GF turns me into a Cuckold


GF turns me into a CuckoldMy girl had always gone out and got off with other men, she was over-sexed, for me, at least!My girlfriend, myself and a few others came back to ours after a night out. We had been clubbing with friends and whilst out she was teasing me by saying she fancied this other guy who was in our group. My girl had already been flirting and dancing with this fit black guy all night, I didn’t really take much notice at the time as we were in a crowded club. But, shock horror, he ends up being a friend of a friend and ends up back at ours. After everyone had left it was the three of us and when he left the the room for a moment she asked me straight out if she could fuck him, we had discussed her fucking other black men and the idea of me taking part but until then I thought it would remain a fantasy. How wrong I was.He came back in the room while we were kissing and asked if he should leave, she said no and he just sat back down, flicking through our music collection. We carried on making out in front of him and I noticed he had his hand in his jeans and was masturbating, to be honest this shocked me at first but its only natural- he was almost ten years younger than us and incredibly fit(earlier in the club I said to another friend that I thought he might be gay, as he was so buff, and my girl later told me that right from the start of the night she thought the same and had decided that one of us was going to have him that night!).I started to eat out her pussy in front of this guy, knowing he was masturbating on the sofa behind me and every time I looked up at my girl she was looking straight over me, at him!Then she simply asked him to fuck her and he looked at me not really knowing what to do and my girl simply told him that she fucks who she wants, and with that she canlı bahis kicked me to the side and offered up her pussy to him. Well, with that he unbuckled his jeans and pulled off his t-shirt and while I was mesmerized by the definition of his chest and upper arms she stood up and started to kiss the guy, it felt weird at first because I had never seen her with another man before, especially when she started telling him that she needed a big man inside her and that I was Mr.Average cock and that I should wank myself off while I watch them make out.She was trying to free his dick from his boxers when she started asking the guy if I could take out his cock and guide it into her, at this point I was worried that the guy would freak out! He was okay with it he said, as long as he could fuck her in front of me. I couldnt believe what I was hearing, my head was spinning in anticipation and slight fear of what lay ahead. But, I was SO turned on after listening to her tell him that I was a useless fuck and a clittyboy. Wow!This was only my first experience of a man and at first my hands were shaking but she took my hand and placed it on his cock, it felt huge through the fabric and was bursting to be let out and at that moment I felt a stirring in my loins as I tugged down his boxers to release a ten incher!, shit mine was six inches at best! At that point I knew she was going to get the fucking of her life, and I had mixed up feelings of inadequacy, shame and pure lust for this cock that by now was being wanked by my girl just inches from my face.My girlfriend then sluttily announced that I was to suck him and make his big black cock super wet before he could fuck her, telling him that I had a small dick and she needed cock slippery to be ready for him. She took great pleasure in putting his bahis siteleri cock first in my face, and then in my now wide-open mouth I loved the musky scent of him as he was thrusting into my mouth and could taste his salty pre-cum, I took this monster cock in both hands and licked it all over covering it with my saliva while my girl had now taken off her top and bra and was playing with her nipples while she watched me worship his big cock with this guy, (amazingly sensitive nipples, she could make herself cum by crossing her legs and pulling on them!). As she did, I was looking out of the corner of my eye at my girl who is now naked and masturbating furiously as I am preparing her man to fuck her.Then she tells me to lead him by his cock to her and to guide him into her, this is the bit I had been fearing the most, what would it mean for us as a couple? When we are by ourselves again my cock is no match compared to his black monster? I took this guy to her and then she says “Enjoy sucking that big black cock for me? Now, ask him to fuck me for you!”. I confess I felt really turned on at this and said “Please will you fuck my woman, she needs a big black cock like yours, mine is not as big as yours” With that she told me to get undressed and guide him on in, can you imagine my humiliation-being even shirtless in front of this guy is going to make me look like a wimp, let alone being naked!I am naked now and they both laugh at me, he say’s “Dam that’s one tiny cock but you got a nice ass? I think back that maybe he was gay?, but who knows? Compared to him physically I was a joke. Get his cock ready I took his smooth black cock into my mouth again, this time with no encouragement needed and cupped his balls in my hands and just enjoyed the last precious moments before my woman would bahis şirketleri never be the same again, as his cock leak precum with his dick in my mouth, which to be honest I loved. Then I did it, I put his cock between her cuntlips and tease her clit and slid it in so slowly, watching her expressions change and then she pushed me away with her foot. He then proceeded to bang the hell out of her while she barked orders at me to lick her feet while she was being fucked (we always loved that, but now here I am holding one of my girls feet while she is getting the shit fucked out of her with his big black cock!). I was jerking myself with my free hand, and loving every second of this encounter so much I just had to cum, she saw it it me and told me not to cum on or near her I was to lie on the ground and be a footstool for her, I could cum on her feet and lick it off after. So I did, real quick, licking and suck my cum from her foot. I started to jerk off again was wanting to orgasm again! She denied me this saying a real man like her new lover shouldnt have to see small dicked wimps getting off when he fucked her. He totally fucked her out of this world, giving her two more orgasms literally, before he came in her pussy. As he slowly pulled his cock from gaping pussy covered with her juices. Time for you to cleanup, as I looked at her gaping pussy dripping with both there juices. As I move to her she stopped me and said silly boy you have to clean his cock first then you can eat my pussy. He just smiled and guided my head down to his still semi hard black cock covered in her cum and her white creamy juice. The seen repeated two more times that night as I sucked his cock each time before he fuck her again and again giving her countless orgasms. With me as cleanup up boy each time, I did get to jerk off but each time I was made to eat my cum from her feet. She lives with him in the states. We are still friends now me and her, every so often she sends me pictures of them sucking and fucking along with a smuuty email.

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