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gender bender fantasyi am a white cubby guy and one morning i woke up and looked down my body to see a pair of breast in my view and a flat stomach. i felt down to my crotch to find my penis was gone and in its place is a vagina. i got straight up and ran to my bathroom to see i turned into a girl. my hair is brown color shoulder length and silky smooth. i felt my breast were round and hung down pulling my shoulders forward. my stomach was flat which surprised me as i never had a flat stomach before and my hips were wider and i saw it my vagina which replaced my penis. took a shower thinking i was dreaming and realized i still hadn’t waken up. i walked back to my room and grabbed a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. i walked out to the living room to see two of my roommates were sitting playing games Jake and Ryan, both turned their heads to see me standing their and asked “oh you must be one of Jamal’s girls” i shook my head and said “no it’s me Alex i woke up to see i turned into a girl” they both laughed and said “that is impossible and plus Alex aren’t you bigger?” i replied with some stuff i would only know about them and they responded “well come sit here with us so we can get a better look at your new body” i said “no i need to buy some new clothes because all my old ones don’t fit me anymore.” they both got up and said “we’ll come with you.” we left the apartment and got in Jake’s car and drove to the mall. we got there we got out and walked into the mall and Jake and Ryan both said “we are gonna go hang around the food court for a bit as you shop for some new clothes.” i walked nervelessly to the Victoria secret to buy some underwear first as it was kinda breezy in my shorts and as i walked in the clerk came up and asked if i need anything. i just replied with “looking to get some new underwear.” i walk over to a table and found some basic underwear nothing to fancy and went to the clerk and bought it. next was to get clothes. i went to Macy’s and bought a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt that fit me. then i ran into the restroom and grabbed my new clothes out of their bags. i pulled off my old shirt and shorts. i slid the panties up to my waist, they felt comfy and i didn’t feel like i was going commando anymore. the bra was harder to get on some trial and error and i got it on thanks to the internet. next i pulled the jeans up. they were tight around my thighs then i pulled my t-shirt over my breast. i grabbed a pair of socks and slid them on and grabbed the new pair of shoes and slip them on as my old ones didn’t fit me anymore my feet were smaller too. i threw my old clothes into the trash and realized i walked into the men’s room. my face got hot and i ran out in embarrassment. i went to some more department stores and bought more clothes just so i had some clothes to wear. then i met up with Jake and Ryan at the food court and showed them my new look. we went back to apartment and i went to my room and grabbed all my old clothes and shoved them in my suitcase just for safe keeping and and filled my drawers with my new clothes. i walked into the bathroom and decided to try on makeup. i pulled up a video and how to and followed it. bad first try and just went natural as i need more practice with it. i rejoined the boys in the living-room and sat down on the couch and Jake and Ryan sat in each side of me. Jake said “come on now we got to check out your new body” i replied with a sharp “no” as i did not really want anyone touching me yet. after a hour of playing games i got up and said to them “i need to get a new job as i can not go to my old one looking like this can i.” Ryan said “go to the bar down the street as they were hiring” i replied with a nod and left. i walked into the bar it was your basic bar had sports playing on the tv and some guys were sitting at the bar. i walked up to bartender and asked about getting a job. he pointed me to the manager’s office and to knock on the door to see him. i walked up to door feeling my heart pounding in my chest as i was getting a new job in my new body. i knock on the door and i heard a deep voice call out “come in” i walked in and the manager a overweight man look like he was twenty years older older then i was, say “sit down” and followed up with as i sat down “what can i do for you” i asked about them hiring. he replied with “yes we are but looking for someone who can server tables do you have any experience?” i had some experience back in the day but it was like five years ago. i replied with “yes some” he said “good but i should warn you some of the patrons could get a little handsy are you able to handle them without causing a big scene” i replied “i can handle it.” he replied “good you are hired can you start tonight” nodded my head and we shook on it and after a couple paper work and i left. i went home and waited in my bahis firmaları room until it was almost time for my first shit. i walked into the bar and it had few people sitting at the bar and one guy sitting at a table. i walked back to the manager office and knocked on the door. he called to come in and i walked in. he gave me my uniform and told me to go get changed in the locker room. i walked in and found a empty locker and took off my shoes and pulled my jeans down and pulled the black work jeans on and took off my t-shirt and pulled the black polo shirt on. i hung the apron around my neck and tied it in the back. i slipped my shoes back on and walked out to see the manager to get my note pad to take orders. i walked out to see and heard the guy who was sitting by himself in the booth call out. i walked over to him and he gave me his order and as i turned i felt something touch my butt. i said to myself don’t cause a scene i don’t even know if he touched me or not and i am just freaking out for no reason. i walked over to bartender and gave him the guy’s order then turned around to see a couple walk in and sit in the booth close to the door. i took their order and as i gave the bartender the couple’s order he gave the man’s order. i walked over to his table and gave him his food and as i turned around again i felt something grab by butt this time but i didn’t want to make a scene on my first day so i tried my best to ignore it and continued on my shift they guy left after he paid for his meal and the rest of my night was normal. i walked in my apartment to see Jamal sitting with the other guys and he looked over at me as i enter and said “Alex can’t believe you turned into a girl” as he laughed. he pulled me down next to him and Jake sat on my other side and spent a hour watching tv. i got up and went to bed. as i slept i could feel someone was touching my boobs and not to cause issue i pretended to sleep. i felt his hand grab and message my boobs then i felt something warm touch my lips. i thought what is touching me i want to open my eyes to see what it is but now i am to scared to open them. then i felt the warm thing push my lips apart and move into my mouth. it tasted salty and smelled musky. i tried to keep my teeth off it not to piss off whoever is doing this to me. after a few mins of this thing sliding in my mouth i felt it shoot a warm liquid subsistence fill my mouth and i realized i had one of my roommate’s dick in my mouth. i guessed it was but didn’t want to believe it was and now their sperm filled my mouth. the sperm was salty musky and sour and i held it in my mouth as i didn’t want cum on my bed and i couldn’t swallow it yet as my roommate would know i was awake. after a few seconds i felt my sheets pulled back up over my body and heard my door close and i swallowed the cum. it made me feel dirty thinking that i just swallowed another man’s cum. i fell back to sleep and woke up to my alarm clock going off. i got up and checked my computer to see i email from my old job. they asked why didn’t come in the day before. i replied that i was sick and could’t come in for while. they said i could work from home as long as i kept up my work. i wrote some code and sent it to my project leader. then got up and walked out to see someone was in the shower. i walked into the kitchen to get something to eat and saw Jamal and Ryan sitting at the table already eating. i sat down with them and began to eat. Jamal asked me “how was your first night as a girl? did you play with yourself?” i replied “i had a good night sleep “putting on a fake smile as i didn’t know who was in my room last night and did not want cause a commotion. i answered his second question with a sharp “no” as i thought once i felt a woman’s pleasure i would not want to go back to my old body and want to stay a girl. i heard the shower stop and i got up and said “my turn next” i left he kitchen and walked past Jake who was just wearing his towel and caught myself looking down at Jake’s crotch and and at his wet black skinned body. i noticed the outline of his penis through his towel and saw how it soft a lot bigger then my old one. i walked into the bathroom and closed the door behind me and i pulled my new pajamas off me and turned the shower on. i waited for the water to warm back up and as i waited i could not get the image of the outline of Jake’s cock out of my head and my crotch getting hotter and began to get wet my head was getting cloudy and i sat down on the toilet and began to move my fingers over my vagina. i rubbed my clit and felt my body getting hotter and all i could think of what i wanted to do with Jake’s cock. i stuck one of my fingers in my vagina and moved it around for a few mins i thought of what Jake’s cock would feel like penetrating me or how i would just drop to my knees in front kaçak iddaa of him and suck on his big black cock. then got up and went into the shower. then i had the shower head in my hand and felt the hot water gushing against my vagina then i felt a wave of pleasure pass over my body. my legs felt weak and fell to my knees and knelt there thinking about what i had just done. i could not look at Jake for the rest of the day knowing i just masturbated to think of what Jake’s cock. i finished my shower and wrapped my towel around my waist. i picked up my panties and pajamas and walked out the bathroom to see Jamal standing there and he smirked and i realized i forgot to cover my chest. i noticed Jamal’s pants were bulging and saw his cock push against his pants i looked back up to see him smiling and walk past me and said “thanks i remember that while i am in the shower.” i ran back to my room closing door behind me and realized i got Jamal’s black cock hard just looking at my wet almost naked body. i could not get the image of Jamal’s bulge out of my head and my crotch getting hot again. now i was imaging Jamal walking in my room naked his big black cock hang between his legs and pulled me down to my knees and i pushed his cock in my mouth and i knelt on the floor of my room eyes closed imaging Jamal was there and i was pretending i was sucking his cock as i rubbed my vagina until i felt the pleasure pass over my body again. i felt embarrassed again thought to myself why i was feeling this way for my roommates. could this new body be affecting my mind or maybe a combination of my old man’s brain and my new woman’s brain were now mixing together. i now found attraction to men and given how perverted my old brain was made me horny just looking at Jake and Jamal’s black cocks and i guess i into just black guys? now i have to get dressed. i pulled on my panties and bra. i grabbed a skirt and a stripped shirt. pulled up a pair knee high socks and slipped on my black shoes. i walked out to see Jake and Ryan playing games and i went out for a walk in the park. i walked around for a few hours getting used to being a girl now. i came back to the apartment to see Jamal was sitting on the couch by himself and i asked him where other guys went. he said they left to work. then he said “came sit down with me.” i walked over to the couch and when i turned around to sit down i felt Jamal’s hands grab my waist and pulled me down on his lap. i felt my face getting warm and i asked “why” he said “i just thought you might want to sit on my lap as i noticed you were looking at my cock this morning.” my face now bright red i responded meekly “no” he laughed and said “just enjoy yourself girl” i sat there on Jamal’s lap and watched tv with his arms around my stomach pulling me down his his crotch. i could feel my skirt pushing up and now i felt his cock against the bottom of my pussy. i felt his cock getting harder and pulsing under my pussy. after a few mins just sitting there with Jamal’s cock under me hard and now rubbing against me. i thought to myself ‘i got Jamal hard with my body, it kinda made me feel good and sexy.’ i got up and walked to my room and spent the next couple hours there waiting for my shift at he bar to start. calmed down and walked out to see no one was in the living room and i noticed Jamal’s bedroom door open and saw him laying on his bed naked jacking off his big black cock and stood there for a few sec to see him cum over his hand then i rushed out of the apartment. i walked into the back of the bar to the locker room and went to my locker and got changed into my waitress clothes. i started my shift a few hours in i noticed the guy from yesterday was back and sitting in the same booth again. i walked up and took his order and he made small talk with me for a few seconds and as i turned i felt his hand on my butt again but this time i didn’t mind it. i came back with his order and he said “once you free dear why don’t you join me for a little bit.” i nodded back at him then continued to work for a bit and noticed he was my only customer as the rest of the patrons were at the bar. i told the bartender that i was gonna see what my customer wanted and walked back over to him with out excuse to get away this time. he got moved over and patted the seat next to him in the booth. i sat down and asked “what did you want” he smiled and replied “your company dear” he grabbed my hand and pulled it over to his crotch. he whispered in my ear “if you don’t want me to get you fired dear i recommend you help me and i give you a big tip.” he unzipped his pants and i felt his warm white dick under my hand. i grabbed it and began to jerk it off. we sat there for a few mins and i felt his cock harden in my hand and i felt his hand squeezing my butt. after a few mins i felt his cock pulsing in kaçak bahis my hand and he moan a little then i felt something landing on my fingers. i pulled my hand back to see his cum covered my hand and he whispered “if you don’t want someone to see that i recommend cleaning it up.” i pulled my hand up to my mouth and began to suck his cum my fingers then swallowed his musky sour cum. i could feel his cum slide down my throat. he said “dear why don’t you join me after your shift in my car i’ll give you ride home.” and he reconfirmed “your job depends on it.” a few hours later i finished my shift and get dressed and as i walked out the bar i saw the guy sitting in his car and he waved at me. i walked over to his car at the passenger side and he drove off. after few mins i noticed we were at the park and he leaned back in his seat and and said “ok dear i want you to suck my cock and i drive you home.” realizing i was kinda stuck there i unzipped his pants and pulled his white cock out and wrapped my lips around his cock and began to suck like the girls in the porno i watched a few days ago when i was a man. but now i am giving another guy a blowjob while i never had one myself. i felt his hard cock in my mouth began to pulse and then he shot cum in my mouth filling me up. after the lost shot i began to swallow his cum down and licking his cock clean. i sat back up to see the man had a smile on his face and said “thank you dear i had not had someone give me a blowjob in few years.” he drove me home and i walked in to see the guys watching tv and i just waved to them and went to my bedroom and pulled my clothes off and pulled my pajamas on and laid down in my bed and fell asleep. i awoke to feel someone’s hand was squeezing my boobs then i felt the hand move down my stomach to pull my pajama bottoms pulled down and then my panties pulled down to my pajama bottoms. i wanted to open my eyes to see who was playing with my body tonight. he was braver then last night as i felt his warm hand rubbing my pussy lips. then i felt his cock pushing against my lips again. the hand moved away from my pussy then i felt it against the back of my head pushing my head on his cock spreading my lips further apart then i began to gag and he let go of my head but left his cock in my mouth until i stopped gagging but kept my eyes closed because i was afraid to see whose cock i had in my mouth. after a few mins he began to move his cock in my mouth again then removed it. this i felt something hot, hard and wet rub against my vagina. i felt something rub up and down my pussy lips then disappear now the wet cock was back in my mouth again and now i could taste a mix of his precum and my pussy juices on his cock. after a few mins i felt his cock cum in my mouth filling my mouth and began to leak down out my lips and down my side of my cheek. he pulled his cock out and left i heard my door close then swallowed the cum that was in my mouth and fell back to sleep. i woke up to my alarm clock and saw my pajamas was still undone and my panties and pajama were still down around my thighs. i pulled my panties and pajama bottoms back up and got up and button my pajama shirt back up. i walked into the kitchen to see Ryan and Jamal eating breakfast and i sat down with them and began to eat i looked up to see Jamal smiling at me and Ryan paid no attention. i after i finished eating i got up and left the kitchen and as i walked back into my room i felt someone behind me then i notice that Jamal was standing behind me and closed my door and he whispered into my ear “did you enjoy last night and the night before i know you were awake.” my face turned red and he turned me around and pushed me to my knees. he pulled down his sweat pants and pulled my shirt off me. he said “i know you want this.” he shoved his big black cock into my mouth starching my lips apart. now i know he was visiting me the past two nights it was his cock that i had been sucking on. i knelt there for a few mins sucking on his moving my head back and forth watching as his cock move in and out of my lips. after a half hour of me sucking he pulled his cock out of my mouth and began to jerk it off. after a few seconds he shot his load on my face and on my boobs then he said “don’t worry Ryan doesn’t know about your little black cock craving. then he opened the door and left and as he left Jake waked in with his towel around his waist still wet from his shower. he closed the door behind him and said “go on bitch suck my black cock, you little black cock slut.” he undid his towel revealing his soft long black cock he stepped closer to me and shoved his cock in my mouth and grabbed the back of my head. i felt his cock harden in my mouth and watch his cock move in and out of my mouth and after a half hour he pulled his cock out to shot his load on my breast. he walked out and i got up and cleaned the sperm off my breast and lick it off my hand and went to the bathroom to take a shower and after i went back to my room and pulled up a pair of leggings and a white t-shirt. to be continued

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