Girls Who Like To Watch Men Fuck

Anri Okita

After my first encounter with Alex it took me a little while until I could fit anything back inside my ass. He’d done a great job of dominating me and using my slim body. It was a massive turn on and I contacted him again quickly to let him use me more.

He kept mentioning how he had some friends who really got off on watching guys fuck and that he thought they’d love to see him romp my ass. I loved being dominated, which was becoming a common feature of my sex life, by this thick muscled stud and the thought of being watched slowly grabbed my imagination and desire.

The next time he brought it up I told him I was into it and wanted to try it. He asked me how many I was ok with watching and I told him I had no idea but that the idea of him roughly taking me in front of others turned me on a lot. Alex told me to leave it to him and he’d get it all set up all I had to do was show up and be ready to fuck.

Alex got a hold of me a few days later and told me it was set up and to be at his place on Saturday. I nervously told him great and spent the next several days fantasizing and worrying about the coming weekend. Saturday rolled around and I got myself ready for another great round of sex with Alex.

I’d begun to learn what he liked more and so I put on a pair of bikini briefs with only a little elastic at the top connecting the front and back. I knew it’d drive him wild and he’d destroy them when he got them off of me. I put on a cheap beater that I also knew wouldn’t survive the night. I finished getting dressed and made my way to his place.

When I got there, there were two other cars parked at his place. My nerves sent shivers through my body and butterflies into my stomach as I thought about the strangers waiting to watch me have sex.

I told myself that this was hot and what I wanted to try, I got out and knocked on Alex’s door. He opened the door with a smile and told me to get inside. I shed my coat and nervously looked about his living room for the people going to watch, but the place was empty.

Alex saw me looking around.

“They’re in the bedroom waiting. I figured it wouldn’t freak you out as much if they weren’t here as you walked in. But you aren’t to keep them waiting either, so get those clothes off.”

Alex pushed his track pants off his hips and began pulling his shirt off as well. I followed suit, letting my jeans drop to the floor, pulled my shirt and socks off. He eyed my skimpy underwear approvingly.

“I know you like when I wear tiny little underwear and a beater so I wanted to make sure I got you extra hard tonight,” I told him.

“Glad you remember what I like,” he said as he pulled his boxers off, his cock was already half erect and hung lazily between his thick muscled thighs.

“God, I love that cock. Fuck its thick,” I grabbed it and slowly started stroking it with my hand as I ran my tongue over his nipples and pecs. He groaned and I felt him harden in my grip.

“Come on, time for you to meet everyone,” he said as he grabbed me by my underwear and pulled me down the hallway.

He opened the bedroom door and pulled me in. There seated against the wall in three chairs from his kitchen were his three visitors. All three were women.

“For tonight these lady’s names are Carol, Mary and Jen,” Alex pointed at each one in succession.

Carol was medium height, maybe in her mid-thirties, with dark skin and eyes and short black hair, she had a nice face and a slim body that obviously saw the gym. Mary was taller maybe 5’10 also in her mid-thirties, with straight short blonde hair, brown eyes. She had an average body that was attractive but not stacked. Jen looked younger than the others and was short, with her black hair pulled up in a pony tail, she had light brown skin, and what looked like amazing tits. She had curves to her and like the others intensely eyed my body as I stood there. They were all just regular women that you’d see on the street any day of the week.

“He IS cute Alex. I really want to see what you’ll do with him,” Carol said as she smiled at me.

“He’s so little. I think you’ll break him. He looks like a little toy beside you,” noted Mary.

Jen nodded in agreement with Mary then looked at me with a devilish grin, “You’ll probably bust him in half, but I want to see him take you. He looks small and cute but I bet he takes a cock better than any of us do.”

“Oh, don’t worry he’ll do just fine. He’s had some practice with getting fucked so he can put on a good show for you,” Alex claimed as he stroked his thick dark shaft.

“Ok, then I want to see him on his knees sucking your cock and deep throating it,” Jen said. The other two nodded their agreement.

Alex looked at me and pushed me to my knees, “You heard the lady, getting on your knees and start sucking that dick.”

Alex had positioned himself so I knelt in front of the girls, giving them a view of me reaching up and taking hold of Alex’s big member and opening my mouth for it. I sucked on his fat head, bobbing it in and out of my mouth Bahçelievler Escort and flicking my tongue all over it. His dick got harder and I pulled it down towards my mouth and started sucking on it. I felt his warmth in my mouth and wrapped my lips around his thick shaft and started working up and down it.

“Ya bitch, get that dick in there more. Warm that mouth and throat up for me to fuck,” he grunted at me.

I released his cock, licking the shaft then grabbing hold of it and slapping it on my face and mouth as I let his cock juice and my saliva splatter over my face. I then slipped his prick back into my mouth, grabbed hold of his muscled ass and started taking him deeper. I sucked him off like this for several minutes until he grabbed the sides of my head and I could feel his arms flex and his hands strain and he shoved towards me, pushing further into my mouth.

“Ya, there ya go. Suck that hunk of dick.”

I relaxed my jaw, slid my tongue under his shaft and let him enter my throat. I gagged on him but his powerful hands held me firm as I squirmed on the floor my face embedded on his shaft.

“Ohhh, look at him take it! AH!” one of the girls squealed in delight and pleasure as I choked and worked on Alex’s cock.

He released me and I pulled his thick shaft out of my throat and mouth and jerked his slick hog as I snatched up a few quick breaths.

“Ah, I want more of that fucking cock!” I breathed before shoving him back in my mouth again.

I felt his powerful ass and legs flex against my hands as he pushed into my throat again, I choked and gagged but shoved my face further onto him and I felt his swollen head pop past my gag reflex and into my throat. It felt tight and forced but he was able to start sliding more of his shift in, keeping my throat open.

“Uhhh ya, you little slut. Work that cock down your throat,” Alex moaned as he feed me his engorged penis.

I buried my face in his crotch, smelling his scent and letting him work his dick down my gullet. His smell of mingled sweat, musk and sweaty made me hot and my cock throbbed as I serviced him in front of the three women. He pulled my head back slightly before shoving me back down on him.

“Fuck his face Alex,” Jen demanded.

“That’s so hot seeing that thick rod bulging out of his throat as it goes up and down,” breathed Carol as she got hot for the man on man action she was watching.

This got Alex hot and he started thrusting faster into my mouth. I held onto his clenched ass and forced my mouth to relax and let him stretch my throat out. I filled the room with wet, loud, gagging sounds as Alex worked himself in and out of my throat.


“Mmmm choke him with your dick,” Mary moaned.

“It’s so hot hearing him gagging on you.”

“You like the taste of cock don’t you?” Jen asked me as she ravenously watched me take cock.

Alex slowed and pulled his penis out of my throat and mouth, it was coated in my saliva which oozed down across his balls. He pulled me roughly to my feet and shoved me onto the edge of the bed in front of the watching women.

“Get on the bed slut. I want to work this cock in your throat more,” Alex said as he pushed me back onto the bed.

He flipped me on my back and spun me so my head hung over the edge of the bed. I could see, as my head hung upside down over the bed, Carol already had a hand down her pants rubbing her pussy while Mary and Jen watched Alex stand over me, place his cock at my lips then push it home.

He shoved it all the way in, his balls slapping into my face as he pumped my mouth. I reached around him grabbed his ass and spread it apart as I took him deep into my throat, choking and struggling against him.

“Fuck his throat harder! I want to hear him gag and choke,” Jen demanded.

He obliged her and began to thump his cock into my mouth. I struggled to breath making muffled choking noises as he shoved his thick prick in, he grabbed my head with both hands and began fucking my face like it was my asshole.

“Ahhh ya…fucking shit take that dick. Come on take that dick,” Alex grunted at me as he thread his cock between my lips and into my eager throat.

“Gwaaakk…uuummmmppphhh…gwaak…gwaakk…gwaakkkk…” I spurted as I continued to dine on thick black cock.

His balls slapped my face as he wedged his cock down my throat, spit and saliva spilled out around his dick and started to cover my face.

“Fuck that’s hot. Choke him with that dick. God damn you dominating this little thing is fucking unreal,” all three girls told Alex.

I pushed against him as I couldn’t breathe and he pulled out, let me catch my breath then shoved back in hard, not giving me the chance to gag before he was fucking my face again. I choked and gagged and slobbered all over his hot piece of meat as this big black stud wrecked my throat.

He finally stopped, shoving himself full length once more before pulling out and stepping away from me. I flipped Bahçelievler Escort Bayan back over as I gasped for air, whipping spit and saliva from my face and choking on the stuff that streamed out of my mouth onto the floor. My saliva dripped and slithered off Alex’s big dick as he reached over to me and started rubbing my ass through my underwear.

“Ugggghh…hhhuuuhh..hhhuhhh…I want my ass fucked,” I begged.

“That was fucking hot! What a mess of his face you made.” Breathed Carol as she lustily looked at the two of us.

“Yes, that was wild. He is definitely a sexy little slut and obviously loves cock. Look at him begging for it,” Mary agreed and said.

“Fuck him. I want to see you fuck the shit out of his little white ass. Spread him open while we watch.” Jen moaned, she was turned on and ready for the main event.

“Getting watched taking cock is so hot.” I looked at Alex, “Fuck me for them. Pound my hole in front of them and make me your little slut while they watch.”

“Oh hell yes,” Alex said as he squeezed himself.

I got on my knees on the bed and pulled Alex’s big body towards me, I leaned down and starting sucking his slick cock again, massaging his balls with my hands. I worked up his hard stomach and to his rippling chest, tonguing and biting his nipples as his hands moved over my body and roughly slapped my ass. I ran my tongue over his chest and up his neck biting and nipping at him as my hands ran over his thick arms and back.

“Mmm fuck me. I want it hard. Punish my hole and show these girls how men fuck,” I lustily moaned at Alex as I enjoyed his body.

Alex responded by grabbing the shoulders of my beater and yanking them hard down over my arms, pulling the rest of the shirt across my chest, pinning my arms at my sides. He yanked it down more and grabbed my nipples hard as I knelt before him on the bed.

“I’m going to fuck you raw. I’m going to wreck that white asshole then pound it full of cum,” Alex told me in a menacing voice.

“Mmm yes, fuck me. I want cock up my ass, hard and nasty,” I moaned as his hands pleasured me and made my cock drip.

He grabbed me by the throat and reached down to pull my cock out of my underwear. He started stroking in it, slowly as it was slick and wet in his hand.

“I’m going to fuck you so hard you’ll beg me to stop. I’m going to bury this fucking monster so deep in you you’ll choke on it,” Alex growled.

He used his hand that held my throat to shove me backwards onto the bed. I fell on my back and he gripped my underwear and ripped them down the center fully exposing my throbbing cock. I spread my legs open for him, inviting him into my ass.

“Oh yes! Fuck me Alex! Come on fuck my ass! I want it!” I was slowly losing control as being used so roughly pushed me further into the arms of savage lust.

Alex pulled me around so we were laying on the bed in front of the girls so they had a clear view of him entering and fucking me. He ripped my underwear open even further, revealing my hole to Carol, Mary and Jen who were all excited by his aggression.

“Ya, fuck this little bitch,” Jen murmured as she watched Alex rip my clothes off.

“Yes, fill his ass up with cock Alex. Bury it in him!” Mary told the black stud preparing to ravage my hole.

Grabbing a bottle of lube Alex applied it to my ass and started working his fingers in and out of me, loosening me up for his heavy cock. I pushed my ass back against his fingers.

“Stuff more fingers in him! Fill that asshole up,” called Mary.

In response a third and fourth finger slid into my hungry hole, spreading my ass open as Alex began to vigorously finger fuck me. Waves of pleasure swept through my body as I rode Alex’s hand, I ground my hips down on his fingers.

“Bang my hole more…more…MORE!!” I moaned at him.

My stiff cock bounced against me as Alex began pushing harder into me.

“Ride those fingers bitch,” Alex told me. “Ya, that’s right open that ass up.”

I bucked against his hand as it massaged my insides and made me burn hot, I wanted his thick raw meat inside me as we were stared at.

“Fuck me Alex,” I moaned at him. “Punish me in front of them! Show them how a man takes cock!”

Mary laughed, “Look at the mouth on this one.”

Carol chuckled and continued touching herself,

“Mmmm I’m looking at more than just his mouth.”

“Look at you. Like a bitch in heat for this little fuck toy. There won’t be anything left for you to play with when Alex’s finished with him,” Mary noted.

Alex had stopped fingering my ass and had begun stroking the lube all over his hand onto his erect cock. He poured more lube on it and then greased up my hole more, tossed the bottle on the bed and climbed up with me. He scooped my legs up and folded me, pulling my ass up off the bed, my underwear hanging in tatters off my legs.

All three women had a perfect view of our asses and Alex’s bulging cock moving towards my lubed hole.

I heard Jen moan, Escort Bahçelievler “oh, yes” as Alex began pushing the tip of his penis against my asshole.

The fingering, lube and practice with Alex let his tip part my rectum easily and begin to push into my hot wet hole.

“Ahhhhhh…yaaaa…fuuuck,” I groaned as his girth moved through my anal muscles, pushing them aside and beginning the process of stretching my anus open.

He kept slowly pushing in, parting my insides as his cock sought to bury itself ever deeper in my body. I continued to moan as his size began ripping me open, shooting pain through my ass and into my body but it was countered by the waves of pleasure I felt from his massive manhood pushing my rectum open, the feeling of full overriding the pain.

“Ohhh ya. Open that asshole up,” Alex grunted at me as he further fed his cock into my body.

He kept pushing deeper into me my arms pinned to my sides, shoving the walls of my anal cavity aside as I groaned and wriggled my ass on his pole. Finally with a last little push I felt Alex’s body touch mine and his cock was buried to the hilt in my asshole. He’d forced it into me in one smooth solid motion and I willing took it as I continued to moan and breathe deeply trying to adjust to the slab of meat parked in my ass.

“Ohhhh…god..that’s so fucking…big!!” I groaned as I lay impaled on cock.

“God yes, he took that in one shot. All the way in,” Carol said as I heard her come close to the edge of the bed.

She stood there looking down at our bodies, staring at the base of Alex’s cock embedded in my ass. Seeing her staring down at me made me incredibly hot, my body ached from the pain of Alex’s penis in me but I wanted more, I wanted it rough and hard while Carol and the others watched.

“Fuck me Alex. Fuck me,” I begged him. “Fuck me for Carol, fuck my ass rough for her to watch!”

I wanted to feel that heavy flesh hammer between his muscled legs begin to beat and tear down my ass. Alex leaned into me and kissed me roughly on the mouth his tongue probing into me. I tongued him back and he began to pull his cock out of me. My anus clenched onto his shaft, pulling it out with him as he extracted himself. He pulled half way out then pushed back in then again pulled out. His cock was so thick that each time he pulled out my ass came with it until he shoved it back in.

“Ah…you’re rippppping me…apart!” I moaned with the pleasure of feeling my ass pulled out then shoved back in as Alex’s heavy body pressed on me and he tongued my mouth.

“Clench that hole around me! Damn your hole is so smooth deep,” the stud mounting me gasped.

Alex began to quicken his pace, pumping rhythmically into my asshole. He released my mouth and leaned back gaining more leverage and shoving himself further in me. I cried out as he shoved his cock so far into me it sent stars across my eyes.

“OH FUCK!!” I screamed as he shoved my insides open, “That’s soooooo…fucking..deeeep!”

He grabbed the front of my beater that was still pulled down across my arms and over my chest, and used it as leverage to fuck me harder. He let my legs go, but I kept them spread wide ensuring he could penetrate me as deeply as possible and that Carol could get a total view of his thick cock entering me and then pulling out with my tight hole wrapped around his shaft like a fleshy sock.

I was like an animal as I watched Alex’s muscled body flex and move as he fucked me. His muscles bunched and strained as he ground his fat cock into my eager little hole, his massive form dominating my slim frame.

“Fuck me…fuck me!! Fucking pound…my asssss!!” I begged as Carol moaned and watched me being rammed full of manhood.

“Ya! Fuck him harder! Harder!” Jen screamed out.

“Pound that ass deep! Make this bitch squeal!”

Alex had blocked the other two’s view and soon both Mary and Jen joined Carol around the bed to get a close up of the ass pounding that was going on. They quickly joined their voices with Carol’s, ordering Alex to plunge his dick into me, to fuck my ass.

Mary stood near me, “How’s that feel taking that fat cock? You love it don’t you?”

“Yyyyesss…yessss…I…love…it,” I gasped at her as Alex continued to rifle his hog into my willing cavity.

“You love that black cock don’t you? Look at your ass swallow it up, you’re such a slut!!” Jen jeered at me.

“Fuckkkkk me!! Fuuucckk me!! Come on…fuck me harder!!” It drove me absolutely wild being watched and fucked.

I began to thrash myself on Alex’s cock trying to push him further into my body as the combination of having the shit fucked out of me and being watched and hearing the things they were saying made me lose control. Alex suddenly reached down with his free hand and started choking me, I arched my back and pushed my throat into his powerful hand.

I started getting light headed and it made me feel high and only intensified the pleasure in my ass. He kept a firm grip on my stretched and tearing shirt as he continued to drive his long hard prick into me, sweat beading up on his dark skin.

“Ya, take that fucking cock! Open up your asshole and let me fuck it!” He growled as he plunged in and out of me. “Shit ya, you’re getting fucked real good for these girls. Now, open that hole up and show them how well you take it.”

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