Getting Rid of the Blues Ch. 03


Alex had a hard time getting through her work week. It seemed that at every turn, her thoughts returned to Jake and the orgasm she had in the car. There were even times she found herself crouching over her desk to hide the fact her hand was playing with her clit again. Her nipples were always hard, and she had to keep some paper towels in her desk to clean off her leather chair after a particularly hard orgasm. She couldn’t wait until Friday. She needed to see him again, hear him play.

That Friday, the day seemed to drag by. Alex found herself staring at the clock and counting the minutes until she could leave. She checked herself in the reflection of the glass window in her office. She had her outfit for the evening in the bottom of her gym bag. Instead of her normal office wear, Alex had decided to bring something a little more accessible for the evening.

If I’m going to play, I’m going to do it right. No need for my clothes to get in the way.

She knew the denim skirt was just the right length. When she sat down in it, it would raise up on her thighs. All she would have to do is part her legs, and if Jake really wanted to, he would see everything. The shirt was much tighter than she normally wore. It was a white shirt that has clasps in the front. With all of the clasps undone, it revealed an incredible amount of cleavage. Alex wanted to see if Jake would notice. She wanted to see if he would look.

Finally, the day ended. Alex sprinted for her car. She threw the gym bag into the front passenger seat. Quickly, she threw the car into reverse and began her trek to Jake’s bar. Half way there, she realized that she was only driving with her left hand. Her right hand was drifting from rubbing her clit to pinching her nipples.

That was the other newest discovery this recent week. Alex was like every other woman when it came to her nipples. She like them to be lightly pinched. She loved to have them sucked on. It was only during her nightly masturbation session that Wednesday did she really begin to play with them herself.

While she used three fingers to fuck her cunt, she began to rub her nipples. They sprang immediately to attention. Since the sensation was pleasurable, she began to lightly pinch them. The pinching produced a slight throbbing in her clit. Within a few more moments, she was roughly pinching her own nipple. The squeezing pressure rushed through her body and made her incredibly wet. At the point she finally orgasmed, she was gushing cum. Her fingers and hand were entirely coated with it. There was a delicious pain involved with it, and Alex had definitely come to appreciate it.

Her thoughts turned back to the drive. Alex was quickly approaching the bar, and she couldn’t stop smiling. Upon entering the parking lot, she chose a spot near the back of the lot. She needed as much privacy as possible to change into her new bar outfit. After putting the car into park and shutting it off, she scanned the lot and determined that no one as watching.

Would it be so bad if someone was? You liked having the man see you the other night.

Alex stopped at the thought. It was true. She came to like the idea that the man was so aroused sıcak kafa izle by her masturbating in the car that he couldn’t keep from touching himself.

Get with it and get changed!

Alex unzipped her work skirt and slid it off. Without hesitation, she took the panties off too. The denim skirt slipped easily past her thighs. She arched her back to allow it to cover her ass and hips. She zipped it and turned her attention to the shirt. She unbuttoned her work blouse and pulled it away from her. Alex quickly dove into the white shirt she had brought. Her breasts seemed to explode out of it.

The familiar pulsing had begun. Alex knew what her body and mind wanted. She had been thinking about it all day, all week, and every time she masturbated. That is when she realized she forget didn’t shoes for the different outfit. The shoes she was wearing were her black work heels.

Why not? Denim skirt, cleavage-busting blouse, no panties, and heels. I knew I was coming her to be slutty and finger-fuck myself to begin with.

Alex stepped out of her car and adjusted her skirt and shirt. Just last week she was worried about a run in her panty hose. Now, her biggest worry was not letting her pussy hang out for all of the men at the bar to see. There was only one man that she wanted to see it. And he would have to play the piano for that to happen. She pushed open the door of the bar and immediately made her way to the booth. She noticed the bar was particularly empty this week. There was the nice bartender, the surly waitress, and one passed out drunken guy at the opposite end of the room.

John looked up from the bar and was stunned. The fancy lady was back; however, she didn’t look like her normal self. She was definitely showing a lot more skin than usual. Sue’s eyes followed John’s. Her mouth dropped open.

“You are going to catch flies looking like that,” said John as he wiped down the bar top.

“What the hell happened to her?” squeaked Sue. She couldn’t take her eyes away from Alex’s legs and cleavage.

“Looks like a different outfit.”

“Nah, really? I just thought she decided to turn tricks for no reason,” snapped Sue.

“You keep looking like that the lady is going to think something is up.”

“John McAllister, I know if I walk around this bar, I will find something up.”

“I’m a guy. What did you expect?”

“I expect you to be my husband. Besides, you know the rules.”

“Which rule? There are so many.”

“You only get to play if I get to play,” sneered Sue.

“So, now all of a sudden you are interested Ms. Rich Bitch?”

Sue glanced back at the woman sitting in the booth. She could imagine what it would be like to free those breasts from that low cut shirt and tongue the nipples. Sue could imagine grazing her teeth against them and watching them harden. She could imagine pinching them so hard that the woman would cry out in pain and pleasure. Sue blinked hard and turned to look back at her husband.

“You know I’m a sucker for a woman with big breasts in a skirt.”

John smiled back at his wife. He gently pulled her across the bar and laid his lips against hers.

“So sketchbook izle am I. That’s why I married you.”

Sue pulled away. She knew what was growing larger in John’s pants. The first time she had seen his cock, she was taken back. It wasn’t so much the length of his cock that got her attention. It was the girth. He was over three inches around. And when he first slid between Sue’s thighs and pushed past the lips of her labia, she knew he was the man she could ride forever. The sheer width of him had completely forced the walls of her pussy open. Yes, they both learned that she needed to be good and wet in order for it to really be a wonderful fuck. Yet, it never took her long to get that wet or for John to get that hard.

“Are you going to get her drink order or do I have to walk over there with this hard-on and get it myself?” John asked as he readjusted the front of his pants.

Sue nodded and began to move towards the back booth. She thought about the first night that she and John discussed the idea of fucking other people. Sue had always been interested in women. John had always wanted to see her with another man. It wasn’t long before they developed a group of friends that they could trust and have fun with. Sue never thought that she would be able to say that she’s fucked at least 20 other men in front of her husband and still be married to the best one of all. She also never thought her interest in women would become so thoroughly developed. Now, there was one sitting in a booth that looked absolutely delicious.

Too bad she is such a rich bitch.

Alex noticed that waitress’ gaze. It wandered over her breasts and down to her legs. Alex felt a bit uncomfortable having a woman look her over in such a sexual way. The waitress had always been so short with her before.

It’s the outfit.

“Hi there, what can I get you this evening?” asked Sue as she made it a point to brush her leg against the woman’s.

“I’ll take my brandy.”

“Are you sure? I know of some other really great drinks.”

“My brandy will be fine.”

“I’ll get your brandy then. My name is Sue. Let me know if you should need anything else.”

Sue’s eyes were resting on Alex’s breasts. Alex could feel her nipples harden in response to the overt attention of the waitress. Sue smiled when she saw the nipples perk up. Again, her thought returned to the idea of playing with them. She could imagine them bouncing wildly while the woman was being fucked. Sue could even imagine putting a pair of nipple clamps on the woman. She could chain them together and pull that chain while the woman was cumming. Sue smiled harder. She knew what incredible orgasms the clamps gave to her. She wouldn’t mind sharing with someone else.

Sue’s mind drifted into fantasy for a moment. She could imagine putting the clamps on this woman’s nipples and watching her throw her bed back in pain and pleasure. For a short moment she would pull on the chain, causing the woman to arch her back. While the woman whimpered for release, Sue extended her hand to her husband who was standing next to their sexual display. He filled her hand with lubricant.

Sue sometimes when we touch izle began rubbing the lubricant across the woman’s pussy lips and using her fingers to roughly push some of it inside. The woman was panting and wiggling away from her. Sue pulled the chain to bring her back into line. The woman groans loudly and arches her back to the pull of the chain. John watches this show while stroking his huge cock with the same lubricant. Sue nods and John sits beside the woman.

Sue lets go of the chain and tells the woman to climb on her husband’s lap. The woman seems dazed, so John helps her move to his lap. Sue stands behind the woman and whispers, “Get ready, baby.” She smiles at her husband and nods again.

John positions his cock with one hand in front of the woman’s beautifully shaved pussy and grabs a hold of the nipple chain with the other. Sue smiles again as John lifts his hips. She pushes the woman down by the shoulders. Sue knows the woman is being stretched open by the screaming the follows. John tugs the chain and brings the woman to an orgasm. Sue can imagine the force of it as the woman’s body jumps backwards against her.

Sue pushes the woman back down the length of John’s cock and tells him to pull the chain tighter. John obliges and is rewarded with another orgasm. Sue leans over and places her hands on the woman’s hips, pushing them forward and back. She is rewarded with short breaths and panting. Sue can hear her husband asking for more as he pulls the nipple chain tighter. Sue pushes the hips in a quicker pace. Soon she realizes the woman is beginning to increase the pace. Sue lets go of the hips and smiles to her husband. He has a great view of the woman’s cunt wrapping around his cock. Her breasts are bouncing and stretching for him under the guidance of the nipple clamps and chain.

Soon the woman begins bouncing up and down on his cock. John moans loudly and lets go of the chain. His legs and groin tighten considerably. The woman is bouncing on his cock so incredibly fast. He begins to growl. Sue knows her husband is close. She pulls the woman backwards onto John’s thighs. His massive cock pops out of her cunt. He grabs his cock and begins stroking it wildly. His other hand grabs the nipple chain and pulls. The woman lets out a series of yelps. It is enough to drive him over the edge. His hand begins the jerky movements of orgasm. His cum shoots onto the breasts and clamps in front of him. He pulls the chain harder with each throb of his orgasm.

Alex’s voice rang out, “Thank you.”

Sue blinked hard and came out of her small fantasy. “You got a name darlin’?”

Alex was a bit caught off guard. She found herself looking at the waitress’ breasts as well. Sue’s breasts were large. They had to be at least a DD or larger. Alex had been wondering about the size of the nipples and if they tightened up like her own did.

Alex stammered her own name and shifted in her seat. The skirt rose up on her thigh, and Sue let out a small exhale.

“Good to finally meet you, Alex. I’ll be right back.”

Alex turned her head as the waitress made her way back over the bar. She wondered why she was so interested in that strange woman’s breasts.

Her name is Sue. You don’t have to call her the waitress.

Alex shook her head and focused her attention back on the real reason she was in the bar. The piano sat lonely in the corner. She looked down at her watch and wondered when Jake would make his appearance.

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