Grace And The Hotel Pool


We had long dreamed of this weekend, and it was finally here. A chance for us to drop out of life for a few days and let go, to submit to our unbridled fervor, to test and push limits, and maybe even live out a few fantasies. The hotel provided us a haven to do whatever we wanted, and we did.***Grace and I pulled up to the hotel just after lunch time. We had called ahead to book an early check-in, as we were both eager to start our little vacation. We got our room key from the front desk and Grace led the way towards our room. On our way to the room, we walked by the pool and hot tub that sat in the middle of the hotel complex. Grace turned to flash me her gorgeous smile, and I smiled back. I fell behind her a few steps so that my eyes could fall on her sweet little ass shaking as she walked. I looked to the pool, glimmering and inviting, then back to Grace’s ass, imagining it wrapped up like a present in one of the many little bikinis she’d brought. This was going to be great.A few short steps off the pool deck was our room, right there on the ground floor. Grace unlocked our door which led into a simple, comfortable room with a great king-sized bed in the middle. A large sliding glass door led outside to a small fenced patio area that overlooked the pool. I put our suitcase on the floor beyond the bed, unopened.Grace walked over to the dresser, grabbed the ice bucket and held it out to me, smiling.”You wanna grab us some ice?”I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her into me, sinking into her elegant dark eyes. I’d get this girl anything she wanted. I kissed her long and slow, gently allowing one hand to fall onto her perky butt, which I gave a soft squeeze. I smiled and told her that I’d be right back, giving the ice bucket a tap.As I headed for the door I caught Grace taking her shirt off out of the corner of my eye, motivating me to return as quickly as possible.The room’s door closed behind me, and the warm outside air met my skin. I looked down the way past a few rooms’ doors to see a sign for the ice machine. I walked down the walkway, past the swimming pool, taking a moment to look around. A few people lounged in chairs on the pool deck, and a handful were in the pool itself, looking like they were enjoying themselves. The sign for the ice machine pointed to a little area under an awning that had ice, drink and snack machines. I filled the bucket up and walked back to the room.When I opened the door, Grace was standing there waiting for me, posing with her hat and sunglasses on, looking like the Fourth of July. We threw a few drinks we’d brought into the ice bucket, then drove into town to eat lunch and spend the afternoon sightseeing.***When we got back to the hotel, it was already getting dark and we were both hungry for dinner. Grace got naked and simply threw on one of her favorite dresses, while I put on a button-up shirt over my t-shirt. We both admitted that neither of us wanted to go back into town, so we agreed to eat dinner there at the hotel’s restaurant.Grace looked like an absolute bombshell walking into the restaurant. Her dress was not very long, and as we were being led to our table it occurred to me that she hadn’t put on any underwear underneath it. We ordered our drinks and after the waiter went to fetch them, I grabbed Grace’s thigh under the table. She smiled back at me, her eyebrows slightly raised. I ran my fingers a little up her leg, then back down repeatedly, each time getting higher up her leg. Grace was biting her lip and giving very slight involuntary trembles. She looked me dead in the eye and adjusted her dress so that her boobs were all but popping out of the front, the fabric of her dress just barely Escort esat covering her nipples. This time it was me biting my lip, and I felt a tinge of electricity shoot to my groin at her being so exposed and looking so sexy in such a public setting.”Here’s your- oh, uh… your drinks, folks, did you want to- to- excuse me, are you ready to order your food?”I shot a sympathetic look up at the poor waiter, who stood beet red, clearly doing everything in his power to not ogle Grace’s tits. I smiled and told him we were ready, and asked Grace what she would be having. Grace ordered her food all the while maintaining eye contact with me, not moving a muscle to readjust the top of her dress. As I began ordering my food, I saw her smile get a fraction wider as she lightly squeezed her boobs together even more. It was a wonder that they didn’t pop out of her dress altogether.After the waiter had left our table (probably telling his coworkers about the hot woman with amazing boobs at table number whatever), I reached my hand back down to Grace’s thigh, this time very close to her crotch. I rubbed a finger around her bare pussy and could feel that it was wet. She let out a little quiver.”You’re loving this.””Yes, I am.”“God, me too.”Dinner was so great that we put the sexual energy on the back burner for the rest of the meal. Unsurprisingly, we received top-notch service as well. We paid, tipped well, and walked back to our room. It was already late, and dinner had us very tired.We got into bed with the light out, and I made a grab for Grace’s butt. I got a few good pats and squeezes in before I felt her turn her ass away from me.”Ah, I’m sorry, sweetheart- “She softly ran her fingers the length of my penis, making it swell immediately,”-but you’re gonna have to wait until tomorrow.”I laughed and made a remark about her being a tease. I feigned protest and disappointment, but she couldn’t tell in the dark I was grinning ear to ear. I loved this. I loved her tease. I loved building up the tension until we’re both ready to explode. I couldn’t wait for tomorrow.***Tomorrow came and we both slept in until 10am. We grabbed some food from the hotel lobby to bring back to our room for breakfast. We’d done everything we wanted to do in town the day before, and the idea of lazing around the hotel all day enticed both of us. First, we decided we’d hit the pool.I changed into my swim trunks, and Grace asked me to help her pick which suit to wear. I chose one of my favorites (they’re all “one of my favorites”): a simple black bikini with a very cheeky bottom that has a tendency to get eaten up by Grace’s booty as she moves around. She changed into it quickly, clearly eager to get out to the pool and start the day’s fun.We walked out onto the pool deck and set our towels down on two long chairs. Across the pool from us was an older couple, the woman sunbathing and the man sitting upright reading a book. There was also a younger woman over in the hot tub who looked half asleep. She had a pair of swim goggles around her neck and a swim cap on, so I assumed she must’ve just finished an intense lap workout.I broke out the sunscreen right away, partly to avoid a burn but mostly as an excuse to rub my wife down. I took extra care to make sure her neck and shoulders were well lotioned. Then I moved down to her breasts, making sure to dig a little bit inside the bikini with each stroke. As usual, I took extra care to make sure her ass and thighs were well covered, too. She moaned just loud enough for me to hear as I stroked her inner thigh and let my fingertips brush the top of her pussy through the swim bottoms. I felt my cock starting etimesgut escort to stir in my trunks, so I got up and headed towards the pool stairs with Grace following close behind me.The water was cool and perfect. A few people would walk by the pool and wave at us, presumably on their way out to lunch or into town for other reasons. I looked over at Grace as she was swimming to the other end of the pool. She looked like an angel swimming through the sky. I silently wondered why anyone would ever leave here. I sure never wanted to.Grace began swimming back towards my end of the pool. I looked over to the couple. The man reading his book caught my glance, we nodded hello to each other and he went back to his book.  Grace swam up to me and climbed onto my back. I spun her around a few times before she leaned in to whisper in my ear,”The end and back, last one back has to do a lap bottomless.”She shoved off of me. I didn’t take a second to think, I bolted forward towards the other end of the pool. Grace had had a head start and was already almost to the other end of the pool, but I was gaining on her. I tagged the end right after she did, and we both turned around to complete the lap. Before she knew it, we were even. Then with a final burst at the very last second, I was in the lead and tagged the side of the pool, victorious.Grace folded her arms and made a face at me, before sighing and simply stating,”Fair’s fair.”We both looked around. The woman in the hot tub was still sitting in the same position. The sunbathing woman had turned onto her stomach, and her husband was still lost in his book. Grace slid her bottoms off very discreetly. It wasn’t instantly obvious in the rippled water that she didn’t have any bottoms on, but if you really looked, you could tell. I took the bottoms in my hand and nodded my head towards the other end of the pool. She kicked off and slowly started swimming.Grace’s first few strokes she kept her lower body very submerged in the water. After she was halfway to the end, she turned back and shot me a glance. Her next few strokes she became more horizontal, bringing her legs and ass closer to the water’s surface. My cock was getting rock solid in my swim trunks, as she would go a few full strokes in a row with her sweet ass poking completely out of the water.As she tagged the end and turned around, I caught the reading man’s gaze quickly dart from the pool back to his book. He was looking at his book, but his eyes were very wide, and his mouth was open, an almost confused look on his face as if he didn’t believe what he’d seen.I looked back towards Grace who was nearly back to me, when my heart skipped a beat; the swimmer from the hot tub was positioning herself to dive into the pool behind Grace. In my distracted state, I had not seen her leave the hot tub. She had her goggles on and immediately broke into a strong stroke towards our end of the pool. There wasn’t enough time for Grace to put on her bottoms. There was nothing I could do to hide my now pulsing erection. We just had to hold our breath and hope that she was too absorbed in her laps to even notice.She got closer and closer, and as she was about to flip-turn, her head emerged above the water, looking at Grace with her eyebrows raised high. Her face quickly turned to me, then back to Grace. I swear I saw her bust a smile right before turning and going about her laps. As she swam to the other side, Grace put her bottoms on and I did my best to make my erection go away. We hopped out of the pool, wrapped ourselves up in our towels and walked back to our room.We rinsed off in the shower back at the room, chatting etlik escort bayan about what had just happened in the pool.”Where did she even come from?!””I don’t know, I was watching your butt, then boom, there she was diving in!”Grace turned the water off and we stepped out of the shower.”Gosh.””I know… was she… smiling at us?””Oh my god, I thought she was, too! But maybe she didn’t even see; maybe it was just a friendly smile!””I guess we’ll never know!” I laughed.Grace toweled her body off and used the towel to wrap her hair up, as I continued, “If she saw, I don’t think she was the only one.””Oh?””The man out there with the book, I’m not sure if he saw, even HE didn’t seem very sure if he saw. But I’m pretty sure I noticed him quickly look back to his book with a very surprised look on his face. And I doubt whatever he was reading was all that interesting.”Grace raised her eyebrows and a playful smile lit up her face.”Well, I’d hate to leave the poor guy all uncertain, huh?” she asked.”Yeah, that would just be cruel!” I played along, unsure where this was going.”We’ll give him another chance.”Grace grabbed our wet swimsuits from the shower curtain rod. She headed for the sliding door to our little balcony that faced the pool deck, completely naked except for the towel around her hair. I beat her to the window to see that the couple was still out there. I grabbed the door handle to the sliding door, smiling at my gorgeous, naked wife. I intentionally slammed the door open as noisily as I could, then stepped back and peered through the window to enjoy the show.The sunbathing woman was still on her stomach, and the swimming woman was busy with her laps. However, the noise from the door had caught the attention of the reading man, who was now looking all around to see where it had come from.I grinned and gave the nod to Grace, who returned my grin and took a deep breath before walking out onto the balcony. She nonchalantly strolled to the edge of the balcony, looking around. She began wringing her bathing suit out, allowing her upper arms to squish her boobs together in a seductive fashion. Grace then turned around facing me through the window, biting her bottom lip, ass facing the pool, and slung the wet suits over a patio chair.She looked up at me with a devilish smile and picked a piece from her bikini off the chair and dropped it on the patio floor. She mouthed the word “oops” at me and slowly bent down, clearly poking her sweet ass out as dramatically as she could. ‘A nice touch,’ I thought to myself. ‘Fuck.’This whole balcony show had lasted a couple of seconds, but I lived in those seconds like they were hours. Grace slung the wet bikini piece over the chair again and returned to me through the door.”Do you think he saw THAT time?””I still have no clue. But if he didn’t, I feel bad for him. And if he did see, he’ll never forget it.””How about some lunch?””I love you.”***We lazed around the room for the next few hours, switching back and forth between crappy censored movies on TV and cuddle naps. Before long it was time for dinner. We headed back to the hotel restaurant and sat at the bar. We ate a great dinner and then sat for a while afterwards, chatting with the bartender. I had an espresso while Grace sipped a glass of wine. Before long it was 9 o’clock.”Well, darlin’, you ready to head back?””Yeah for sure.”Grace polished off the last sip of her wine and I leaned in to kiss her. Without a thought, I grabbed the back of her neck and kissed her very deeply, almost falling off my barstool in the process. Our tongues met for a few moments and we lost ourselves in each other before suddenly remembering we were still sitting at the bar. I pulled away from Grace and looked at her for a moment. She had the most gorgeous wild glint in her eye. I took her hand in mine, and we looked at each other for a moment before Grace’s eyes suddenly bulged. Clearly, she had an idea on her mind. She called to the bartender,

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