Group Encounter I Will Never Forget


Group Encounter I Will Never ForgetI had just had the very best sexual experience of my life. I have had several great ones…but this was the best. If you read my account of it, it was named “Ebony Goddess” with good reason. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever even talked to let alone have sex with…and she did everything she could to please me. It started when I helped a nice looking black man – his name was Syd – when he was having trouble with his car. I gave him a ride and he paid me back a thousand times over. He set me up with Alicia.After this encounter with Alicia, that’s all I could think about. It was a once in a lifetime event for me. I had some other major sexual experiences that I had written about but she was incredible.I called Syd a day later and I couldn’t thank him enough for what he did for me. He was laughing because I was so enthusiastic in my praise for what he did. I really thought that Syd and my paths would never cross again after this phone call. Then about 3 weeks later, Syd called me. He said that he thought I might like to join him and a few friends for “poker night” on Saturday…but the way he said it sounded more like “poke-her night”. It had me wondering why he called me and what was really going to happen there. I told my wife I was going to a poker party with the guy that I helped out with his car. She really didn’t care too much about what I did. Besides, sex with her had become non-existent for quite a while so we aren’t all that close these days. Sometimes it feels like I am living with my sister.Anyway, Saturday got here and I was excited. Maybe it really was just poker but the way Syd was talking, I wasn’t sure. Besides, it got me out of the house for a few hours. I showed up just before 8 pm at the address Syd gave me. When I got there, Syd introduced me to the other guys – 3 white guys and 3 black (counting Syd) – 7 of us in all. I later learned that 1 of the black guys and 2 of the white guys were married and we were at the 1 white guy’s house that wasn’t married. The one thing that I noticed most was that of all the guys there, I was older than all of them – probably by 25 years or more. I also noticed the large card table with cards and chips. Syd said, “Let’s get started with some cards”. We played for about 45 minutes and then there was a knock on the door. Pizza delivery? No! When Ryan (the home owner) opened the door, in walked a super-hot blonde! I was stunned. She was absolutely gorgeous! She was the ultimate in a hard-body blonde. She was tall, great muscle tone, had long beautiful bleach blonde hair, was quite slender, and had big firm breasts that were most likely fake. But put all together, she was just incredible. Ryan said, “Glad you could make it”. She just smiled…and as I looked at everyone else, they were all smiling. Syd said, “I think we are done playing cards”. She was wearing a short skirt, a plunging top, and heels. I can imagine the looks she got out in public. She was just stunning. Ryan said, “Let’s all go in the other room”…which was a master bedroom. The strange thing was that it had 2 king size beds. He then said, “Let’s get started”. I found out her name was Amber and I think most of the guys already knew her. She started to dance a little and gave a few suggestive poses. I thought that she was probably a stripper and she would leave after a few dances. She started unbuttoning her top tekirdağ escort showing more of her massive breasts. They probably looked bigger because she was so slender.After a few minutes, there was another knock on the door. I couldn’t see the door from the bedroom but heard Ryan answer it and could hear him talking to a female. Then he walked in the bedroom with her and I was shocked to see that it was Alicia!!! She quickly scanned the room and when she spotted me, she gave me a big smile. WOW! That sure made me feel special. After introducing Alicia to everyone else in the room (something he didn’t do for Amber), Ryan said, “It’s time to party. How about a little show, girls”? They both smiled and started to hug and kiss each other…and began removing each other’s clothes. Alicia had been dressed much like she was the night I was so lucky to be with her. Of the 2, Alicia looked a little more nervous than Amber. Soon they were almost naked…bra, panties, and heels were all that were left to come off. The both laid down on one of the beds and kissed some more. Watching these two stunning women kissing, touching, and stripping was having an effect on all the guys. I noticed that most were rubbing their dicks through their pants. When the women were naked except for the heels, they moved to a 69 position and were licking each other’s snatch. It looked so beautiful – the black and white blended together. By now, some of the guys had reached in their pants and were playing with their dicks. Finally one of the black guys said, ” I can’t just watch any more”. With that, he slid his pants off – displaying a very nice hard on. He walked over to the bed and pointed his cock at Amber’s face where she stopped eating snatch and started sucking cock. After just a minute or two, everyone was mostly naked and one of the married white guys took Alicia by the hand and led her to the other bed. As soon as he had her on the bed, he started sucking her left nipple as well as slipping his finger into her hot cunt. Another minute passed and he was lining up his stiff cock towards her slightly hairy cunt. I started to move towards the blonde when Syd lightly touched my arm and said, “You gotta wait a little bit. You are the new guy and can’t make the regulars wait for you. And you notice that there are no condoms here. We are all very careful with the women and we all get tested. After you wait for everyone else to get some time, you will get plenty of pussy for yourself”. Soon, all of the guys were undressed (including myself) and the others were getting plenty of action. I noticed that most of the white guys started their time with Alicia and the blacks went with Amber. The guys were taking turns with cocks in the women’s mouth and pussy. In the next half hour, I think that Amber took 2 cumshots in her pussy and 1 in her mouth while Alicia took 2 in her mouth and 1 in her pussy. I also noticed that Alicia would look at me from time to time…seemingly a little embarrassed that I was watching her suck cock and fuck guys she didn’t really know. I just thought she looked amazing.After all of the other guys had at least 1 orgasm, Syd signaled that it was time for me to join in. I went straight for the blonde. She looked so sexy with those big fake tits and such a firm body. I had been stroking my cock and I was “too” ready. I looked down at her very tokat escort clean shaven cunt and noticed that some sperm was running out of it as I started to slide my dick inside her cunt with one quick stroke. Her cunt was so hot I couldn’t stand it. The smell of sex and her being so slippery because of the 2 previous cumshots there, I only lasted a few dozen strokes. When I shot my cum into her, I made sure my dick was as deep in her as I could get. I held nothing back. I wanted to make sure I shot as much cum in her as I possibly could. With her on her back, I was able to look at her amazing face, tits, legs, and bury my cock as deep as I could in her cunt. I then saw one of the black guys kneeling next to her – feeding his cock fairly deeply in her mouth. How erotic! The whole thing was so surreal – like watching porn…but a hundred times better because I was doing so much more than just jacking off. I never came out of her until I shot every last drop I could. I’m sure that all of these sights just added to the massive orgasm I was having. It made me feel like a king. After I pulled my cock out of her, I couldn’t help myself. I dove between her legs and started licking and sucking on her sweet pussy. As I was doing that, I held her extremely firm ass cheeks in my hands…so I could hold her cunt close to my mouth and get my tongue deep in her pussy. Even though I shot the 3rd cumshot in her, she still tasted so delicious. I brought Amber to a very nice orgasm. As she came down from her orgasm, I was kind of proud of myself for giving it to her. Then I looked up. Everyone was looking at me! Most looked kind of surprised. A couple were shaking their heads a little and said, “Wow”. Then I looked at the other bed. Alicia was looking at me, too. All 3 other white guys were doing her at the same time. Here she was with a cock in her mouth, one in her ass, and one in her pussy – and she was looking at me…and she looked a little sad!I needed a few minutes to recover. I really wanted to try Amber because I had Alicia a few weeks before. But as amazing as Amber was, I was much more attracted to Alicia. I knew I would want to spend more time with her after shooting my sperm deep in Amber . Most of the other guys were going for seconds and one was working on his 3d nut. And most of the guys had switched women except one of the white guys. He had cum in Alicia’s mouth and now was fucking her pussy. My dick was starting to get hard again after watching all of these combinations. I really wanted to get back to Alicia. When the guy finished shooting his load into Alicia’s pussy, I got on the bed next to her. I kissed her – something that nobody else did – and told her I was so happy to see her. She told me that she had never been with more than one guy at a time. She told me that when Syd suggested that she come to the party, she first turned him down. Then Syd told her how much I complimented her and that if she did the party, he would ask me to join. She said she would do it if I would be there. By now, most of the guys needed serious rest. That left me with Alicia to myself. I told her that she had given me the best day of my life and I could never top that. She said that when she looked over at me fucking Amber and then going down on her, she was kind of hurt. She thought I liked Amber more and she was starting to wish that she didn’t come trabzon escort to the party. I assured her that she was very wrong. I wanted to try the gang bang thing and I had never had a chance to have sex with a blonde hard body with big fake tits. But I assured her that she was the best. With that, I kissed her again and got on top of her. I shoved my cock in her wet pussy as far as I could. She wrapped her long legs around my back and we kissed again. I’m guessing but I think 3 guys had shot cum in her mouth and at least 4 in her cunt. It didn’t matter. All that did matter was I was getting to fuck her again. I wanted to hold out forever before I shot but I couldn’t. Too soon, after watching my dick go in and out of her hairy pussy …and feeling her lightly massage my balls, I was kissing her as I was shooting my sperm deeply in her beautiful cunt. We hugged for a few minutes before my dick came out of her. When it did, I dove between her legs and started licking that beautiful pussy. Even with all of that cum in there, it was like heaven eating her cunt. She held my head where she wanted and I did my best to please her. I sucked and licked until she had a very big orgasm. I continued until she looked exhausted. Her body went pretty limp. As I stopped, I looked up and EVERYBODY was looking at us – mostly me! I was a little self-conscious. By the looks on a few of the guy’s faces, I think that was a little over the top for them…eating pussy that everyone else had fucked.The party was pretty well over. Most of the guys were ready to leave – nobody had less than 2 orgasms, most had 3, and 2 of the guys had 4! I envy the married guy that shot cum into each of the women’s mouths and cunts. That had to be awesome. As we were all leaving, I thanked Syd and told Amber that she had given me a night that I would remember for the rest of my life. I also told her, “As far as women go, I don’t know how a woman could look more beautiful than you do. And your figure – it’s absolutely perfect”. She gave me a big smile and a kiss on the cheek – kind of silly since I and everyone else had just fucked her and I ate her pussy to orgasm. I then went up to Alicia and told her in private, “If I could pick 1 woman on earth to be with forever, it would be you! I’ve enjoyed the moments with you more than any moments in my life. From what I know about you – your face, your figure, your personality – if I was 40 years younger, I would do ANYTHING to have you in my life forever. The 2 days I got to spend with you were the best and most exciting days of my life.” I looked at her face and it looked like her eyes were watering up a bit and she said, “You are a very nice man. I believe you mean what you said”. She then said, “Maybe we can get together again some time. I would like that”. She then found a pen and some paper and wrote her number down for me. A soft lingering kiss on the lips and she left. I left shortly thereafter. It was almost 1 am and I thought I might have some explaining to do when I got home. There was nothing to worry about. My wife was sound to sleep and she had no idea when I got home as we sleep in separate bedrooms.I called Syd the next day and thanked him over and over but I noticed a little coolness from him. He mentioned that he had heard a few comments about me – that my going down on the women after they had fucked all the guys was a bit too kinky for them. He said there were no hard feelings or anything but I probably wouldn’t be asked again. I told him I understood. Besides, how could I be upset? He had given me two major sexual adventures that were on my bucket list – with extremely beautiful women. That’s something nobody can ever take away from me.

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