Getting Home Late


You’ve been up late waiting for me to come home. You’ve been wanting my touch all night, but have been denied. You even fell asleep in just your panties, hoping to catch me by surprise, but finally giving up and laying down on your side of the bed, turned away from my side. Just as sleep starts to eat at the edges of your consciousness you feel a weight on the other side of the bed. You feel annoyed, now that you’d finally gotten into the mood to actually sleep. I’m here.

You feign sleep, trying to control your breathing, waiting to hear my deep breathing from across the bed. But instead you feel a soft touch, starting just below your hip. You feel my almost imperceptible fingertip as I trace along your side, up above your shoulder. Down the side of your breast, over your stomach. You feel the finger trace circles on your stomach, moving up between your breasts and back down. Then two fingers, up between your breasts, lightly tracing around each one. So slowly. You will me to go faster with your mind. So much so you forgot to control your breathing and begin to slow it again, as if asleep.

You hear me softly chuckle. You feel my fingertips circle slowly around your breasts, one at a time, lazy figure eights that get smaller and smaller but never quite to the nipple. And just as you can feel them just about to be touched… Nothing.

Your breath catches as you feel me shift in the bed to spoon you. And suddenly you feel my arm thrust underneath you between you and the bed right below your shoulder. You feel a sharp but sweet pain on your nipples, as I’ve clasped both of them between my finger tips in each hand. I tweak and pull them quickly, alternating between rolling the nipples between my fingers and mauling the entire breast with my hand.

I pull you back towards me as I continue to assault your tits, you can feel the heat of my cock as I press it into your ass, only the thin material of your panties separating us.

One hand continues to play with your nipples while the other moves down. Down past your stomach, tracing long curvy lines. And slowly starts to rub, softly, into your pussy mound, so close to the clit but not quite. Over your panties, and down the side of one leg, so softly it almost tickles. Back up and then down the other leg, always coming so close to where you want me to touch, but not quite.

I kiss your shoulder, placing small but hungry kisses along the path from your shoulder to your neck, and up to the earlobe. Meanwhile, every few motions of my hand, I slowly push into your panties. You feel a stray finger dip slightly into your pussy, and drag slowly over your clit. You can feel the whole area start to become wet as I spread your juices across with my hand, as I start to rub harder and faster. You feel my fingers start to reach a little deeper into your pussy lips, but never quite penetrating in. You unconsciously thrust your hips to meet my hand harder, but the fingers never seem to enter as much as you need them to right now.

I whisper in your ear from behind “I’ve been thinking about you all day. I’ve been so hungry for your taste. So needy for your love.”

You still can’t see my face but you feel my lips as I kiss you from your neck, softly, down to your shoulder. But I can’t contain my desire. I take a long, slow, lick from your shoulder back up to your neck, and up to your earlobe tuzla escort that I suck on. Roughly, with one hand on your mound and the other across your chest, I pull you back into my body, grinding my cock into your ass, to show you how hungry I am for you. I drag my teeth over your shoulder, slowly biting down. You can feel the sharp pain, as I press down, and then my lips as I kiss it again, and then bite again, alternating between the sharp and soft over and over.

I can’t help myself as I start to dip my ring and index finger into your velvet tunnel. Just the tips, as I pull your neck back with my other hand, your head nestled against mine as I start to bite and suck on your neck. Kissing and sucking hard, and then biting on your neck, over and over. Teasing you slowly with my fingers.

I can feel you moan and whine, as I won’t give you completely what you want. But as I slowly tease your pussy, I twist your nipple hard. I hear you gasp in pleasure, and slowly purr as I softly tease just the tips of each nipple. First the left, then the right. I can feel your pussy get just a little more wet as I try my best to deny myself, teasing the both of us.

“I fucking need you baby. I need you to cum for me, I can’t stand it anymore.”

I suddenly pull my hand from your pussy, and I rip your panties down halfway down your thighs, and I push my hard aching cock into your firm ass, between your ass cheeks. You can feel the pre-cum leaving moisture between your ass, and a little up your back, as I thrust against you, using your body like a toy for my pleasure, just dry humping against you.

I thrust my fingers back roughly into you, no longer trying to tease you. My fingers shake as I’m reaching inside, trying to find the spots that make you quiver, never taking my hand off your breast. I squeeze it a little harder, and bite down hard on your shoulder. I start to fuck you with my fingers, slow, but as deep as I can manage, my hands still shaking from trying to hold myself back from going as fast as I can. It takes all my willpower not to just take you right now.

“Fuck baby, you make me want to cum so bad. I’ll do anything to make you feel good.”

I start to fuck you, faster and faster, my breathing becoming fast as I drive my fingers into you over and over. I can feel you get wetter. Get closer. I’m going crazy for you now, my other hand twisting your nipples. I need you to cum for me so bad, I push you down roughly on the bed, still keeping my fingers inside you, as I take your nipple in my mouth, rolling the tip between my teeth and over my tongue. I’m not being gentle anymore, I just need to watch you bite your lip, the way you do just before you cum. I need to keep going, until I finally hear you say those sweet words.

“I love you so much baby, I’m cumming”

I can feel your pussy squeeze my fingers as the waves wash over you. I’ve let your nipple out of your mouth so I can watch your face, while I continue to slowly fuck you with my fingers.

Now, now that I’ve finally gotten you off, I slowly withdraw my fingers. Sticky with your girl cum, I spread your juices over my cock. I slowly take your panties all the way off, and crawl back over you. I spread your legs. Finally I can have what I’ve wanted.

I’m on top of you, slowly feeding my cock into your love tunnel. You shiver pendik escort as it begins to stretch you out. I’m holding your face in my hands as I watch your eyes, the little twitches in them corresponding to the little electric shocks we can feel as the tip of my cock reaches a new fold deep within you. Slowly it curves up and reaches that special spot inside you, I watch as you smile and roll your eyes up, your toes curling and cracking in pleasure. I move myself inside you, slowly churning away, hitting all the right spots, as we stare deeply into each others eyes, in awe of the body wracking pleasure we’re giving each other.

I keep fucking you, while staring at your face. I kiss each of your cheeks, and then your lips. Even though we normally close our eyes when we kiss, I can’t do it. Not now. Not when I’m deep inside you. My heart is bursting with love for you, and as I kiss you, I look at your closed eyes. I cannot believe how much love I have for you. How much I am IN love with you. That I get to be connected so deeply to someone who can make me feel something better than sex.

You start to breathe a little harder, I can tell what’s coming. I cover your face in little kisses and draw you close, one arm behind your head and the other under your ass, pulling you into me with each stroke. You start to writhe beneath me, digging your heels into my ass and raking your fingernails by my shoulder blades. I begin to pump a little faster, the air is filled now with sounds of your moaning, my grunting, and flesh slapping. You begin softly, but louder your whining gets.

You say it. Softly in my ear, and then louder. “I’m cumming. I’m cumming! Oh God cum with me. Cum inside me. Cum deep inside me. Your cum belongs in me I want every drop.”

It’s more than I can take, and as I feel your pussy begin to clamp down on my cock, I start firing away deep inside you. I start to cry out, unintelligible words as the pleasure overtakes me. You can feel my warm cum coating your insides and reaching the deepest parts of your cunt. I pull you closer as I cum over and over, driving my cock as deep into you as I can. You have to kiss me from making so much noise that I wake up the neighbors.

We lay in the glow, slowly taking our time to kiss each other lazily and deeply, my soft cock still kept inside you.

But soon I start to whisper into your ear. How much you turn me on. How much I want to just fuck you continuously. That I want to fill you up again. You feel your pussy moisten again, but my cock is spent, at least for now. That doesn’t mean I’m done with you yet.

I push you down and hold your legs apart, kissing you on your ankles and working my way up, spending more time on your inner thigh until I get to my goal. Ever closer I get to your beautiful lips, but I skip right over them and kiss down the other leg.

Finally, when I can feel your frustration, I take a loving, long, lick up between your pussy lips, and over your clit. I lick you so slowly as you shudder with pleasure. I reach up with my hands and alternate between pinching and twirling your nipples as I lap at your clit.

I pause “I fucking love you so much baby” and I reach out a hand to hold one of yours, and I begin to lap at your clit as fast as I can.

I keep going, faster and faster, as I can feel your strong thighs aydınlı escort starting to clench beside my head. I know this feeling, and I don’t stop. I’m starting to drool from the effort, and it just mixes into all the juices already around your pussy. Your hand squeezes mine, and I know you’re close. I push down harder with my tongue as I keep going, and I twist and pull on each of your nipples as fast as I can. I look up to see your beautiful face, framed between the two most perfect tits I’ve ever seen.

You whisper, in a ragged breath “I love you” just as your pussy flushes with heat.

I hold my tongue on your clit, slowly applying and removing pressure as I ride you through your orgasm, your hands clutching my hand and my hair.

After I finish lapping up your cum I’d slowly move up your body, kissing my way up. I stop for a minute at your breasts, suckling on each nipple a bit before kissing at your neck. Finally, I kiss you once, gently, on the lips and pull back so I can look at you. I love looking at your face, especially as I place my hard again cock at your entrance, the head rubbing at the lips of your pussy. And then slowly, exquisitely, I push myself in. I savor watching you as you close your eyes slowly and moan in pleasure. I hold myself inside you, marveling at your beauty, and then I cover your face with little peck kisses. Finally, when you think you can’t stand the stillness anymore, I begin to move inside you. Thrusting slowly into you, you can feel the head scraping against all the best parts inside you. Still I’m watching you as I stroke into you, savoring the feeling.

But soon it isn’t enough for you. You wrap your hands behind my neck and pull me down. Into my ear you whisper “faster, deeper” and you dig your heels into my ass to spur me on. In one motion I thrust hard into you. Your eyes fly open in surprise, not expecting so much so soon. I’ve ducked my head down and am nibbling on your earlobe as I begin my assault on your pussy, slamming myself into you over and over, pushing myself as deep into you as I can. I wrap both of my arms behind your back and pull you into me as I thrust, pulling you completely off the bed as you pull yourself into me with your legs.

I begin to whisper into your ear as I fuck you senseless “oh baby you’re my little slut. I love how good you take my cum. Your pussy takes up every little drop like it needs it to live. You’re where my cum belongs, every time, it belong deep in your pussy. Tell me, tell me how badly you need it” but before you have a chance to answer, I can feel it. The pulling sensation deep in my balls. “oh baby, here it comes, take it all for me” and I begin to spurt jet after jet of cum inside you, painting the walls inside your pussy. That’s when it hits you, you cry out as you feel your own orgasm. You pull me closer, your heels and my hands ensuring my cock is every inch it can be inside your pussy as your pussy milks my cock of every drop of cum. I can’t even think straight with how good it feels to come inside you, it feels like it lasts forever, but finally I come back down. I can feel your pussy still massaging my cock as you come back down too.

Slowly, I pull out of you, lying down beside you and hugging you. I lovingly wipe you up with the towel I brought with me, and then toss it to the floor. I pull the blankets up over both of us, tightly wrapping the one side around you, and the other around me. I nuzzle my face into your neck. I whisper into your ear “Every time you need me baby, I’ll give it to you. I’ll never make you wait that long”. With you wrapped up in my arms, we both drift off to sleep.

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