Gay to Straight: Coercion


This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.

Please note that all characters are clearly over eighteen and written as such in all stories.


Mugs groaned, the grey stallion with his half-hard cock out in his paw, though his fingers didn’t curl around it as eagerly as they usually did. He snorted, his soft, grey muzzle twitching with tiny muscles under the skin, eyes half-closed even though his phone was out beside him, recording everything.

Fucking bitch… He mouthed, not daring to say the words aloud as the phone recorded. It was all her fault, Janie, the collie. Her bright colouration, the golden-brown hue, should have rendered her sweet, but there was nothing sweet about the canine who had coerced him into fucking her just so that the guy that he’d been going out with before wasn’t outed against his will.

Mugs groaned. Sam. Yes, Sam, his black coat resplendent in his mind’s eye… Oh, the break-up had not been easy, a quick romance and whirlwind relationship, but he didn’t want any harm to come to him. That would break him, break his heart, for he had not been ready to expose all and the deeper a pit that Mugs dug the harder it was to even think about getting out of it.

He steeled himself. He had to do it, the camera phone pointed at him, his cock throbbing, drooling with pre-cum. If he thought about Sam, his previous black heartthrob, maybe that would get him through. But it was still her name that he had to say, for the camera.


Mugs moaned, hating it as he climaxed, spurting seed everywhere as he panted. It was not the first of the jack-off videos that she’d demanded from him and it was part of the hole he had dug, helpless to do anything about it.

If he stopped sending her the demanded videos, she’d unveil Sam. And that could not do… But he gave her more and more ammo too to use against him by simply sending her the videos.

Mugs: Janie, this has to stop. You know I’m gay… I don’t like this. You’ve had your fun, but we’ve got to stop this now.

As if one text would make it any better, though he had to try, her name appearing on the screen with three dots after it as she formulated her reply.

Janie: Get to the alleyway behind the off-license, colt.

He groaned. Did he have a choice in it? Maybe he’d be able to convince her, at least, if he was there in person, though what Janie wanted was surely only one fucking thing…

The stallion dressed lightly, the late-summer air still hanging about. They called it an “Indian summer”, though Mugs didn’t honestly know what that meant, just nodded along whenever anyone talked bursa escort bayan about it. Autumn was coming, however, and soon the chill of winter would sweep across the country and such light clothing that could easily be slipped on and off would no longer be suitable at all.

The eve of the day was coming, the edge of sunset showing across the park and other suburban buildings, not really in a city centre, though everything was becoming more and more built up. The flash of golden-brown in her coat, off-setting the white, was easy to spot as he ducked behind, paws shoved into his pockets as he scuffed a boot-clad hoof across the ground.

“Hey there,” the collie practically purred, eyes smouldering with an intent that Mugs did not reciprocate. “Didn’t think you were going to come this time and I was going to have to release that video…”

Mugs flinched. Damn it. It was that video, the one of him and Sam… That was the kicker. He didn’t care what she did with videos and pictures of him (hell, he was proud of how he looked there) but it was Sam. Sam had never consented to any of that, to her use and abuse of his video, and it was Sam that he had to remember, even though he didn’t want to go through with everything.

“Come on, stallion,” she murmured, turning around with her palms flat to the wall, bent over with her skirt hiked up. “You know what that nice length of horse cock has to do…”

She was sick, really, he thought, not wearing any underwear so that her pussy was exposed while her tail pushed up her skirt. The collie could not stop her tail from wagging back and forth, not at a time like that, but Mugs didn’t even look at her as his paw closed around his shaft, stroking lightly. The stallion didn’t even remember whipping it out and only hoped that they were far enough back behind the off license that they would not be spotted. It wasn’t as if anyone would usually be around back there that late in the day anyway, he tried to reason with himself, thinking of his black-coated sweetheart as he got his cock nice and hard. As much as she wanted to fuck him, fucking her was still everything of a chore, slow to reach orgasm.

“Mmm, c’mon now, don’t be shy, get that big boy all the way up in there, nice and deeeeeeep!”

He knew what to do, ears pinned back, wanting to hate every second even as some of his body responded too. The pure sensation of her hot, wet pussy squelching open around his cock was pleasant, he had to admit, but his stomach churned and twisted at the mere thought of fucking her. Mugs had wondered on more than one occasion whether it would be the same if he was fucking a guy that he didn’t have the hots for, but it didn’t matter. She was a nice enough lady, if he went purely on physical appearance, but that was where it ended for him.

The collie was poison inside and no amount of fucking against his will was going to görükle escort change that.

“Unff… Yes… Harder… Do it properly!”

Oh, she was demanding, not accepting any manner of half-hearted strokes from him, as much as the horse recoiled. He didn’t want to be there, letting his mind take him somewhere else, thinking of Sam. Oh, he knew it was wrong, yes, he did, but it was the best thing that he could think of. No one else took him right back to such carnal sweetness, the feel of fingers tracing patterns down his spine, breath catching, sweet nothings whispered in the dead of the night.

He remembered how he had held Sam and grunted, powering into Janie as if it was actually Sam’s tail hole that he was grinding into, just the way that the black stallion liked it. He was a little smaller than Mugs, a little lither, though they had fit together perfectly.

It wasn’t like that with Janie, not at all, not as he humped and ground, everything mechanical as his mind rebelled. Sure, his mind knew the motion and the rhythm of sex, but there was by no means any heart to it, even as the dog swallowed up his cock with her pussy.

“Mmmph… Yes… Fuck…”

She pushed him back and out of her and he knew what she wanted, allowing it woodenly, even as she whipped around to her knees, smirking and laughing out loud as she took his cock in paw.

“This beast deserves a kiss from a real lady, don’t you think? I bet I fuck better than anyone you’ve ever had before.”

Well, that certainly wasn’t a question that Mugs was about to answer, no way in hell. He knew a trap like that when he saw one, merely letting her slurp on his cock, not thinking too much. It was times like that where he just had to slip away from his body and not think too much at all, become wooden. If he thought about Sam when she was slurping on his cock and trying to deep throat him (not always possible, considering that the bitch still had a gag reflex), he would cum too quickly and that wouldn’t satisfy the damn dog.

No… He had to time things just right to make the dull heat of embarrassment slip away. Yet his need was still there, the stallion grunting and snorting like the stud horse he was — at least, that was the way that everyone saw horses. It was as if they were walking fuck sticks and no more than that. Janie, most certainly, had not been an exception to the rule in how she’d treated him.

“Mmmph, I taste good… Will have to get your tongue up in there next, colt.”

She laughed but he didn’t like the sound of that, not at all, turning his head away. Yet Mugs still took her in his arms automatically as she jumped up, wrapping her legs around his waist. Pinning her back against the dirty brick wall did not mean that he was in control and not her as he fed his cock back up into her pussy, sliding it back where the collie thought that bursa escort bayan it belonged.

But it didn’t belong there, not as she yowled and clung to him, obnoxiously loud as if she was trying to get caught. Her orgasm was not to be staved off as his flare ground over her G-spot, however, filling every inch of space that there was to be had inside her, thrust after thrust powering up deep.

“Unff… Yes… That…angle!”

She directed him even then, but the stallion was lost and gone as he slammed in harder and harder, using his body to bear her back against the wall. Fury drove him on, all that the collie had driven him to, all that she had made him do, all without an end in sight. His balls ached, sending his cum forth in a muted nicker, teeth ground together as he thrust and thrust, her pussy rippling erratically around him, the muscular contractions of her body enough to keep his seed flowing forth.

It was over.

But not quite.


His head pulled back, blood roaring in his ears. He knew that voice. He really knew that voice.

Oh no…


He blinked, the bottom dropping out of his stomach, gasping, heaving, his ears pricking up only to slam back down again. He wove his head back and forth, but there was no making things better when he was balls-deep in Janie, balls aching as they pumped thick spurt after spurt of cum from him. It was the longest orgasm that he had had for a long time and it was most certainly in the most excruciating of fashions.

Spurt… Spurt… Spurt…

Mugs swore he could hear it, the draining of his balls even overwhelming the pounding drive of his heart. Through it all, Sam stood there, dumbstruck, a bag over his shoulder as if he had been going somewhere, though some dim part right up in the back of Mugs’ mind knew too that the stallion would have had to have a reason to come around the back of the off license. That was by no means the sort of place that someone just ran into another someone without a part of it, at the very least, being pre-meditated.

The stallion snorted heavily, eyes narrowing, grinding his teeth together. Through fear and embarrassment, anger reared its head in the pit of his stomach.

That bitch…

It had to have been Janie, he was sure of it, refusing to meet Sam’s eyes. But what could he do about it? His shoulders ached as if he had been carrying a weight there that had never been his to bear, snorting, nostrils fluttering, his chest heaving without snatches of hard-won breath.

Things would forever change from that moment, Sam stepping back with a wounded expression, though beyond that was not something that Mugs could read. Something had shifted there, something of Janie’s design, the collie clinging to him as she allowed gravity to sink her deeper onto his cock, every drop of horse seed locked up within her pussy as her lower abdomen, very faintly, bloated with an overload of cum. Her arms locked in tight around his neck, though his eyes, very much, were not for her.

Twisted blackmail never had a sweet end to it.

But Mugs’ twisted tale was only just beginning.

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