Golf Partners Ch. 02b


This is the second of two alternative endings to the story. If this is too abstruse for you, then try part 2a.

Over the next few weeks we had no further contact with James and Daniela. Petra and I were both rather embarrassed at what had happened and didn’t really know how to react or what to say to the others. On the other hand, we had some of the best and most regular sex of the last few years of our marriage and often recalled the events of that evening and fantasised about what we might have done if we’d wanted to.

It was a hot and sunny Wednesday morning when Petra called me at work. From the tension in her voice I knew that either James or Daniela had called her.

‘Hello, it’s me. Can you talk?’

‘Sure. There’s no-one in the office at the moment. Did they call?’

‘Yes! How did you know? Did Daniela call you too?’

‘No. I just guessed from the way you spoke.’

‘Oh, yes. Daniela called. I had a long chat with her.’


‘She was worried about why we hadn’t called them; about whether we were embarrassed or shocked by what had happened.’

‘And? What did you reply?’

‘I told her the truth. I said that we were pretty shocked but that it had also turned us both on and that we had often talked about it since then.’

‘And what did she say?’

‘That they would like to see us again.’

From the pause and slight hesitation in Petra’s voice, it was clear that something else was going on.

‘What else did you talk about?’

‘Well … er …’

‘Come on, tell me.’

‘Well, she asked how much it turned us on …’

‘And …’

‘… and whether we had talked about it while we were in bed … I said yes.’

‘And then?’

‘Are you cross?’

‘Cross? No, of course not. What else did she – or you – say?’

‘Well, she asked whether we had talked about it when we were making love … and I told her that we had often fantasised about it.’

‘And then?’

‘And then she asked if we would like to do it again!’

Wow, this was as difficult as pulling teeth.

‘And you said?’



‘Good decision!’

‘Yes, but … this time she says they want to watch us too.’

‘They did last time.’

‘Yes, but she wants to see us naked … or to put it in her own words, Daniela wants “to see and feel Grant’s cock in its full glory” while James gets to “check out” my pussy!’

‘Oh, er …’


‘And you still agreed?!’

‘Well to be honest, after our recent discussions and given my current state of excitement there was little else I could do!’

‘Hey, I’m not complaining – I’m sitting here as stiff as a board – I won’t be able to concentrate for the rest of the day, that’s for sure.’

‘Tell me about it! Anyway, Daniela has some kind of tennis match on Friday afternoon at the VFS Tennis Club and asked if we could meet up in the restaurant ‘Exposé’ afterwards.’

‘OK. Strange name for a restaurant.’

‘I thought so too. I’ve never heard of it.’

I was kind of disappointed. Did that mean that we wouldn’t be able to take things further? On the other hand, maybe I could sneak out of the office early and catch a look at Daniela in a short white tennis skirt. In fact, maybe I could even take a camera with me.

‘So look, I’ve got to rush off. I’ll see you later on. Take care. Bye.’

‘Bye. See you later.’


Three days later and I was ready for action. The thought of the coming weekend had robbed me of a certain amount of sleep but I had come to work on Friday prepared to carry out my plan. I had checked out the tennis club where Daniela was due to play and found that it was possible to sit unobserved at a nearby park bench with an unobstructed view of the outdoor courts. That and my trusty digital camera with its 400mm telephoto objective and 2x converter meant that I was ready for action.

As I pulled up onto the public car park, I could see that Daniela was already playing tennis. I got out, locked the door and wandered over to the park bench that I had identified earlier. Setting up the camera, I was pleased to see that there was no-one nearby. I turned towards the tennis courts and focussed on Daniela. As always, the unbelievable speed of the digital focus surprised and pleased me as Daniela suddenly appeared in close-up before my eye. She was wearing a pale blue top and white pleated tennis skirt and I had to zoom back a bit to see all of her sleek body. She danced before me, completely unaware of me and my camera as she raced across the court, chasing the ball. I took photo after photo and noticed with pleasure that her panties were also of a pale blue that matched her top. At first I thought that it was some kind of one-piece outfit that she had got on, but as I review the photo’s, I could make out a small strip of bare tummy between the waistband of her skirt and the top of her knickers.

Each time she served or stretched to return a well-placed shot, her short white skirt flew up, exposing the pale blue panties that were stretched over taught muscles. I relished poker oyna in the view of her briefly exposed crotch and wondered briefly whether she was wearing anything under the matching panties. After 15 minutes, I decided that I had enough photo’s and headed back to the car, painfully aware of the full erection that I was sporting. Oh, well, if everything went according to plan, I would be able to get some relief later on!


8pm. We were heading to the restaurant in the car. Neither of us was talking, wrapped up in our own nervous thoughts about what was going to happen later on that evening. Petra had got changed in the bathroom, preventing me from seeing what she was planning to wear. When she finally appeared, I was pleasantly suprised to see that she was wearing a very short grey mini-skirt that I had never seen before and a royal blue silk blouse that she had recently bought, but never worn. To top things off she was wearing thin black tights – or stockings – and a pair of relatively flat black shoes.

As I drove towards town, I looked down at Petra’s legs, where I could see that the skirt had pulled up until it was only just covering the crotch. I reached down to pull the skirt up a bit further so that I could see what she was wearing underneath. Petra smacked me playfully on the wrist.

‘Patience, patience. You’ll get to see my panties soon enough!’

‘Promises, promises!’

I tried to console myself with thoughts of the last time we had all met up and pulled into the car park outside the restaurant. Strangely enough, the windows of the restaurant were covered completely by curtains so that you couldn’t see into the restaurant at all from the outside. As we entered the restaurant, we were greeted in a small ante-room by an elegantly dressed slim blonde who asked as the name under which we had reserved and told us that she would show us to our table. I was surprised to see that the restaurant was split up into what I can only described as “Separée’s” – small areas separated from one another by curtains which came up to just over head height of the sitting guests. This meant that the waiters and other guests could not see the dining party as they were effectively hidden by the thick dark red velvet curtains.

We were shown to a horse-shoe-shaped seating area with soft cushioned seats and a small oblong table in the middle. Smiling at us, the woman asked us if should bring us anything to drink and told us that she would be our waitress for the evening. Thanking her, we said that we would wait for our friends before ordering. With a smile, she disappeared, pulling the curtain closed behind her as she left.

‘What a weird place!’

‘No kidding. This is more like a brothel than a restaurant!’

‘Oh, so you have experience of brothels do you?’

I grinned.

‘No, but even if I did, I probably wouldn’t tell you!’

Just then we heard voices approaching and the curtain was jerked open. In walked Daniela and James accompanied by the cool slim blonde. After greetings all around, Daniela and James settled into their seats opposite us as the blonde once again asked what we would like to drink. Having taken our order of a round of Prosecco, she disappeared telling us that we should not leave the seating area unless she accompanied us. She pointed to a small button on the table and told us to press it if we needed anything.

I looked over to our hosts and was pleased to see that Daniela was also wearing a really short black pleated mini-skirt. It was at least as short as the one that Petra was wearing and if it wasn’t for the fact that she had pressed her thighs closely together, I would have a great view up her skirt. Her pullover was in a bright pink with a V-neck under which I could make out an almost transparent white top. James was wearing a plain black cotton shirt open at the neck and a pair of tight faded jeans.

‘Have you two ever been here before?’

‘No, never. It’s a bit strange – what’s with all the curtains?’

Daniela and James grinned at one another.

‘You’ll see!’

I wondered what on earth they were going on about. The restaurant was certainly unusual and had a strange atmosphere but it seemed to be OK.

‘Don’t look so worried – you’ll enjoy it and hopefully it will get us in the mood for later on.’

‘Talking of which, I’m feeling rather warm. I think I’ll take off my jumper.’

Daniela reached down and grabbed the bottom of her pink jumper and started slowly pulling it up her body. As she did so, I could see that my first impression was correct – her ‘top’ was made of a white material that appeared to be little thicker than your average stocking. As her navel was revealed, I could clearly make out her tummy button through the thin material, which made my interest in seeing her bra even greater.

She continued to pull the bright pink jumper up over her body until it became very clear – as the lower curve of her breasts appeared – that she had not bothered wearing a bra. Up and up her jumper went until I could finally see her breasts in their full glory. Hidden as they were canlı poker oyna by the thin white material of her ‘body’, we now once again see her dark brown nipples, which were as stiff as I remembered from the last time I saw them. Her beautiful firm breasts were uninterrupted by bikini lines of any sort so it was clear that she either sunbathed topless or spent a lot of time in the solarium. Since the material of her body was fairly tight, her breasts were slightly flattened and held up firmly for us to see.

I glanced over at Petra who was obviously as surprised as I was. Daniela had by now pulled the jumper up over her head and now sat calmly in front of us with her breasts freely visible to anyone who might come in. Daniela’s top was sleeveless and had thin white spaghetti straps over her shoulders to hold it in place.

I felt Petra’s hand on my thigh and looked at her. Her eyes were gleaming with excitement. It was now clear to all of us that there was going to be a repeat performance of our last evening together. The rules of the game had obviously changed in some subtle way and now we were also free to play around as we saw fit. I was just about to lean forwards and suggest something to Petra when the curtain was pulled back. Our waitress came back in.

To my surprise, Daniela made no attempt to cover herself. She continued as if sitting almost topless in front of a group of people in a restaurant was the most natural thing in the world. The next surprise was that the waitress acted as if there was nothing out of the ordinary. She continued to take our orders and wrote them down on her small note pad.

As she disappeared, pulling the curtain shut behind her, Petra broke the stunned silence with the question that was also on the tip of my lips.

‘What is going on here? Didn’t she notice that you are sitting there exposed for the world to see?’

‘First of all, I’m not exposing myself for the whole world – just for you three – and the staff of course – and secondly, this is a rather special restaurant, as you will see as the evening progresses. In the mean time, Petra, are you wearing a bra under that rather nice blouse of yours?’

‘Er, yes.’ Petra flushed red.

‘Don’t you think it would be rather nice if you let the two boys – and me of course – see what you are wearing for us today?’

‘Er, I don’t know. I mean … what about the waitress? This is a public restaurant!’

‘Well yes and no. It is a public restaurant, but only for members and their guests. And the waitress has seen a lot more than a very attractive woman in her bra, believe me.’

‘I don’t know. I’ve never done anything like that before.’

She looked at me. I encouraged her with a shrug and a smile before Daniela spoke again.

‘A couple of weeks ago, you had never sat in your knickers and watched someone give her husband a blow-job or held another man’s cock while he came and while your husband watched … but you enjoyed that didn’t you?’

‘Yes, of course I did as you well know, but …’

Just at that moment, the curtain twitched and in came the waitress and a second person. Daniela and James simply grinned at the dumb-struck expressions on our faces. Both the blonde woman and the man with her were dressed only in their underwear! The blonde was tall and slim with a flat stomach and small breasts encased in a semi-transparent fuchsia-coloured silk bra. The shadowy outline of her nipples could just be made out through the shiny material. She was wearing a matching thong that covered so little of her crotch that it was hard to believe that she was not shaved underneath. The back of her thong disappeared between two tight peachy buttocks that had so little fat on them that they looked as if they were permanently clenched.

The other surprise was the man. He was tall and slim with dark hair and a smooth hairless chest above a six-pack stomach that could have come straight out of some kind of T.V. advertisement. He was tanned from top to toe – presumably from a solarium – and wearing a silk thong/pouch that appeared to be identical to the woman’s in both colour and style. Seeing that the material was so thin, the shape of his cock lying nestled in the pink silk material was clearly visible – you could even make out the rim around the crown! I briefly wondered how much support the pouch would provide if he ever got excited.

Once they had served our main course, the two of them disappeared with a smile and pulled the curtain shut behind them. For the next few minutes all of us concentrated on eating, trying to ignore the previous conversation and the sexual tension that was in the air as a result.

After we had all finished, I felt rather than saw a movement at my side and looked over to see Petra unbuttoning her blouse. She popped the buttons open one-by-one making sure that the blouse was held shut in the middle as she pulled it out from the waistband of her skirt. Unbuttoning the cuffs, she looked over at me with a smile and pulled her blouse open and off her shoulders. She was wearing a bra that I had never seen before. It was a half-cup internet casino bra made of pale lilac-coloured lace and did little more than to support her small breasts, presenting them to us all and exposing her erect nipples, which jutted out over the top of the lace support.

‘Bravo Petra! I’ve been looking forward to seeing your breasts again ever since last time!’

‘I Just hope that there will be some reciprocation later!’

‘Hey, you’ve already seen me naked – but don’t worry, you’ll get your return payment later on!’

‘Hmm, I’m looking forward to that. So, Daniela, how about you show us your knickers – assuming you’re wearing any that is.’

‘Of course I am!’

Daniela looked at me and stood up so that the bottom of her black mini-skirt came just below the rim of the table. Reaching down, she took hold of the lower edge of her black pleated skirt and looked at us both, grinning in anticipation.

‘So, how much would you like to see? This much?’

She tugged the skirt up until it was just below her crotch. We could now see her slim smooth thighs but nothing else.


‘I agree!’

‘Hmm. This much?’

She lifted the skirt again until a sliver of pale yellow appeared between her thighs, curving smoothly over her pussy.

‘Keep going!’

Daniela pulled the black pleats higher and higher until the front panel of her panties was revealed in its entirety. The panties were pale yellow in colour with small white ‘daisy-like’ flowers embroidered on them. Narrowly cut where they wrapped themselves around her pussy, they arched up over her hips in a narrow band. The waistband was a simple thin elasticised strip where the material was sewn onto the elastic. Turning to face away from us, Daniela looked over her shoulder and grinned.

‘And now for the reverse view!’

With that, she flipped the mini-skirt up over her back and spread her legs as far as the seating arrangement would allow. Just as I was feasting my eyes on the thong that was pulled tightly between her buttocks, Daniela bent forwards and placed her hands on the seat behind her. In doing so, she pulled the pale yellow material even more tightly against her pussy so that I could now make out the narrow furrow of her quim.

I almost leapt into the air as a hand touched my stiffening cock. Petra grinned at my reaction.

‘Enjoying this are we?’

‘No kidding! Why don’t you give us a flash too?’


Leaping up and standing next to Daniela, Petra wriggled her hips to get her tight skirt up to her waist. In doing so, she revealed a pair of pale lilac panties that matched her bra. Through the lace front panel we could clearly make out the trimmed patch of pubic hair lying crushed underneath the tight wrapping. Turning around, Petra adopted the same pose as Daniela. Petra wasn’t wearing panties as I had expected – she had bought a thong and worn it especially for this evening. We were now in a perfect position to compare the two women. Daniela was broader and curvier than Petra and had a more rounded bum. Petra was more the slim teenager type with a body that was clearly trimmed through all the sport that she did.

Just then, the curtain opened and our ‘friends’ returned to clear the table. They both stopped and stared at our wives, standing their with their skirts pulled up over their backs; their knickers on display. The blonde was the first to react.

‘Very nice – maybe I should take part too?’

‘We’d love you to!’ James bubbled out.

‘I bet, but unfortunately I am not allowed to take part in any guests activities …’


By now Daniela and Petra had pulled their skirts back down and now sat back in their seats, their faces slightly red from embarrassment … or was it excitement? The blonde smiled.

‘It kind of depends on Jamey here.’

She turned and looked at her colleague.

‘Can I trust you to keep quiet about this?’

‘Sure. Anything.’

‘Careful what you promise!’

‘Just try me!’

‘OK, I think I will.’

With that, she reached up and pushed the shoulder straps of her bra over her shoulders and tugged the fuchsia coloured bra down to expose a pair of tiny breasts; golden brown with pale café crème coloured nipples that were already jutting out in excitement. As we all watched, enraptured, she took each nipple between finger and thumb of each hand and tugged and twisted them gently until they were fully erect. She turned to her colleague.

‘So Jamey – now it’s your turn. These guys have been getting a good show up until now, but there has been nothing for the ladies. Why don’t you give them a little something to remind them of their evening here?’

Jamey looked a bit confused.

‘What exactly do you …’

The blonde woman gave him no chance to complete his sentence. Reaching down with one hand, she ran her fingers along the length of his pouch where it encased his already-growing cock. As soon as she reached the tip, she slipped her fingers inside the narrow waistband and tugged the pouch down. His cock, released from its restraint sprang out and bobbed in front of him. Smooth and long, with a circumcised head, it stood out proudly for everyone to see. Grinning embarrassedly, he shoved one hand inside his pants to adjust his balls and get comfortable.

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