Get It, Girl Pt. 02


“Get it, girl,” Mia laughed softly in my ear as my fingers stopped just short of reaching past the silk to touch her skin. What was I thinking? Hitting on this poor girl, who, as a female plumber, probably was the recipient of all sorts of lewd remarks from men, and now here I was, adding to the disrespect?

But it wasn’t disrespect. I hadn’t been with a woman since my breakup with Molly almost two years ago – hadn’t felt any inclination to go through the pain again. I’d seen plenty of hot women, but none of them had done a thing to awaken my sleeping libido. I just looked, appreciated, moved on. But Mia…her brown eyes danced as she stood there, waiting for me to make up my damn mind. Was she interested? I mean, she had her hand on my lower back and her body was pressed to mine, and she said “get it” when I touched her breast, so I think those are all green lights?

Her body was amazing. Thin, she seemed to be carved from stone, all of her muscles toned but still somehow soft and feminine. Her breasts were firm, perky poker oyna and natural. All of my attention zoomed in on my hand that was still under her plaid shirt. I wanted to let go and let my hand roam over her magnificence. I wondered at the craziness happening in my mind – one second, I was hesitant, shy, and the next, all I could think about was ravishing her body…and Mia ravishing mine.

Mia wasn’t making this easy for me. Her right hand was still in that damn pocket, leaving her left hand the only one free to touch me. She didn’t move – just held me firmly. Her arms were thin, but she was so strong. My nerves made me try to pull back, but her arm didn’t budge, so I had nowhere to go. I was trapped. She was holding me close enough for our breasts to be touching, but just barely. The contact tickled and my nipples were rock-hard at the light touch.

“Mia.” I breathed, pleading a little. I wanted to give in and allow my body to have its way, but my shyness was taking over. My hand pushed her away – the hand that was canlı poker oyna under her shirt, still cupping that beautiful breast. My thumb and forefinger went rogue and found her nipple through the silk. I pinched. Oops. She gasped.

“Damn, girl,” and then there she was, pushing against me, backing me into the bathroom. Her left hand never moved from the small of my back, but her right arm wound behind me and cradled my head, fingers grabbed my hair and pulled hard.

She pulled so hard it forced my head back, made my mouth open. Mia hesitated – waited for me to decide. Right then, I gave up trying to be “good.” Fuck it. I was going for it.

I thrust my face at her, pulling my own hair against her grip, my tongue reaching for hers. She sprang to action and began flicking the tip of my tongue with hers, hard and fast, making my clit jump in anticipation at her tongue making that same motion down there. Her body was pressing me into the towel rack, her legs between mine, her pelvis pinning my ass to the hanging internet casino towel, her mouth still working mine.

My right hand ran down her back and down into her tight jeans. I pushed my hand down hard, gripped Mia’s round ass with my fingertips, pushed her crotch into mine. My pinkie finger crept in between her butt cheeks, parting the two soft globes, causing her to catch her breath and give a little laugh as she pulled back a little so she could reach down to unzip my jeans. I used every bit of pinkie finger strength to press against her asshole as she slid her left hand into my pants, so cool, so calm. So in control of herself – and of me.

She laughed softly again as her fingers felt my wetness. I was soaked, and didn’t need her to prove it, but she did, pulling her fingers back out, spreading them a little to show my juices shining on her fingers. Staring me straight in the eye, Mia slipped two wet fingers into my mouth and I gasped at the taste of my own pussy. Then her tongue was in my mouth, too – her tongue and her fingers and my wetness, all at once.

Suddenly, Mia stopped. Looked at the ceiling, then at me. Her eyes softened, her pupils widened.

“Can we go in your bedroom? There’s something I want to show you.”

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