Gwen’s Journey Ch. 08


Part 8 – Surrender

*** Warning *** Some bad things happen and some graphic violence occurs. If you do not care to read this, either stop now, or when you see violence occurring or imminent, simply skip down to the next “story break” (* * * * *). Thank you.

Gwen had done as Sergei had asked, dressing in her flouncy black skirt that showed off so much of her legs, her tight black silk top, sleeveless and low necked to show her cleavage. The fine mesh black fishnets were always popular, as were her black leather booties with a five inch heel. They were hell to walk in, but as Herb, her ex, used to say, “Baby, you don’t have to walk in ’em.”

She sat back in the leather seat of Sergei’s Jaguar, hoping against hope that the big man next to her would take her to Ronnie. Gwen had gotten Ronnie involved in this mess, and she promised herself that she’d get her out of it. But as they drove through the city, heading toward the lake, Gwen had a sinking feeling that Sergei would require more from her than a simple change of clothes. Her fears were confirmed when he pulled the car into the lot behind the lake front Best Western. Ten minutes later she was entering the dark, musty room, followed closely by Sergei. He closed the door behind her and she heard it lock, trying to keep herself from whining at the sound.

“Come, my Pet,” Sergei said, holding out his hand to Gwen, and she smiled and took it. Pain and bewilderment accompanied her descent to the floor, where she sat, rubbing her cheek. She looked up at Sergei who was still smiling softly.

“I told you there would be punishment for your running away, Pet,” Sergei said, and he pulled his tight white t-shirt off, showing all of those tight, hard, beautiful muscles that had attracted her to him in the first place. Gwen stayed on the floor looking up at him, feeling tears of fear fill her eyes.

“Please, Sergei,” Gwen whispered hoarsely, “I’ll never run away again. I’ll do anything you want me to.”

“I know,” Sergei said, taking Gwen’s hands and pulling her to her feet. “I don’t believe we were followed, but I am going to take great pleasure with you, and all the better if that fool is waiting outside.” He pulled Gwen to him and kissed her, his tongue searching her mouth, and despite herself, Gwen found herself responding to him.

Gwen closed her eyes and trembled when Sergei lifted her top up and took it off, the silk whispering across her skin delightfully. He brushed his lips across hers, as light as a feather, and Gwen’s breathing quickened, her trembling body alive and waiting for his touch.

His lips closed on her chest, kissing her softly, trailing those kisses to the side until he met the thin black strap of her bra. He moved lower then, and Gwen put her fingers in his hair as his mouth followed the contour of her breast. He kissed the spot immediately between her breasts, and was following the curve of the other when his hands closed around them, touching only the fabric of her lacy black bra.

Gwen’s sensitive nipples pressed out at the sheer fabric, and Sergei’s thumbs found them easily, rubbing in small circles that made Gwen pant and her knees weaken. His lips continued to move, nipping at her collarbone and then tracing up her neck to nuzzle her ear. Then his lips were on hers, and Gwen kissed Sergei hungrily, sucking and biting at his lips, pushing her tongue into his mouth.

When their lips parted, Gwen opened her eyes and gazed through a fog of lust into Sergei’s brilliant, dark green eyes. Those eyes had made her his pet, and she desperately wanted her freedom, but not as much as she needed his touch, his smile.

He was smiling, his perfect white teeth showing. She saw he was breathing harder too, and he lowered his face to her breast and sucked a nipple into his mouth, rolling it with his tongue as she gasped with pleasure. She glanced around confusedly before surrendering again to the sensations, though she did give him credit for removing her bra without her even noticing.

Her breasts were always sensitive, and her nipples seemed directly connected to her womb. Each gentle suck or squeeze sent bolts of pleasure through her body, thrumming like the string on a guitar being plucked. She felt gooey inside, cursing herself for not being able to describe the rarefied sensation. She remembered telling Ronnie that it felt like a spot inside her, about an inch below her belly button, was turned to warm butter-creme, or maybe marshmallow fluff. Ronnie said she understood, but Gwen doubted her. All she knew for certain was that it made her feel like a girl.

Lost in the bliss of his lips on her other breast now, Gwen almost missed it when Sergei slowly pulled her skirt over her hips. She stepped out of it and shook with anticipation. She ached for him to touch her there, to release the passion and bring her ultimate joy.

And then his hand closed on her swollen mound, only the fishnet material separating him from her. She moaned happily when he squeezed her whole pussy in his hand, and she pressed against him, feeling her clit rubbing escort ataşehir the heel of his thumb. His lips were on her ear, his breath hot and exciting.

“Are you a slut, Pet?” Sergei whispered.

“I’m your slut, Sergei,” she moaned softly, “but only your’s.” She felt him shrug, and then he squeezed harder, hard enough to bring pain, but not to hurt. Gwen moaned loudly as her pussy became creamy, Sergei’s palm wet.

“Unless I tell you otherwise,” Sergei whispered, “you will dress appropriately, Pet.”

“I will next time,” she gasped, helplessly humping against his big, firm hand. “I promise, Sergei.” He released her pussy then, and using both hands, he tore the flimsy netting away, opening a hole around her crotch. Gwen moaned again with excitement. That could only mean that he was preparing to take her, and she wanted that more than anything.

Sergei turned her around and pushed her to the bed, slapping her ass with a mutually satisfying smack. Gwen crawled onto the bed on her hands and knees, and felt Sergei’s fingers in her auburn hair, guiding her around to face him. She wanted him so badly that her mouth watered as she fumbled with his belt and trousers, letting out a gleeful giggle when his pants fell to his ankles.

She tugged at his boxers, pulling them down his muscular thighs, and Sergei’s uncircumcised cock leaped up and bobbed in front of her. He still held her hair, holding her down so that she had to keep her palms flat of the bed to keep from falling. He thrust with his hips and his cock bounced against Gwen’s cheek, leaving a trail of precum there. Another thrust found her waiting, wanting mouth, and Sergei sighed contentedly as he began to slowly fuck Gwen’s face.

She used her tongue and moved her head to give Sergei the most contact, an ever changing wet hole to bury his cock in. He slid his cock in and out of her mouth slowly, gently, and Gwen felt a thrill of satisfaction when he moaned quietly. A little popping sound accompanied his cock being pulled from between her lips, and Gwen groaned softly, unable to suppress her smile.

“You are truly my pet, aren’t you?” Sergei asked quietly, his rolling deep voice like warm molasses. Gwen looked up into his eyes and nodded, wondering why she was misting up. He nudged her, and Gwen turned to crawl to the pillows, feeling the bed settle as Sergei climbed on after her. She felt his strong hands on her hips, stopping her, and she instinctively raised her ass and moved her legs apart for him.

And then he was inside her, and Gwen cried out at the sensation of her lover’s cock filling her totally. His hands moved over her bare back, rough against the softness of her hot skin, and Gwen moaned softly. His manhood slipped in and out of her pussy slowly, building the sensations of pleasure within her, satisfying yet increasing the ache that she felt.

Crying out more loudly, Gwen bit down on her lip, thinking briefly that the way he felt inside her was how she had always dreamed it should be. She gave herself over to the sensations, hardly needing to tighten herself on him as her body did so naturally.

Sergei leaned over her, his lips on her shoulder, and he took her gently swaying breasts in his hands. He squeezed them roughly, in contrast to the most gentle movements he made inside her, and Gwen hissed through her teeth and put her head back until it touched his. He licked her ear, and his hot breath on her ear and neck intensified the sensations she felt, making her moan loudly.

“Oh god, Baby,” she mewled, “You’re gonna make me come. Please make me come, Baby.” His hands roughly squeezed and fondled her breasts and his cock thrust into her hard then, faster. “Yeah Baby, fuck me with your big, fat cock!”

Sergei instantly released her breasts and he sat up, shoving himself into her so violently that Gwen cried out. His open hand landed on her ass with a loud crack, and Gwen squealed with shock and pain, tears leaping to her eyes.

“If I wanted a street whore,” he growled, “I’d buy one. My pet should watch her manners.” Gwen sobbed even as she shuddered with delight, her body so close to orgasm that she was humping back against him.

“I’m sorry, Baby,” she whined, “I’ll be good.” Her back arched and she humped her hips quickly, rubbing her fully engorged clit against his fast pumping member. “I’ll be good, Baby,” she whined, her girlish voice higher and keening. “Please, don’t stop!”

Her orgasm hit her hard, and her body rose up and slapped against Sergei’s powerful torso. She reached back behind his neck and pulled his head closer to her, and she kissed his cheek and jaw and cried out against his skin. He grabbed her breasts again, twisting her nipples and sending more thrumming sensations into her already pulsating ecstasy, and Gwen bit down hard on her lip to stifle the stream of swearing that threated to explode from her.

She was still orgasmic when Sergei pulled himself from inside her and rolled Gwen onto her back. Obediently, she raised and spread her legs for him, grabbing her legs behind her thighs kadıköy escort bayan and holding them firmly. She watched her beautiful lover move in between her legs, and he grasped her ankles firmly, looking down as he stabbed at her with his prick.

The first four thrusts sent her through the roof as he missed and stroked his full length between her pulsating labia and over her throbbing clit. His fifth thrust was true, and his cock filled her again, making Gwen squeal with joy. She twisted her nipples between her fingers, wishing she could make it feel as good as when Sergei did it, whining and crying out her pleasure as he pounded into her, his fat balls bouncing against her.

Seeing him through a haze, Gwen smiled when Sergei delicately removed one of her shoes, and then the other, tossing them aside before continuing to slide into her. He’d slowed again, and Gwen was enraptured by the wonderful sensations he unlocked within her.

He threw a leg over hers, and Gwen felt his balls dragging over her thigh with each thrust, the new angle of penetration driving her wild. One hand twisted her nipple while the other had inexplicably moved to her face, and she frenetically sucked her thumb. She bit down hard on it when another orgasm hit her, and her cries almost drowned out Sergei’s passion-filled groans.

Her whole body weak and trembling, Gwen rolled onto her belly, laying flat on the bed, and she whined as she pulled off of his manhood. She lay there with her arms at her sides, panting rapidly and shaking with the tremors of her orgasm and aftershocks.

An explosion of delicious pleasure shot through her when she felt Sergei’s hardness press against her tiny sphincter, and she whined helplessly. She’d always meant to learn, to prepare herself for anal sex, but she had always chickened out, had never used the training plug that Ronnie had gotten for her. Now her lover was pressed hard against her, and Gwen bit down on her lip and tensed for the coming invasion.

She sighed and cooed softly when he repositioned and filled her pussy again, his body now on hers and pressing her down into the mattress. She felt him getting more forceful, ramming himself into her with abandon, and the combination of him completely inside her while his hot, hard body pressed against hers set off a series of flashes of ecstasy inside her.

“Oh god,” she whispered, her girlish voice thick and husky, “You’re coming inside me.”

“Yes, Pet,” Sergei groaned between ragged breaths. He tensed on her and grunted with fast little panting breaths until he cried out something in Russian. Gwen felt him inside her, knew that his cum had filled her and was mingling with her own cum inside her.

Her vision dimmed and she slurred softly, “Thank you, Baby.”

Several long minutes passed while Sergei slowly regained his breath, and finally he rolled off of Gwen onto his back, next to her. Like a wounded soldier in a movie, Gwen dragged herself onto him, her face pressed to his chest, listening to the bass drumbeat of his heart. Her thigh was on his, her arm stretched over him possessively. All thoughts besides those of contentment were gone.

* * * * *

Steve was insane with jealous anger. He’d watched them go into the room almost two hours earlier, and he knew they weren’t playing tiddlywinks. His mind filled with images of Gwen’s body under Stetsenko’s, their forms replacing those of the actors in every porn film he’d ever seen. The only thing Steve couldn’t reconcile was the question of cooperation.

Steve couldn’t decide whether Gwen was up in the room screwing Stetsenko because he was forcing her to, through either force or threat, or if that was her excuse to spread her legs for the handsome, exotic criminal. Either way, Stetsenko had his dick in the girl Steve loved, and there wasn’t a blessed thing he could do about it.

Not yet, anyway.

* * * * *

Ronnie pulled her face away from Gabrielle’s bruised and bleeding pussy, tasting blood in her mouth and feeling the gorge rise in her throat. Gabrielle’s screams had stopped, and she only whined and whimpered as pain continued to wrack her body.

Pyotr grabbed Ronnie’s hair and pulled her head back and away from Gabrielle’s crotch, smiling as he surveyed the damage. He walked to the center of the room, dragging Ronnie behind him by her hair as she scrambled to crawl after him. He threw her down to the floor and when she looked up she saw he had opened his pants and was pushing them, and his shorts, down to his knees.

She shuddered at the sight of his engorged cock, not the largest she’d had, but impressive none the less, and her mind filled with images of it forced into her ass. Her eyes filled with tears as she willed her body to relax, fighting the tremors deep within her.

“Please,” Ronnie begged, her voice small, “don’t hurt me anymore.”

Pyotr dropped to his knees between Ronnie’s legs, and he fell forward, crushing her body to the hard, cold floor with his body. In an instant he was inside her, thrusting forcefully and mindless escort bostancı of her lack of wetness. Ronnie whined with pain, unable to so much as catch her breath with the weight of the large man pressing onto her.

She gasped when he pushed himself up onto an elbow, his hips continuing to ram his hardness deeply into her, and Ronnie crossed her arms over her breasts, closing her eyes. There was a clack of metal on metal, and Ronnie opened her eyes to see that Pyotr had taken the pistol from his coat pocket. He held the muzzle to her temple, the pressure of the cold steel sharp against her tender skin.

“You are a pizda,” Pyotr grunted, continuing his forceful assault on her deepest womanhood, “Make me feel like you are enjoying having my yelda inside you!” He smacked the barrel of the gun against her cheek and hissed, “Show me you like my fucking as much as you do!”

Ronnie felt blood trickle past her ear from the new cut on her cheek, and she moved her arms a little and began to massage her breasts softly. She shook with deep tremors of humiliation as she clamped down with her cunt on Pyotr’s cock and softly stroked her fingers across her nipples.

“Leave her alone, you son of a bitch,” Gabrielle moaned from the mattress, and Pyotr began to laugh.

“Pray she pleases me,” he chuckled, “or you will be wearing her brains when I tear your zhopa apart.”

* * * * *

Gwen lay across Sergei’s chest, placing soft kisses on his smooth skin, tasting him, their mingled sweat, and the fresh tears she secretly shed. Her fingertips ran over his hot skin, and she felt his fingers in her hair, softly brushing through it affectionately. She couldn’t look up into his beautiful eyes without betraying herself she knew, but what betrayal would he see?

Were her tears from the act of pretending to feel real desire and satisfaction as he forced her to fuck him, or because of her shame, that she’d really wanted him and had taken great pleasure from his touch? She hated Sergei and all that he stood for. She hated him for hurting Ronnie and for being a truly villainous person.

As her lips strayed down across his hard, toned belly to kiss and lick at his spent cock, sweet and sticky with their co-mingled cum, and her fingers softly caressed his large, hairy balls, Gwen knew in her heart that she desired Sergei. She put her lips around the end of him and she used her fingers to slide back his foreskin. She played her tongue over the sticky softness of the head of his shaft, and she began to stroke him slowly, feeling his foreskin sliding down and then returning to press against her lips.

He began to respond, his penis growing plump and more firm, and Gwen tasted the sticky precum that her tongue swiped away even as it formed droplets at his tip. He grew harder inside her mouth, making Gwen’s body warm, delicious tingles running through her.

Sergei pushed Gwen’s head down, forcing his length into her throat and making her gag and choke on it. Finally she had her excuse and she let the tears flow freely as her throat convulsed. He held her there as pain began to throb in her temples, dark stars exploding behind her eyes as her body screamed for air.

Sergei yanked her head off of him and he held her by her hair, facing him, meeting his eyes. She choked and coughed, streamers of saliva running from her mouth to his fully erect cock, and as she lost herself in the deep green of his eyes, Gwen knew that she hated Sergei for making her want him, most of all.

She moved up his body and straddled his hard, lean midsection. Holding him upright, Gwen lowered her already aching pussy onto him, taking him slowly inside her, and feeling a shame-filled ecstasy at his contented sigh of pleasure. One hand clenching her hair at the back of her head, the other twisting her tight, sensitive breast, Gwen rolled her hips, moving Sergei’s glorious member inside her. She moaned loudly with passionate joy. Her body loved this man she hated so much.

She opened her eyes and saw Sergei watching her, his eyes moving over her body as her hips humped frantically against his cock, rubbing her clit against the root. She saw the desire in his eyes, saw that he liked her body, the way that she looked, the way that she felt. A wave of joy coursed through her, and Gwen bit down on her hand to stifle the cry it released. Wetness filled her tight, grasping cunt, and Gwen whined quietly while her body shook.

Still confused by her mind’s inability to lock down a single coherent thought, Gwen felt herself rolled onto her back. The breath was forced from her when her legs were bent far back, her knees to either side of her breasts, her own open, wet pussy right in front of her face. Gwen grasped her legs behind her knees and she held them tightly in place as she watched Sergei squat over her, lowering his turgid cock into her pussy.

He entered her smoothly, and Gwen’s head snapped back against the pillows as she cried out loudly. His cock felt so fucking good inside her that she found herself praying that it would never end, that he could keep moving inside her forever. He grabbed her thighs just below her hands and he bore down on her as his thrusts came faster. Gwen’s hands were free then, and one twisted her nipples savagely while the other sought and found her clit and began to stroke it roughly.

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