Good To Have Her Back Home


I have known my wife for the last twenty-seven years, and I can say that I am lucky enough to have married the love of my life. We have been blessed with two children and we work hard to give our kids all we can. I am an engineer and a partner in a leading engineering company, my wife is a nurse who should have retired but regards her job as a vocation and decided to go back to her job once our kids were old enough to be able to stay home alone. Our kids are Nadine, twenty-two, and Jake, nineteen. Last year Nadine decided she wanted to pursue her studies in London and we made the effort to make her dream come true. Her brother is more of the craftsman and is doing apprenticeship with a mechanic friend of mine. We’re happy he’s pursuing his dream. On the lighter side, my wife and I still enjoy a very healthy sex life. We manage sex twice a week at least, and we still manage to exhaust one another the way we did when we were still dating. I am no sex god, I am tall, overweight and I have an average penis. My wife is small in height but very curvy and still has a pair of generous tits with large nipples and a fantastic ass. I still get hard every time she sends me a naughty SMS or a whispers she’s horny into my ear. My wife and I were both looking forward to summer this year. Nadine would be back to enjoy her family and friends and our home would be ringing with escort her joyous nature. I picked her up at the airport and took her home where the rest of the family was waiting for us. After the due exchange of greetings and a few drinks we all decided we should go up to sleep. The following morning I informed Nadine that I would be taking her out in the evening. Unfortunately Mary, my wife, couldn’t join us because she would be working night duty. Jake would join his friends on a fishing boat trip for a couple of days so that left the two of us alone. Later that night I was down in the living room all dressed up and waiting for my daughter who seemed to take forever getting ready. When I saw her coming down still wearing her house clothes I was angry. Our booking at the restaurant I had chosen was in thirty minutes and she hadn’t even started getting ready yet. She took no notice of my ranting and instead hugged me and said she preferred staying home and spending some quality time with me watching a movie. How could I say no to my little girl who I hadn’t seen since the Christmas holidays? She told me to go change back into something more comfortable and order a pizza while she showered. Her shower took quite a while, in fact the pizza delivery guy was there before she came back down to the living room. When she did come down she was wearing bayan escort innocent khaki shorts and a tight top which left me thinking she might have even better boobs than those of her mum. I tried to forget these thoughts as she grabbed a piece of pizza and snuggled in close to me. The movie she chose was one of those girly ones but it seemed to bore her as she fell asleep after an hour. She was resting her head in my lap and my hand which had previously been around her back was now trapped under her armpit and round her left breast. Her breath on my leg started bringing back the thoughts which I had previously managed to shoo away. My body responded and I thanked my beer belly for hiding part of what seemed to feel like a growing hard on. I suddenly found myself doing the unthinkable… grazing my fingers on her breast and looking for her nipple. I tried to be as silent and discreet as possible, thinking I could always say it was accidental if it woke her up… And wake up she did after fifteen minutes, and said she was sorry but needed her beauty sleep, kissed me on the cheek and went up to her room. I cleared what was left of our pizza and washed the glasses and decided to go up and sleep too. The thoughts of my daughter couldn’t leave me no matter how hard I tried repeating she was my baby and that even mere thoughts were wrong. I switched escort bayan of the lights and started to count the sheep but I still couldn’t stop thinking about how good touching my daughter’s breasts felt and wondering what she looked like naked. My thoughts were soon interrupted by a slight knock on my bedroom door. I opened the door and found my daughter there. She asked if she could borrow one of my t-shirts to sleep in and I said yes of course. To my amazement, as soon as I had handed her my t-shirt, she took off the top she was wearing giving me a glorious view of her breasts which are a full d-cup size at least. I stood there bewildered and my mouth went suddenly dry. She certainly took her time fumbling around with my t-shirt before wearing it leaving me there dumbstruck. My shirt was obviously too large for her and covered her to her mid-thighs but to my amazement she also reached down and took off her panties which she threw over to me while she left for her room chuckling. I stood there still frozen for a few seconds till I regained my senses and greedily reached for her panties. They smelt of her and the crotch part was damp with her juices. With my eyes closed I inhaled her smell and rubbed my now hard cock through my boxers. I jumped when I opened my eyes and saw her standing right in front of me sporting an innocent smile. “Do I turn you on so much Daddy ” she purred. The only thing I could say was, “Sorry,” I must have looked so stupid right then.  “Maybe I better sleep in your bed tonight…”, she teasingly said again, “I guess all this excitement might harm you at your age…”.

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