Good Mother From Train Was Sex Starved


Good Mother From Train Was Sex StarvedAfter getting into milfs and couples I was so horny whole days for one month. I was waiting to explore a lady more wildly and harder. Anyway thinking of this whole night passed away. Next day I m leaving my home town via prasanthi express from bangalore to bhubaneswar.Ola cab dropped me at station and went to my seat. I was unaware of my co passenger as most of times men’s or old ladies around. Just before departure a lady with 2 k**s came, politely asked excuse me is this s7,yes mam, she said thanks. She went on placing her luggage, train departed on time. Then she said to her c***ds jai jaganath & hearing that I just smiled.During that time I was no intention to see her in my lusty eyes. Moreover I was so happy to see a lady with lots of devotions and caring her two cute c***ds. She has a 2 yr girl c***d & 5 yr boy. Her girl is so naughty roaming here and there, playing with her moms’ mobile.As a good mother she made her lunch & two c***dren occupied two upper berths. Beside me there is a 65 year old lady and her husband around 65years. Both were coming from some ritual festival. I was glancing this lady once in a while & ours eyes met once, she asked me in English.Lady-hi…where r you going?Me-hello…bhubaneswar…U mam??Lady-bhubaneswar…with a smile.Me- your c***ds are so cute mam, beautiful eyes.Lady-yes.Me-i guess they have your eyes mam. She just blushed.Lady-so what you do?? It guy??Me-yes you got ryt, u??Lady- I work in a mnc as a senior analyst, now returning to my mom’s place for a short holiday for 10 days.Me- nyc. Where is sir??Lady-he is also an it guy; unfortunately he is in sweden for ericson.Me-wow nice family you has mam.Lady-dot call me mam, I m not your hr, call me ipsita.Free Sex Videos BlogMe-nice talking with you ipsita.Then we had some general conversations regarding job & life, at 2.30 I had my lunch. Due to tiredness I slept as both of older cpls beside me asked me to lift the berth. She was talking with her hubby, around 4 pm I woke up & she was placing her legs on my seat, listening songs.All of sudden for first time I was horny by seeing a beautiful sexy fair bursa escort legs. I thought lets smell her finger. knowingly I touched her legs but surprisingly she was ok smiled, wooowww.Suddenly she placed both of her legs on my seat. She was wearing a blue sari with a tight blouse. Around 35 age,36 30 36,fair like milk, round oval face, curly hairs, thin lips, with wonder her milky legs are clearly viewing me. I think she knows I m watching her legs & she parted her legs.Wow she was in a white panty…ohh shit I was so horny seeing her inner. Suddenly I sat and with lots of courage I started glancing her eye to eye. I removed my shoe, started touching her legs, & this beautiful lady is also touching me side by side.Free Sex Videos BlogThis went for around 10 min, around 6 pm she charged her laptop as both of c***dren demanded they want to watch a movie.I was so horny due to her acts, started watching porn’s on my iphone, the catering boy came for dinner. Unknowingly I placed my phone on my seat & gave money to boy. Suddenly I went bathroom to fresh. I was washing my face in bathroom I wondered wtf I have left my iphone on seat with porn on.Rushed to my seat surprisingly she as with my iphone & smiling, what?? She gave my iphone, asked my number. I gave her my number, had my dinner & prepared to sleep.A message came around 8.30, hay you have nice collections. Pls send me some videos, without any doubt I knew this is her message. I was so ashamed & in a moment I send her some videos. I slept around 9 pm, at 11pm I felt someone pinching nails to my butt.She was pinching her legs to me, I woke up. Both of her c***dren’s are sleeping on upper berth, she said hay could you come near bathroom I need to change my sari. Unwillingly I went behind her, she went in, all the peoples sleeping.She knocked the door, slightly opened the door asked me to come in, I thought wow again fortune favors the brave ones. As soon as I went in she hugged me like a hungry c***d & started kissing me.I was so fear to do all this in a moving trains bathroom. I nodded said pls do fast it’s not a good idea to do all this in a train. But she said bursa escort bayan pls just make me cum once. Doubtly I pressed her boobs, slapped her cheeks, she was enjoying these acts.She removed her sari and blouse wow she is in a white pair of inners, ripe big mangoes asking me to suck her harder. I lifted her hand started licking her armpit, wow salty wet sweat made me so horny, due to short time.Suddenly I pulled down her panty and sniffed her pussy & placed my cock, ramped her for 3 min. I dint enjoyed at all, I came out & resting near my seat. She came with a big smile, a tight red chudidar.I messaged her did you enjoyed?? She said yess, asked me can we meet at bhubaneswar?? Wow I said yes. Suddenly she gave me a packet asked me to open it secretly.Wow it’s her inners damn wet and patches. She messaged me to smell her inners in front of her. I did as demand. She was so happy. I dot want to make it wilder as it’s too risky to do in public places so I slept watching her so as she.Next day at 9 pm we reached bhubaneswar, she had a plan for this fuck, she called her mother & said pls take c***dren’s as she has some work. At station she asked me to wait, her mother came and took the c***dren’s.Wow at last we both were seeing each other’s lust in our eyes. We rushed to ginger hotel booked a room and ordered food and asked me to get wine & cigar.We did our dinner, she said pls you watch tv I will fresh up.She came in 30 min. Wow she was wearing a short pant & top. Ohhhh my god see was looking so fucking hot. She asked me to switch off the light & come to bedroom. I was so horny during that time waiting to fuck this lady like a bull.She asked me to join in my boxer, she said pls do follow my words ok. I said yes mam. She locked the door, bang she was so horny started kissing me wildly and bit my lips. I was pressing her boobs, slapping her ass, she asked me to lay down on bed.She came over me & placed her wet stinky panty on my nose. Wowww so erotic smell..I was in heaven. sheSrubbed her pubic part and moaned ahhh ahhh ahhh bite it. I pulled down her panty. She was oozing with juices, they are dropping like honey escort bursa dews. I drank like a loyal dog.Suddenly I said mam pls join in 69, she was jerking my cock. I was sucking her pussy biting her clits, wow you bitch I will eat you today come on pee mam. Make me your slave. I was so wild. I just in a mood to fuck her harder, picked & removed her bra.Came over her, I slapped her boobs. You bitch just made me so wild come on I will punish you. She was saying wooww punish me harder bite me make me whore. kissed her lips, tongues, nose, ears, neck, wow her armpit is so fair like a sheet.Licked cleaned her smelt the heavenly divine womanhood smell, but her phone rang. She picked the phone, talked around 10 min in my arms, and said we need to go now dear sorry we will meet soon, but she said let’s do in 10 min.She said just fuck me like a horse. Woww I started fucking her like a bull, inserted fingers in her asshole, spitted in her mouth. She asked me pls roll down for cow girl, she was like a diva with lots of lusts.Whh ahh uhhhh banging me like a machine pach pach pahchhh…ahh ahh uhhhh maam. I m cumming ahhhh suddenly she cummed like a water spray and me too. We hugged like for 5 mins, we came to bathroom.Both dressed each other but she said lets exchange our underwear’s. Happily we exchanged and she gave me whooping amount of 8000 wowww. She said me you r hunk there are many ladies looking for a fuck like this, may be 2 of my friends will call you soon.I was so lucky that day to meet her & I m so happy to be a gigolo not just for money for sex. I meet many ladies ,they share there loneliness,happy sad times,wishes,i would say she made me a better person and more mature.During our acts also we spoke little and ours say a lot in bed and still we talk with eyes. It came into a beautiful relation, life just made a you turn.Thanks mam for this from my bottom of heart. I know you will read my story. I didn’t mentioned her name because some peoples dot need any name or identity because they are so pure from their heart they should be remembered as a angel.So my dear friends you can say her angel. Ta ta from my side. Enjoy and keep lusting but treat sex as a medicine not as an addiction.Friends who want to get in touch with me are most welcome & guys please stop asking about ladies & blah blah…., please do give feedbacks still many to come…live love lust.

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