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Ashley knocked on the door of her friend’s house and stood there waiting for Sandra to answer her. The window on the door was covered. Why? Ashley didn’t know. When she heard the door opening, she looked up and saw Sandra stepping outside to greet her. Sandra gave her a quick hug and stepped back to look at her, her hands grasping each arm. “Thanks for coming over, Ashley. It’s good to see you,” Sandra said as she gave Ashley a hug. “It’s good to see you, too, Sandra. I thought it would be hopping over here. Are there more people coming?” Ashley asked. “Everyone is here. We were waiting on you.” Sandra dropped her hands from Ashley’s arms and took a step back. “Do you trust me, Ashley?” “Of course, why would you ask that?” Ashley glanced at the covered window and wondered what was going on. “I need to blindfold you before you enter. I won’t leave your side until I am sure that you are comfortable. If things become too much for you, all you have to do is say, and I will stop it all.” Sandra pulled the eye mask and scarf from her pocket and held them in front of her. “Sandra, this is very strange. What is going on?” Ashley placed her hands on her hips as she looked up at her friend. She had no reason to not trust Sandra, but the fact that she wanted to blindfold her made her a little uncomfortable. “Nothing will happen that can harm you, and nothing will happen if you don’t want it to. I’m afraid I can’t say much more than that without giving too much away. I am positive that you will enjoy tonight if you can relax and put your trust in me. I would never let anything happen to you, Ashley.” Sandra stepped closer to Ashley and brought her empty hand up to her cheek. “I want to show you a night of passion.” “And I can’t see during this night of passion?” Ashley asked as Sandra’s hand moved through her hair. “No, you can’t. That is where the trust comes in.” Sandra laid the scarf over her shoulder and brought the eye mask up toward Ashley’s face. “Do you agree to this?” “Yes, I guess,” Ashley said and closed her eyes. She still didn’t understand what was going on, but she and Sandra had been together before. It had been quite enjoyable, and Ashley wasn’t going to turn down another night with her. “I’ll be right behind you when we enter,” Sandra said and slid the mask down over Ashley’s closed eyes. She stepped behind Ashley and pulled the scarf off her shoulder and tied it over Ashley’s eyes. “Is that okay?” “Yeah,” Ashley answered as she brought a hand up and felt across the silk scarf. She heard both doors open and felt Sandra behind her as she walked them into her home. The doors closed behind them, and they stopped just inside the door. Ashley felt one of Sandra’s hands come up to her hip, and the other sat against her lower back. She felt hands come down on her sides, and a body stepped right up against her. A lone finger lifted her chin so wet lips could softly kiss her. Ashley was surprised, but she controlled her shock and kissed the lips that were against hers. The hands left her sides and were replaced by another set. Another set of lips came down on hers and lingered just a moment longer than the first. Hands and lips made their way up to her and after a soft kiss, would move on. Ashley had counted six kisses, and they were all to people that she couldn’t see. “Sandra?” Escort elvankent Ashley said as she turned to her friend who was still standing behind her. “I’m right here.” Sandra pulled Ashley’s head further around and gave her the last kiss to welcome her. She licked against Ashley’s lips, which parted and allowed her tongue to slip through and slide against hers. Ashley turned in Sandra’s arms and pressed against her soft lips. As their tongues continued to move against each other, Ashley felt hands come around her and start undoing the buttons on her shirt. She tried to pull away, but Sandra held her still and wouldn’t let her go. Ashley relaxed her arms and let her shirt be pulled down her arms. As the person behind her slid their hands up her bare back, more hands teased their way across her stomach and shoulders. Then she felt lips settle on each side of her neck and another on the back of her neck. Ashley gripped her hands in Sandra’s shirt as wet sensations hit her from all sides. Soft lips kissed up one side of her neck, a tongue teasing a path between each kiss. The woman on the other side sucked on her neck, moving all the way down to her shoulder. The person behind her had her tongue slowly licking up and down her spine. Sandra pulled her lips away from Ashley and released the grip on her head. She lowered her hands and freed the button of Ashley’s jeans. Ashley laid her hands on Sandra’s shoulders as she pushed the fitted jeans down and over her hips. Sandra’s thumbs looped in Ashley’s panties on the way down and pulled both down around her ankles. Sandra pulled up one foot and removed Ashley’s shoe and sock and laid it out of the way. She pulled the jeans and panties off before going to the other side and repeating the process there as well. When Sandra stood again, she placed her hands back on Ashley’s cheeks and kissed her softly. “Do you accept what we want to give you?” Sandra asked. “Yes,” Ashley voiced softly but surely. Sandra gave her another soft kiss and then stepped back and out of the way. She watched as Ashley’s bra was removed and discarded. Female bodies surrounded her and brushed against every part of Ashley’s naked body. Sandra took a seat in her recliner as clothes started coming off and voices started murmuring their appreciations. Sandra unbuttoned her shirt and slid a hand over her bare breasts. She didn’t plan on sitting out the entire time, but for now, she wanted to watch Ashley and see the reactions on her face. Ashley was already panting just from all the hands and lips that were touching and teasing her. There was a mouth on each side of her neck and a set of lips teasing up and down the front of her thighs. That woman was kissing and licking every part of Ashley’s hips and legs except for the hot, wet space that ached to be touched. Behind her, she had a set of lips kissing each cheek of her ass. Occasionally, a tongue would slip down the crack of her ass and tease across her rectum. Ashley felt the cheeks of her ass being spread and felt both tongues slide down and start rimming her asshole at the same time. Ashley felt like she could melt just from that alone. The last set of lips would kiss down Ashley’s back, tease across her lower back, and then kiss up the sensitive skin of her sides. Hands emek escort were everywhere. There was no way to know which hands belonged to which set of lips. They overlapped so often that there was no way to keep track. “Oh, my, god,” Ashley moaned as her entire body tensed from all the sensations. “Sandra, where are you?” “I’m watching, love,” Sandra said, her shirt now off and discarded on the floor. “This is the hottest thing I have ever seen.” Sandra had a hand on each breast. She was gently teasing herself while everyone else was teasing Ashley. “Oh,” Ashley groaned as her hand was taken and placed between the legs of a very excited woman. Ashley pulled her fingers through the wet folds and up across a much distended clit. She captured it between two fingers and teased another across the top. She felt the woman on her left moan as she kissed her way down Ashley’s chest. When Ashley squeezed the clit even tighter, the lips pulled back and a louder moan was heard before she caught Ashley’s nipple between her teeth and bit down gently. Ashley released the clit of the woman who had just captured her nipple in between her teeth. Ashley slid that same hand around to her back and between the legs of the woman kissing across her shoulders and the back of her neck. She slid two fingers through the wet pussy and up over her clit. Her other hand searched out for the breast of the woman on her right. When she found what she was looking for, she didn’t even bother being easy. She grabbed a hold of the hard nipple and twisted it between her fingers. “Yes,” a voice hissed right below her ear. Ashley rolled the nipple in her fingers and then pinched it hard. She heard the whimpered gasp and the slow breath that was released against her neck. Ashley moved over to the other nipple and treated it with the same rough treatment. Ashley felt hands surrounding her back and thighs. They lifted her off her feet and lowered her to the floor on her back. Her arms were pulled straight out at her sides. Her legs were drawn up to either side of her ribs. Ashley felt women move up on all sides of her. Two women pulled up on each side of her neck while two more women moved up on either side of her stomach. The last two made their way up behind each thigh. When Ashley felt someone kneel at her head, she bent her head back between the bare legs and breathed in the scent. “Sandra,” Ashley said as Sandra’s hands came down on either side of her head. “I’m here, honey. I wouldn’t miss this for the world. All you have to do is lay there and let us do all the work. You don’t have to do a thing but enjoy yourself.” Sandra ran her fingers between her legs and got them nice and wet before pulling them back up and teasing them in front of Ashley’s nose and mouth. Ashley knew what she was being offered and thrust her head up off the floor to capture Sandra’s fingers between her teeth. She sucked both fingers into her mouth and moaned against them as she cleaned Sandra’s fingers of her juicy cum. “Oh fuck,” Ashley groaned as mouths come down on her body. Two tongues were sharing the space between her legs, licking and sucking on every part of her wet pussy. When the tongues joined together and pushed just inside her pussy, Ashley’s hands came down toward the floor quickly. They came down eryaman escort bayan on the backs of the women who were lying at her sides and playing with her breasts. Lips sucked and teeth bit as Ashley was heightened to a state that she had never been in before. The two women that lay at Ashley’s shoulders kissed their way up the sides of her neck and then teased their tongues against each other right on Ashley’s throat. She could feel their tongues slide out against her and then flick against each other. The sound alone was enough to turn Ashley on, but feeling them tonguing against her turned her on even more. Sandra was lying at her head. She would suck all over one of Ashley’s ears and then move to the other side, tonguing and biting on earlobes. She moved over Ashley and kissed her hard. She kept teasing Ashley with her cum covered fingers and had her growling every time Sandra offered them to her. Ashley felt a finger sliding around her rectum gently. Two more fingers were circling around the opening of her soaked pussy. The woman at her ass moved first and pushed just enough to let the tip of her finger sink in. The other woman pushed her two fingers up into Ashley’s pussy and a mouth lowered on her clit. That was all it took to distract Ashley, and the finger in her ass slid all the way in. The women matched their movements and slid in and out of Ashley at the same time. When she felt a tongue flicking across the top of her clit, she couldn’t hold back the words that flew from her lips. “Are you ready to taste me?” Sandra whispered in Ashley’s ear. “Yes, please, honey. Let me have your pussy.” Ashley grabbed Sandra’s legs and tried to pull her up over her head, but Sandra stood instead. She turned around and lowered herself back down over Ashley’s face. Ashley wrapped her arms around Sandra’s legs and pulled her pussy down onto her face. She started ravaging Sandra’s pussy. Even though Ashley couldn’t see, she could hear Sandra above her eating the pussy of another woman. Sandra reached her hands down to Ashley’s hair and untied the scarf that had been keeping her vision blocked. She pulled the eye mask off and Ashley’s eyes opened below her. Sandra smiled down at the sex-crazed look on Ashley’s face. She moved her face and hands back up to the woman in front of her, gripped her ass, and pulled her pussy back to her mouth. Ashley rammed herself down on both of the hands that were fucking her pussy and her ass. The woman that was clamped onto her clit never let go. She kept sucking and flicking until Ashley’s breathing was frantic. Ashley’s orgasm burst forth with no warning at all. She screamed into Sandra’s pussy and started sucking even harder on her clit. All the women held on and continued fucking her pussy and her ass. The woman at her clit eased her lips and teased across its tip. Sandra screamed next and was followed by the woman who was thrusting against Sandra’s face. Panted screams and moans filled the room as at least half of the women climaxed. Ashley felt women pulling away and others taking their place. Two new women tasted her pussy for the first time. Sandra and the woman she had been tonguing came down to her chest and started sucking on her nipples. The women who had sucked her to climax each bent down and gave her a long kiss, letting her taste herself on their lips. One of them knelt down like Sandra had done. The other stood in front for the woman above her to suck her off as well. Ashley dove right in to the pussy above her and heard a moan. Ashley watched as the woman standing was pulled forward and a face was buried in her pussy.

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