep and licked her faster, her cunt responding by flooding even more copious juices out making her groan involuntarily and move her pelvis to meet his deeper thrusts and suddenly she went cartwheeling as her most intense orgasm coursed through her entire body and she emitted a loud gasp and sighed with her climax. “Bet you liked me eating you out then Darah luv?” he asked now as she wiped her sated test with tissues and recovered her composure. She continued to suck her boy friends off and hoped others would use their mouth on her pussy, would have asked some if she wasn,t so shy. It wasn,t till we got engaged that she gave me her cherry, but she had to wait some time before I worked up the courage to ask her if she wanted me to use my mouth that I ate her for the first time. I thought it was odd when she replied “I thought you,d never ask me!” When I asked her to qualify her response she told me about her boyfriends and that Alan was the only one that ever thought about escort bursa oral sex with her. “Well I haven,t eaten a pussy yet, but seen enough pictures to have an idea what to do.” I told her. It didn,t take long to bring her release and I learned to love eating pussy almost as much as fucking! Occasionally when we were experimenting with positions I tried to fuck her mouth, but she usually pulled away or sucked me off as usual when I really wanted to justbram it down her throat! It wasn,t till we had one of our very first three soles with a neighbour we,d known for years. Harry lost his wife to a car crash when only thirty two and was hard hit becoming ver lonely and frustrated. Our gardens connected and were the only two because of very leafy trees that didn,t have houses overlooking our gardens , but due to a broken knot hole there was a way to spy on Harry,s garden that even he hadn’t,t discovered and I didn,t know my wife sometimes spied on him. One afternoon as we were sunbathing on a rare hot summers day Sarah said to me “I think I,ll invite Harry next door to Jon us tomorrow as he,s really frustrated since he lost Greta.” she said to me.”Okay. Shall I get the barbecue going?” “Yah but he need something more than bursa escort bayan food just now.” she went on.”What do you think he needs now another woman?” “Yes. Would you mind sharing me with Harry?” “Let me think about it. Is Harry in the garden now?” “I think so.if he is knock on the fence and ask him over.” She told me. So I took myself in just tight bathing trunks,flip flops and sunglasses to peek through the knot hole to see if Harry was in his garden. He Was and Incould soon SEE what Sarah had interested her into asking him over. Harry lay asleep,on a lounger totally starkers with a rather large and erect uncircumcised cock standing up between his muscular athletes thighs, certainly a fair bit longer and thicker than my just over average dick. Instead of knocking I called to Harry and asked him to come over. “What like this?” he joked with his cock still stiff in front of him. “Well wear at least your trunks for a Sarah. So that was settled, he,d join us at 2 pm the next afternoon. “I can see why you,re feeling sorry for Harry!” I teased my wife. “ I do think he needs help and I also like his cock my Love. Are you jealous?” “Of course not as I know you only love me, but he may not want to play with you.” “Leave that to me. I think he,ll enjoy his day with us and hope maybe there,ll be more”. “Well I certainly got turned on by his cock!take you bikini off and Let s FUCK!” Soon our bodies squelched together as we worked toward a climax.TBC

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