I think you’ve fallen asleep. I sit right on the edge of the bed, my skin reacting to the quick burst of breeze from the open window. I tilt my chin up and stretch my neck from side to side. My hair, still damp from the shower, cascades down my back and just brushes at the curve of my hip. I grip the mattress at my sides, losing myself in my own gentle arousal. My nipples perk up.

I twist at the waist. Looking back at you, my chin resting on my left shoulder, and my wet hair covering my cheek, I melt when I see you smile.

You reach your right hand toward me and place it firmly on the softness of my lower back. Letting the strength of your thumb lead the way, you trace my backbone, gripping and squeezing with your palm on the way up. When you get to my neck, you grasp with desire and don’t let go.

You’ve got me breathing deeply, I’m turned on and ready to serve you.

You scoot closer to me on the bed, still holding the back of my neck, strands of hair tangled in your grip. Your other hand repeats the movements of the first, until both hands are holding me tightly at the base of my skull.

Kneeling behind me, you slide your hands down my shoulders, caress my arms, and end up with your hands on top of mine, holding them in place. You nuzzle at my neck, your breath hot on my chilled skin. You play at my ears, planting soft gentle lingering kisses, and slowly alternating left and right at first, then growing more persistent, nibbling harder.

I try to wiggle my fingers but you’re restraining my hands. I get goosebumps as you whisper into my ear that which cannot be repeated.

You know I’m ready for you when I turn my head back to meet your lips. I kiss you only barely at first, leaving room to tug on your bottom lip with my teeth as we pull apart.

You release your grip, climb off the bed, and stand in front of me. I am pleased at the strength and size of your erection. ataşehir escort I obviously turn you on, which makes me even hotter for you.

You place one hand under my chin and pull my face up to look at yours. Your loving smile has been replaced with a gaze of pure lustful desire. Your gorgeous eyes pierce my being. I want to fulfill your every wish.

To make sure I feel safe, you bend down and give me one last gentle kiss on the cheek, say “I love you,” and then stand again. While you’re still holding my chin in place, your other hand takes the back of my head. You say, “open,” and pull my hair back, forcing my mouth to open wide for you.

I am so ready to take you. I lick my lips as best I can, and let my tongue dangle out like a landing pad. I look straight ahead at your hard cock, hungry to please you. You come closer, placing the very tip on my top lip. You pick up my hands from the bed and move them to your abdomen. Your muscles are rock hard. I trace the outline of your sixpack with my fingertips, moving south. When I get to the base of your penis, I grip it snugly and press my other hand against your inner thigh.

You finally allow me to take you in my mouth. You put both your hands on the back of my head. With my wet tongue, I draw circles up and down the length of your shaft, varying the suction as you push into my throat, and then pull my head off. At first, you give me time to do it right, but before long, it’s all I can do to breathe between your thrusts into my face. My scalp gets tender where you’re pulling my head back with each thrust.

My hand between your legs grabs at your balls to test their tightness. You pull my head off of you. You grab both my breasts and knead them hard, randomly pinching hard at my nipples between squeezes. Your hard, wet cock is inches from my face, and I try to reach for it. You push my hands away, and say, “stand.”

I stand.

You kadıköy escort grab my hips hard and swivel me quickly so that I am facing the bed. You take my ass with both hands and mimic the attention you were just giving my breasts. You know I love having my ass squeezed with force. With each squeeze, you go a little harder and a little deeper, and your fingertips get closer and closer to finding my wet hole.

At the first brush of my pussy, I feel shivers up my spine. I lean my head back against your chest, look up at you, and whisper, “please fuck me.” You return in a low horny growl, “bend over.”

I bend over for you, splaying my arms out on the bed, and widening my stance. I raise my hips as high as they will go. I present you with perfection, a nicely trimmed pussy and asshole. I’m so wet for you and you can see it.

I say it again, louder. “Please, fuck me.”

Again, you grab my hips. With a tight grasp on my hips, you pull my ass back slowly toward you. When the tip of your cock meets my waiting hole, I fill with desire for you. I love to let you guide me and pose me in the way that suits your needs. I want you to use me. I want to feel wanted, and needed.

You won’t push in though. You know this point is what drives me crazy, so you just tickle the rim of my vagina with your cock. You paint little circles around my hot hole, teasing me and making me want you more. When I say one more time, “Please, will you fuck me now!?” you pick up both of my hands and take them to my back, holding both my wrists behind me with one strong hand. With the other, you grab a fistful of my hair, jerking my head back.

Without needing to aim or adjust, you skillfully pull me back towards your cock and jam it into me in one long hard thrust. The pain of instant deep penetration gives way to sinful pleasure after a few strokes. You alternate deep strokes with short, fast with slow, bostancı escort and hard with gentle, keeping me guessing all along. You and I both love when you take control over me. You have the power, you are in charge. My breasts dangle and bounce below me as you’re holding me up. You pull my hair harder, then release some, then pull again.

This feeling is unlike anything else. With the position you’re holding me in, I am at your mercy, yet it feels so good. The head of your cock glides against the walls of my pussy with each thrust. The pressure in me is building and I want desperately to rub myself off while you fuck me. I try to pull one hand away so I can mercifully relieve my clit of its own erection, but you only tighten your grip and continue impaling me from behind.

As you feel your own pressure mounting, you forget momentarily and grab my hips again. At first, this means my face hits the bed hard, but I recover quickly, first bracing myself at the best angle for you with my left hand, and then covering my clit with my right. I move my middle finger over my hard nub in small quick circles. You smack my ass hard. The combination of you slamming me deeply from the back and my own stimulation does it for me every time.

My orgasm comes slowly at first and then all at once, sending shivers down both legs, and up my back. My pussy vibrates around your cock. I try to breathe, bringing myself down as gently as I can while you are still pounding away. My right hand drops further back, reaching for your cock. I use two fingers to make a tight V at the entrance to my pussy.

This does it for you. You slam me hard three final times, each time pumping hot cum deep into me. With the final push, I push back and clench hard, squeezing as much out of you as I can get. You hold my ass against you for a few moments, and then pull back, your softness sliding out of me.

You shove me down on the bed, and then lay next to me, face to face. With a single finger, you trace my hairline, my earlobe, my cheekbone, and my lips, before pulling me toward you for a long, soft kiss.

Again, you say, “I love you.” You close your eyes and fall sleep. I smile.

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