Good Girls Go Bad


I open up my dorm room door and throw myself on the bed exhausted. Why did I ever think signing up for morning classes was a good idea?

“Hi Kasey,” I say to my roommate who is sitting at her desk pouring over piles of chemistry homework.

“Hi Em,” she says back to me without looking up.

I never understood how she could get so engrossed in her studying. I study for 15 minutes and have to leave to go smoke a cigarette.

“I am going to go take a shower,” I say to her while struggling to get up and go over to my tiny closet and grab my shower stuff.

Dorm rooms are a joke. They take two strangers and throw them in a closet and expect them to not go crazy. It’s hard enough to study jammed up against someone, let alone have a social life. Or a sex life at that. Not that it was a problem for Kasey. Kasey is a down home, all American girl next store virgin. I was the complete and utter opposite of her. I have a long enough list of one night stands for the both of us. I have been known to get so….desperate? drunk?…who knows, to wake up in some sorority girl’s bed after what I would only assume to be some sort of a “girls gone wild” kind of night. I prefer cock but there is something about a drunk college girl that turns her into a fabulous pussy eater. Mmmm.

Thinking about this in the showers is getting me kind of hot, but I think twice about masturbating in the communal bathrooms for my dorms entire floor. I decided that I would just have to wait, though it was tempting since it was nearly impossible to ever have enough privacy in the room to release my urges with little virgin Kasey around.

I finish up in the shower and walk back to the room in my towel. When I get back to the room, Kasey is still in the same spot over her books. I go to my closet and slip my panties on under my towel and turn away from her while I hook my bra on. I don’t care about changing in front of people, but it seems to make Kasey uncomfortable. Not like she is even paying attention to me. I throw a t-shirt on and plop on the bed in my panties. It is so hot out today.

“Geeze Emma, put some clothes on!” Kasey says after finally catching a glimpse of my outfit.

“Quit being such a prude! It’s like 100 degrees out,” I snap back at her.

She sighs and turns back to her homework. I pull out my psychology book and start to read the chapter we are going over this week but discard it after a few minutes and lay on my back listening to my iPod and drift off to sleep.

I few hours later I wake up and Kasey is gone. I look at the clock and it is dinner time. Fuck, I think, did I really sleep for that long? I get up and pull on a short jean skirt and start applying my make-up. Just as I was about to grab my purse and head out to grab some food, Kasey walked through the door with a bag of something that smells amazing.

“Oh good, I got us some Chinese food. I hope you like beef with broccoli and pork fried rice,” Kasey says.

“Are you kidding? That sounds amazing! How much do I owe you?” I exclaim opening my wallet.

“Oh, that’s alright, it’s on me. And my lab partner scored a case of wine from her older poker oyna brother and gave me a bottle for doing our lab report. I don’t really drink, but what the heck! Do you want to share it with me?” Kasey says holding up a bottle of red wine that she pulled out of her shoulder bag.

“Awesome!” I say. I will take free alcohol any day. And it was refreshing to see Kasey loosen up a little bit.

Our beds pressed lengthwise up against the wall end to end. We sat on my bed with our backs against the wall, the Chinese boxes between us, drinking wine out of plastic cups. I looked over at Kasey and even with only one glass her cheeks were all pink and she had that buzzed look in her eyes. She really wasn’t kidding when she said she never drinks.

“Emma,” she says after a while of silence and chewing, “when you came home the other night…Saturday night…when you came home drunk after that party…I heard you…you know…?”

“Oh fuck, I’m sorry Kasey! Sometimes when I am drunk I forget that you are here and just go for it,” I apologize knowing that she was talking about when masturbated the other night. I was so drunk that I forgot to even try and be quiet. I figured Kasey was asleep though when she didn’t say or do anything.

“No, it’s alright. It was actually kind of…sexy. I’m sorry I don’t know what I am saying!” Kasey stammers. She downs the wine in her cup and tries to avoid my gaze.

I stare at her with new eyes. I never thought of Kasey in that way because well, she just never made me think that way. She was actually pretty damn hot. For a nerd. She had long red hair, green eyes, she stood about 5’6″ with a curvy frame.

“Em!” She said only sounding half mad when she looked back at me and caught me full on staring at her full breasts. Damn. Those had to be like at least a C. Maybe bigger. The little tank top she had on showed them off nicely. I start to think that maybe the wine is going to my head a little too.

“Anyways, why did you bring that up? About me hearing me on Saturday night?” I say trying to change the subject. I look at her and can really tell that the wine has hit her and smile a little bit at how different she looks.

“Oh, well, it’s just…I don’t think I have ever had an orgasm…” she says shyly, “how do you tell if you have? I mean, it sounds like you REALLY enjoyed yours…”

“Oh man! Well all I can say is that you will know when you have one,” I say a little in shock. How can you have never had an orgasm?! “Kasey, it’s like the best feeling in the world. It’s an overwhelming feeling of pleasure,” I explain.

“Yea, I don’t think I have had one,” she says a little flatly, almost disappointed.

“Well, what do you do when you masturbate if you don’t mind me asking,” I asked seriously interested, shifting in my seat and clenching my thighs fully aware of the warmth rising between my legs.

“Oh well, umm, I just…push a finger in and out for a while. I mean it feels good and everything, but I never feel like you sounded the other night…” she says avoiding my eyes again. I take this opportunity to take a look at those gorgeous tits. Thank goodness it is hot out canlı poker oyna today and she is in a tight little tank top. All the sudden it hits me.

“Well, do you want to watch me? I can show you what I do,” I say only thinking about how much I want to rub my throbbing clit right now.

“No!” she says with a shock, “I mean, wouldn’t that be weird? I am not a lesbian or anything. Are you?”

“No, you don’t have to be a lesbian to be open with your body and your sexuality sweetie,” I say giving her a sexy little smile. “Plus this will be purely educational. And I don’t might.”

“Well…okay I guess…but only if you don’t might. And only because it is educational. Just don’t tell anyone okay?” she says with a little doubt in her voice.

“Of course not,” I say standing up and stripping down to my bra and panties. “Just let me know if anything starts to make you feel uncomfortable and you want me to stop. But I think you are going to enjoy this more then you think.” I give her a smile and sit back down on the bed facing her with my legs bent and my feet flat on the bed and my legs open.

She scoots a little further away from me but turns towards me.

“Okay, first thing you are going to want to do is spend some time on your tits because they are really sensitive. It feels so fucking good to have someone suck on them, but you can squeeze and pinch them and get yourself all warmed up,” I say to her and she nods at me. She looks a little scared but interested. I squeeze my tits through my bra and slip a hand under to rub my nipple. When I satisfied that this really isn’t going to freak her out, I unclasp my bra and toss it aside.

I squeeze my breasts together while pinching the nipples and look up to see her staring intently at what I am doing. I lick two of my fingers and run it over my nipple and pinch at them until they are nice and hard. “Mmmmm” I moan as I do this trying to communicate to her how I feel. Still holding and playing with my tit in my left hand, I slowly lower my right hand down my stomach to my panty covered mound. I rub lightly at the material and feel my wetness through the material.

Kasey is watching my hand very attentively while she fidgets a little. This is totally turning her on and I close my eyes and let my moans escape from my lips as I rub my clit through my pants a little harder.

“Okay,” I say stopping and watch her jump a little as I stand up since she didn’t expect me to break the moment like that. “Now that I am really fucking hot and worked up, I am going to take off my panties and get into it a little more. Feel free to join in at any time,” I say watching the redness burn in her cheeks with embarrassment. “Kase, it’s perfectly normal to think another girl that is getting off is hot. It doesn’t make you a lesbian. It actually might even help. But I don’t want you to do anything you aren’t comfortable with.”

“Well, maybe I will just take my pants off…” she says getting up and pulling them off. Oh my, she has the nicest legs. Now I am really ready to go.

“Alright, like I said, join in if you feel the urge,” I say with a smile. I return to my same position internet casino on the bed and cup my left tit again and start to rub my throbbing clit. I close my eyes and lean my head back. “Ohhhhhh fuck,” I moan, dropping my left hand and rubbing my wetness up and down my slit while my right hand still works on my clit. I open my eyes and see Kasey rubbing her clit through the thin cotton fabric of her panties and this nearly puts me over the edge.

“Oh god Kasey, that’s so hot. You are making me so wet, mmmmm,” I moan and she doesn’t seem to be phased by this anymore and just continues watching my hands work on my pussy.

“You can take off you panties too. It’s alright. Ooooohhhh, yes. It feels so good,” I moan again and start to thrust two fingers into my pussy as she stands up and peels her wet panties off. She rubs her fingers up and down her wet pussy lips and I can see how dripping wet her cunt is.

“Ooooo, god, I am so close,” I moan as I start humping my fingers and rubbing faster at my clit. “Oooo, I am cumming! Cuuummmiinnggg!” My orgasm rolls through me as my pussy clamps down on my fingers and my juices gush. My legs shake and then my climax subsides. I look Kasey straight in the face while I lick my fingers clean.

“Mmmmm, that was so hot Em,” she says to me through ragged breathes as she rubs up and down her pussy. I watch her gasp as she inserts two fingers into her tight pussy. She starts pumping them slowly and her pussy makes slurping sounds as she moves her fingers in and out. I can’t take it anymore.

“You know Kase, it might help you cum if I help you a little bit. Just for educational purposes of course,” I purr as I lick my lips. She looks a little frightens but the pleasure seems to overcome her and she nods.

“Just lay back on the bed and pull your legs up and spread you legs,” I say while crawl over between her legs and looking down at her hot pussy. I kiss the inside of her thigh and feel her tense up and her breathing get deep. I get my face right up close to her pussy and then lick the entire length of it from bottom to top. She gasps and bucks her hips involuntarily at my face.

“Do you like that?” I ask even though I know what the answer is going to be.

“Don’t stop Emma. It feels so good,” she moans. I clamp my lips around her clit and start to suck it which causes her to moan louder. She is arching her back and I look up and she is playing with her tits. Never in a million years did I think that I would ever have my tongue on this girl’s clit while she pinched her nipples and grinded her pussy into my face. I insert two fingers into her sopping wet cunt and slide them in and out slowly.

“Ooooh yes, fuck my pussy,” Kasey moans and pushed her pussy harder into my face. I start to pump my fingers faster and flick her clit with my tongue.

“Ooooooo fffuuucccckkk,” she moans as she reachs down and pushes my hand harder into her cunt. Very suddenly she is cumming all over my hand. Her juices are flowing and I lick hard at her clit until she stops shaking. She goes limp and sit up and look at her. She looks like a slutty mess and I laugh to myself.

“And that is an orgasm,” I say to her with a laugh.

“Emma?” she says looks up at me and says.


“We are going to have to do that more often,” she says with a smile and lays back and closes her eyes.

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