Fun for All the Family Ch. 01



I woke up early and as usual was sporting my usual erection since there hasn’t been a day in the past twenty-five years or so when I’ve not woken up with a raging hard-on. I glanced at my wife Julie who was still sound asleep and decided to let her lay there resting for awhile longer, after all it was Sunday and I had given her a really good seeing to at the party the night before, as had my father, and again when we were finally alone together in the marital bed. I therefore slipped out of it as quietly as I could so as not to disturb her and made my way naked to the bathroom with my aroused prick leading the way, stopping to glance into the guest room where my parents, Jack and Shirley, were probably still sound asleep too.

I was wrong. Mom was still snuggled up under the duvet, her lovely face muffled into the pillow, but there was a vacant space where dad should have been and I had a pretty good idea where he was. Like with Julie, I let mom sleep on, since dad and I had both fucked her rotten last night, too – she loves a good shagging, does mom – and glanced into my daughter Jenna’s room before heading off for my morning shower.

Jenna’s room was empty too so the question that had been forming in my mind was already starting to answer itself. I quickly showered, my cock rock hard as the water cascaded down, and then headed off down the stairs, still in the nude since we are a firmly committed naturist family, to the lounge.

As soon as I got to the hall, the unmistakeable sounds of grunting and groaning assaulted my ears and when I glanced through the door, the scene that greeted me was as I had expected. My daughter Jenna was on her knees, naked, while my father Jack, also naked, stood in front of her, his eyes closed and a smile of pure lust on his still youthful face as his granddaughter treated him to a long hard suck of his morning wood.

Before I go any further, I ought, I suppose, to give you a bit of background and put you in the picture, so to speak. Mom and dad always stay over at weekends, usually arriving on Friday night and leaving just after tea on Sunday. I’d started doing threesomes with them just over a quarter of a century earlier when I reached my eighteenth birthday and was thus considered by my parents to be a consenting adult. Jack and Shirley lived a naturist lifestyle and brought me up the same way, we were also regular visitors to a local nudist colony, thus I had no inhibitions about my body or of my parents seeing it, though the first time I stood before them with a hard-on at my initiation ceremony did feel a bit odd but I soon got used to it. Joining them for lots of regular hot sex sessions, once I was old enough, seemed to be a natural progression of that unconventional lifestyle but, then, we have never been ones for convention.

It was fortuitous that we should have visited this particular nudist colony since it was there that I met my wife Julie and let me tell you this, too, for nothing. All those idiots who try to justify going to those kind of places with quibs like “I’m a sun worshipper” and/or “it’s so healthy” are talking out of their bare assholes. Naturism has nothing to do with a healthy lifestyle, not as such, but everything to do with exhibitionism on a grand scale since, if they are honest as I like to think I am, people go there for only three reasons: a) because they like seeing naked people and b) they get a terrific kick out of being seen nude themselves. Finally, c) they are all on the lookout for sex and there is nothing wrong with that, its just that some of the people who go to nudist clubs never seem to be able to find the courage to admit it.

I fail to see how it can be anything else if one is quite happy to walk around stark bollock naked in front of others, all of whom will be doing the same and, happily, without a single iota of embarrassment. We are only people when all is said and done and we’ve all got bodies, thus I also fail to see how anyone in their right mind could possibly find them, when shorn of clothes, offensive. Here endeth today’s lesson!!!

Mom, dad and I had been regulars at the colony for a year or more before Julie appeared on the scene with her two younger brothers Mark and Paul and with whom she shared a home, their parents having both died, sadly, several years earlier. Nudist colonies are a great way to meet likeminded people who are happy to stick two fingers up at the idiots who like to think they can control our lives, like nannying politicians, for instance. Much as I enjoyed fucking mom, and still do to this very day, I was very attracted to Julie and, at the risk of sounding dreadfully conceited and immodest, the feeling was mutual. My family very soon pallied up with Julie and her brothers, so much so that we would visit each other in our homes for private naturist get-togethers, away from the glare of the voyeuristic eyes of other club members.

It was at one of these private gatherings, twenty-five years or so ago, that Julie türkçe porno eventually confided to me that she and her brothers had been having incestuous sex together which gave me the confidence to tell her that I had been having sex on a regular basis with my parents. I can’t remember how the conversation leading up to these admissions came about but the atmosphere had, for a long time, been growing more and more sexually charged with each get-together and it was good when everything was finally out in the open.

I won’t bore you with all the details but, suffice to say, our naturist evenings soon turned into hardcore group sessions with Julie sucking and fucking her brothers and mom, dad and I doing the same before swapping partners. Dad and I would take turns fucking Julie and Mark and Paul, having no mother of their own, loved to double penetrate my mom, as dad and I did on a regular basis. And when Julie made me the happiest man in the world by accepting my proposal and agreeing to be my wife, we all ended up as one big happy family.

Mark and Paul are married now themselves and can’t visit these days as much as they would like to. Mark has two sons and Paul a daughter. For some peculiar reason, which Julie won’t talk about, she and her sisters-in-law have never got on so that whenever Mark and Paul do manage to squeeze in a visit, they do so by themselves which is perfect for us, otherwise we might have to curb our activities if their other halves, whom I’ve only met a few times, were present. Whether they have any inkling of what happens when their husbands tell them they are visiting their sister, I have absolutely no idea. Probably not.

A year after mine and Julie’s marriage our daughter Jenna was born and, needless to say, Julie and I brought her up in the naturist way of life too and she has blossomed into a most gorgeous young lady, now twenty-two years old and almost a mirror image of her mother as Julie had been at that age. I want to make it obvious that as soon as Jenna came of age, she was only too keen to join the rest of us at our family sex club meetings, I can state categorically that the decision to join us was hers and hers alone and if she had decided not to it would, admittedly, have been disappointing but Julie and I were prepared to accept whatever decision she made. Had she decided not to be a part of the club, then I can assure you that none of us would ever have laid so much as a finger on her. We are not molesters, that is unforgivable, and everything we do together is 100% consensual.

Thankfully, Jenna was only too keen to join us so, for her eighteenth birthday, we threw a spectacular party for her with everyone present. Being her father, I naturally had first bite of the cherry as I took her virginity and it was obvious right from the start that my daughter would become a much valued addition to the family sex club. She could not get enough that night, my father fucking her to the rafters after I was done and her uncles Mark and Paul treating her to a long hard double penetration while mom, dad, Julie and I gathered round to watch. The memory of Jenna’s initiation ceremony will remain with me for the rest of my life as, I suspect, it will with everybody else.

Since that momentous day in the history of our sex club, Julie, Jenna and I have done, and continue to do, many threesomes, just as I used to do with mom and dad when I was still a young man and not the middle-aged one I have now become. Age does have a way of creeping up on us, unfortunately.

Much as I love my parents and am always keen for them to be here and make our club meetings a real family fuckfest – even better if Mark and Paul can be there, too – I have to admit that I do enjoy it when its just my wife, daughter and I. With two beautiful women both hungry for the same cock, being the only bloke does have its advantages …


I stood now in the doorway to the lounge, my hard throbbing cock in my hand, as I watched my daughter blowjobbing my father. Jenna was on her knees with her back to me, allowing me a nice view of the curve of her ass, while dad had his head thrown back and his eyes shut tight as his granddaughter went to town on his thick rod. My daughter is a divine cocksucker, having inherited her oral skills from her grandmother and mother and I know through my own wonderful experiences with her just how much pleasure dad is getting at that very moment.

Dad placed his hands on Jenna’s head and drew her closer to him so that his balls started to slap against his granddaughter’s chin. He opened his eyes and saw me standing there wanking my stiff pole and smiled across at me.

“Hi, David,” he said, “don’t stand over there by yourself. Get that big cock and that tight ass of yours over here and join the fun.”

Jenna let dad’s cock fall out of her mouth and looked over her shoulder and smiled across at me, too. “Yeah, dad,” she said, “get over here pronto. I need another nice big sikiş izle cock to suck.”

I did as I was ordered, not that I had any intention of not joining them, and with my bare ass cheeks rubbing together moved into positon next to my father so that my daughter now had two rock hard pricks staring herin the face. Dad and I both had our foreskins peeled well back and our pink glossy knobheads glistened with gobs of pre-cum.

Dad smiled at me and placed a hand on my ass cheeks and started to fondle my butt; I suppose now is the time to come clean and admit that my dad and I do sometimes explore our bi sides, we’ve fucked each other many times over the years but for now all I want is my regular morning blowjob from Jenna.

“Later, dad,” I said, “I need a good feminine cocksucking.”

“Go ahead, son,” said dad, standing back, “she’s on form this morning.”

“With lovely big cocks like yours, how could I be anything else?” laughs Jenna, looking up at me and smiling a smile that would make the most miserable person dissolve under the spotlight of its radiance. Dad started masturbating, his cock fresh from Jenna’s mouth, as I moved in and slid my hard-on, undiminished since I’d woken that morning, into Jenna’s hot and now fully experienced mouth. She’d only been a member of our family sex club for four years but the expertise with which she sucks, you’d have thought she’d been doing it for many more years than that.

“Oh yes, baby,” I cried, as the head of my cock went straight to the back of Jenna’s throat and she started to suck like a thing demented, her cheeks caving in, while my sweaty cum-filled balls slapped rhthmically against her chin, “that feels wonderful.”

“That’s the way, sweetheart,” my father said, enjoying the spectacle of his granddaughter sucking his son, “get it all in your mouth. Suck it hard.”

Jenna was making little gagging sounds as she started to suck me as furiously as I’d seen her doing dad a few moments earlier. She was and is an absolute natural and I couldn’t be more proud of her if I tried.

After ten minutes, Jenna suddenly stopped sucking my cock and stood up, treating dad and me to a glorious full frontal view of her stunning naked body. Jenna felt no shame as she stood there letting us admire her tits and her beautifully trimmed pussy, turning to show us her splendid globe-like buttocks before grabbing my hand and leading me over to the sofa.

“I love having your cock in my mouth, dad,” she said, “but I want it somewhere else, too.”

“My goodness, sweetheart,” I said, “so soon. “Its less than twelve hours since your grand-dad and I last fucked the hell out of you.”

“You know me, dad,” laughed Jenna, lying down on the sofa and lifting her legs in the air, “I’m never too tired for a good shagging. But first I need a good licking.”

With that, Jenna reached round with her hands and began to spread her labia, exposing her juicy moist pussy. Even though I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve licked her in the past four years, I still look forward to each session as if it is the first as does dad. He is wanking furiously as I move in and get down on my knees and let my eyes feast on Jenna’s pussy for a few reflective moments, thinking how wonderful it is that my family have such a great lifestyle with no taboos whatsoever. The ignoramuses of this world who frown on our chosen way of doing things can think what they like …


I started to run my tongue along the groove between my daughter’s silky soft cunt lips while my father leaned in to get a close-up view. I knew he would have liked me to suck his cock but I was too overwhelmed by my excitement licking Jenna. Dad wouldn’t go without some male attention for long, however; before he and mom went home that evening, I had already decided I was going to fuck him again with my uncircumcised incestuous prick. And fuck him hard.

As another part of my incestuous anatomy, i.e. my tongue, located Jenna’s clit, the hard nub engorged like a small cock, her legs tightened around my waste as her grunts and groans became louder. Jenna was and is an expert in the art of cocksucking and, though I say so myself, I consider myself to be just as much an expert in the art of cuntlicking. Mom was always keen to let me practise on her delectable pussy before I got married – she still does, in fact, although nowadays it can hardly be called practising – and with her help and guidance from dad, I was able to hone my cunnilingus skills and for years now I’ve known how to really satisfy a woman with what mom always calls “my talented tongue”. Sorry, if that sounds conceited again but I’ve never ever received any complaints from my womenfolk nor from dad nor Mark nor Paul when I’ve sucked their cocks.

Dad would, at that moment, have liked to have sucked my cock too but he realised that that wasn’t immediately on the cards and so was itching to get in on the act with Jenna and since none of us are the porno 64 selfish type, I removed my tongue and signified to him to takeover. I had, after all, been happily licking away for fifteen minutes or more and I didn’t want dad to feel left out, especially as I had been the one to gatecrash him and Jenna that morning.

“Here, dad,” I said, “come and have your turn while I go and get some lube.”

Dad was only too keen to have his turn and, as I made for the door, I looked over my shoulder and smiled as he didn’t waste a second in swiping his tongue along Jenna’s now sodden pussy. Jenna was rubbing her big tits together and moaning and whimpering like the true sex slut she is – as indeed we all are – and I had my doubts that she’d even noticed the changeover from her father’s tongue to her grand-dad’s.

I bounded up the stairs, only to find the bathroom door locked. So involved had I been with dad and Jenna, that I hadn’t heard anybody else stirring. I knocked lightly on the door and within seconds it was opened and my naked mother Shirley smiled out at me, her eyes travelling straight to my still aroused prick.

“I won’t be long, darling,” she said, “did you want a pee? Be a bit difficult unless you can get it to go down a bit,” she added, laughing, and giving my cock a little tug.

“No, mom,” I laughed in return, “I just want to get the KY. Jenna’s gagging for it.”

Mom stood back and let me pass and I could fill her eyes now digging into my bare ass since she had always had something of a fetish for the male nether regions. Indeed, mom has often fucked me in my ass with her collection of various strap-ons and I have to say I have enjoyed it very much. But I was in no mood to get fucked at that moment as I fumbled in the bathroom cabinet and found what I was looking for. Smiling at mom, I dashed past her to the landing.

“I’ll let you get on with your shower, mom,” I said as she gazed after me with a perplexed look on her face. “Don’t be long, then you can join the fun.”

Mom closed the bathroom door quietly behind her as she started to resume her ablutions. I was just about to descend the staircase when my bedroom door opened and Julie came out onto the landing, looking absolutely incredible in the nude as she always does, even though she hadn’t yet had her morning shower.

“What’s all the fuss?” she said, though she knew full well. In our family, sex is second nature and there is never any better time than the present.

“You don’t need me to tell you,” I replied, giggling as I started down the stairs. “Get yourself showered a.s.a.p. and bring those big tits and that gorgeous cunt of yours downstairs.”

“I would if I could,” replied Jenna, “but I think your mother’s going to be in there for some time.”

“No, I’m not,” mom said, suddenly reappearing on the landing, “I’d almost finished when David burst in. The bathroom’s all yours, Julie,” mom added, waddling off to her own room, her naked swaying ass still a beautiful sight to behold for a lady of her, it has to be admitted, somewhat advanced years.

Julie was in the bathroom quicker than the speed of sound, she didn’t want to miss out on any of the action. Mom would be down in a minute or so too and I was as horny as fuck and didn’t want to wait around chatting anymore, mom and Julie between them having already delayed my return to the lounge by several minutes.

When I got back – at last – to the lounge, dad was still on his knees licking Jenna’s pussy, my daughter writhing and squirming with every scintillating flick of her grandfather’s tongue. I opened the tube of KY and smeared some onto my fingers, then I hurried over, hoping dad would take the hint and move out the way for me to then smear the KY into Jenna’s cunt.

Fortunately, he did and stood up and immediately resumed masturbating as he watched me lubricate Jenna’s fuck hole. I smeared some KY round my prick and then leaned over my daughter and slowly but surely began the incestuous penetration. I should add that Jenna is on the pill, has been ever since she joined us for out sex sessions, so there is no need for dad nor me to worry about knocking her up.

As I entered her gently, allowing us both time to acclimatise ourselves, my mother appeared in the lounge and went and stood next to dad, both of them full of parental pride as they watched their son begin to fuck their grand-daughter. Mom’s eyes were fixed on my bare clenching buttocks as they rose and fell with each thrust, Jenna moving back and forth as she reacted to the invasion, her grunts and groans becoming louder as each inch of my thick pole went in deeper and her beautiful cunt clamped tight around it.

Very soon, Julie arrived in the lounge, fresh from her shower, and went to sit in the armachair where she began fondling her tits with one hand and fingering her fanny with the other as she watched her husband fucking her daughter. My own mom and dad had started a little scenario of their own, the only legitimate sex taking place at the moment, with mom on her knees sucking my father’s cock, the cock that had given me life while Jenna enjoyed taking every inch of the cock that had, in turn, given her life as well. If only Mark and Paul could have been there, too.

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