fucked her friend


fucked her friendHello everyone I’am going to tell you the story of how I fucked my wife anna’s good friend on accident the whole thing was a mix but at the end everything was good.hope you enjoy. 7am. I can hear the alarm go off but i hit the snooze button it goes off couple of times after that but i still kept hitting that button like i had no worry’s but little did i know that my girl had to be at work in an hour she a house keeper for a hotel down the street from us she had started the job little more then three months ago her good friend Shannon had got the job for her and put in a good name for her as well those two go way back. 8am. the final alarm goes off i can feel her get out of bed and make her way to the dresser to get her clothes i hear the door to the bathroom shut then the shower start up so then i get up head to the window open the blinds as i look out side i can already feel this day is going to be a special one i turn to the t.v. turn it on then i take a set on the edge of the bed just waiting for Anna to finish up so i can take a piss by time she all ready it was 8:30 she was a half hour late as she was ready to leave she asks me what were my plan for the day i said nothing just stay home i guess we had went out the night before so i was hanging a little bit she had i little more then she can handle and she was hanging too i thought so i was thinking to myself it’ll be good for me to try and help her the best i can with her rooms today in the matter of her being late i let her take the car i usually drop her off 10am. after i got ready for the day i figure that i’d make my way down to her work its was not too far I close the behind me turn to check if i locked it then start walking to anna’s sahabet güvenilirmi work but first i stop by the story to get me energy drink then i walk up to the hotel make my way to the back of the building hoping her boss does not see me he does not really like the workers getting any help from anyone so i walked fast not looking to the front i walk up to the back door its never close then walk up the stairs she usually works on the third floor so i open the doors to the floor i see her work cart at the end of the hall i walk down the whole floor was dead not a sound sometimes you can hear people talking t.v. on but nothing that day i guess everyone checked out on time but as i was making my way down i remember awhile back we were talking about some of are fantasy that would not come true and one of her’s was to be fucked by a stranger cause we were together she said it would not come true so i thought to myself that this the prefect time for her to have it come true in my head i thought it’ll be fun for me to sneak up from behind and just fuck her i had i smile on my face as i turn into the rooms she was in i can hear her cleaning the bathroom i see her bent over the tub cleaning it her ass up in the air she did not hear me come in for the fact she had earbuds in so i close the door to the bathroom an for a couple of seconds i just stare at her ass just rubbing my cock through my pants then i drop them then take it off i walk to her and in a blink of an eye i pull her pants down to the floor with her thong slide in my cock in to her pussy then i get a good hold of her ass and hip so she won’t pull away and for i good ten seconds i pond her pussy so hard and good it felt amazing her sahabet yeni giriş pussy was so tight my dick was making her pussy fart then i thinking to myself Anna’s pussy was not that tight so i reach over to the front of her pussy Anna’s pussy has i little hair around it with the other hand i reach up top to her tit’s Anna’s tit’s are a good size for my hands but then i realize that this pussy had no hair it was completely smooth i can just feel wet pussy juice rubbing against skin and the tit’s were i little bigger then my hands still pounding at her pussy i grab the back her head and get a good hold of the hair and pull it back with my cock still in the pussy i see Shannon i pull out and take a step back my eyes were wide open then i realize that both Anna and Shannon both look alike from the behind with Shannon bent over i couldn’t see the upper part of her then she turns a little with her eyes close and moaning softly she opens her lips and tells me not to stop and to fuck her harder and starts moan again and then she leans over to the wall putting one hand up on the wall and and the other opening up her pussy lips i already have my pants down and my dick hard plus i already fucked her for a couple of seconds i looked down to her pussy i was dripping wet so i go forward and side my dick back in as i was her pussy lets out and little fart do to her pussy being so tight then she tells my to pull her hair hard so with my right hand i get a good hold on it and pull it back and she grabs my left hand and places it on her nipple she tells me to pinch it as hard as i want all she was telling me to do was a big turn on for me then we turn to the sink she reaches around her ass and takes my sahabet giriş cock out of her tight wet pussy and puts it in to her ass hole i never done anal with Anna she said it hurt to muck so she never lets me back there so my dick gets extra hard as she’s doing this slowly it goes in i can feel my cock stretch her ass open she opens her mouth again and says don’t be scared side it in fuck me she says all of this was a major turn so my dick gets more hard and longer i push as hard as i can she screams YES YES YES fuck me i pull her hair more she moans and moans i keep pounding and pounding then i pull out of ass and put it back in her pussy it goes back in forth she turns to me and say now your getting the hang of it and looks forward to the mirror through the mirror she looks at me and say at first i thought you’d be a bitch and pull your pants back up and leave she says this all with a smile on her face then i smile back and with in seconds i pull my dick out turn her around pull her head to my dick and i say to her you got a smart ass mounth then i shove my cock in her mounth and start fucking her mounth as she chokes on my hard dick i let the biggest load in her mouth it starts to leak out on the sides she starts to get her clothes back on as she is she gets her thong wipes her wet juice pussy with it and hands it over to me and tells me to keep it then we walk down one floor to where Anna was i tried to stay as cool as i can but i cant help be feel like i was on top of the world after fucking Shannon then we come up to the door before we walk in Shannon turns to me and tells me not to worry about her saying anything to Anna she says she felt bad for me i look at with a confuse look then i say why feel bad for me before she can reply back she calls for Anna Anna walks around the corner she looked surprised and asks what i was doing there still confuse from what Shannon said i tell her i came to help Shannon turns back toward the door an tells Anna she’ll leave us two alone

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