Gloria’s Gift


Author’s note: This story uses the same characters found in ‘The Interview’. I think this story stands by itself, but if the reader wishes to read the other story, by all means, please do.

Also, thanks to Carillon for your editing help.

Thanks, and enjoy.


Gloria Walker walked into her office on a Thursday morning, and hung her coat up on the rack. Moving to her desk, she deposited her bag beside it. Pulling her papers out, she prepared to lay them on top of the desk, her morning routine was automatic, just before her morning cup of coffee. That’s when she saw it. A little box, gift wrapped, complete with a little bow, sat in the middle of her desk.

She knew immediately who it was from and smiled with delight. Like a kid on her birthday, she eagerly unwrapped it. Inside she found a box with a clear cover showing two balls approximately an inch and a half in diameter. A note was also found inside.

“Good morning, sexy! I found these and thought you might enjoy them.
I do hope you use them today. Follow the instructions and have fun!
I can’t wait for you to tell me all about them tonight!


Of course, ‘J’ was Jon Morgan. In the several months since that day in Gloria’s office, Jon had been hired and they had carried on a very discreet affair. There was always the usual office gossip, though. Most of it had to do with Jon being an ‘ass kisser’ or ‘sucking up to management’, or something like that. ‘If they only knew,’ Jon thought. The only one that knew anything was Rebecca, Gloria’s assistant and close friend.

Gloria studied the gift before her and read the instructions. Apparently, the ‘Wonder Balls’ were made of a soft jelly-like substance and had virtually no seam. This made them very smooth to the touch. No rough edges to scratch the skin. ‘Perfect for vaginal or anal use’ read the package. The two balls were attached by a short cord and another, thinner cord extended out from one of the balls. This was the antenna for the remote control. The balls each had a small, but powerful vibrator inside them that she could control with the variable speed remote. Gloria found the whole idea very exciting, but with people starting to come in for work, and roam up and down the halls, she decided to put the balls back in the box and tucked them away in her desk until later.

For the first few hours, she went about her work as usual. The whole time though, in the back of her mind, she kept thinking about that box in her desk drawer. Finally, around 11:00 am, she decided to give it a try. The instructions read to insert the balls into the desired orifice with the thin wire hanging slightly out to insure good reception for the remote control. So she hiked her skirt up and pulled down her pantyhose just enough to allow herself access. She inserted the balls into her pussy, already moist with anticipation. She pulled her pantyhose back up – she never wore panties underneath anymore – so that they were tight against her shaved crotch.

Pulling her skirt back down, she sat back in her chair and turned the remote on to the lowest setting. She felt a small buzz down inside herself. Not very strong, but persistent enough that she knew it was there. ‘Hmm, this isn’t so bad,’ she thought. After a minute or two, she turned the remote up a notch. Now the vibrations were a little more noticeable. ‘Mmm. That’s nice…’ she thought.

Already she was beginning to build to a quick climax. She squeezed her thighs together causing her shaved pussy to rub against the skin tight nylon. Did she dare to turn it up another notch? She decided yes, she did. She wanted a quick fix, a quick cum, so she could return to her work. She could always get herself off later. So she clicked the remote up to level three – half power.

“Oh! Ohhh. Mmm, this… is… nice,” she gasped out loud. Leaning back in her chair, her head resting against the back, her eyes shut, she climaxed quickly. She reached for the remote to turn it off. Still trembling a little, she accidently hit the speed switch as she hit the power switch. This caused a momentary spike in the vibrations just before it turned off. Gloria jumped as the power surge hit, then relaxed, and started to giggle.

‘Oh, my. I’ve got to be careful with this.’ she thought to herself. Still smiling, she put the remote back into her desk drawer. The package had said that the ‘Wonder Balls’ were designed to be discreetly worn all day. So, Gloria decided to leave them where they were, enjoying the sensation of having something inside her.

Around noon, Rebecca came into her office and stated that she was ready for lunch.

“Care to join me, Gloria?”

“Ah, no thanks, Rebecca. I think I’ll just stay here. I’ve got some, ah, work to do. And I brought some soup from home, so…” Gloria responded with a slight twinkle in her eye. She thought that with Rebecca gone for about an hour, she would have plenty of time to play with her new toys.

“You sure? Keisha and I were going to go over asyabahis yeni giriş to the Lemon Garden. There’s this cute guy that works the lunch shift.’

Gloria chuckled, saying “No, that’s Ok. You two have fun. Don’t rip the guys’ cloths off, though.”

“Hmm. Now that’s a thought!”

As soon as Rebecca left, Gloria got up to use the restroom. The balls inside her seemed to jingle around a little with each step. Not falling out, but just shifting ever so slightly as she walked. This caused a very pleasant sensation for her. Distracting her, yet she had to concentrate to really feel them. She washed her face and freshened up a little before returning to her office. Quietly making her way back, she noticed that just about everyone had gone to lunch. Good. This should allow her some relative privacy. By the time she got back to her office and closed her door, she was already very excited about what she was about to do.

Gloria sat down in her chair and got comfortable. Loosening her blouse slightly and hiking her skirt up a little to feel more relaxed. Removing her shoes, she rubbed her stocking feet across the carpet, wishing Jon were there to do it for her. Retrieving the remote from her desk drawer, she turned it on to the lowest setting. As before, a soft buzz emanated from the balls inside her. Again, after a minute or two, she turned it up a notch. Now, with the vibrations humming softly, Gloria opened her blouse a little more and reached a hand inside to caress one of her breasts. Feeling the soft, silky material of her bra with both her fingertips and her breast flesh, Gloria began to purr like a kitten, enjoying her private lunch time activities.

‘Mmmm. I’ve got to thank Jon properly tonight,’ she thought with a sensual grin.

Pulling both her breasts out, she continued to caress each of them. Cupping, then squeezing them, drawing her hands down to her hard little nipples, which she pinched and tweaked. She continued to massage her breasts with the pseudo milking motion as she turned the remote up once more to level three.

“Ohhh- ho- ho… God, this feels good!” she couldn’t help but express out loud.

Wanting to last longer than she had before, she tried to suppress her urge to cum. Now with her blouse fully open, and her skirt pulled all the way up around her waist, she let her hands roam free all over her body. Caressing her abdomen, across the flair of her hips, down her nylon covered thighs. Putting her feet on her desk, she leaned back in her chair, and began to rub her feet and legs together. She enjoyed not only the feeling of the foot-on-calf massage, but the sound as well. The hissing of nylon-on-nylon was very sensual to her and always reminded her of the way Jon massaged her.

She ran her hands back up her legs, dipping inside to her inner thighs. Not wanting to rub her pussy just yet – she knew that would make her cum too soon – she lightly caressed around her mound.

“Ohhh… mmm…”

She could feel her moisture seeping through her pantyhose crotch. She was starting to drive herself crazy, wishing Jon was there, as she ran her hands back up to her breasts, to her neck, her face and back down. She reached for the remote and turned it up. Level four.

“Ohhhh… yeahhh…”

She immediately felt her pussy spasm as the vibrations increased again. With each level of power, the vibrations seemed to increase three fold. So whereas the first time, level three made her cum quick, level four seemed to make the Wonder Balls jump and dance inside her, hitting all the right spots all at once.

“Ohhhh, Goddd!… Hnnaaaa…”

Gloria’s breathing was quick and rapid. She clutched her breasts and pinched her nipples. And she came – and came hard. Not even needing to touch her pussy or her clit, babbling incoherently as her body spasmed.

“Ohh, my God… that was good…” she gasped as her body tried to relax from her orgasm. The vibrating toy inside her, however, was relentless. With no concern for its owner, and no signal from the remote to stop it, the toy went on, and on, and on.

“Ohhh, God! Hahaha.” She had to laugh at her own situation. ‘Mmmm, that… feels…good. But… I’ve got to… stop…’ she thought, as she lay panting in her chair.

Gloria was only vaguely aware of the time, but she knew that people would soon be coming back from lunch. Even though her door was closed, she didn’t want to be in the throws of an orgasm, with her legs splayed open on her desk, and her blouse open exposing her naked breasts and obscenely hard nipples with people walking up and down the hall.

She reached for the remote with shaking hands and tried to turn the toy off. Instead it jumped up to level five!

“Ohhhhh! Goddd! Unghhh! Haaaa… ohhh… aaaahaahaaAAA!”

She couldn’t help but scream as another orgasm quickly took hold of her body. Thrashing and shaking, her body contorted with each orgasmic spasm.

“Oh, shit! Ohhh, nooo. Ohhh! Ohhh! No, no, no, no, ohhh, asyabahis güvenilirmi gaaa…haaaa!”

With the vibrations at the next to highest level, her pussy was being rocked uncontrollably with one orgasm after another. Gloria desperately tried to turn the toy off. With all the focus she could muster, she held the remote with two hands and aimed for the off button.

Click! Level six!

“Ohh, shitt, nooo! Oh, no! No, no, no!” she panted in disbelief. “I’m sure I… hit the right… buttonnn, ahhhh, that time…”

Her whole body stiffened as if being caught on an electrical wire. Her nylon covered legs straight out in front of her, her head pushing into the head rest of her chair, her back arched high, and her hands clutching the armrests of the chair. All uncontrollable responses as the Wonder Balls danced mercilessly inside her.

“Hnnn, ungghh, ohhh, gaa…”

Now her body contorted the other way. Her abdominal muscles contracting to double her over in her chair. Her feet hit the floor as she tried to get a grip on herself. Relaxing only slightly, she again tried to turn the remote off.

“Oh, God, please! Turn off, turn off, turn off! Ohhhh, Goddd, noooo ahhaaaAA!”

As she was hit with another body-racking orgasm. Her pussy was starting to cramp now, as were her abs and back, as she was doubled over with the exquisite pleasure-torture the device was giving her.

‘Damn! This thing… must be… stuck! Oh, ga… oh, no… what do I… do…?’

Suddenly she thought of a plan. If she couldn’t turn it off, she would just have to reach down and pull the maddening device from her pussy. Still panting, and moaning, and shaking, she tried to reach down into her pantyhose and do just that. But as her hose were always drawn up tight and snug against her shaved pussy normally, they were now thoroughly soaked with her cum.

Her secretions, she now realized, covered her entire crotch area of her pantyhose. From half way to the waist band, to her ass, to half way down her thighs. Her own body once again betraying her, as her own juices acted as a natural adhesive to effectively glue her pantyhose to her body. Still shaking from her last orgasm, and shaking with the thought of her next, impending orgasm, Gloria couldn’t get her hands inside.

“Hooooh, no, no! Oh! Ungh!”

Still gasping, she tried desperately to pull the hose away from her pussy. If she couldn’t get her hands down inside her hose, she would have to try to rip them away. Gloria tried in vain to ignore the feeling in her pussy. She clenched her fists in frustration as another orgasm wracked her body.

“Oh, God. Oh, no. Oh, oh, oh gaaa…! Ohhhhwaaaa-oooo…!”

Just when she thought all hope was lost, that her co-workers would find her in an orgasm induced coma on the office floor, the intercom buzzed to life.

“Hey, Gloria?”

Threw the fog, Gloria recognized the voice. ‘Rebecca! Yes! Dear, sweet Rebecca. She can help,’ Gloria thought. Not caring about the embarrassment of her assistant seeing her like this, all she wanted was for the torture to stop. Fumbling with the intercom, she called her friend.

“Rebecca…!” was all she could get out.

“Hey, Gloria, I’m back from lunch now…”

“Rebecca… please! Come here…!”

“N’kay” Rebecca replied as she headed for her bosses office, still completely unaware of what she was about to encounter.

‘Good…Yes… Becca will help…Can trust her…Just have to…hold on… a little… longerrr…’ Gloria thought as she desperately tried to maintain control. In fact, she did trust Rebecca. There are people you have a drink or two with after work. There are people you talk to about last nights’ TV shows. But sometimes, you have to pick one, or two, people that you can trust with embarrassing, personal information about yourself. Someone you can bare yourself to. Well, now Gloria was going to literally do that. The only other person she could trust in such a bizarre situation was the same evil genius that gave her this pleasurable torture device. But since Jon worked the midnight shift, he was now at home, probably already asleep.

Rebecca Gordon walked into her boss’ office and did a double take. Her normally professional and well put together boss was now in a state of half undress. Perspiration glistened on her chest and heaving breasts, her hair was a mess, and she had a very disheveled, or was that desperate, look about her. Not to mention that her skirt was up around her waist.

“Hi, Gloria. Wha…” Rebecca stopped short.

“Huh… Becca… close… the door! Please…” Gloria panted.

“Uh… Ok…” Rebecca stammered as she turned to close the door. She didn’t know why, but she automatically locked it too. She turned again to look at her friend and supervisor. Gloria had a wonton look in her eyes – desperate and crazed and passionate and lustful all at the same time. Rebecca could also smell the scent of sex in the air. She knew it well. asya bahis giriş From her own dalliances with masturbation and, on a select few rare occasions with other women, she knew the smell of pussy juice as it filled the air.

“Wha… my God! Gloria! Are you… Ok? What…what happened?” Rebecca, still unsure of what was going on, started to slowly move toward Gloria.

“Mmnnnn… Becca! Please… need… h-h-help…” Gloria panted. “Huh, huh… look…look! Package! Hunh!…” Gloria pointed at the package the toy came in.

Rebecca moved to the side of the desk and saw the open, empty container and picked it up. After reading the description and looking at the pictures on the back of the package, she had a pretty good idea of what had happened. Laughing a little, she turned again to her supervisor.

“Gloria! (laugh) Did you actually…? Oh, my gosh!” She gave another nervous laugh as she covered her open mouth, somewhat shocked.

“Rebecca… please… don’t laugh. It’s not… fun-ny…” Gloria panted. “It’s… still…still… on! Ohhh… please, help meee…”

“Oh my gosh! It’s still on?! Right now?!” Another nervous laugh. “How long have you… how long has it been… well, just turn it off, I guess. I, uh, I guess I don’t understand. Gloria, what… what do you want me to do?”

“Yes. Yes… it’s still on. Stuck on h-high sp-speeeed! Ohhhhaaa…!” Rebecca watched as her friend had what looked like an orgasm right in front of her. She watched as Gloria’s body shook and more beads of sweat ran down her forehead. “Oh, God, help me, Rebecca. I… it won’t stop! It’s stuck, huh, on high speed! Ohhh! Oh, shit, please, help me Rebecca. I… I… can’t stop… Oh! God help me, I can’t stop cummming! Ohhh-hooo…!”

Rebecca stood shocked. Frozen in place as she watched this beautiful woman tremble and quake in front of her. In fact, Rebecca did find Gloria attractive. Admired her for her business savvy and professionalism. She appreciated all the advise and help that Gloria would give her, both professionally and personally, and just enjoyed being around her. She was very glad to call Gloria her friend. And, ever since she had overheard her and Jon having ‘fun’ in her office, Rebecca started thinking of Gloria sexually, too. Started to notice her perfume a little more. She noticed the swell of her breasts and the flair of her hips a little more. She started to wonder what it would be like to give Gloria a foot massage, like Jon had. What it would be like to run her hands up her smooth legs. Wondered what it would be like to give this older woman pleasure.

Now, Rebecca’s secret fantasy was exposed and shaking in front of her. Rebecca couldn’t help become excited from the scene. Her pulse quickened, and her nipples stiffened under her sweater. In a quiet, sultry tone, she asked again. “Gloria, what do you want me to do?”

“The, mmm, the remote doesn’t work. I, I need to… huh… get them out. Oooo but, I’m… I’m shaking too much. Mmm. Please, Rebecca. I… I wouldn’t… dream of asking this, but… could you… please…?”

Slowly, it dawned on her what Gloria had just asked her to do. “You mean… you want me to…take them out of your pussy?” Rebecca looked from Gloria’s soaked pantyhose crotch to her pleading eyes, and couldn’t help but lick her lips.

“Ye-yes. Oh, please, Becca. I, I’m so embarrassed. And I, I would never… ohhh… but I, I don’t think I can… I can’t quite do it myself. And I, I… can’t take it… anymore. Oh-hoo mmm…”

“Ok, ok,” Rebecca responded. Then, quietly, almost to herself she added, “Just relax. Relax…”

She sank to her knees and focused on her friends’ sex. Slowly, she ran her hands up Gloria’s thighs, savoring for a moment the intimate sensations she was feeling. Her senses working overtime; taking in the feel of the nylon covered flesh, the smell of the juicing pussy in front of her, the sight of the cum drenched pantyhose crotch as it clung to her friend.

Moving her hands to Gloria’s hips, Rebecca could feel her quivering. As she grasped her friends pantyhose, she asked her to lift up. “Ok, Gloria. Just, um, raise your hips a little. I’m going to try to pull these off you.”

“Hmm. Ok…” Gloria panted, still shaking. “H-hurry. But…oh, gently.”

The younger girl had to tug and pull a little to get the hose down past the older womans hips. There was a slight, barely audible squishing sound as she did so, but both women heard it. And both felt the suction the wet nylon made as it was pulled away from the skin. Both woman paused for a second to look into each others eyes.

“Huh. Go ahead,” Gloria panted, giving her confidante a nod.

Smiling up at her, Rebecca continued. Sliding the hose down her thighs, to her ankles, and finally, removing them. Holding her friends’ soaked pantyhose in her hands, she resisted the temptation to bring them to her nose and smell them. Instead, she set them to the side. ‘For later,’ she thought.

Spreading her friends’ thighs once more, she now had an unobstructed view of Gloria’s quivering, dripping pussy. Her outer lips were swollen and red. Her thick juices covered her in a clear syrup, tempting Rebecca to dive in for a taste, but she held back for now. And then, she noticed her clit.

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