Fun at the Grocery Store


I was home, alone. Enjoying the solitude of a rainy day, the comfort of my own surroundings, and the secret thrill of wearing a sweater, frilly pink boy short underwear, and thigh high stockings, and nothing else. My hair was messy, my two braids still in place but with many flyaway tendrils.

I moved about my housefrau duties; washing dishes, loading them in the dishwasher, attending to various pet needs, and changing out laundry. The whole time, I was aware of the brisk cold air against my naked skin. I could feel my breasts swaying beneath my sweater, sometimes becoming exposed as I turned, or lifted my arm.

As I was carrying my laundry basket, my messy braid swung over my shoulder and came to rest between my breasts. I sighed, and went to place the basket on the footstool, and began my menial task of folding laundry. My braids swaying each time I leaned over to pluck a garment from the basket.

My mind wandered back to the night before. I had plaited my hair so that my Master, my daddy, could better guide me onto his cock. As I paused, deep in thought, one breast exposed, ass accentuated by my skimpy panties, my pussy got wet as I remembered. Absentmindedly I ran one hand across the skin of my breast.

I recalled kneeling in front of him. Feeling how his fingers had thrust through my hair, how he had yanked my head up, so that I was forced to look at him. He had traced my lips with his other hand, then roughly shoved a finger deep into my mouth; deeper than he knew I could take. Tears sprang to my eyes, and I could feel the gorge rising in my throat. I swallowed, forcing myself to breathe through my nose as he fingered my throat, his other hand still rough in my hair.

As he withdrew his finger, and I gasped for air and shuddered, he had leaned forward to say in my ear, “This mouth is my hole, isn’t it? Mine to use whenever I want, however I want.”

I had cried out, looking up at him as snot and tears ran down my face, “Yes, daddy, please.”

“Good girl.” He had said, using that special tone that made my cunt squeeze around nothing. He relaxed the hand fisted in my braid, and brought his other hand to grip my hair, then guided me towards his dick.

I shook my head, clearing the haze of the memory from my mind. ‘It’s bad enough,’ I thought to myself, returning to the task at hand, ‘that every time I look in the mirror, I remember how it felt to have him choke me on his cock.’

Folding laundry is just about as tedious as a chore can get… but something about being wet, half naked, and in front of large windows while you remember how you cried, how your mascara was smeared half down your cheek, how you almost threw up, but forced it back, how he looked down at you, smiling, telling you how good you looked on his cock… Well… that made laundry almost fun.

I smirked to myself, wanting so badly to feel çorum escort his eyes on me again. I loved the way his eyes made me feel, like he was going to attack me. I shivered as I finished with my task, putting the clothes in their rightful places.

All the while, I was aware of the air against me, a cool breeze causing one nipple to come to a point. The way the lace trim of my stockings rubbed together. The way the panties rode up my ass, and the growing dampness in my pussy. I finished the task, and took a moment to study my clean bedroom. I knew that my Master would be pleased that I had done my chores like a good slut.

I smiled, running my hands over my naked skin, closing my eyes and thinking about how he would be especially pleased that I had been thinking about him, and that my pussy was already wet, had been wet, the whole time. I cupped each breast, feeling the weight, the warmth, and the softness of the skin.

With a groan, I opened my eyes, and turned towards the closet, ‘I have to go to the store… he told me to, and I need to.’ I pulled out a flowy, comfortable dress in bright colors.

I shut the closet, shrug out of my sweater, and pull the dress over my head. I love the way the cloth feels against my naked skin. I smooth the skirt over my thighs, feeling the lace beneath the fabric of the dress, the hint of ruffle, and the cool air against my ass. With a wicked grin, I pranced into the bathroom to look in the mirror.

I looked… presentable. I giggled and ran my hands over myself, a smug look in my eyes. I contemplated myself, the librarian/nerd glasses, the way my small pink mouth curved in that devious way, the poke of my nipples and the free jiggle of my breasts that suggested I wore no bra, The tousled hair, reminding me of him, his hands, his cock, his power over me.

I turned away from my reflection, and gathered my purse, ready to get this chore over with, and get out of my clothes again.

As I situated myself in my car, fumbling with the radio, and cranking up the volume; I couldn’t help but notice the lace of my stockings showing. I smiled, hoping mischievously that someone would notice them at the store.

I backed out onto the road, and began the picturesque journey to my rural store. I sang along to the songs on the radio, and couldn’t help but caress my thigh with one hand, pushing the skirt of my dress up, exposing more lace, then my bare skin. I shivered, singing along with the lyrics of the song.

Driving didn’t bother me, so long as I could sing, wiggle in the seat, and pretend that I was performing for the drivers passing me in the opposite direction. I caressed my breast, ran a hand up my neck, licked my lips and bit at them. It was fun, to dare them to make eye contact, to see me for what I was; a slut.

Needless to say, by the time denizli escort I got to the grocery store, I was wet.

I found a spot right next to the cart corral, parked my car, and opened the door. My eyes scanned the parking lot surrounding me as I felt the cool air breeze up my skirt.

I saw a bag boy getting carts, and with a sudden rush of perverse pleasure, I swung my legs out, making sure that the tops of my stockings, and maybe even my ass, were showing as I got out of the car. I stood, straightening my skirt, and in my peripheral vision I saw the bag boy looking at me.

I smiled, turned back into my open car, and bending from the waist, I retrieved my purse from the passenger seat. I knew that my ass was fully exposed to him, or to anyone who might happen to look.

With my heart racing, the thrill of misbehaving making me feel high, I stood, shut my door, and turned to walk across the lot towards the entrance.

On my way past the bag boy, I made myself smile innocently at him, and keep a steady pace.

‘I think he was looking at me…’ I thought, my thighs pressing my panties into my pussy, the fall air whispering up my dress, and my tits bouncing with each step, I entered the store, grabbed a cart, and began shopping.

‘I wonder what would happen if I just… if I encountered that bag boy in a secluded place… I wonder what he would do if I flashed him…’ The course of my thoughts made me blush, and I knew that my cunt was getting wetter.

I chastised myself for being so consumed by it, ‘For God’s sake, woman, you’re in a public place!! What, are you going to just blow somebody in the back of the grocery store?!?’ I snorted a bit to myself, but then imagined the way the bag boy’s face would look if I knelt in front of him, eased his cock out of his pants, and felt it grow stiff in my mouth.

“Excuse me!” cut through my fantasy, and I realized I had nearly run into an elderly woman. Her sharp tone made me flush.

Muttering my apologies, I kept on my way, ‘Seriously… you’re fantasizing about giving a blow job to some guy? In the middle of the fucking grocery store?’ but even as I berated myself, my body responded to the thoughts, ‘But, yes, wouldn’t it be nice? Wouldn’t it feel divine to be publically known as the slut you are?’

I bit my lip, aware of my slick cunt rubbing against the soaking crotch of my panties. My thoughts were always drawn back to sex, and usually in the most inappropriate times.

I glanced around me, scanning the people who passed by, wondering if any of them suspected the direction of my thoughts. Bits and pieces of the random men in the store excited me everywhere I looked; the hands of the butcher, strong, capable. In the way the beer delivery man’s eyes looked at the way my nipples were visible under my dress.

Soon diyarbakır escort enough I had retrieved everything on my shopping list, and I joined one of the lines at the checkout. I leaned against my cart, knowing my ass was sticking out, and wondering if the tops of my stockings were showing a bit.

My heart started racing when I saw that my cashier was a man, and, I flushed, my cunt throbbing when I caught sight of my bag boy at the end of the lane… it was the one I had flashed earlier!!

I knew I was blushing as I felt them both watching me unload my cart onto the conveyor belt. My breasts seemed to be moving even more, quivering beneath the fabric, my nipples hard points. I began to feel clammy, my hands slipping on a can, dropping it back into the cart. I had to lean into the cart to get it, and I felt my skirt pulling up, exposing the very bottom of my ass cheeks.

I groaned softly, stretching to reach the offending can, which had now rolled into a front corner of the cart. My breasts filled the neckline of my dress, my cleavage on display, swinging below my arms as I finally grasped the can.

I could feel their eyes on me, and my body was on fire. My pussy was dripping, and each movement rubbed against my clit. The fabric of my dress seemed to be caressing my tits. I wanted to start caressing myself, pull my skirt up and caress my clit through my panties. I bit my lip, bringing one hand up to my throat, feeling my pulse racing beneath my palm.

Swallowing thickly, I could feel the weight of the stares of my cashier and bagger. I could feel the air grow more dense behind me, and I turned to see another man grinning behind me. He kissed at me, running his eyes up and down my body before I blushed and turned back to the register.

Quickly, with shaking hands, I paid my tab, and thanked them. I could feel their eyes, and couldn’t help but sway my hips as I rushed out the automatic doors. My cunt was throbbing, my heart was pounding, and my head was swimming with the knowledge that at least three men at the grocery store had seen my panties, noticed my braless tits, and eye fucked me.

By the time I got to my car, got the groceries piled in, and collapsed into my seat, the rush was just starting to fade. I smiled to myself, started my car, and got the radio turned to my favorite station.

The universe was in my corner, because one of my favorite songs, oozing with sexually explicit lyrics came on. I turned up the volume and lowered my windows. Out of the corner of my eye, while putting the car in drive, I noticed the man from behind me in line.

He was walking towards his car, and he caught sight of me. Our eyes met, and I drove past him, offering him a unabashed slutty grin, licking my lips at him.

‘Oh my God, what is wrong with me today?!’ I asked myself as I drove towards the exit, ‘… I want everyone to know how horny I am…’ I groaned and shifted in my seat, once again aware of the ache, how my cunt felt slippery and warm as I moved my hips.

I felt a bit exhilarated, a lot naughty, and ready to be fucked. I could only hope that my Master would take pity on me, and let me come.

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