Good Vibrations in the Music Room


The noisy din of students was still rumbling along when Xavier sat down next to Robert. He looked over at the clock. 3:00 it read as it slowly ticked on. It was kind of warm and stuffy in the packed assembly hall. Xavier could feel his forehead beading with sweat.

Man, I hope they let us out of here asap, he thought to himself.

He looked over at Robert, who was reading a book. Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy. He’d heard of the book, but never read it himself.

I should get back into reading, he thought to himself.

Lately, all he’d wanted to do was play his drums and get high. Well, that and sometimes drop acid. All of which was fun, but probably did nothing to enhance his character.

“How the book?” he asked Robert.

Robert looked up at him, a bit startled. He must have been absorbed.

“Pretty heavy, but really good,” Robert said. “Have you ever read it?”

“Nope, it’s on my list.”

“Yeah, it’s a must-read. You may know this, and I won’t give anything away, but the title character is a real mess,” Robert said, smiling slyly.

“How so?” Xavier asked.

“Well, let’s just say she has a knack of ruining her life and the lives of those around her!”

Students were moving along the stands behind Xavier and he could feel the ocassional knee and foot bump his seat. Xavier inched forward and looked out over the crowd of students. He saw Monte, the coolest dressed guy around. The guy had style. Clothes just seemed to hang right on him in a way that Xavier felt wouldn’t look right on himself.

He looked over to the dais and saw Professor Morrison shuffling some papers in a way that suggested things were about to kick off.

“Did you hear about Carmen?” Robert asked.

“Carmen? Carmen Sanders?” Xavier asked with concern, his pulse quickening.

Robert nodded. “Yeah, she got busted with a sheet of acid this morning. Apparently, she was getting out of her car next and it, like, fell out of her lap right next to a campus officer! He knew exactly what it was and busted her right there. She confessed and everything.”

“Damn!” Xavier replied. “What’s gonna happen to her?”

“Don’t know,” Robert answered. “But rumor is she’s expelled. And — get this — I heard they did a cavity search on her down at the police station!”

“What?!” Xavier exclaimed. “Like … like…”

“Yeah, lubed fingers up her holes and everything. And they made her strip naked, squat and cough, all that. Apparently, she balled like a baby, couldn’t believe what was happening to her…”

“Jesus…” Xavier mumbled. He’d always liked Carmen. They’d grown up not far from each other, same schools coming up. And the two had shared an early taste in drugs and … making out. She had always been pretty cute. Petite, lithe frame, straight black hair that she had been styling kind of emo of late. Perky little breasts. Xavier let his mind wander to the thought of her being stripped naked and forced to bend over some cold table in some cold room, tears streaking her face, as a faceless cop plunged his/her gloved, lubed fingers deep into her little young holes. Xavier felt warm movement in his crotch, followed quickly by guilt.

Poor Carmen, he thought. Would she tell the cops he’d bought acid from her? He doubted that she would. She was cool. But if she did, what then? He didn’t have any drugs or anything illegal at the moment. He’d just deny everything.

Right then there was a tap on his shoulder. He looked back and saw Mandy sitting, smiling behind him. She’d put her straight auburn hair in a bun since he’d seen her this morning. Her face was slightly flushed, but she had a glow to her. He felt his crotch stir again.

“What’s up, X?” she asked playfully. He stared into her green eyes and held up his hands.

“Dunno,” tuzla escort he smiled wryly. “What’s up with you?

She leaned in and he did the same. Her pretty face came close. He could smell her. That spicy scent, sort of like nag champa. It drove him bonkers. She cupped her hand on his ear. Her necklace grazed his neck. He could feel her sweet breath on him. His dick stiffened.

“Check this out,” she whispered, leaning back. She pointed to a spot on the thigh of her jeans. It was a kind of chalky stain. He looked back up at her. Her grin grew and her eyes were wild.

“Cum,” she mouthed, pointing at him. “Your cum.”

For a second, he was speechless. Just then there was a low squeak of feedback from a microphone. Xavier turned back to the stage.

“Okay, all,” Ms. Morrison intoned. “Let’s get started. As you know, the budget this semester allows for two dances….”

Xavier begun to daydream. Then he felt Mandy at his ear again.

“Your dried cum on my jeans has kept me fucking wet all day,” she cooed.

He looked back at her. She licked her frosted lips, her green eyes aflame. Fuuuuck, she turned him on. He nodded and turned back. He’d never met a gal so sexually aggressive.

They’d sort of dated earlier in the semester. They were lab partners in chemistry and had hit it off. They shared a taste in mid-90s Britpop and sci-fi movies. They’d fucked on their fourth date and spent the night together. He slept blissful dreams and woke up with a screaming hardon the next morning. But she made it clear that she was not interested in something serious or long-term.

“I’m focused on getting the fuck out of this town. This time next year, I’ll be in Europe for my archeology degree. I can’t have commitments this early on. I’ve gotta be able to travel.”

He nodded.

“But that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun!” she said naughtily.

And fun she had been. As he watched Ms. Morrison speak, he reflected on their encounter that morning.

They had gotten coffee and were heading back to campus to wrap up some reading assignments before class. As he parked in the student lot, she said “I’ve got a fun idea!”

“What’s that?” he said, taking his keys and opening the door. The both stood next to his car.

“I want to suck your dick in the music building,” she said conspiratorially.

He paused, looking over at the two-story brick structure about 50 yards away.

“Really, like for real?” he asked.

She nodded.


She nodded again, smiling.

“C’mon,” she said, walking in front of him toward the music building. He watched her ass. A perfect, tight little heart-shaped butt. She was wearing dark, slim fit jeans and a pretty blouse. She must have just showered, because her dark red hair was buoyant and luminescent in the morning light. He caught the nag champa smell in the spring breeze. His sudden hard-on pressed against his zipper. Was this fine gal about to give him a blowjob??

They entered into the ground level foyer and Xavier was relieved to see it was dark. There must not be that many people here.

“Let’s go up to the rehearsal room,” Mandy said.

Again, she led the way. He watched her bluejeaned ass working the whole way up the three flights of stairs. There was little ventilation in the stairwell, and it smelled old and somewhat stale. The got to the top floor and stopped outside the rehearsal room, peering into the window in the door. It was darkened, slightly lighted only by morning sun spilling in through the large windows. He tried the doorknob, but it was locked.

“Don’t worry, I know a secret way in,” Mandy said, taking his hand.

She led him down the hall to a corner, where they turned and then went through a nondescript door next to a water tuzla escort bayan fountain. They then walked down a totally black, short hallway. Xavier could see Mandy’s shadow ahead of him. Soon they were at another door with pale light coming through a gap by the floor. The door opened inward and they entered the quiet music room.

She led him to a corner of the room behind two huge timpani drums. She backed him up to the wall and faced him.

“You’ll love this,” she whispered. “But don’t make any noise,” she said smiling. “The acoustics in here are designed to carry resonance.” She got on her tiptoes and kissed him on the lips. Her taste was sweet, like her scent.

She then reached down and undid his fly, looking at him with a mischievous smile. She pulled his polo shirt up his midsection and then knelt down, pulling his jeans down to about knee height. She situated herself on her knees in front of him and pulled down his boxers. His swollen cock, suddenly unleashed, bobbled comically before her face. She looked up at him, giggling.

“Damn, X,” she cooed, his throbbing dick mere centimeters from her mouth. “You turned on yet?”

He could feel her hot breath on his dickhead. She briefly repositioned and he felt a yearning for his dick to be close to her face again. Then she lightly took his cock in her little right hand, looking up at him from below as she softly stroked his aching member. She smiled again and then lowered her eyes, taking him in her mouth.

After several wet, blissful passes on his dick, she pulled him out and stroked him.

“I’ve been working on my technique,” she said. “Remember, I’d never really sucked a dick before you.”

She enveloped his dick again with her hot mouth and did several more bobs, before coming back out again.

“I even went on Pornhub for tricks,” she said as she gently fondled his balls, his engorged cock standing before her pretty face. Her hot breath on his dick was almost unbearable. He felt inevitability rise within him. “I wanted to tame my gag reflex. It was a little much last time.”

She returned to the blowjob with renewed vigor. Indeed, she had improved on deepthroating. She was able to touch her nose to his lower abdomen. He felt his balls bouncing on her chin as the worked, which caused an exquisitely light, pleasurable pain in his sacrum.

After several more passes, she repositioned herself again and pulled his pants down lower.

“I want to try something,” she whispered.

“Okay, but … I’m not sure how much longer I can make it,” Xavier said with effort.

Mandy looked up with smiling eyes. “That is okay,” she said, lightly jerking his dick, her little palm softly pounding his tingling balls. “I’m still new at this and my jaw gets a little sore after too long.”

She cleared her throat and then slowly put her hand between his legs. She looked up as the cupped his butt cheeks. His balls rested on her wrist.

“I’m going to stick my finger in your ass,” she said.

Before he could respond, he felt her finger enter his butthole. His legs locked up at the sudden intrusion. She looked back up at him, his eager cock again a hair’s breadth from her mouth.

“Just relax,” she said. “Relax your legs and breathe….”

He took good breath, looking up at the ceiling. He looked back down at her, squatting before him.

“All better?” she asked.

“Yeah, just be gentle,” he said. “I have no experience with butt stuff.”

“Yeah, I bet…” she said playfully, reaching back between his legs. As her finger slid back into his ass, he reached down and rested his hand on her soft head. She looked back up.

“There you go,” she said.

He felt the sense of pressure in his asshole grow as she retook him in her steaming mouth. As escort tuzla she worked his dick, her finger plunged further up his rectum. Suddenly, he felt a surge of pleasure in his groin and his dick went rock hard.

“Mmm-mm-mstate,” she said with his dick in her mouth. She backed out again. “That’s your prostate. You like how that feels?”

Xavier shook his head. He couldn’t talk. He closed his eyes.

Onward she lustily lapped at his pulsing dick, her mouth growing wetter, hotter and tighter, all the while her finger tickled his insides.

He lightly tapped her head. “Mandy, I’m gonna cum…” he softly moaned.

“Hmm, hmm…” she said sexily, with his cock filling her mouth as she kept the rhythm going.

He closed his eyes. He felt his pelvis buck. And that incredible tingling feeling, something like a cross between a sneeze and peeing in the pool — only much better — overtook him. He felt chills on his back. He inhaled suddenly. BOOM!

For several seconds, he stood with eyes closed in writhing, sweet agony as his cum flowed unbound into Mandy’s mouth. Her bobbing slowed and he looked down at her, his dick disappearing and reappearing out of her mouth. She then took one last, slow glide down his softening shaft and slowly, slowly came back up, stopping at his dickhead. He pulsed a few more times into her. Her brow furrowed slightly as she concentrated on his cock. Finally, she pulled off him and looked up, lightly laughing. Her mouth was full of his cum to the point of overflowing. Indeed, a little bit seeped out the corner of her mouth and fell to her thigh.

What will she do with the cum? He thought. Is she going to spit out here in the music room?! As he stared into her eyes and watched with immense pleasure as she swallowed his load whole.

For a moment, the two paused, enjoying the ecstatic afterglow. Then there was a murmur outside. Students were entering the building. Classes were soon to begin.

“Well, that was fun!” Mandy said as Xavier helped her up.

Xavier’s attention returned to the auditorium. He felt as if he were meditating on a float in the open sea….

“Hey, X,” he heard someone distantly say. His eyes opened and came to focus on Ms. Morrison, who was still speaking. He had no idea what she was saying.

There was a tap on his shoulder. He turned back and saw that Juliette Embry was now sitting by Mandy. They were both giggling and flushed. Mandy whispered into Juliette’s ear. Juliette’s eyes grew big with feigned surprise. Mandy motioned Juliette to Xavier’s cum spot on her jeans. Juliette looked from the stain to Xavier with hungry, knowing eyes.

Just then, the quiet was broken with the rumbling sound of students in motion. Xavier turned back and saw that the meeting was over. Robert was no longer sitting next to him. He turned back around at Mandy and Juliette.

“I told Juliette about this morning,” Mandy said, speaking louder now that the room was getting noisier. Xavier looked to Juliette. All three of them were getting up.

“It sounds hot!” Juliette said, nodding. “I want in!”

Xavier motioned for the two girls to exit in front of him and he watched them from behind as they exited the stairs. Juliette was certainly different looking than Mandy, but by no means less hot. She was taller, with jet black hair spilling over her shoulders and dark skin. She looked perhaps Italian or Greek. Maybe even Egyptian or Persian. She was wearing a little sundress that was painfully short. Her toned legs suggested frequent runs.

Once they got to the auditorium floor the three of them paused in a huddle.

“Let’s go get some wine and head to my place,” Mandy said. “I told Juliette that I would teach her how to suck dick. On you!”

Xavier, his cock yet again growing larger, looked to Juliette, who smiled in response.

“Yeah, I can’t wait!” Juliette said.

The three of them then joined the queue of students heading out of the large room.

To be continued.

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