Glorydaze 3

Glorydaze 3I closed the door and did my best to clean myself up. On shaky legs I made my way down the hall and into the front of the store. I was surprised to see Dennis leaning on the counter talking to the clerk. As I came out he approached me and handed me a pen and paper “Give me your number, I’ll call you” he said. As I wrote he leaned close and whispered “Next time, I want you shaved and clean” When I handed him the paper he handed me a bag, turned, and walked away. I drove home in a daze.I spent all week waiting on his call, finally on Thursday night the phone rang “Mike?” he asked. I stammered “Yes”. “9:30 in the morning at the store” he said and hung up.I showered and then very carefully shaved my pubes and butt. I found the bag with the enema kit in it, read the directions and set it in the bathroom for the morning.When I got there the first thing I noticed was that the store was closed. As I parked I saw the clerk inside so I got out and approached the door. He unlocked it, let me in, and then locked it behind me.Dennis walked from the back and introduced me to the clerk, Keith. Keith was about 30, short (about 5’5″) with brown hair, tokat escort a bit of a gut and a mustache. Dennis is a couple of years older with black hair, a dark complexion and fit.Dennis led me around the counter and opened the door to an office in the back. The first thing I noticed was the large one way mirror looking out over the counter and store. The second was the monitors behind the counter showing the halls in the back. I knew then that Keith had watched me naked in the hall.Dennis stood behind me and told me to strip. I told him I couldn’t, it was too bright. The one way mirror looked like a big picture window, I couldn’t do it!He started to run his hand up and down the seam on the back of my shorts pressing against my ass. u*********sly I spread my legs, and then leaned forward with my hands on the desk. He leaned close and growled in my ear “Take your clothes off”. All I could manage was “yes sir” and began to pull my shirt off.I felt double naked, no clothes and shaved bare. Dennis ran his hands over the smoothness between my legs and whistled “Very nice, hot!” I could see Keith looking at the mirror almost like he could escort tokat see through it. I asked Dennis if he could see me and he said “No, but he will”. Just then Keith walked in. I was embarrassed and nervous under the bright lights, naked, with this strange guy staring at me. I was used to being in the dark of a booth lit only by a flickering video monitor. When Dennis unzipped his pants I knew exactly what to do. I knelt, cupped his balls, took his semi hard dick in my left hand and tongued his slit. As he got hard I licked his length and took him in my mouth. As I sucked Dennis, Keith stepped closer I turned and saw his uncut 6″ cock was already rock hard, a drop of pre clinging to the tip. I licked him and then took him in my mouth, still massaging Dennis’ balls with my hand. Keith impatiently gripped my head and began to push himself deeper into my mouth working his hips; he fucked my mouth with short tight strokes. I thought for a second he might cum when Dennis pushed him back and pulled me to my feet. Turning me he told me to bend over the desk. “Lay all the way down and spread those cheeks” he said “show Keith your tight tokat escort bayan hole”. I did as I was told, exposing myself to them. Dennis dripped some lube on me and Keith rubbed it into my ass. First one thick finger, then two working them in and out. “Go ahead, fuck him, he’s ready” Dennis told him. He started rubbing his hard cock against my ass, spreading it, pushing it open and easing the head into me. Dennis squirted more lube, then came around and climbed on the desk in front of me. I moaned loudly as Keith push deeper, then pulled out and started to stroke, his stomach bumping my ass. I arched my back and raised my head to take Dennis into my mouth. In minutes Keith was banging into me, tense and about to cum. He exploded so hard I felt it hit me deep inside. He pulled out quick, leaking cum onto me as he did.Dennis pulled out of my mouth and was immediately between my legs. He rolled me onto my back and hooked my knees with his elbows pulling me toward him. He pushed easily into my ass. I was on my back watching his face, eyes closed, fucking me, when Keith crawled on to the desk. Straddling my face he lowered his dick into my mouth I was so hot I sucked and licked every bit of his cum, the lube and my own taste from him. Dennis had hit his rhythm reaching places in me Keith could never find. We both came, him deep inside of me and me all over my stomach and chest

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