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Fucked by a FriendShaun is online. The message popped up on my desktop making that annoying pinging noise. The damn noise I could just not figure out how to turn off. The pop up stayed there as I glared at it. Old familiar feelings coursing through my veins, heading right for my lower regions. I sighed. I needed to stop the mixture of excitement, wrongness, and horniness from reaching my pussy.It was a sigh in vain. I was currently in a committed, monogamous relationship with a good hearted, successful boy called matt. In fact our 6 month anniversary was just around the corner. He was an amazing lover. Possessing all the tools in bed to keep up with my never ending sexual desires. I thought the days off my pussy ruling my life were over. Long gone were the months of sucking and fucking every random internet guy. The mock **** scenes and threesomes were stuff for fantasies. I went to therapy and worked hard to overcome my sex addiction. I was a good girl now. I had grown up. Finished my degree. Secured a job and settled down. We talked off marriage, k**s and the white picket fence — the life most girls dream off. But I wasn’t like most girls. Sometimes when I thought really hard I could actually convince myself my life was not a lie. Therapy had actually changed me. I had become the woman society expected me to become. But deep down my inner whore fought daily to be heard. It struggled against these societal bonds wanting to break free of its repression. Underneath that women I had become I was still a slut. There was no two ways about it. I hid it well, but it never let me forget its existence.It was that inner slut that saw the online ping as its opportunity to break free. My pussy was wet. I was no longer thinking with my brain. It was time for the whore version of me to take charge. “Wassup bitch?” Shaun knew how to turn me on. He was an old fuck buddy of mine. We fucked for almost a year before my current relationship. He slapped me, bit me, choked me, and used me. And I loved every minute of it. There was something about him that I could not resist. And it wasn’t just that amazing cock of his that could turn me from a respectful woman into a begging bitch within seconds. There was something else. I’m not quite sure what it was, although I suspect it was our shared views on sex. I think we both believed sex was not an act of intimacy (something I struggle with in my current relationship) it was an act of raw, carnal lust with no emotional hang-ups. I didn’t care for him — he didn’t care for me. We suited each other perfectly. Emotionless fucking. No expectation of anything else. I missed it. “Hey cock,” I replied — my every instinct crying at me to ignore the message. But it was too late the whore was in control. “I shaved my cock and balls today,” he typed. ” I think you will be proud of me.” “Let me see,” I excitingly responded, before I could allow the feelings of guilt to surface and restrain me from getting a glimpse of the cock I craved. The video call chimed. There was the briefest conscious struggle as I reached over to answer it.Was this considered cheating on my boyfriend? As much as I was a slut, I was still the slut that loved matt dearly and would never want to cause him any hurt. The struggle was over in moments. The pull of Shaun’s cock was a magnetic force I was inexplicably drawn too. He paraded his cock and balls in front of the camera as my mouth salivated.”What you want to do to me with that cock?””Choke you on it.””You couldn’t make me choke, I’ve got no gag reflex remember?””Oh I could.””I’ll hold your head down with my legs, till you can’t breathe.”I had bursa escort an instant flashback to a football game he had sat and watched at my house. I of course was on my knees, mouth buried in his groin. His cock was pushing on my throat muscles determined to force its way past them. He had wrapped those pure muscle legs of his around my head, leaving me powerless to resist. When I struggled to breath and attempted to dislodge those rock hard thighs my efforts were futile. He had a strength that far surpassed mine and most men I know, and I would not breathe until he decided I was able to. It was a scene I was desperate to recreate. “I want to cum all over your face!””Been a long time since I’ve had a cum facial. I love cum especially on my face.””Can I bring you some?””I wish I could say yes…” I whined. “Every time I talk to you, I get closer to saying yes. Maybe I shouldn’t talk to you anymore.”And with that, before I could lose my resolve, I hung up the call. I did not wish to cheat on my boyfriend. I had come too far to make a stupid move like that. A week passed. Pings came and went. I ignored them. I began to look at our online video chat as a weak spot in my bid to stay clean and sober. A minor relapse, was what my addiction ther****t called it. Until that fateful Thursday night. The night that changed my mundane ‘normal’ life forever. Thursday night was always my night to indulge in a little me time. Matt worked at his restaurant until closing. Until 11pm I could slip into the bath and escape into fantasy land, while I masturbated myself to countless orgasms. On this particular night I was fantasizing of three cocks simultaneously fucking my throat, cunt and ass. It was a recurring dream of mine. One I had sadly never had the chance to experience. I was almost there picturing the big fat cocks pumping into me, when a knock at the door brought me sharply back to reality. I wasn’t expecting anyone and figured it would not do any harm to ignore the annoyance and let the caller believe I was not home.With this in mind I began to slip back into the fantasy. Determined this time to reach that high I was climbing quickly towards. The knocking continued. Angry now at this disturbance I cursed under my breath, “Can’t this fuckwit work out that either I am not bloody home, or I don’t fucking care to answer the door?!”But as the pounding got louder, it was apparent that this fuckwit could not understand the obvious message. Cursing once again, I stepped out the bath. Grabbing the nearest towel, I wrapped my wet almost orgasmic body and walked to the front door.”Who is it?” I asked in a pissed of tone. Hoping the caller would pick up on the irritation in my voice.”Shaun,” was the instant cocky reply.I took a mental step back. This was the last person I was expecting at my front door. Besides for seeing Shaun at a couple of parties in the area (after which I would go home and fantasize about his cock pounding me) and that brief video chat the previous week our lives did not intertwine. There would be no reason he would come to my house. Except that is for sex. With this in mind, a silent pledge to stay strong and refuse any advances, I opened the door.He walked in. Jeans hugging his tight ass, shirt showing off his magnificent chest muscles, just as I remembered him. With the cocky attitude I recalled too well he waved some USB stick at me, looked at me and spat out, “On your knees bitch!”I laughed in his face, so sure he was trying to play an old game and hoping I would go along with it. As much as I desired to get on my knees just to humour him, I worried about giving him the wrong bursa escort bayan vibe. There was absolutely no way I was going to suck, fuck or gag on his cock tonight. I was in a committed relationship now with Matt whom I cared about very deeply. My inner slut had taken control for a brief moment the previous week. But it was just a minor relapse — I was completely back in control now. I became enraged now, angry he would believe that by reappearing on my doorstep and ordering me to my knees I would willingly cheat on my boyfriend.”Get out of my house,” I yelled. “Who do you think you are? Do you imagine that because you happen to come by and tell me to do something I am going to listen to you? I’ve moved on you cocky mother fucking bitch, who do you think you are? Just get out, get out of here!” He listened to my ranting. He made no move to leave at all. His face was calm. A small smug smile beginning to appear in the corners of his mouth. Almost as if he was expecting my anger and waiting for me to let it all out. He waited until I fell silent. He stepped up to me, and reaching up he held my face between his hands. It was a move so unexpected I was stunned into submission. Looking directly into my eyes he forcefully stated, “I own your ass now. See this USB stick I’ve got here? I’ve got our video chat recorded.””Who the fuck cares,” I whimpered, my mind racing to the possibilities as to what this interaction could mean.”I think you care,” he arrogantly answered my rhetorical question. “I know you love Matt and you don’t want to hurt him. Any disobedience from you and this USB gets delivered right into his hands.””YOU WILL NOW DO AS I SAY! ON YOUR KNEES BITCH!”His tone rose. Fury in his voice. Fury for my doubt in his dominance. I laughed nervously at his command. I knew this guy. There was no way he had the balls to carry this plan off. It was probably some half assed impulse he decided to act on without thinking it through. Something that many years in the future we would laugh about. Before I could ascertain what my next move would be Shaun walked up, slapped me across my face and knocked me to the ground. The push loosened the towel I had been clinging tightly to my body. I lay there in shock, naked, panting at the invasion of my body. “Listen cunt I am serious. One more act of insubordination from you and I will leave this house, drive straight to Matt’s work and deliver this USB right into his hand.”It was at this moment I understood. For the first time I believed this was really happening. This was no fantasy.Shaun sensed my submission and triumphantly stood over me. “You will do everything I say,” he gloated. “You will be my little slave cunt. You will serve me whenever and however I desire. I own you.”My pre orgasmic body was completely dry now. His words suck any moisture I previously had in my pussy. Although I had fantasized about this many times, this was no longer a fantasy. I abhorred a scenario I could not control.I was in fear of losing my relationship. The man I loved like I’ve never loved anyone before. I feared losing my sobriety. I worried Shaun would unlock the slut in me. The slut I had kept under wraps for so long. Would I once again become the whore I worked so hard to repress? Shaun did not care for my thoughts. He had a cunt now. One he could use whenever he might fancy. His cock hardened at the sight of his slut lying on the ground at his feet. “Get up onto your knees,” he commanded. “Open my fly and take out my cock, one tooth mark and this tape goes straight to your boyfriend.” I slowly lifted my heavy limbs up and crawled over to him. I opened escort bursa his jeans. It was an act I used to enjoy so much. Now one I was disgusted at. I glanced at his cock and then turned away. How could I put a cock that was not Matt’s into the mouth that had only sucked his for 6 months? I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t perform this last step that would push this scenario into a step it could never go back on.Shaun, frustrated with my slow movements, grabbed my head and pinched my nose so I had no choice but to open my mouth. In one swift movement his cock was once again lodged in the back of my throat. The movement didn’t stop. In and out he moved my face using my mouth like a surrogate pussy. He didn’t wait for me to breathe. No courtesies allowed for the slave he now owned.Pulling my long black hair behind me he forced his rock hard cock down my oesophagus. He smashed my nose against his shaven pubic hairs, cutting of all air supply, and leaving me clawing at his ass to loosen his grip. I was an experienced cock sucker, but even this was too much for me.Deep in my pussy the juices were beginning to gather and flow. I couldn’t believe my body could betray me like that. I tried to stop the normal human process, but it was to no avail. When he reached down and felt my wet pussy he laughed in my face and called me the whore I knew I was. He dragged me over to the couch and threw me over the side. I screamed in pain as he impaled my tight asshole. Matt had never taken to anal sex so scared he would hurt me. It had been 6 months since anything bigger than a finger had entered that hole. I begged him for mercy, pleading with him to take it slow like he used to until my ass could familiarize itself with his cock. The pleading landed me with repeated slaps across my bottom until it burned a bright shade of red. “I do not take it slow with my whore. You don’t deserve my kindness. You are here for my needs not for yours. Stop being such a pussy and suck it up,” he yowled. “I have plenty of other ways I want to use you and abuse you which you will really have a chance to cry about.”He yelled in ecstasy as his cock pulsed in my ass spurting the heaps of cum he always had. He pulled his cock out my ass and ripped the condom off. Looking at me with an evil smile he yanked up my head by my hair and stated, “clean my cock!” My face grimaced with a look of revulsion. “One disobedience,” he warned. “One disobedience.”I stuck my tongue out and licked cum off his now softening cock. He moaned as I wrapped my lips around he dick and cleaned it while tasting that familiar condom aftertaste. “I will be back,” he promised as he turned to leave. “Wait for my message bitch, and I’ll let you know when I need you next.” Slamming the door behind himself he left me behind. No thought for the mess he had just created.After a good cry I made a commitment to take each day as it comes. Ensure that I would never let anything come between Matt and I. I was good at separating my life into compartments. This would be a compartment unto it itself. It would never influence any other areas of my life.With this commitment I felt better already, and got back into the bath to continue the evening I was meant to have before rudely interrupted. That night as I was falling asleep, curled up beside Matt, there was a little voice inside me wanting to be heard. I ignored it. Knowing its message, though not desiring to hear it. But as I fell into dream land, the voice spoke in a tiny whisper, “maybe this is a way you can feed you inner slut without feeling guilty by cheating on Marc. It’s really the best of both worlds.”The slut in me went wild that night. Feeding me dreams of massive cocks that would fill me up forever.I knew it was only a matter of days before I would be serving shauns cock once again. And there was the tiniest part of me looking forward to it.

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