Good Grief Ch. 01


Hello everyone,

After reading stories on this site for years I decided to finally write one of my own. I have to admit I’m a little nervous and thrilled to put myself out there but I welcome all constructive criticism. I’ve had a couple of issues finding an editor so you’re interested in the story feel free to contact me. Thanks for reading and Enjoy!


The chime of the microwave snapped Sienna out of her daze. She pushed the button to open the microwave latch, clumsily shifted feet and almost tripped over. She was able to salvage most of her snack which consisted of a mini bag of popcorn. The corners of her mouth twitched a smile when she smelled the aroma.

There’s nothing quite like the smell of fresh popcorn on your snack break. You’re the instant envy of your co-workers. Sienna needed the distraction, today more than ever.

She was thinking about him again. Today she remembered because it was his birthday. She inevitably relived five years ago, when her world fell apart. How he must’ve felt, what had he been thinking of? Was he terrified those last moments or brave or both? What did Sienna last say to him? Did he know how much he meant to her?

When it happened, her boss told her to take some time off to regroup. But that was the last thing she wanted to do. She wanted to stay busy and not let her thoughts invade and take over.

She couldn’t stop running. She needed to keep running. She just wanted to forget. Eventually she began to heal but every year on his birthday, she remembered.

Sienna sighed, she really should call her mom but she couldn’t bear to hear her voice laced with pain.

She trudged over to her cubicle passing the floor to ceiling windows showcasing Manhattan’s skyline. Her four inch peep-toe heels clicked as she walked on the highly polished granite floors. Her legs carried her voluptuous curves hidden in her unflattering gray suit. She worked in the most prestigious law firm in downtown Manhattan; she made a good living and rubbed elbows with influential people.

But as she exhaled plopping down in her chair, today was a day she did not want to be there. She pushed her black framed glasses to her face and they collided with her long thick eyelashes like they always did. Her honey colored eyes looked absently out the window. She grabbed a notebook and started doodling which ended up being a sketch of the view.

She was 25 years old and had graduated top of her class in college. As a freshman, she thought she had it all figured out. When she graduated class of 2008, the financial meltdown occurred. The workforce would never be the same for anyone… especially for recent grads.

She interned at Lloyd, Schmidt and Taylor her sophomore year to keep her options open. They liked her so much they insisted she come back the following summer.

Of course that summer was when it happened, when her perfect plans and her naïve outlook on life crumbled.

The associates at the firm had been very compassionate and understanding, it felt natural to accept the job offer when it became available right after graduation. She worked in the International Mergers and Acquisitions department as a consultant. It helped that she was fluent in 4 languages, which were Spanish, German, French and Italian and she was quickly learning Arabic.

All these languages she yearned to use in their respective countries when she finally traveled to her dream destinations. She had been saving up for a while now and hoped to be able to go somewhere, anywhere that required a flight of at least 4 hours preferably another continent.

She often debated whether to pursue law school but was just so tired of school. And today she was tired of it all. She was all caught up with her work but didn’t want to make a show out of it because she just needed to take a breather.

She impassively looked at the clock and it read 3:12pm. Ugh. Could the day go by any slower?

She looked around her cubicle and wondered why someone would design such a horrible space?

These fake wall barriers were there as if to prevent you from escaping. Cube, cage, cave or home whatever it is; however you saw it, you were stuck. Some days it was her cave other days it was her cage.

Today it was definitely her cage.

Even though she was surrounded by sleek modern furniture, she felt suffocated. It was all too perfect and days like today it made her want to puke. She guessed it’s better than most other places.

It’s almost like putting a decorative throw pillow into the cage of that pathetic orangutan she saw in the Bronx zoo when she was little. That poor creature looked out of the iron bars with sad eyes wondering when he was going to cash in his vacation time.

So that was her in a gilded cage and today she sported those same sad eyes.

No… She had to stop being so damn pessimistic. She had a good job for God’s sake! She was healthy; she had people who loved her and had a promising career. How many people could say that? But still she wondered when she traded her idealist dreams for reality.

She Anadolu Yakası Sınırsız Escort looked at the clock again, it had barely moved to 3:25pm.

“Oh my God!” she huffed a little too loud and caught the glance of a co-worker walking by.

She felt the heat of embarrassment flutter through her mocha colored skin. She tried to play it off by scratching her neck a little. She needed to get out of here, she wondered if anyone would notice. As soon as that thought surfaced, her boss Mr. Stein came around the corner.

“So how are you doing today Sienna?” he asked.

She cringed a little inside at the question but pulled off an, “I’m doing well sir. Thank you for asking.”

He looked her over with his kind eyes and ran his hands through his silver hair and said, “Why don’t you go ahead and get out of here, Sienna. I know full and well you’ve finished those reports.”

Was he reading her mind? She thought. “Oh no, I couldn’t Mr. Stein,” she replied.

“Nonsense, you get out of here before I call security and have you removed,” he said in a fatherly tone. “Besides, I’m sure you’ll find your way to Century 21 on the way home,” he said in a teasing tone.

She quirked a smile gathered her belongings and walked out of her cage. “See you tomorrow Mr. Stein,” she said on the way out.

Stepping out into the street she breathed a deep pull of air.

There is a God and thank Him for Mr. Stein.

It was May and not quite cold or hot in New York City. But if you’ve ever been to New York City you’ll know that the wind is always the culprit. She pulled out a light scarf and wrapped it around her neck and started walking uptown towards Church and Broadway.

She was headed towards her favorite place, her sanctuary, where she felt at peace. Century 21 was a shoe store that had every shoe you could think of. It was a little overrated she knew but still she loved it. That was just the place to get her out of her funk. Since it was Friday, the block-long store was going to be ‘bustin out the seams’ with people. She somehow found solace in the throngs of people all trying to find a deal.

As she walked, she was quiet in her thoughts letting her senses override with the smells, the sounds, people accidental bumping their shoulders with hers. She loved it here.

Her mother Sharon almost had a panic attack when Sienna told her she was moving to the City. Sharon begged and pleaded but Sienna would not relent. Sharon tried to convince her to stay in Hoboken, NJ.

“It’s only across the river,” she would say. “The city is too dangerous.”

But Sienna needed to be independent and live on her own. She wasn’t reckless or irresponsible, if anything she was little too boring.

She lived at home and commuted while she was in college because she couldn’t afford living on campus but now she wanted to be in the City. She loved her mom but she needed her own space. Sharon agreed, not that she really had a choice but requested Sienna take a self-defense class.

Sienna ended up taking and falling in love with Krav Maga. She loved the being able to kick some ass and getting a good workout in.

Not that she thought there was any hope for the rest of her body. Her thighs, hips and ass were too big. Her 34DD her breasts were too big to fit into any decent tops without looking like a hooker or so she thought. She did however thank God for at least having a tiny waist and a tight stomach which had subtle muscle definition.

She surprised herself with the Krav Maga class because of her shy demeanor how much feral power she could release. It helped her confidence immensely.

After her “shoe fix”, Sienna walked back to her apartment. When Sienna settled in she looked down at her phone and noticed she had several missed calls. There was one from her older sister Suzy followed up by a text, a call from her best friend Nicole and surprisingly a call from her dad. The last messages were 2 calls from her mom and a text that simply said, “I love you.”

She hit the call button, “Hey Ma, Yea I know I was thinking of Sean all day today. Yup he would’ve been 24.”


A week earlier, Jason Bane leaned against the door and his blue-grey eyes looked towards his desk.

His imposing office was evidence to all he achieved in his 28 years. The hand craved grand mahogany desk and matching wall to wall shelf unit dwarfed in comparison to the massive room. The décor was a tasteful mesh between ostentatious and minimalistic pieces.

A plush leather sofa sat in one corner with a thick rug and coffee table. The large flat screen TV hung on the wall, it was convenient for video conference calls or to catch up on a game.

The well-stocked bar held every alcoholic beverage and imported cigars you could think of and a full bathroom in the other corner. The large windows were gateway to the cityscape, there was an eerie light as the sun was setting to the west.

The only personal item Anadolu Yakası Suriyeli Escort he displayed in his entire office was a wallet sized photo in a small wood frame of his mother and him as a baby.

At the moment a platinum blonde lithe figure was bending over his desk wiggling her ass. The stark contrast of her blonde and porcelain skin with her tiny black skirt and the mahogany desk made his dick jump and lengthen. She had already removed her shirt and bra.

He pushed himself off the door frame and stood his full impressive height of 6’4″ and stalked over to his prey.

He stopped an inch from her ass and bent slightly whispering in ear, “You sure you know what you’re doing little girl?”

The girl visibly shivered at the expectation. She could smell his clean earthy smell with a hint of aftershave and couldn’t wait for what he had in store for her. As he moved his hand down her back and could already smell her scent of desire for him. When he reached her ass he rubbed it gently and she moaned appreciatively.

And then ‘smack’ the sound resounded loudly. She moaned and whimpered again. He lifted his hand and ‘smack’ again and again on her ass cheek.

He had always been an ‘ass man’. To him there was nothing better than a woman with an hourglass figure and a beautiful round ass. He liked having a little something to hold on to. He just couldn’t understand women wanting to be so thin they looked like prepubescent boys.

He looked down at the ass in front of him and although not quite the size he preferred she would have to do. He used both hands and slipped it under her skirt and slowly pulled it up. His arms of steel were evidence of his perfectly carved physique. He exercised regularly and took great care of his body. He smirked when he saw the hot pink flesh as evidence of his rough hands.

“Damn baby I want you so bad!” she screeched.

For some reason her voice sounded like nails scratching a chalkboard. He grimaced at the sound. His right hand went up and covered her mouth and whispered in her ear saying, “Sshh keep quiet.”

He felt her tremble under him. He stopped rubbing her ass cheek and slipped a thick finger in her pussy folds to see how wet she was. When he pulled it out he saw her juices dripping from his finger. He pulled it out and stuffed it in her mouth for her enjoy. She eagerly licked her juices and whimpered in expectation of what was next. He slipped his finger in her pussy lips again but this time held it there while he maneuvered and found her spot. When she started trembling he knew she was close.

He brushed her clit with his thumb making her gasp. He kept rubbing her clit until he felt her juices flowing on his hand. When she was a second away from cuming he withdrew his hand.

“Noooo!” in a whiny tone, “I was so close baby. Please… please let me cum.”

He stepped back and unzipped his zipper and let his dick bounce freely from its confines. He rolled the rubber on his thick long length and stroked it a couples times. He pushed so she was bent all the way over the desk and spread her legs out even more using his knees.

She felt the slight breeze tickling her slit. He grabbed her hips raised them up and angled her a bit and slammed her onto his dick. She immediately screamed and started convulsing. Her pussy started squeezing his dick nicely.

He let out a “fuck” but didn’t let up from bouncing her on his dick.

He could feel muscles ripple as he kept complete control of her movements. He kept the pace while moving one hand to her neck and squeezing lightly. She moaned and whimpered and he felt her juices flow more freely. Pretty soon he felt her start responding to the assault in kind.

She started murmuring “faster”… “harder”…”yea just like that”… “Fuck this dirty little girl’s pussy.”

He was close but he wanted to bring her over one more time. He moved the hand that was on her neck down to her breasts and gave the left one a squeeze. He found the nipple and started pulling and twisting. She was panting hard breaths. He kept pulling and twisting then shifted her in his arms to pay the same attention to the right breast all the while pounding her pussy relentlessly.

He could hear her mumbling incoherently and moved his hand down her stomach and found her clit and gave it a pinch. She let out a long wail and started shaking her orgasm. When he was about to explode, he pulled out. He turned her around, pulled off his condom and squirted in her face and mouth.

“Damn that was good, thanks,” he said.

She couldn’t even catch her breath. She sounded like an asthmatic with a full blown attack.

He walked in the en-suite bathroom grabbed some tissues and disposed of his rubber and washed his hands. If it wasn’t for his dick hanging out and his disheveled brown hair you couldn’t tell anything different about him as he was still fully clothed. He straightened himself out and walked out.

She accepted the tissues he handed her and went to the bathroom.

When she came out she Anadolu Yakası İranlı Escort was impeccable, pearl necklace and all. One would have never guessed what transpired. She smiled and sailed, “Jason as always a pleasure. I should get going, Dexter is probably wondering where I am. We’re meeting up for dinner.”

He nodded and said in a neutral tone, “I trust you can find your way out.”

When she left and he didn’t spare another glance at her.

He did however wondered what her husband thought about all of this. They had an ‘open marriage’ and she was ready and willing for him whenever Jason wanted. And Jason always got what he wanted.

Not that Jason would have it any other way. He was the eternal bachelor. There wasn’t anyone who could keep his attention long enough, so he enjoyed the variety. He was always upfront and honest. He made sure the female understood there was no hope of a relationship with him.

For some reason that always left him with vapid model types that were only interested in what they could get from him.

As he drove to his penthouse suite condo he thought about all the things he would have to do in the morning and all the clients he had to engage. Of course he would have to interact with his father.

He had been estranged from him most of his life.

He was raised by his mother in Brooklyn, Park Slope specifically from the age of 8. They lived in a nice brownstone apartment where his mother still lived. His mom worked as a nurse and always provided anything he needed. When he started college he vowed to do whatever was necessary to make her life comfortable.

So Jason was dumbfounded his junior year when his father Richard contacted him and wanted to have lunch. He agreed more out of curiosity to see if he looked anything like him. He hadn’t seen his father in 12 years.

He reviewed his father’s features and noticed they had the same chiseled face and blue-gray eyes. Their noses and hair were nearly identical but he was glad they didn’t share the same shape of mouth. For some reason Jason was relieved to know he wouldn’t be close to spurting the bullshit his father was about to say.

But when his father spoke, he seemed awkward and was seemingly sheepish and remorseful. This humble attitude knocked some of Jason’s defenses down. Richard kept asking him about his school and his future. So when Richard offered Jason an internship, Jason saw an opportunity.

First off, a job with his father would enable Jason to pay off any student loans or debt he accumulated and he would make sure his mother was taken care of. Second of all he could stick it to his old man, who he would forever consider an asshole.

His father, Jason found out was the fucking President and CEO of Bane International. The Bane building was that huge skyscraper Jason would walk by on Broadway and Liberty Street every other day. All this time, his father was in that building that bore their family name. Richard’s parents died in a plane crash when Jason was little.

Jason was fresh out of college and had an appetite for success. Richard thought it was indication Jason had forgiven his transgressions but in fact, Jason could care less about the old man. To Jason his father abandoned them and was dead to him.

He may carry his name but not by choice. When he was 15, he wanted to change it to his mother’s maiden name of Rossini but his mom wouldn’t let him. She said that like it or not his father was his father. She would tell Jason, he couldn’t deny his heritage just make wise decisions to shape his legacy.

Ever since Jason joined the prominent financial firm he bulldozed his way to the top. And now as Chief Operations Officer he was involved in every aspect of the company. Jason made sure to stretch his tentacles out and make himself indispensable. With his ingenious strategies and ruthless tactics his reputation was well known. Jason thought back on how he vowed to play the part of dutiful son for his own benefit. Unfortunately making deals with the devil always had consequences. Throughout the years Jason could see where he’d changed. Sometimes, he couldn’t even recognize himself anymore. He would catch himself displaying his father’s asshole-ish behavior. He supposed money, power and ambition did that to anyone.

Jason hadn’t talked or visited his mom in months.

Jason’s mother Francis had been a beautiful driven young lady. She had raven black hair and smoldering blue eyes with golden skin. She met Richard at a bowling alley with her friends one Saturday night. He swept her off her feet and courted her until she relented and gave herself to him.

Francis was 20 when she had gotten pregnant with Jason and still in college. She had wanted to become a Doctor but had to settle for a nurse. Richard married Francis because his family found out about the baby and would not tolerate tarnish on the family name. To have a child out of wedlock was an unforgivable sin. Richard was young and stupid and thought he could still act single while married.

Meanwhile, Richard accumulated wealth through this family’s connections, making it obvious that money and power were his only priorities. Francis endured 8 years of Richard ignoring her and her son, gallivanting in all of New York’s five boroughs. She finally had enough and left him, she left Richard a note leaving her mother’s address if he ever wanted to have a relationship with his son.

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