Girdled grannies find what keeps them satisfied


Girdled grannies find what keeps them satisfiedJoan and Muriel both within a few years of each other in their early sixties were widowed. They may have lost their husbands cocks they still had a strong sex drive.Going on the prowl at bingo, afternoon dances and other potential ‘watering holes’ did not cut the mustard – most of the guys were older and could not get it up.They were not beautiful – but still attractive for their age. What they thought let them down was their size which hovered between 20 and 22, and sizeable tits. But what they thought was a disadvantage was in fact an asset in these days of granny sex. It was Muriel, who saw the article about it in the paper. With the prospect of getting cock to fill their big hairy cunts they signed up for a short computer course. Having got the hang of the basics, email, skyping and surfing, they set up the new laptop and started surfing. The sheer volume of granny porn literally made their fat twats drip with lust, to the point they made each other cum while watching. One site called ‘let granny show you the way’ sparked their interest. Opening it they read – Are you frustrated with relationships with young woman who demand too much or that you do everything to please them? Or do you prefer a more sensuous and relaxing adventure that enables you to enjoy your sexual interests without any inhibitions.Clicking on to the review page, virtually every granny profile showed nice ladies, listed their interests, hobbies what they enjoyed and wanted. What Muriel and Joan were struck by was all the ladies were of similar size to themselves and not one was under 50 and the oldest 75. The photos were not nude but posed wearing classy fashionable clothes but in suggestive poses. When they clicked on the “see more of so and so” they found the subscription page. £50 was not going to stop them looking further into this potential for sexual fulfilment. Whilst granny what’s-her- name was suggestive before, she became quite revealing here. Whilst they were shocked at seeing open gusset girdle up skirt hairy fannies, pissing in the garden, wanking clits solo, dildo action and others such stuff, they were also happy to find that their sex life could be intensified in many ways from a variety of enthusiastic men who it seemed to love what very mature BBWs in sexy lingerie and girdles had to offer. After searching for what seemed an age, they found the ‘are you interested in joining our ladies?’ tag. It opened with the statement that it was not a site for soliciting or sell sex or sexual services, but for facilitating the introduction of interested parties. There were no fees or costs. Next was a detailed questionnaire covering, age, weight, sizes, marital status, hobbies, sexual preferences and interests, plus those they were willing to participate in.As they always had been adventurous in sex, they included everything except downright perversions to give them the best possible experiences. After arranging a picture shoot with a professional photographer, who was a bit alarmed at some of the poses he saw, they emailed all the info off.After a few days, the reply came, inviting them to a hotel in Birmingham.Ross, the 70 year old owner of the site, introduced himself and outlined how, after many years as a web developer he was sick of seeing older women debased in porn sites. He knew from the number of porn sites that there was a fairly big market for men who were attracted to or had a fetish for ‘really mature bbw women’.The ‘girls’ were nervous, but Ross put them at ease when he answered their question about the type of men who actually liked bigger older ladies.“First are güvenilir bahis younger men, who are sexually inexperienced, and want to lean more quickly to boost their confidence. Then the older men late 50s or 60s who was brought up when girls wore girdles, foundation garments, stockings, and really misses those days and wants to recreate the. Whilst not to all tastes there are those that had crushes on much older teachers, aunts, etc and want to role play their desires. And lately, and strangely, older couples who want to spice up the marriage with a bit of  fun.”He finished off reassuring them that all his clients were fully checked including police /criminal and sex offenders lists, plus they would get a head and shoulders picture before meetings.Also it was a strict policy that first meetings must always be in public space, and they will always have the final decision if they want to take things further.“I found that women are always a better judge of people – they have always had to be. And so far after two years, none of my ladies has had any problems. If you like I can give you the phone numbers of some of them so you get their perspective to our service”After giving them half a dozen names and numbers, Ross broached the subject of pictures for the site. “ I was very impressed with the imagination you both showed in the pics you sent me. But as you saw on the site, you will have to be more outrageous for your web pics. Are you ok with that?As it was only lunchtime, they agreed to go with Ross to his studio – after he assured them that his female assistant is his photographer. The shots included, up skirt minus pants, pants pulled tight in the crutch showing their hairy camel toes, enticing bra and girdle shots. As they had always got a big kick out of showing off, they loved it when fully dressed, they had to sit down and really stretch open their lovely creamy thighs. Finishing up, Ross told them that their profile and shots would be uploaded within a week and they should receive info about their first meetings shortly after. Joan’s first invitationTwo weeks went by before Joan had her first invitation. It was from Phillip, saying how interested he was in her profile and interests and especially her photo gallery. He went on to say that he was in his sixties and always hankered for the days of erotic lingerie. He was honest, Joan noticed, to say that he was married, but his wife had lost her libido and would never help him with his lingerie ‘fetish’ he called it, but Joan thought girdles and suchlike were not a fetish but a bloody fantastic addition to sex. His photo, showed what she thought as nice kind ordinary person. So she decided that she would be the one to put a smile on Phil’s and her face. ‘Hello” he said after picking up the phone.“Is that Phillip”“Yes, who is this?”“It’s Joan, Phil, hope you don’t mind me calling you that, but it feels friendlier, don’t you agree?”“Certainly, Joan”. I hoped you would call, can we set up to meet?”It was agreed that they would meet for tea in the lounge at the Connaught hotel next Wednesday at 3.00 pm as Phil’s wife was away on works so-called bonding course. There was no need for identification of course. Joan arrived early dressed a lively purple flared skirt, and a tightly fitted conservative blouse and blazer. But underneath her bra had nipple peep holes, which she thought showed off her teats to great effect. Phil looked around the lounge and made his way over to make his introduction.Shaking her hand, he ordered tea for two, and sat opposite with a big smile. “It’s lovely to see you for real, Joan. I didn’t think you would turn up”.“Why would türkçe bahis I do that, Phil? Your invitation was much appreciated and I must say, extremely honest. I know how frustrated you feel as I lost my husband a few years ago but still really miss his ‘ministrations’ so to speak. Tell me, why do think having a keen interest in lingerie is a fetish? My husband loved it, especially when I didn’t wear panties in public. He loved showing me off and adored doing it. Would you like to see me now?”Not knowing or being in the company of such a sexual woman before, he just nodded. Teasingly Joan slowly pulled up skirt and opened her luscious thighs, leaned back and said. “Ah, that’s nice to get some cool air”Seeing nobody else was showing any interest she spread them further, showing giving him a good eyeful of her wonderful fanny bush nestling through her crotch less girdle. Seeing the beginnings of his sizeable hard on, Joan said “Phil, I can clearly see that this brings back the old times when as a young boy you got a kick from looking up ladies’ dresses and skirts”.Feeling that she had shocked him enough, she reassured him that it was very common for sexual pleasures or so-called fetishes, to start when very young. She went on to say, that as a very young girl, she was fascinated and got excited playing in the park with her short skirts that men just loved looking at pert bum and twat when she was on the swings and monkey bars. “That’s why I became an exhibitionist”. Standing up and taking off her blazer, Joan’s thick nipples stood out proud against the tight blouse. “These get me looked at all the time and they aren’t even erect yet, Phil. Oh, I’ve gone too far, your cock is full to bursting” Now sitting by his side Joan discreetly put her hand over his bulge and squeezed it gently and slowly. Phil let out a contented sigh as he cummed into his pants. Having agreed that they could be very good for each other, Phil took out his phone and scanned for the next date his wife would be away. 23 July was agreed at her house. Muriel’s first invitationThinking how much she enjoyed and got a big kick from her first ever intimate photo shoot, Muriel was in a good mood, when her first email invitation arrived.It was from Dennis. He was 40 year old bachelor and whilst he had had lots of relationships none of his girlfriends liked sexual role-playing which was his ‘thing’. He went on saying, that the ladies on the site claimed to be sympathetic and understanding and he felt that it could be way to fulfil his fantasies and her, Muriel, was the one he was attracted to and would love to meet her. Muriel’s opinion of his photo was good as in her eyes he looked very rugged. So she agreed to meet up and confirmed a drink at a pub five miles away but in the afternoon when it would be quiet.She picked him out as soon as he entered. Smiling at her, he went to get a drink and came over. “Hi Muriel, it’s nice that you accepted my invitation. You’re photos and interests really got me, if I am honest”“Thanks, but Dennis, what I don’t understand, is this. You’re a good looking bloke, why would you be interested in an old boiler like me? I’m at least 20 years older and quite large.”“The thing is that I think older mature women, are honest to admit what they like and what they don’t and are happier to please a man as well as themselves. They really enjoy being appreciated. That’s the attraction for me”“Well, that’s nice and I like the way you respect us. I think we have a lot in common. I have always liked sensuous sex. Not the quick in and out for me. I really like a lot of imagination and foreplay, which is why my friend and I güvenilir bahis siteleri joined the site. So, Dennis, what deep dark fantasies do you have inside that head of yours?“Now this might sound silly, but whenever I took a girl to the pictures, in my younger days, they could or would not go further than necking. Hands off. It was really disappointing.Here’s what I would like us to do. I am sitting in the cinema in the afternoon. You come in and sit next me as a total stranger. You are wearing a shortish skirt and no bra”“No bra, Dennis, you haven’t seen these puppies without any support – they don’t look pretty”“That’s just it Muriel, I’ve seen them, remember? And they are really sexy; your nipples are so big. So no bra, please”?“You then start rubbing your leg against mine and we take it from there. What do you say?Muriel had never ever done anything like that. “People will see what we are doing”“No they won’t as you will keep your coat on and mine will be over my lap”Dennis could see the concern in her eyes, so he took the bull by the horns. “Tomorrow at 10, I will pick you up and we can drive to somewhere nice and quiet and practice in the back seat. To make things more comfortable for you, wear one of those skirts with a zip right up the front”.They left agreeing, but Muriel still had her doubts. She didn’t fancy a totally secluded location, but an out of way car park would be ok. After all’s said and done, it’s not unusual for couples to canoodle in the back seat even if one of them is 20 plus years older than the other”.Dennis agreed to her demand of a public car park and they finished up in one by the shore line, at the back. She wore a light coat and had managed to find the right skirt. She still did not like going braless, so compromised with a very lovely balcony bra which just supported her tits, leaving her nipples exposed.Seated in the back seat next to Dennis, her coat still on, Muriel was motionless not knowing what to do next. Dennis said “imagine that you are feeling randy and are fed up with rubbing your pussy with your own fingers”. Here is a bloke, minding his own business and you want to get him interested. Hmm, she thought, I am fed up with that. Instead of moving her legs, she said, “excuse me but I have embarrassing problem, could be a dear and help me untie the knot on my coat belt”.He swivelled round and unfastened the belt, and she opened it. Not six inches from his eyes were the most luscious pair of tits with really erect nipples sitting there on full display. “That’s better, I like to give them room to breathe so to speak, you don’t think it unseemly for a woman of my age to wear this bra do you? “Well, if you’ve got it, flaunt it, is my view”“Yes, I can see that you are getting excited – now enough talking, let’s just enjoy the action”She then started rubbing her knee against his and going under the coat on his lap placed her hand over his cock – which to her delight was really thick. Dennis, put his mouth next to her ear and whispered, “Let’s get started”.With that he placed his arm around her shoulders and his tongue into her lush mouth while with other hand started unzipping her skirt, up to her thighs. The space made, was more than enough to really spread her legs, giving him free access to her fat wet hairy cunt. He frigged her clit, and as she slid further down the seat, allowed him also to slid up her girdle and finger her bum hole. She was on a roll. Wave after wave of expectation and then pop, she came. After taking his cock from his flies she felt the precum and gradually wanked (what she thought) was a really thick member slowly, the foreskin rolling back nicely. Dennis managed to orgasm onto the floor. With their eyes locked on to each other, they were surprised to find they were not at the pictures.If that was the rehearsal, Muriel really looked forward to seeing the feature next week.

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