G Ch. 02: Friend with Benefits


Friends With Benefits – FWB – is easy. Really easy. Obviously you should be friends first. It is usually because you’ve got similar interests, or you find the other person engaging and easy to talk to. Sure, there needs to be some “spark” and some physical attraction, but isn’t that always the case?

No Strings Attached – NSA – that’s where things get harder. Do the fuck buddies in the FWB have open relationships with other partners? Generally, this is pretty safe – everyone is on the same page and nobody (usually!) has any misunderstandings. With that said, NSA is much more difficult in reality. One or both partners usually has an emotional attachment as well. It is a great idea, but the primate brain usually has other ideas.

Usually, between FWB’s in a discreet NSA relationship, there’s a mutual bond – you’ve both got something to lose inside and outside the relationship because the regular partner or partners are being kept in the dark. Is that cheating? Yes it is. Only the two people in that FWB relationship can determine if they can live with that, or if it will damage all the relationships so much that they will not heal. For FWB’s who are both in an open relationship, it’s all good, but the green-eyed monster, Jealousy will rear his ugly head if you’re not careful. – Author


My first open “sharing” experience involving an FWB started out the Summer that I’d met G from my previous post. We hadn’t seen each other in weeks, but had talked on the phone and sent some pretty hot and horny letters back and forth which were fuel for some serious masturbation sessions at both ends while we couldn’t be together. Frankly, we were both pretty busy with our jobs at the camps where we were working, but the season was winding down.

We had one young lady – just 18 years old – I’ll refer to as K. K was an English girl who was very pretty, with a small chest and a slight build, but a cute ass. She was seeing a guy at camp who worked at the waterfront and they’d been an item for the whole of the summer. The guy had to leave early for the season for whatever reason – I never did find out. Once he’d left, she shifted her interest to me.

My week with G – and in particular, our one night of wild, raw, passionate sex that we’d had until that time had given me a sense of confidence and maybe a bit of swagger that I didn’t normally have – it might just be my ego talking, but I felt more self-assured. K had been flirting with me for the better part of the time that her beau, Terry, had been gone. As it was the end of the season, the Director took the entire group of us out for dinner just before we started to close the camp down for the season. K made sure to ride with me in my car down to the dinner and sit next to me when we got there.

While we were all sitting at the table enjoying our meal and drinks and tossing around conversation and jokes to entertain the group, I jumped and damn near choked to death on my dinner – K had reached under the table, run her hand from my knee to my crotch and proceeded to squeeze my package rhythmically under the table with her left hand, while still appearing lady-like and eating dinner with her right hand. I gently removed her hand from my crotch and shot her a glance to see if I could get her to behave. She spent the rest of the night trying to get my attention and rubbing my calf with her calf under the table.

The drive back was very, very quiet, but we had passengers in the back. I deliberately hooked up with a group of guys that I’d worked with at the camp in the past and knew well on arriving back at the parking lot so that I wouldn’t have be alone with K. Don’t get me wrong, she was cute and all, but I was seeing G – it felt wrong. She peeled away from the group and headed back to her cabin and I left the group shortly after to call G. On the phone, I told her about the evening’s hijinks and she laughed in that throaty and musical tone she had – I’m sure she was laughing both at as well as with me. She said, “Why don’t you?”

“Why don’t I what?”

“You thick boy! Why don’t you go screw her silly?”

I told G that I really didn’t feel right about doing that, but she said that she didn’t have any problem with it so long as I came back to her bed for great sex, and I told her every dirty, naughty detail of what I did with K.

“Wait, what? I’ve got your permission to go sleep with K?”

“Well, if you’re sleeping with her, you’re a bigger fool than I think – which I already am convinced of because you’re sleeping with me. Shouldn’t you be licking and fucking her rather than falling asleep?

I sat in silence considering what to reply.

“You’re sure?”

“Yeah, just don’t screw up and get her pregnant or pick up some nasty disease. Oh, and you’d better get your sweet ass back into my bed as quickly as you can! Love you, but I’ve got to go.”

I wished her a good night and hung up the payphone standing shell-shocked topkapı escort by her revelation. Exhausted from the day’s work and a bit buzzed from the drinks with dinner, I headed for my bunk.

The next morning, K sidled up to me at breakfast as I was pouring myself a much needed coffee. She looked distressed. We’d been friends and co-workers for the whole Summer and even though she’d been seeing Terry, we’d always had fun together. I think that must have been what was on her mind. I stood by holding the pot to see if she wanted a cup, but she shook her head, “no” and I put it back on the burner. She stepped closer and whispered to me, “Did I do something wrong?”

She knew I was seeing someone as I’d get regular mail at staff mail call in the morning that had some fragrant cologne (G’s favorite, with a hint of patchouli in it.) on it that would waft through the room. I’d get some abuse, wolf whistles, and “woo-hoo’s!” from the guys in the room about it, but simply smile and tuck it in a pocket for reading in private later.

I told K what I’d been thinking the night before and the basic outline of my conversation with G. She perked up almost immediately, but turned shy. “Maybe later?” she asked.

“Maybe. Would you like that?”

“Oh, yes.”

After breakfast, they broke the group up into several different work crews. K wasn’t on mine, so I didn’t actually see her except for a little time at lunch and dinner where she sat next to me and everything seemed back to normal between us again. Work didn’t wind down until after dark and everyone headed for a shower after the crews were released because we were hot, sweaty and dirty from the day’s hard work.

K was leaning against the wall of the shower house waiting for me as I got done. It was too hot and humid to put on my shirt, so I had my shirt and towel draped across my shoulder and my wash kit in hand. She reached for my free hand and started pulling me down the road towards her cabin without a word. I will say this, she was eager.

We got to the cabin and K said that her roommate Christine, a cute and diminutive Asian woman who was also an international staff member, would be out for the evening with Wim, a handsome, towering (at least 6′-4″ tall), muscle-bound and deeply tanned Dutchman. (Ladies – guys know who our competition is – and I didn’t even make it close to Wim’s league with women. We went out to a bar together that Summer with other co-workers and the rest of us didn’t even draw a glance from the ladies – Wim got them _all_.) I hadn’t even realized that they were an item, but apparently they’d had this relationship on the down-low for the whole Summer. Having seen Wim in the showers, I wondered how in the hell they fit together, physically, if they were being intimate.

I dropped my things on a chair just inside the door and K pulled close and started to run her hands up and down my chest. I pulled her in to me and we began to kiss. She squirmed a bit when I started to let my tongue explore her mouth, before relaxing and returning to wrestle with my tongue. We side-stepped to the somewhat narrow bed and fell into it awkwardly, rolling so that she was on her back and I was on my side facing her. We continued to kiss and explore when K popped the button on her shorts and proceeded to push my hand down her body towards her crotch holding it over the zipper. I took the not-so-subtle hint and tugged the zipper down. Pulling her shirt up a little to give myself better access, I slid my hand under the waistband of her panties and down into her warmth. I was greeted by a soft cushion of downy curls and she spread her thighs to give me better access as I reached lower. Her clit had protruded from underneath the hood and it was huge – K gasped a little as I dragged my fingers across it and I found her to be soaking wet – her pussy had flooded her panties with moisture and my hand was soaked from her slick lips on one side and her sodden panties on the other.

She was wide open – inner lips spread out before my touch and I slid a finger inside her tight opening and proceeded to finger-fuck her very slowly as my palm pressed down on her clit with each stroke. She reached up and took my face in both hands kissing me deeply. This went on for a while until she started pushing her hips up into my hand and trying to increase the pace that I was working her. She stopped kissing me and grabbed me, putting her face up against my chest, still working her hips at my hand. I picked up my pace to match hers and a surprised “Ah!” passed her lips as her body whole body contorted and curled towards me in a familiar, repetitive motion.

Just as K came, the door flung open and Wim came in carrying Christine. She had her arms wrapped around his neck and and legs wrapped around his torso. They were kissing deeply. The room was almost dark except for a little light coming through from the windows on one side of the cabin – they didn’t notice tuzla escort us yet. K was still in the throes of her orgasm, her arms straining around my chest and threatening to deprive me of air. My palm and finger were pressed tightly to her and I could feel her clit in spasm against me and my hand was just completely soaked with her juices. They passed through the hanging curtain to Christine’s part of the cabin without paying us any attention at all. I jerked my hand from K’s pants in belated hope of not getting caught.

Slight diversion here – I dated a French girl named Simone for a short period of time in college. She was beautiful, but not in a classic sense. She was small – maybe 5′-2″ with dirty dark blonde hair and these intense ice-blue eyes. Nobody would say that she was model-beautiful, but she was just radiant, somehow. It was a fling for both, fun, but without any real intentions.

One of Simone’s quirks was that she would never say she was having an orgasm or going to give you one, or that she was going to cum. She’d say either that she was going to “visit the angels”, “be with the angels” or “take you to visit the angels”. Sometimes she’d whisper softly during sex – “Je vais etre avec les anges.” She would then experience fairly long, but not visibly intense orgasms – they might last more than a minute, but there would be little outward sign she was having an orgasm. If I was fucking her, I could feel it, but otherwise I often didn’t have a clue. She’d close her eyes and go silent, her body tensing just a little bit at her neck. When the orgasm was over, she’d open those beautiful eyes and tell you that she’d had a visit, or that she’d had la petite mort – literally “the little death”. One time it was particularly disturbing as she was riding me and looking me in the eyes as her orgasm took her – she went still except for the cords on her neck sticking out a bit and her eyes rolled back in her head. Anyway, I digress.

The thought that brought me to tell you about Simone, was K’s orgasm – she had definitely experienced la petite mort – when she finally came around, I put my finger to my lips in the universal call for silence. The look of question she gave me told me what I needed to know – she’d been totally unaware that Christine and Wim had come through. I pointed at the curtain to Christine’s space and K’s eyes went wide. We gathered my things and crept from the cabin trying not to make a sound, but failing a bit as the screen door squeaked. Still, we managed to leave unnoticed.

We went to my cabin which was just up the road. As an area director I had a space to myself with a better bed than most – a real twin bed. I had a candle lantern which just provided enough light to see in the cabin and lit it while K sat on my bed and took off her sneakers. Then things got a little weird. I asked K what she wanted to do next – she just looked down at my crotch which had an obvious bulge but said nothing. I kicked off my shoes and socks and then peeled away my shorts and underwear, standing naked before her. She didn’t reach out or do anything, just looked – mostly focused on my erection. I stepped close to her and lifted the bottom of her shirt. She didn’t really help much and I had to ask her to lift her arms so that I could get it over her head. I then removed her bra – a flowery cotton thing without much support – and her arm crossed her chest in a flash to cover herself. It didn’t seem like a time to be shy – particularly after I’d just had my hand down her pants. She told me that she was just a little nervous.

She’d buttoned the top of her shorts, but hadn’t zipped them as we’d left her cabin. I popped the button, and started to remove both underwear and shorts in one move – the crotch of the shorts had soaked through as well and there was a huge wet spot. I had to prod her to lift her ass so that I could manage to slide them down her legs. Again, another hand flew to her crotch to cover herself.

I told her how cute I thought she was and that I wanted to see her body like she was seeing mine, and that it turned me on. She finally relented and dropped her arms to her side as I moved to sit next to her on the bed. I found out that Terry had been her first and that they’d only made out in a darkened tent. I was learning just how low her experience level was and was beginning to wonder.

We turned to each other and kissed a bit before I rolled her to the bed. She wouldn’t grab my cock, even when I tried to put her hand on it. I thought I might like to taste her and moved from her lips to her neck and then down to tease her nipples with teeth and tongue. When I started to move lower, she grabbed me under the arms and pulled me up – obviously uncomfortable with having me face-to-pussy. She asked, “Will you stick it in me?”

I’d been hoping for a bit more foreplay, I really wanted to suck on that huge clit, but…

?”Stick _what_ in _where_? Hmmm? And are you on the pill?”

“Your pendik escort thing, In me. No, I’m not on the pill.”

I reached for the drawer of my table by the bed – I did keep a supply of condoms available. I took one out and handed the foil package to her, hoping she’d put it on me. She handed it back to me and I tore it open, rolling it down my cock.

Her eyes flashed a little and she parted her thighs a bit, but not much. She seemed self-conscious. I moved above her and teased her with the tip of my cock running it up and down her lips as I enjoyed the view. She was still wide open, her inner lips blossoming out so they peeked out, a deep red. She reached out to pull me inside her and I pulled back.

?”What do you want?”

“I want you to stick your…”


“Yes. I want you to stick your … cock … in my…”


“Yes. I want you to stick your, erm, cock, in my uh, pussy.”

As she finished I slid the head of my cock into her as her breath caught. She was wet, but very, very tight. “Was that so hard to ask for?”


“Good. You can talk to me and ask me for what you want. I want you to enjoy yourself with me.”


Loving the monosyllabic responses. Not.

I slowly slid the rest of me into the hot, wet, vice that was between her legs until I bottomed out. She gasped as I hit her clit with my pubic bone. I sat seated in her supported on my arms and waited a bit for her body to accommodate me a little bit better. When I thought she’d be a bit more comfortable, I started to move in her slowly, with small strokes. She was still really, really tight, but I was beginning to move a little better in her.

She just lay there. She didn’t move, she didn’t reach for me, nothing. I made some suggestions and tried to tickle her to get her to move – nothing. I think she took the expression “lie back and think of England” to heart. As tight as she was, it really wasn’t doing anything for me, and the condom was bunching a bit which wasn’t the best feeling. She watched me silently and looked down between us every now and again to watch me disappearing into her. She was breathing heavily and looked down between us as I pulled all the way up, leaving just the tip of my cock in her, and then plunged all the way down, banging her clit, she turned red and her neck craned down as her abs contracted with an orgasm and a surprised “Ah!” She was “gone” again for a bit, but didn’t seem sensitive and I continued to fuck her through her orgasm with her head craned looking down.

She finally came down a bit and leaned back into the bed. She was sweaty, and her face was flushed with a glow, as I continued to fuck her. She reached up and grabbed my ass in both hands, pulling me deep and looking for a faster pace. I tried my best to keep the insane pace she wanted, but was having trouble. K’s breathing picked up pace and small “ah!” sounds escaped her mouth every time that I bottomed out. I finally leaned down on my elbow and reached between us with my right hand to stroke her clit. Very shortly, her eyes flew wide and she contorted, pulling my ass in hard while curling in again. Her orgasm was intense.

When she finally came back from her little vacation, she pushed me away, saying, “Enough!”

She rolled to her side away from me and put her head down on the pillow – she was done. I, on the other hand was still hard, and she had no intention of doing anything to return the pleasure I’d given her. I went to sleep with the worst case of blue balls. Snuggling with her warm, sweaty body was the evening’s consolation prize.

In hindsight, it was probably one of the worst bedroom experiences I ever had.

I poked K when the sun came up to wake her so that she could get back to her bed before anyone figured out that she’d stayed the night with me. She grumbled, but dressed and left – the obvious wet patch still visible on her shorts, and her panties more than a little bit wet, still – the woodland walk of shame, I guess. When I saw her later that morning at breakfast, she virtually bounced up to me and planted a kiss on my cheek and was “chirpy”. She’d obviously enjoyed herself, but I didn’t think my poor balls could take a repeat of last night’s lack of performance from her. Later in the day, I got the medic to invite me down to the Infirmary for a drink which gave me an excuse to avoid her without telling her why, which suited me fine. I didn’t want to sleep with her again, but I didn’t want to crush her feelings, either.

While my buddy and I were talking, the phone rang – there was a call on one of the lines for me which I took in the infirmary office. It was G. She was all keyed up to hear about my adventures last night. I told her, in lurid and disappointing detail about my lack of release. She laughed at me – for quite some time, as a matter of fact.

“See what you get for trying anyone else after Miss Kitty? She’s spoiled you for anything else! Since you’ve tasted this sweet pussy, you’ll never be able to enjoy other women!”

She then took pity on me and my aching crotch.

“Are you alone?”

“Sorta – I’m in the medic’s office.”

“Can you draw the blinds and lock the door?”


“Do it.”

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