Fucked By Two Thugs

Fucked By Two ThugsThey say there is a high percentage of thugs that fuck around with other dudes and I tend to agree. Everyone that knows me, knows that I am gay. I don’t hide that from anyone. I know that it catches some dudes of guard and some are cool with it right away and some, not so much. Even if they are on the fence, he’s going to take time so he can get to know and trust you before he’ll ever try. My friends are surprised that they hang out with a gay dude. I tell them that as long as you treat them with respect they will treat you the same way. Anyway enough of that. The only proof I need that thugs fuck around with other dudes is this true story that I’m about to tell you.I work for a tattoo shop so I meet all kinds of guys. Men that range from nerds, to thugs, business men to construction men, from having one tattoo, to having their entire body covered. I’ve seen them all!The owner of the shop, Flaco is an old friend of mine and we go back to 7th grade together. I remember thinking he was really cute back then, and now we’ve both grown into men and he’s still looking good.Flaco, who I met by his real name Miguel, is a Puerto Rican brotha about 5′ 8″, a buck ninety and has a stocky, muscular built. He also has a bit of a beer belly, (so its funny that they still call him Flaco) but I think it looks so hot on him. He’s a man’s man. Miguel is a very masculine man, yet always the gentlemen. He’s a thug, roughneck, hardcore kind of brotha, with an edge of kindness, and gentleness. Not to mention, very intelligent. These qualities make him so sexy.I’ve noticed for a while, that every time we meet, his greetings were becoming more intimate. I never question his intentions because we were always like brothers.One afternoon I arrived to the tattoo shop and he was alone. I made my way to the back of the shop to greet him. As always, we shake hands as we give each other a half hug. After a while, he would lovingly open his arms to hug me and sometimes a kiss on the cheek. This time the hug was different; yeah you know the kind. The kind of embrace you give a lover. Slow, tight as he holds me really close to him. I admit, it felt good, but I swear I didn’t want to think anything of it.As I back off from his embrace, I feel Miguel pull me closer and he kisses me on my neck. I tried not to react and just carried myself as if nothing happen. We hear the door open; it was the other tattoo artist, Anna and the guy who does the piercing, Trip.We carried on as if nothing was different. For about a week he continued to greet me like that whenever we were alone, every time more passionate and intimate. Miguel would try to get me alone at times just so he could hug me up. On my days off he would call me at home or on my cell phone to check up on me.One night I was out shopping by the tattoo shop and so I decided to drop in and say hello. It was about 11:30 PM and I wanted to see who was there. It’s a good thing I did.As I walked in, I looked down and there were suit cases packed sitting by the front door, so I asked, “What’s this? Why are all these bags here?” Miguel approached me to greet me and said “Hi pa! Those are my bags. I just got into a fight with Martha and so I packed my things and I left.” I answered, “Where are you going to stay?” He replied, “I’m going to stay here at the shop. I have no where else to go.”I called a cab and threw his bags in the trunk and told him, “Come on bro, you’re coming with me.” Miguel smiled as he looked at me, but didn’t say a word. Come to think of it, I don’t think he could speak because he was all choked up. As we were riding in the cab there was a silence in the back seat. He just leaned over and laid his head on my lap. I felt as if he had wanted to turn to me, but needed a reason to and here it is.As soon as we arrived to my apartment, I quickly made room for his belongings. I did my best to make him feel right at home. After, we were up for a few hours sharing a few beers and smoking a few blunts. We were beginning to wear down, so I turned to him and said, “Listen bro, you’re welcome to sleep on my bed and I’ll take the sofa.”Miguel answered, “No pa! I can’t put you out like that.” I replied, “You’re not putting me out.” He insisted by saying, “Well, I would feel bad knowing you’re sleeping out here because of me, so we’ll share your bed. You’re cool with that?” I said, “Yeah, sure. No problem.”We make our way into the bedroom, still cracking jokes and acting silly. We continue to make ourselves comfortable as we’re finding our spots on the bed. I begin to wonder off into sleep when I feel Miguel lean over towards me.I have my back turned towards him so I could feel his hard cock press up against my ass. Still half asleep I back up on to him and he pulls me closer to him. Miguel and I are dry humping each other, when I suddenly I opened my eyes and realize what was going on. I’m staring at the wall as my heart was pounding and I’m gasping for air. Miguel was still rubbing himself on me and I of course, let him!I feel his hands go under my tank top as he plays with my right nipple. Oh God how that turns me on. I could tell he had wanted to do this, he’s thought about it before. I turn around to face him. Miguel lifts my tank top off me and aims for my nipples. Oh he’s sucking on them so good.I was becoming hornier by the second. The more he played with my nipples, the more I surrendered my passion to him. He whispers to me, “You have juicy nipples papa. Oh you’re so fucking sexy…umm. You feel so good.”I worked my hands down to his cock; I have wanted to feel him up for so long now. It’s actually happening. “Yes!” I thought to myself, he has a healthy 8″ cock. The minute he felt my hands on his cock, he weakened and was so horny by my touch. He bit his bottom lip as I hear him moan, “Umm, yeah…” as he sucked his teeth he said, “Uh pa. That feels so good.”He sucks my nipples and squeezes my ass hard. I knew he wanted me and I was thrilled. Miguel slides his hands under my boxers and feels up my ass and says, “Oh fuck, you’re so smooth baby.”As he’s taking off my shorts he goes to kiss me, but before he does he pauses for a second and looks at me. As I’m looking back into his eyes I could feel he wanted to kiss me, but I could tell he’s never kissed a guy before. Miguel leans in with his eyes closed and I feel his lips make contact with mine.First he gently tap kissed me, then he pressed his lips up against mine, longer and harder. When he noticed it was me, his kiss became more passionate. We were now making out. Oh man can he kiss! I love a man that can kiss and he does it so well.For a while I felt like this was my first time with a guy too. Like a pair of school boys who were discovering our bodies for the first time! Only this time it’s even better than the first time, because this time we were good at what we did.Kissing was something I enjoyed doing and Miguel took his time doing it. He kissed my face all over, sucked on my ears to my neck, back down to my nipples. I wanted to take his shorts off, sinop escort but he wouldn’t let me. I couldn’t understand why, but I went with it any way.Miguel worked his way down on me, but he made his way under my cock. He licked my balls and then under them. “Why wouldn’t he suck my cock?” I thought to myself. Anyway, I picked my legs up and he began to eat my hole.I’ve been eaten out many times before, but I could tell there was something different from the way he ate me out. He made me feel so anally horny; I could almost feel him inside me. I wanted him to fuck me so bad, but he still wouldn’t take his shorts off. I was in too much ecstasy to care, so I just kept letting him do his thing.Miguel is now sliding his thick masculine fingers in my tight, smooth man hole. I loved the way he took his time, savoring the taste of me. He makes his way inside me like a trusted companion, sliding one finger, then two.Taking his time to learn what I’m all about from the inside. I just laid back and let this man work his magic, because it was working. Miguel played with my hole and rotated his fingers inside me. He took his fingers out and sucked on them and reinserted me. The more he played, the weaker I became and the more I wanted him. Miguel was patient and smooth, all along making me desire him more. Come to think of it? That was his goal.I couldn’t take it any more, so I sat up and went for his shorts. I forced them off him, as Miguel laughed. I was struggling to pull them off; I wanted to suck him off so bad I was acting desperate. That’s how horny I was, that’s how horny he made me.I’ve never wanted a man so much; he got me wanting him so bad. Now I grab his thick 8″ cock and wrapped my lips around the head of his cock. I sucked his cock from the tip of the head, down to his balls. I was having myself a cockfest. Once I began to suck his big cock he would try to get me to turn on my stomach, but I insisted on sucking his dick.The more I sucked him off, the more he surrendered. I felt Miguel getting really excited and at the hint of orgasm, I moved to his balls. I licked and sucked him off all under his balls and inner thighs. I saw the way his eyes roll to the back of his head. I knew he loved the service I was giving him.As I work my way to his ass, he hesitates. I look up to him and say, “Just go with it!” After a pause he replies, “Aight pa, just for you!” Miguel moaned like a virgin, this was the first time anyone has ever eaten him out, so you know I had to make it count. It was just so great to have a straight man release himself to me. A virgin!By now I was playing with his hole and he was amazed at how great it felt. After hours of rimming and ass play, I felt Miguel’s virgin hole open up. I don’t even think he was aware of what was happening to him, but he just kept on going. He was feeling too good to ask or to stop.I grabbed a condom, the one he intended on using on me. Put it on my rock hard 7″ cock, while he was moaning in ecstasy. I got on my knees and put his legs on my shoulders; he looked at me so confused, but didn’t say anything. I continued to insert him, as the tip of my cock was about to enter his virgin hole, I said to him, “Pa, just relax, I won’t hurt you. I only want to continue to make you feel good.” “Just take it slow.” he said.It took me awhile, but I was finally inside him. He seemed relieved. I just let my cock sit inside him for a while before I began to stoke him. Once I started, I slowly stroke my hard cock inside him; the moans were so loud and hard. Once I started to fuck him harder and faster he was yelling, “Oh fuck! Shit! Fuck pa, it hurts!” I yelled back, “Take it like a man nigga and stop crying!”Miguel flipped over on his knees, back up that big, beautiful, smooth ass of his and I went in straight for the kill! The more he moaned, the harder I was slamming into him. He grabs the mattress in a fist and yelled, “Fuck nigga! You love to fuck!” “Fuck yeah I love to fuck!” I yelled back.I felt his asshole cum, I felt his juices on my cock, as he screamed in a loud moan, “AHHHH shit, oh shit! AHH AHH oh, I feel like I’m cumming! Fuck this feels so fuckin good! AHHHHHHHH” The more he moaned, the closer I came to orgasm. I was climbing on top of him, fucking him from every direction I could. “Oh shit! FUCK! I’m gonna bust on you nigga!” I pulled out and quickly removed my condom and shot real hard all over his back. The rush dropped me on top of him, as we both were catching our breaths.After a few minutes, once we caught our breath. I realized I did get him to cum. So I turn him over and grab his cock and there was cum all over my hand and on the sheets. With a look of wonder I asked him, “When did you cum? I didn’t see you jerking off.” He said, “I’m buggin myself, I came without touching myself. That’s never happen before.” I smiled as I lay next to him and inhaled his scent. We went to sleep in each other’s juices and sweat.The next day, he climbed in the shower with me and as we’re showering up he says to me, “Yo, no one can ever know of this ok! This is just between us.” I replied, “Don’t worry bro, I don’t fuck and tell. I got your back.”We began kissing and feeling each other up; Miguel proceeded to go down on me and sucked on my 7 inch, thick ass cock. Miguel sucked my dick until I came all over his face. After, we got dressed and headed to the tattoo shop for another day of work.Later on that week, some of Miguel’s boys came by the shop to hang out. Business was kind of slow so we just chilled on the sofas in the waiting area. In the middle of it all Miguel sneaks over to me and says, “Oye papa, I still feel you inside me.” I walked away and laughed. It was cute the way he said it. It was an inside joke that only he and I shared. I could see by his expression that he got a kick out of it. I knew better than to let my feelings get caught up. Miguel’s girlfriend Martha came by the shop also; while they were off in the back talking I was chilling with the other fellas.Chucho, Tito and Malito were Miguel’s boys from around his way. These guys are a fucking riot. We went on with jokes and every time they try to fuck with me, I would always come back with some gay remark and always come out on top.During all the joking and bull shitting, I notice Malito kept looking at me. I just couldn’t figure out why. I just minded my own and I knew that I would never cross over any lines, unless he does. I always have respect for the fellas and that’s why they like hanging out with me. These niggas are gangsters, so you know I don’t want to cross them.Mailto is 5′ 10″, muscular and smooth. He’s so masculine I cream myself. He has the face of a little bad boy, so it’s no wonder they call him Malito. He has cinnamon complexion, juicy, full lips and chinky eyes.When he smiles, he smiles with his eyes too. I’ve been hanging out with these guys for a while because they usually come by the shop. The impression these guys give off is that they’re a bunch of thugs, but if you take the time to talk to them, you’ll escort sinop find there is a lot more to them than that. These niggas are very fucking intelligent.It’s Midnight and it’s time to close the shop, Miguel mentioned going back home to work things out with his girl. So I was going to head home. Before I did, Malito pulls up next to Miguel and me and asked us if we needed a ride. Miguel explained he was going home, which is up the block and so I took him up on his offer, cause I had a long ride home.I stepped into Malito’s car and Miguel made a face. I didn’t say anything to him; I just played it off like I didn’t know anything. Miguel walks over to the driver’s side and tells Malito, “Yo nigga, make sure this k** gets home safe! I don’t want anything to happen to him.” Malito replied, “Nah bro, he’s in good hands. I’ll make sure he’s well taken care of.”Malito drove off as I looked from the side view mirror at Miguel and he was tight! Malito asked me, “Yo, wasup with Miguel? That nigga looks pissed off.” I answered, “I guess it’s because he’s going home and he has to deal with Martha. I didn’t ask him, so I don’t know.”Malito laughed and said, “That’s why I’m single!” I replied, “That’s why I’m gay!” We laughed the entire trip to my house. He pulls up to my drive way and I turn to him and ask, “Yo, you’re welcome to come and hang out if you like.” Malito looked over to me and said, “Aight, you’re sure you don’t mind?” I answered, “Nah nigga! Why else would I offer?”I had two six packs of Coronas in my fridge and two fat bags of weed. It was already two in the morning and we’re still laughing and getting high. Malito looks at the time and says, “Yo, maybe I should leave so you can get your rest. I’m not keeping you up, am I?” I laughed and said, “Bro! I live alone; I do what the fuck I want, when I want, with whomever I want! In fact, if you like, you’re welcome to stay over.” In an excited tone he replied, “For real? Aight, that’s cool.”He proceeded to make himself comfortable as I went to the fridge for more beers. When I came back to the living room, I thought I died and gone to heaven. Malito was chillin in his boxers and a wife beater. Damn, he’s so fuckin fine! He was so humble about himself; it made him even more attractive!I of course, showed no expression just so he wouldn’t feel uncomfortable. I said to him, “Shit, you look comfortable, I’m gonna change too.” He said in his sexy, deep voice, “Ok pa, I’ll roll up another blunt.” I was in my bedroom changing at the same time trying to compose myself, praying my cock wouldn’t get hard.So I stayed in my boxers and a wife beater too. I’ve always received compliments on my legs and my ass. So I felt confident my shit was tight! I came back into the living room and Malito was lighting up that blunt. I laid down a pair of slippers for him to wear and I just chilled out on the sofa.We’re passing this blunt back and forth while listening to slow jams. He looks down to my feet and says, “Damn, you have some pretty feet!” I hate the word pretty to be used on me. I could take, handsome, cute, but not pretty. I laughed it off and he says to me, “I don’t know any girls that have prettier feet than you.” I know he was giving me a compliment so I over looked the pretty part.He grabs both my feet, to get a closer look and then begins to message them. Trying not to choke on the blunt I was smoking, I started to think about my mother with the hope I wouldn’t get a hard on. Shit! No luck!Malito noticed it and says, “Oh shit you’re hard nigga!” I pulled my feet back from embarrassment and he grabs them again and says, “It’s cool pa, that’s a compliment for me.” I smiled and said, “Oh word? So then I guess it’s ok if I tell you; Damn nigga you’re fine!” He laughed so hard, he jumped right out of his seat. I was sitting there buggin out because I couldn’t believe I just said that to him. This man is big, he’ll crush me!Malito sat down next to me, this time a little closer. Again he goes for my feet and asked, “For real? You find me attractive?” I tried to calmly reply, “Yes, very! No disrespect of course, but the things I would do to you!”Again, my mouth is running away with me. He smirks and leans over to me and gives me a kiss. My heart was racing and he could feel me shaking. He says, “Pa, why are you shaking?” I replied, “I’m ok, just a bit nerves is all.” He leaned over and kisses me more passionately and lifts me off the sofa. I swear I felt like paper.My legs were wrapped around him and we’re kissing deeper and more passionately. I wanted to inhale this man. Malito walks us to my bed room and climbs on the bed and I’m still wrapped around him kissing him.He gently lies on top of me and says, “You’re so beautiful, I didn’t think you would like me.” I couldn’t speak, so I continued to kiss him. He’s so smooth with his touch. He removes my wife beater so calmly, he’s so sexy. His big, muscular arms are wrapped around my body, his skin so soft and smooth. He smelled so good!Malito removes my boxers and looks down on my naked body. He slowly caresses me as goose pimples cover my body. He turned me on my stomach and gently touched my skin with his finger tips, constantly making me quiver. I felt his fingers travel down to my ass and all I could do is moan.He straddled me as he removed his wife beater and boxers. Again, he gently lies on top of me and begins to kiss the back of my neck. Works his way down my back, slowly kissing, sucking and licking me all over. Malito went down to the crack of my ass and I could feel his breath on my body. He was inhaling my scent, he was enjoying me.Malito opened my ass with his mouth and slides his tongue deep in my hole. I could feel his passion rising by the way he was eating me out. This man can eat some ass! He turned me on my back and opened my legs spread out in front of his face.He licked and sucked my inner thighs; I couldn’t take all this excitement, so he took a belt that was on the floor and tided my hands to the bed post. He’s making me his sex slave and he continued to go back down on me. I was so excited and weak; tears were rolling off my face.I submitted to this man because he left me no other choice and because it was all I wanted to do. I saw the look in Malito’s eyes when he looked up at me; he knew he had me where he wanted me.I’ve only dreamed of this kind of ecstasy and now it’s happening. He gently climbs on top of me and kisses me so deep and hard, I felt this man wanting to enter me through my mouth. He sucked my neck, down to my nipples and back up again to kiss me. He kept doing this, till he finally released my hands.The moment my hands were free, I wrapped them around him. I pushed myself up, pushing back till he was lying on his back. Now I climbed on top of him and grabbed his head with both my hands and kept kissing him.I licked in his ears, sucked on his ear lobs and down to his neck. I just wanted to eat this man alive. I worked my way down to his thick, juicy nipples and sucked and licked his gorgeous chest and arms. sinop escort bayan I licked and nibble my way down to his stomach and anxious waited to engulf this man’s cock.Malito’s cock is 9×6, strong, uncut and hard, real hard! I sucked him deep and slow. My head was riding his cock as I feel him gently touch the back of my head with his big, heavy, strong hands. He moaned in pleasure as I continue to suck his cock and taking him down my throat.I worked my way down to his balls and inhaled his masculine scent. That only made me want him more. When I went down to his ass, he lifted his legs up for me so I could feast on him. His balls were hanging down to my nose as I continued to tongue fuck him.Malito turned on to his side; I licked his ass and bit his ass cheeks. He continued to moan and I continued to feast. When he turns himself on his back again, I grabbed his cock and continued to suck it. “Ahi papi” he said, “I love the way you suck my cock chulo! Asi papi asi!”As I came up for air he grabs me and pulls me up on him. I’m so light in his arms. He pulls me up to his face and says, “Chulo I need to get inside pa. Please!” I answered, “For future references, you don’t have to ask!” He smiles like the bad boy he is and bites off a peace of the condom wrapper. He takes out the condom and says, “Pa, put this on me and ride me.”I sat up and placed the condom on him, adding some lube to his cock and sliding my hands up and down his thick shaft. I lay back on top of him with my ass up in the air. Malito puts lube on my ass and begins to finger me. His thick fingers were up inside me and I continued to kiss him deeply.Once he felt I was open, I sat up with both his hands on my ass; he lifts me up onto his cock. Gently bringing me down on it, he says, “Take your time pa, I’m in no hurry.” Malito could feel when it was time to lift me off and then again gently place me down.I have all 9 inches of this man inside me; my hole was full and wrapped so tightly around his fat, strong cock. “AHI papi, you’re so fucking tight.” he said as he continued to lift me and bring me back down on him. This time fucking me harder. I rode his cock deeper every time and he continued lifting me up from my ass at the same time. Malito grab the back of my head and pressed me down onto his face, kissing me so fucking hard and deep.He sat up on the bed and both my legs are wrapped around him. He stands up and is holding me in mid air, his arms under my legs and his hands on my back holding me up. I release my arms and let him go. I lay back on his arms as he continued to pound my hole.I played with my nipples as he kept fucking me. “That’s your ass pa; fuck it like you own it!” I yelled out. “Yeah, yeah, yeah!” He shouted back. Malito lifts me up and my ass makes a huge sucking sound. He lifts my cock up into his face. He’s sucking my cock and my legs are wrapped around his head.Malito brings me down and I climb on top of the bed, arching my back and lifting my ass for him. I was as horny as a bitch in heat! With that bad boy look on his face he smiles and says, “Ahi que rico coño!” He slides himself inside me and I feel my asshole opening up again.”Who’s your nigga?” He hollas at me. “You’re my nigga pa!” I said. His hands grab my waist and he’s punishing my ass with his big cock. I’m on all fours and he gets on all fours and with his right arm he wraps it around my body pounding me harder, as he’s kissing and breathing hard on the back of my neck.Malito wrapped me up so good and fucked me so hard. He lifted my head and kissed me as he was fucking me. I was moaning into his mouth, as he seductively says, “Yeah pa!” It’s been six hours and my asshole was aching from all the pounding he was giving me.Malito turns me on my back and he covers me with his body, my legs wrapped around his waist and his cock still beating me inside. He’s kissing me so passionately and stroking me with his every motion. I love being in this position with him, it felt so safe.Malito pulls back and lifts my legs up and begins to eat my asshole again. He gets back on his knees again, inserts me with his power tool and sucks on my toes. He’s licking my feet, pounding my asshole and jerking me off all at the same time. I’m playing with my nipples and he’s bringing me closer to home.My moans become louder; he knows I’m about to bust. So he strokes me even harder and I’m yelling, “OH MY GOD! AHHHHHHH YEAH! OHHHH YEAH. AHI PA! AHI PA!” He’s moaning back, “Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Bust it out for me papa, show me what you got!”. I shoot my load and hit him on his chin and cover his chest with my milk!He pulls out and in a deep, hard roar he yells out, “AAHHHHHHHH FUCK! Yeah! Yeah! Para ti papa!” Malito shot his load all over my face and chest.As he was finishing his release I sucked his cock deep and hard again. Malito was weak to his knees yelling, “Shit! That feels so fucking good!” I sucked him off until he couldn’t take it no more and lifted me back on top of him. Where we continued to kiss. That’s how we stayed until we slept, kissing and me on top of him.The next day, Malito offers to drive me to work. As we walked into the tattoo shop, Miguel was standing there and saw us walk in together. Miguel says, “Holy shit! You guys are still together?”Malito replied, “Yeah bro, I was too drunk to drive home and so I spent the night.” The look on Miguel’s face dropped. I walk Malito to his car and he tells me, “Yo, I had an awesome time last night, you’re really hot chulo! Please, don’t ever say anything. No one knows I like to play with guys and shit!” I replied, “Don’t worry bro, I don’t fuck and tell. I got your back.”Well, when I got back to the shop Miguel was pissed off and he wouldn’t speak to any one. No one knew why he was so upset and he went the entire day without speaking to anyone. I left him alone the entire day and when it was time to close shop, I said to him, “Aight bro, I’m out!” Miguel says, “Wait before you leave, I have a question to ask you. What the fuck is Malito doing staying in your house?”I was in shock, Miguel never spoke to me like this before. So I answered him, “Bro, he told you, he was too drunk to drive home and so he slept on my couch.” Miguel was still angry and said, “Well, I don’t want any of these niggas staying in your house!”I quickly replied, “WHAT? As long as I pay my bills, I say who comes and goes in my house, not you! What are you so pissed off at anyway, you have a woman at home!” It was me he was pissed off at all along. Although I was flattered, I couldn’t take him telling me what to do.A week past and everyone at the shop was aware that it was me Miguel was upset at. When they asked me why, I would simply tell them,”Miguel has a shitty attitude and he thinks that because he’s my boss he could speak to me the way he wants, so I blasted him and said some shit that pissed him off.”When Miguel heard what I had said, he called me over to speak to me privately and said, “I heard what you told the others. Thanks. You’re a great guy Passion and any man would be lucky to have you. I appreciate what you said and I’m sorry I caught feelings, but I’m feeling you nigga!”We embraced and all was dropped, but before I left I said, “I told you nigga! Don’t worry, I don’t fuck and tell, I’ve got your back!”

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