Goddess and Miss Jasmine Pt. 02


Lily followed her new Owners out of the school to the parking lot. Luckily she made the trip without anyone seeing her but she hesitated when she saw someone standing by the only car in the parking lot other than her own. It obviously belonged to Goddess. It would have been obvious even if the parking lot wasn’t empty. It was a luxurious Black Lincoln. The kind of car that costs more than Lily made in 5 years.

Lily’s new Owners didn’t even seem to notice that their slave had stopped following them as they approached the car. The person standing by the car greeted them with a bow and opened the door for them. Lily realized that this must be the Jones’ chauffeur and hurried to catch up so they wouldn’t have to wait for her.

Goddess and Miss Jasmine both slide into the back seat of the car but when Lily approached to get in as well the chauffer stopped her and popped the trunk instead. “Oh no you stupid twatlicker, you ride in the trunk.” Goddess mocked as she closed the door.

Lily dropped her eyes to the ground but after the humiliation in the classroom the thought of riding in the trunk of a car wasn’t so bad. She moved to the back of the car and climbed in without protest. The trunk closed over her and Lily spent the next several minutes being jostled around in the dark as the car drove her Owners home. Her bumpy ride finally came to an end and she could hear Goddess and Miss Jasmine get out of the car and walk away. A few minutes later the trunk opened and Lily was blinded by the sudden brightness as someone pulled her out of the trunk.

Lily blinked until she was able to see again and got her first well-lit look at the chauffer. She was absolutely beautiful. The chauffer had flawless pale skin and beautiful dark hair held up in a tight bun. She was wearing a dark pantsuit but Lily could tell that she was very athletic and slim underneath it. She could only imagine what other uses her Owners might have for this woman when she wasn’t busy driving.

Lily looked around but her Owners were nowhere to be seen. She and the chauffer were standing outside a large house; she assumed the Jones’ house. Actually, Lily thought, calling it a house is a bit of an insult. It’s more like a mansion. Or an old plantation house! That would be just like Goddess’s sense of humor to live in an old slave manor surrounded by her obedient white slaves.

The chauffer led Lily around the side of the house to a small secluded door. The slave door Lily realized. They entered and Lily found herself in a cramped little room with 2 sets of triple stacked bunks. Without being told, Lily understood that these must be the slave quarters where Goddess keeps all her white girls.

That’s when a terrifying new thought entered Lily’s mind. Does Goddess expect ME to live here? Am I going to be her live in slave or will she let me go. She’ll have to let me go, right? I have a husband at home and he’ll be wondering görükle escort where I am if I don’t come home. What would he do? How long would he wait before calling the cops to report her missing? Would the police even know where to start looking? The parent teacher conference hadn’t been officially scheduled through the school or anything but surely I must have mentioned I was meeting with Mrs. Jones to someone, right? And surely they would tell the cops that Mrs. Jones was the last one to see me before I disappeared so surely they’ll come looking for me here, right?

Lily realized she’d left her cell phone in her purse on the desk back in her classroom so she had no way of calling the police or her husband or anyone else. Maybe I can convince Goddess to let me call my husband. Maybe I could even give him the message so he’ll know I’m in danger. But do I want that? If the cops get involved then the whole story will get out. Everyone will know I was her slave all through college and that I let a student spank my bare bottom in my own classroom. Maybe it would be better to just play this out and wait for them to let me go. I know it’ll be horrible serving them but surely they won’t want to keep me around for long. Especially if they have more slaves that look like that chauffer…

But wait, if I do just play this out then my husband will probably get the cops involved before too long and the whole thing will come out anyway. I can’t let that happen. I’ll have to convince Goddess to let me call him and let him know I’m OK. I’ll make up some excuse about why I can’t come home tonight or something…

All these thought bounced around Lily’s head for a few minutes before she came back to reality and realized that the chauffer was standing in front of her smirking at the dazed look on her face she sometimes got when she was thinking. Lily immediately started asking the chauffer questions about what was going to happen to her and if she could call her husband and what she was expected to do for the Jones’s and a million other things but unfortunately the chauffer just chuckled and said that all those things are up to the Mistresses to decide.

The chauffer went on to inform Lily that she was supposed to be getting her ready and that the Mistresses wouldn’t tolerate delays. She told Lily to strip which she did except for the collar Goddess had put on her and then she led Lilly into a small bathroom. She waxed all the hair below Lily’s eyebrows off and then scrubbed her down thoroughly. By the time the chauffer was done with her, Lily’s whole body was pink except for her bottom which was red and starting to turn purple from bruising.

Once all that was done, the chauffer led Lily out of the slave quarters and into the main house telling her that they were to report to the Mistresses. As they walked, the chauffer made a few half-hearted attempts to comfort Lily telling görükle escort bayan her that she might not be kept naked all the time if the Mistresses decide she’s earned some clothes. But her words did nothing to cheer Lily up.

Before long, they passed yet another one of Goddess’ slaves. A young white girl in a skimpy French maid outfit. The maid made eye contact but then immediately looked down again as they passed. Shortly after passing the maid, the chauffer led Lily through a large kitchen where they found 2 more white slaves. These two appeared to be mother and daughter and they were both naked. Lily noticed that they both had the word “cook” tattooed right above their pussies.

Lily stopped and stared at that. The chauffer noticed Lily’s gaze and chuckled again. “Oh yeah, we all have those,” She said pulling down the front of her pants to reveal the word “driver” tattooed on her. “I’m sure you’ll get one soon as well. Now we should hurry though. You don’t want to keep the Mistresses waiting.”

They proceeded through the kitchen and into a large dining room where Goddess and Miss Jasmine were eating. The chauffer’s job complete, she bowed to the superior Black women and left the room leaving Lily alone with them. Lily started to ask her Owners if she could call her husband but the first sound she made earned her a withering glare from both women. The message was clear: “wait until we’re done.”

Lily stood by silently waiting for them to finish their meals. She couldn’t see what was in their bowls but it smelled delicious and she found herself wishing she had some herself. She hadn’t eaten anything since a small salad at lunch and she was getting quite hungry. Lily heard her stomach rumble and was afraid that her Owners would hear but neither of them looked up from their meals so she thought she was safe.

When they had finally finished their meals, Miss Jasmine turned to her and said, “OK white slut, now you may speak.”

Lily gulped, stealing herself to say something that she knew could easily earn her further punishment if her Owners didn’t agree. “Mi…Miss Jasmine, may I…I mean…may this little white slut,” She corrected herself remembering the proper speech patterns Goddess had taught her back in college, “call its husband? He’ll be wondering where it is and it doesn’t want him to worry…”

“Hmm,” Miss Jasmine considered, “And just what would my little white slut tell its husband?”

Lily hadn’t really thought that far ahead yet and wasn’t sure what she might be able to tell him so he wouldn’t worry or think anything was wrong. Without knowing what to say, Lily knew better than to open her mouth so she stayed silent.

“Well I’m in a good mood. I’ll give you the chance to earn a brief phone call…”

“Oh thank you Miss Jasmine, I…” but Miss Jasmine cut her off by snapping her fingers twice. It was obviously a signal bursa escort to the other slaves as one of the cooks, the daughter, ran in almost immediately.

“Bring a can of wet dog food and a bowl for this slut.” Miss Jasmine told her and the girl hurried to obey. Less than a minute later she returned with a bowl full of wet dog food which she sat on the floor near Miss Jasmine.

“Finish your food and I’ll allow you a short phone call,” Miss Jasmine said as she pulled out her cell phone and began a video recording.

Seeing no other option, Lily sank to her hands and knees and crawled to her food bowl. She had trouble eating the dog food without getting her hair in it and once she took a few bites she had trouble keeping it down. But eventually she finished the whole bowl of food and look up hopefully at her student only to see Miss Jasmine rocking with laughter and still recording on her phone.

Once Miss Jasmine finished laughing at the pathetic sight of her teacher naked on all fours eating dog food out of a bowl she eventually said, “OK slut I guess you earned this…you have 1 minute and if you say anything you shouldn’t I’ll make the spanking earlier look like a walk in the park.”

“Yes Miss Jasmine. Thank you.” Lily replied just grateful that her Owner was going to let her make a call.

“You are to tell him that you went for drinks after work and ran into an old friend from college and that you’ll be staying the night with them. DO NOT say him or her. I want him to worry a little bit after all.”

Bowing her head and knowing it was the best deal she was likely to get, Lily took the phone and dialed her home number. The machine picked up and Lily left a message just as she was instructed to. As she ended the call, Lily was fully aware that she had signed up for at least one night living in the slave quarters.

Goddess snapped her fingers 3 times and the chauffer soon appeared. Apparently the number of snaps indicated which slave the Owners wanted Lily realized. “We’re done with this one for the night. Take it to its bunk and tie it down. We don’t want it trying to escape in the night,” She instructed the chauffer.

“Very good Mistress,” the chauffer replied and led Lily back through the house to the slave quarters. Lily allowed the chauffer to tie her arms and legs to the corners of one of the bottom bunks without protest knowing that fighting her would accomplish nothing.

It wasn’t until she was fully secured that Lily realized that her face was still covered in wet dog food and now that she was tied down she couldn’t wipe her own face. Lily begged the chauffer to clean her face but the chauffer just chuckled and told her that Mistress hadn’t ordered her to do that. With that the chauffer walked out flipping off the lights and Leaving Lily alone in the dark.

An hour or so later the lights flicked back on as the other slaves filed into the quarters and prepared for bed. Lilly asked each and every one of them to please clean her face but every one of them just laughed at her and kept doing whatever they were doing. Even among the slaves, Lily was at the bottom of the totem pole and the other delighted in her discomfort.

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