Getting Some More of the Boss


Author’s Note: This is another in the Jodi and Bryan series. While each story can be enjoyed on their own, to appreciate the story, read them in this order: Getting the boss, getting more of the boss, getting even more of the boss, Halloween with the boss, and then this story! Thanks for your votes. E-mail me with suggestions if you have any!


Following their Halloween escapade, Jodi found herself thinking more and more about ways to get Bryan at work. There was just something about the illicit affair, plus the chance of being caught that thrilled her to no end. On her lunches and breaks, she started thinking of different places they could hook up in the store where there were no cameras but still the chance of being caught was there. She finally managed to think of a place that would be perfect. Now she just needed to get him there.

Work was slow one Friday night. Jodi was working, as was the usual anymore, and so was Bryan. She was busying herself with fixing some things along a bottom shelf when she felt a presence behind her.

“While you’re down there,” Bryan said with a smile.

Jodi simply looked up at him and leaned in as if to grab his cock with her mouth right there on the floor. He jumped back about a foot.

“Hey, not out here!”

“You asked! I was just complying with your wishes!” Jodi smiled back at him. “You know you love the sight of me on my knees, your cock in my mouth.” She ended this last statement by licking her lips suggestively.

“Definitely. And after the other week in the stockroom I can’t wait to feel it again.”

Jodi could tell that just thinking about it turned him on, as his cock was making quite the tent in his pants as they talked. She got up and brushed a hand against his cock.

“You’d better settle down there or everyone will know something is up…literally!” She gave his cock a light squeeze and walked away. She knew that tonight would be the night for another round in the store.

A few hours passed and it was time for lunch. Jodi went out to get her lunch as usual and sat down to eat it in the break room. Several other people, including Bryan, were back there. Soon there were boisterous conversations and laughter going on. Jodi took this as her chance. She got up from the table, gathering bostancı escort her lunch as she did so, and started heading for the door.

“Where are you going, Jodi?” someone asked.

“Oh, I’m getting a headache and it’s kind of loud in here, so I think I’m going to go to the old manager’s lounge upstairs to finish lunch and maybe rest a bit.” She caught Bryan’s eye and winked at him. He just smiled back at her and watched her leave.

Jodi headed up the stairs but had no intention of finishing her lunch. She was skipping straight to dessert! She could still here the laughter and carrying on in the downstairs lounge. They might drown out any noises that would be coming from up where she was. She waited for about ten minutes, figuring it would take Bryan that long to finish lunch and leave without it seeming suspicious. She went over to the couch and removed every piece of clothing except her black thong. Bryan had absolutely loved it when she wore it for Halloween, so she had worn it again just in case. She laid back on the couch, propping herself up on her elbows and waited. She didn’t have to wait long as soon heavy footsteps on the stairs told her Bryan was on his way.

She was right. Bryan soon appeared in the doorway of the lounge. He caught one sight of her sprawled on the couch and exhaled deeply.

“What a magnificent sight you are!”

“Are you ready for some dessert?” she asked, beckoning him forward with one finger. He didn’t say a word in response. He simply came over to her and dropped to his knees. He spread her legs wide apart and began planting kisses on her inner thighs. He started first at her right knee, kissing up to just before her hot, thong covered pussy. Then he moved to the other one, giving it the same treatment. Then he paused, simply breathing his warm breath onto her pussy. It was driving her mad. She wanted him to lick and suck and touch her so much that she almost wriggled right off the couch. He held on to her legs with both hands though, which kept her from falling.

Bryan slid his hands up underneath her ass and lifted her pussy closer to his face. Slowly he licked her through her panties, tracing a line from top to bottom, pressing gently on her clit each time. Her panties were already soaked and he tasted her sweetness büyükçekmece escort on them. He was still teasing her this way as his hands slowly grabbed the edges of her thong and began sliding it down over her ass. Jodi raised her hips and he slid her thong off, leaving her dripping pussy exposed to him. He leaned in and repeated the treatment he had given her before: slowly licking her pussy from top to bottom, flicking it lightly over her clit as he passed. Jodi moaned with pleasure, loving the feeling of Bryan’s warm breath on her naked pussy.

Bryan stopped at her clit and began flicking it back and forth lightly. Jodi raised her hips and pushed her pussy into his face, urging him to give her more. He began sucking on her clit, drawing yet another moan form her lips. He slowly took a finger and rubbed around her opening, teasing her. She moaned again as he slid his finger into her. He slid it back out and inserted it again, adding a second finger while still sucking on her clit. Jodi was moaning constantly now, her hips bucking up and meeting the thrusts of his fingers. Jodi’s orgasm came before she even realized and she cried out.

“Oh God Bryan! Eat my pussy. That feels so good!” She spasmed a few times and he began to let up on her pussy, watching her come down after her orgasm.

“Wow. That was incredible!” she exclaimed.

“I just hope no one downstairs heard.”

They both looked over at the door, which they had left wide open.

“Oh, they are so loud when they get talking, I doubt it,” Jodi said as she slid from the couch and on to her knees in front of him. She locked Bryan in a deep kiss, tasting herself on his lips and tongue. He was still clothed and his rock hard cock was straining against his pants. Jodi quickly unbuttoned and removed his shirt, kissing and nibbling at his neck as she slid it off his arms. She kissed her way down to his chest, flicking each nipple then continuing her way down. She sucking on his cock through the material of his pants, teasing him as he had done to her.

“No fair teasing me like that,” Bryan moaned.

“Only giving what I got,” she replied, smiling at him as she did so.

Her hands were quickly on his belt, opening it and then sliding his zipper down, freeing his cock from its constraints. çapa escort She bent down and licked the tip, which was already oozing precum. He moaned as she took the entire head in her mouth. She sucked on it gently, teasing the opening with her tongue. Slowly she worked her way down his cock. Bryan grabbed the back of her head and tried to push her down faster, but she held back, going at her pace. She continued all the way down until his cock was buried deep in her throat. She held him there, for a few seconds before coming all the way off. She looked up at him and just smiled. He smiled back, but his hand on the back of her head was pushing her back toward his cock.

Jodi moved back on to Bryan’s cock once again, this time working it the way he wanted. She sucked hard on the first few inches of his cock, bobbing her head up and down on it while her hands massaged his balls. Bryan leaned his head back, his hand still on her head, but not forcing. His grip began to tighten in her hair as she worked her magic with her mouth. She went all the way down on him again and he had to pull her off before he came right then.

“I want to fuck you before I cum,” he said.

He pulled Jodi up onto the couch. Holding her legs together and up in the air, he slid his cock into her dripping pussy. They both moaned loudly, reveling in the feeling of his cock in her pussy. He slowly drew his cock back out almost all the way, then rammed it back in quickly. She gasped, loving the feeling of being pounded that way. He continued to pound in and out of her pussy, driving her towards another orgasm. He held her legs in place with one hand and reached down between them to rub her already sensitive clit. That was all it took and Jodi exploded in another orgasm, her pussy squeezing his cock. She cried out his name again and as she did, he felt his orgasm building. He started ramming his cock into her faster and until he exploded with a cry of his own. That was just enough to send Jodi into a smaller third orgasm.

Bryan let go of Jodi’s legs and leaned in to give her a deep kiss. She kissed him back and he slowly pulled his softening cock out of her pussy. They sat there on the couch for a few minutes before gathering their clothes.

“I think it’s time to get back to work. I wonder if anyone heard anything,” Bryan mused.

“Who cares if they did? They already think we’re sleeping together. Besides, we’re having fun anyway. Although I think that we might be out of places to enjoy each other in the store.”

Jodi gave him a pat on the ass and a quick peck on the cheek as she left the lounge and headed back downstairs.

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