I watch her every day. When she visits the gym, when she goes to the market, even when she’s home. There isn’t a moment of her day that I don’t know where she is. Started even keeping a journal so that I can go back whenever I want to see what she’s done. Here’s a couple of my entries:

ENTRY # 28

She got up today around 6:30am. She only gets up that early to do her yoga exercises. She really doesn’t really need to stretch, her body seems pretty limber to me. I really do love watching her do her yoga, especially when she does it in the nude. Her full tits and hard nipples make me hard instantly. Not to mention that bush of chestnut curls with her rosy pink lips peeping out. I never make it past the first set of stretches. Watching her stretch, exposing her hot pussy like that makes me cum instantly. Needless to say, I’ll be ending for now, I need to handle something.

It’s about 10am, she’s about to go get her mail. I really wanted to know her name, so I decided to hang out in the lobby of her apartment complex. Just like clockwork, she came down at 10:15. Her brownish colored hair was pulled back in a ponytail, wisps of hair clung to her sweat dampened forehead. She flashed me this smile that set my cock on fire. I knew she was fucking hot, but up close and personal like this was too much. I had to hurry up and make a hasty retreat before she could see my “trouser tent”. But the trip wasn’t a wasted effort, I was able to snag a piece of mail long enough to catch her name and put it back before she came downstairs. I got back to my lookout place in record time. As soon as I got there, I dropped my pants and stroked my cock into a blissful finish.

Now it’s about 3pm, Heather went to the market, paid a couple of bills and now is back home. I should have went into the detective business, because no matter how close I trail her, she never notices me. I noticed this pretty brunette in Heather’s apartment today. Don’t really know who this woman is, she’s a new face. From what I can see they’re having the usual girl talk. Nothing really is going on—wait a fucking minute! Heather is kissing this woman square on the lips! The other woman’s hands are on Heather’s tits! Oh my God, Heather’s getting naked! Jeez-us, this is so fucking hot! Gotta end it for now, can’t really focus on writing and watching. Will resume later.

“Heather, you really think he’s watching?” Melanie whispered against Heather’s lips.

“I know he is. I saw him watching me earlier. I know he’s there.” she whispered back.

“Are you sure you want to give him this kind of show?”

“Mel, I’m so fucking wet from him watching me kiss you that I don’t really care now if he watches or not.” she giggled, sliding her tongue between Melanie’s lips.

“Heather, stand up next to the window and take off your pants. Show him that gorgeous muff of yours!” Melanie ordered.

Heather sauntered over to the window, pretending not to see anything or anyone and slowly began to peel off her clothes. Bending at the waist, exposing her pert ass, stepping out of her shorts. Then she turned around, pressing her body against the window, she began to seductively dance. Her pussy leaving a faint trail of moisture against the windowpane. Wetting two fingers, she swirled them around her erect nipples, pinching the stone-like peaks. Trailing her fingers down her body, she paused for a minute, looking over her ankara escort shoulder. Winking at Melanie, she turned her attention back to the task at hand.

Unoticed, Melanie slipped out of the apartment.

Parting her lips with two fingers, she pinching her clit with her fingers, gasping in pleasure, fogging the glass.



I can’t believe my fucking luck! Heather is in the window frigging her clit! Even from this vantage point, I can see her pussy juices on the window. I think my cock is going to burst, but I really want to savor this moment. I want to cum just when she does. That will be so goddamn sweet! Will resume this later, she’s getting hotter, fogging up the glass. I really don’t want to miss anything!

“You fucking pervert!” Melanie yelled.

“Wh-who are you?!”

“Better question, who are you?!” Melanie asked, her hands on her hips.

“M-my name is A-A-lec.” he stammered.

“Alec, huh? Tell me Alec, why are you watching my friend?” Melanie asked, trying to contain her laughter. She had caught him hunched over a notebook, sporting a huge erection through his pants.

“W-what are y-you talking about? I-I’m not watching anyone.” Alec stuttered. ‘Shit I can’t fucking believe this! Six months of watching her, never once I got caught. I should have known something was going on when this new bitch showed up. I am soo screwed.’ he thought to himself.

“Don’t lie Alec. We saw you watching us kiss.” she taunted, “She can see you bub!” Melanie said, pointing to the window. Alec turned his head slowly and saw a naked Heather looking out her window through a pair of binoculars. Alec could see a smile on her lips as she waved.

“Get your shit and come with me.” Melanie said.

“Ain’t got to go nowhere!”

“Oh yeah? You better come with me or else I call the cops!” Melanie flashed her cell phone.

‘I am so fucking screwed!’ Alec thought to himself, gathering his books under his arm. Dropping his head in shame, he followed Melanie out of the building.

Heather squealed in delight as she ran to the door. She didn’t think catching him was going to be this easy. Dropping the binoculars on the sofa, she opened the door for them.

“Got you a lil present Heather.”, Melanie laughed as she pushed him through the door, “Heather meet your biggest fan, Alec.”

“So you’re the naughty boy who’s been watching me all this time.” she giggled.

Alec tried to gather his wits, but it was hard as hell. Heather was still standing in front of him naked. She moved closer to him, so close he could feel her breath on his cheek and smell her dripping pussy.

“So Alec, how long have you’ve been watching me?” Heather whispered, her tongue flicking his earlobe.

“A-A-almost six months.” he managed to whisper. Her tongue against his earlobe caused a shiver down his spine.

“Wanna hear a secret Alec?”


“I know about you watching me.”

Alec looked up at her with eyes opened wide.


“Oh yes Alec, I have known about you for some time now. Long enough to plan out exactly what I was going to do to you. Ain’t that right, Mel?” she said, pushing Alec down in the chair. Melanie quickly cuffed his wrists behind the back of the chair.

“What the hell are you doing to me?!”

“You wanted to watch me, so watch me.” she antalya escort whispered, taking Melanie’s hand.

Licking his lips, Alec strained against the cuffs as he watched the women sit on the sofa.

Heather sat down on the sofa, parting her legs. She slipped her finger into her dripping snatch and stroked her clit. Melanie sank to her knees between Heather’s legs. Parting her swollen lips, Melanie’s tongue snaked out and lightly teased her hard clit, before drawing it between her teeth.

“Ooh that feels so nice Mel. Thats right, suck on my clitty.” moaned Heather, guiding her head.

Melanie sucked hard on her clit, slipping two fingers knuckle deep in her cunt. Heather started bucking her hips against Melanie’s face as she buried her tongue deeper in her soaking pussy.

“That’s right, fuck my pussy bitch!” Heather hissed. Melanie shoved another finger inside her snatch as she furiously finger fucked her.

“OH GOD MEL! SUCK MY CLIT! HARDER!” Heather howled as she began to cum in her mouth. Melanie swallow the cum as it rushed in to her hungry mouth, sucking on her clit hard sending her into a frenzy. She continued to lap at her quivering cunt until Heather laid there panting. Melanie sat back on her heels, her face shining from cum and cunt juices, that Heather quickly lapped from her face, lips and chin. Both women looked over at Alec and smiled. Alec’s cock was on the verge of bursting out of his pants.

“Look Mel, someone is mighty anxious.” Heather joked.

“Should we give him his just due now?” Melanie asked.

“I think we should.”

Heather walked over toward Alec, her tits hovering above his lips, her nipples teasing his lips.

“Stand up Alec.”

Struggling at first, he was able to stand up. His trouser clad erection brushed against Heather’s wet mound, making him painfully aware of his situation. Suddenly, the chair was kicked out from behind him as he was pushed face down on the sofa. Stumbling forward, Alec landed on his knees in front of the sofa, his wrists still cuffed behind his back. His pants and boxers were roughly pulled down, his hard cock sprang free.

“What are you gonna do to me?” he asked anxiously.

“Only what you’ve been dreaming about doing to me.” Heather giggled.

Suddenly, Alec felt a cool gel being smeared on his anus, a finger probing inside, lubricating the ring of muscle.

“W-What the fuck are you doing?!” Alec yelled as he felt the hot skin of a man’s cock slap his ass, before the smooth head was poised at his virginal anus.

“I told you, Alec, exactly what you’ve been dreaming to do to me. Fuck you!”

No sooner than she uttered those words, the cock plunged inside Alec’s ass. In one fluid stroke, the cock was buried ball deep in his ass. The sounds of heavy metal music drowned out the anguished cries of Alec.

“Oh God, please, please, I’m freaking beggin you, stop!” he cried. His ass was on fire and his body shooked from sobs as the cock stabbed deep inside of him.

“Heather, would you please shut this bitch up? You know how much I hate that damn heavy metal.” a raspy voice gasped.

Alec realized that the voice belonged to the person fucking him. At first he couldn’t quite place the voice, but then it hit him–it was Melanie!

“Oh my God! Melanie is a fucking man?!” Alec cried.

“I prefer the gaziantep escort term, woman with a lil bit extra.” Melanie laughed in between thrusts.

The music was shut off, the only sounds in the room was Melanie’s grunting and Alec’s cries.

“Heather, I thought I told you to shut him up?”

Obediantly, Heather climbed on the sofa, thrusting her pussy in Alec’s face. Melanie stopped thrusting for a moment.

“Only gonna tell you this once, Alec. You better eat Heather’s cunt real good and make her scream or else I’m gonna rip your ass apart, understand?”

Alec numbly shook his head as Heather lifted his face into her pussy, parting her lips for him. Alec swirled his tongue inside the folds of her cunt, stabbing inside her hole. His face slowly bounced in her pussy with each thrust Melanie made. Soon Alec’s body was finding pleasure from Melanie’s cock. The way “her” balls smacked against his own. The way “she” wiggled “her” cock inside of him. Sawing in and out of his anus, withdrawing almost completly, teasing his prostrate before plunging back inside. Heather’s moans were like sweet kisses to him. Her pussy tasted sweeter than he had ever imagined. He sucked her clit into him mouth, nibbling on it with his teeth. Melanie slipped “her” hand around Alec’s rock hard dick and began jerking him off. Alec felt his balls tighten up the instant Melanie’s hand touched his cock. Soon Heather was in the grips of another orgasm, her legs scissored around his head. Melanie felt “her” own balls get tight and was ready to shoot. But they had other plans…

Soon Heather’s screams turned into pants as the orgasmic waves finally subsided. Alec felt his cum getting ready to shoot out when Melanie removed her hand, leaving him panting.

“Heather, I’m ready to cum now.” Melanie gasped, pulling completly out. Alec felt like his anus was on fire. He let out a long moan as he ass was emptied. Too weakened to really put up any real fight, his body was turned around. Heather lifted up his limp head. He was face to face with Melanie’s brown stained cock.

“Suck me off Alec.” Melanie ordered, prying his lips open with “her” finger.

“You gotta to be kidd….mmmfph” He protests were cut short as Melanie shoved her shit stained cock in his mouth. Not waiting for him to suck “her” off, Melanie proceeded to fuck his mouth.

“That’s right, suck my cock, you fucking pervert! Drain my cock and swallow my hot load shooting down your throat!” Melanie groaned as “she” emptied her load into his mouth. Alec gagged as cum filled his mouth and trickled out the corners of his mouth. But then something odd happened, something that Alec will never forget. As soon as the first stream of Melanie’s cum shot into his mouth, his own cock shot out a huge load of sperm.

“See I told you he was a cocksucker!” Heather laughed.

0-Final entry

I don’t watch Heather anymore. Hell I don’t watch anyone anymore. I tried forgetting what happened to me, but unfortunately, Heather and Melanie had other plans for me. Heather said that instead of her calling the cops and turning me in, I had to be Melanie’s fuck slave. She held onto my journals as blackmail collateral so that I couldn’t renege on the deal. So for the next six months, my ass is gonna be reamed by Melanie and every time Melanie is ready to cum, I got to suck off her shitty cock. As much as I can’t stand the taste of my own shit and her cum, truth be told….I can’t wait for that moment when she forces me to do it…I like it! This is my last entry…Mel doesn’t like me keeping a journal anymore. Said it takes up too much time and she like to have me ready whenever she call and I hate to disappoint her…

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