Fucked in the Pool

Fucked in the PoolBefore taking off on business for the three hour drive to Calgary, I always log onto Squirt to see if anyone is playing, either right away in Edmonton, or somewhere along the route. One trip last summer, I wasn’t logged on for more than five minutes when an interesting profile caught my eye.“Secluded estate. Lounging naked by the pool. Anyone traveling nearby.”The profile said Sherwood Park. I couldn’t think of any secluded estates in Sherwood Park, but reading the rest of his profile, I was intrigued. He was 18 years old, and I was 32. He was “Mostly a top, but versatile and love to fuck for long periods of time.” Well, I wasn’t actually nearby. I was on the north-west side of Edmonton. He was off Range Road 210 which was SE of Sherwood Park. But, it was early afternoon, it was gorgeous out, I had no appointments in Calgary until the next morning, so I sent him a message.He came right back to me. “I was just looking at your profile,” he wrote. “Why don’t you come over.”He gave me driving directions and a phone number in case I got lost. Finding Range Road 210 wasn’t an issue. They are sequentially numbered, so I followed along Wye Road, made the turn onto Range Rd 210 and followed it along for the distance he had given me. I must have missed a turn. I doubled back, still couldn’t find it and finally called him. Turns out I was almost there. The turn off was a bit obscured, just like people who live on estates would probably want it to be. I drove up to a gorgeous Colonial style, two story home, with the columns on the veranda and everything. I stopped in the circular drive and as I approached the front door, he opened it, wrapped in nothing but a towel.“Come on in,” he said.He led me through a gorgeous foyer and into and through a huge family room and out through the patio doors. Totally secluded, the pool and pool deck alone filled an area larger than my entire backyard. The estate stretched for about two acres of totally manicured lawn beyond the pool deck, and the rest of the 10 acre estate was wooded on all three sides. It was gorgeous. Turns out he was house-sitting for his parents, who had taken a vacation. As I stood there taking it all in, Randy dropped his towel and came towards me. I eyed his physique up and down appreciatively. You could tell from his tight pecs and the beginnings of what would eventually be a nice six pack of abs that he had been working out, but he was still somewhat on the skinnier side. Another 15 pounds or so in the right places was going to make all the difference in the world to his look. He certainly wasn’t skinny in the cock and balls department. He sported quite an attractive package as he came towards me. He would still be called a Twink.“Well come on,” he said. “Time to get out of these clothes.”He helped me undress. As I undid my belt and dropped my pants, he took an appreciative look at my package, reached out and tweaked my cock and yelled, bornova escort “Tag. You’re it!” With that, he turned and dove into the pool and resurfaced about 10 feet out from the side. Stepping out of my pants and underwear, I dove into the pool in his direction and surfaced right in front of him. The water was gorgeous. As the two of us treaded water, Randy reached for my cock. I started to stiffen up under his touch. As he jacked my foreskin back and forth, my cock grew and grew.“Hmmm,” he said. “Feels nice.”I reached for his meat and returned the favour. In no time at all, he was fully erect. He had an impressive cock. Though the water distorted my view of it, the fact that I couldn’t close my hand around it, told me it was impressive. I reached under it and cupped his balls in my hand. His ball sack overflowed my hand and his balls filled my palm when I closed it around them. We moved towards the side of the pool. Randy pulled himself up and out of the pool and sat on the edge facing me. Pointing straight at me was an impressive eight inch, thick cock. It had a bit of a bend to the left. We had moved into shallower water, so I waded up to him and took him in my mouth. As I slid my tongue under his foreskin and rolled it back off his knob, Randy leaned back on his arms. I sponged his knob with my tongue, moistening it completely before sliding the length of his cock to his neatly trimmed pubes and retracting back to his knob again.I grabbed his cock. Licking his knob like an ice cream cone, lapping the sensitive underside and then diving down on him again, he let out an appreciative groan as he grabbed the back of my head and pulled me down on him. As I bobbed on his cock, he pulled me back onto him each time I got to the tip. He was slamming my head into his groin, holding me in place, almost until I turned blue, before allowing me to come up for air. But I loved it. His cock fit my mouth and throat perfectly. I could have stayed here forever, having him force feed me his dick.Randy pulled me off and jumped into the pool. He was looking for me to get up on the side so he could suck my cock. As I climbed out, he gave me a good slap on the ass. My cock twitched from the sting of the slap. I turned and sat on the side of the pool. Randy moved right in and ravenously took my entire cock, swallowing me whole. His lips were moving in a ‘fish out of water’ motion as he tried to bury them in my pubes. He was amazing. He released my cock a bit at a time as he worked his lips and tongue up to my knob. He sucked hard on my knob as his tongue danced around it. He too focused his tongue on that sensitive area where your foreskin attaches to your dick. Then he dove back hard on my cock.Not as aggressive as Randy, I took him by the sides of his face, not to force him down on my cock, because he certainly didn’t need that, but rather to let him know how appreciative I was of his mouth, tongue and throat. escort bornova Within ten minutes, he had my loins stirring. I begged him to ease up. That just spurred him on. His suction seemed to tighten its grip on my pole and within seconds I was spewing ropes of cum into his face. He took the first squirt in his mouth to get a taste, but as the second and third squirts blasted into him, my cock was well back in his throat. He sucked on me hard. I begged him to stop when I felt the sensation like I was going to piss.He was all smiles as he released my softening cock from his lip lock. He pulled me down into the water and grabbing me by my cock, we waded to the shallow end. Placing me in front of him, he positioned me on the stairs leading out of the pool. He bent me forward. Taking his cue, I knelt down on the stairs. My ass was about six inches clear of the water. Randy knelt behind me on the pool floor. Grabbing my ass, he spread my cheeks and buried his face into my crack. His tongue found its mark and immediately tore into my hole. Aggressively, Randy poked and prodded my hole with his tongue, swirling saliva into my cavity. He replaced his tongue with a finger. He had big knuckles and it hurt. Sensing my pain, he went at me again with his tongue. Backing away, he spit on my hole and then worked it into me with his tongue. This time, his finger slipped in with ease. He worked it around, loosening me up. He gave me more spit, more tongue and when he was able to spin two fingers around freely in my hole, he stood up behind me.He literally walked up behind me, aimed, and poked. I barely felt his knob at my pucker, when his groin was up against my crack. It happened so fast, that although I had a stinger, from the bend in his cock pushing along one side of my chute, I think the fact that he drove it into me, allowed me to get over the shock and work on the pleasure that had started to envelop me. Randy didn’t move. He let me get used to him. It didn’t take long. Once that cock is in you, you want to feel it working. I moved forward a couple of inches and pushed back on him. That was all he needed. He grabbed my hips and started to fuck me. And fuck me good he did.Randy would withdraw all the way to just the tip. Part of his knob was outside my pucker, and then he would drive it back in, all the way up my chute and into my lower bowel. A couple times, in his haste, he would pull it too far out and it would leave my gaping hole entirely. My ass would flail away in the air looking for the cock that was looking for the hole and they would quickly be reunited. He was masterful as he plowed me. He was totally impressed with me pounding back to meet his thrusts. Every now and then, as his cock reached the outer region of my pucker, his open hand would come across my butt cheek with a sting that would force me to clamp down hard, just as he started to pile drive his cock back in. It was quite an bornova escort bayan amazing feeling for the two of us.Pushing his cock fully into me, Randy reached around with both hands and picked me up, still attached to him. He turned into the pool and waded into deeper water. Carrying me over to the side of the pool, we were now up to our chests. As I grabbed onto the side, Randy resumed fucking me under the water. The sensations were different as there was virtually no friction now. I don’t know if being underwater lessened his sensations, but he must have fucked me like this for half an hour. I stood in the water, with my head lying on my arms on the side of the pool doing my best to keep up the rhythm and the pace with which he was giving it to me, but I was getting weak kneed.“Come on,” he said.We pulled ourselves out of the pool. Randy laid me on my side on one of the chaise lounge chairs. He knelt beside me on the pool deck and fucked me some more. The bend in his cock, had a really neat effect in this position. Each thrust was digging into my prostate as it passed over it and back. My cock was as hard as a rock. I barely touched it to play with myself when it exploded, firing off another round of cum all over the pool deck. Laughing, Randy kept pounding away. He reached for my cock, squeezing the last bit of cum out of me. Bringing his fingers to his mouth, he licked his fingers clean.Then he stood up, flipped me on my stomcah, laid prone on top of me and then drove into me again. He was bringing it home now. He was pumping in and out of me hard and fast. I first tried to get up. He forced me back down and told me it was to late to stop. He was too close and I could not escape until he bred me. I wanted to get it over with, so I was doing my best to squeeze tight on him, but he had fucked me so silly, I couldn’t tell if I was helping. He kept up the pace like this for about five minutes. I wasn’t sure if he was ever going to cum. Suddenly, he pulled out of my ass, grabbed his cock and moved right up over me to squirt it on me. He jerked hard for about 30 seconds before the first one flew. It was a small squirt and it landed on my back. I turned over and sat up to watch, sort of cheer him on. The second squirt was a huge rope of cum and it sprayed right into my face. I caught a little taste in my mouth. The third, fourth, fifth, I lost count, it just continued to stream out of him with incredible force. By the time his orgasm subsided, my face, chin, chest, stomach, cock and balls were just smothered with his cream. He lay on top of me and we ground his seed between us into our bodies.Eventually, we got up and jumped back into the pool to clean ourselves off. We lay in the sun to dry, which took no time at all. I left for Calgary, but not before we made plans for several return visits, including a stop on the way back into Edmonton. We had a wonderful two weeks, with Randy even fucking me under the moonlight. He returned to Vancouver and we still correspond back and forth. I am longing for the day his brother takes another family vacation. Randy dared me to write this cocktail, so now that I have, I am daring him to post a comment on it.

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