Hailey’s Journey Ch. 03


(Author’s note: The first two sections are in Novels and Novellas, but this probably is better suited for this category)

That was unbelievable! After days and days of no sexual overtones whatsoever, now he wanted her naked? And what was that about property?

“In your dreams, Nick Saylor. I am going home now!”

But the door was locked, and Hailey could not open it. Nick made no move to help her, and realizing that he seemed serious, Hailey tried cajoling. “Come on Nick, stop joking. If you want to get me naked, let’s hit the sheets, and I’ll show you mine if you will show me yours!”

Nick sighed, and before Hailey could say another word, he had her arms pinned behind her back and tied tightly with a rope that he seemed to have produced out of nowhere. Truth be told, Hailey did not struggle very hard for things finally seemed to be getting interesting. Besides, it was kind of like the stuff she had been dreaming about. Nick turned her around, and with mighty tug, tore off her tank top, baring her to her waist as Hailey wasn’t wearing a bra. He began to pinch and tug at her nipples causing Hailey to close her eyes and moan with pleasure. She had been hoping for a little more finesse when Nick finally fucked her, but she’d take this too! She was lost in sensations, and the sharp pain in her nipples came as a jolt. Hailey squealed and opened her eyes to see two clothespins attached to her tender nubs. OK, now this was getting weird!

She görükle escort began to protest in earnest. Her screams and insults got her tank top stuffed into her mouth, muffling her quite effectively. Attempts to push it out with her tongue got a wide piece of tape plastered across her face. (Yes, Nick was fully prepared for Hailey’s reactions). As Hailey stared at him with wide, scared eyes, he slowly removed the clothes pins. Hailey winced in pain, but was also relieved at this gesture. Maybe….

But the relief was shortlived as he clamped them on again. Then he turned his attention to her shoes, shorts and panties, which he removed quickly in spite of Hailey’s struggles. And with each piece of clothing removed, he changed the postion of the clothes pins on her increasingly tender nipples. “I think this game is called ‘windmills’ Blondie. Let’s see how many directions I can turn the pin around.”

Ignoring her tearful face, he patted her bare pussy, which she kept completely shaved because of the skimpiness of some of her cheerleader outfits. “Pity, Blondie, I really wanted to see if you were a true blonde!”

Another long coil of rope bound her legs tightly together, Hailey was bent over a stuffed sofa and lay there helplessly with her ass high in the air. Another adjustment of the clothespins, and Nick said, “You disobeyed me, Blondie and I have to punish you. Thirty strokes with the hairbrush.” Hailey had never been görükle escort bayan spanked before (dirty dreams notwithstanding), and she shook her head wildly, trying to move away. But the hairbrush came down hard, first on one rounded asscheek, and then on the other. It continued its stinging kisses until Hailey was sobbing uncontrollably. These blows were so painful, shortening her breath and tensing her body as she tried to cope.

Finally the spanking stopped, just when she thought she couldn’t breathe. Another changing of the clothespins that drew a muffled howl from Hailey, then something cool and fragrant was massaged into her throbbing ass.

Nick turned her around, and said, “That was a punishment, Blondie, for disobedience. But if you behave well, there will be rewards too.” He laid her down on the sofa and untied her legs, spreading them wide apart, and bending them until her knees were almost at shoulder level. Hailey struggled to protest this humiliating and exposed position until his long fingers found her pussy and began to stroke it with consummate skill. Without being fully aware of it, she began to moan and shake with pleasure as he coaxed her clit out of its hood, and rubbed her vaginal walls, drawing moisture from her steadily increasing excitement. Hailey wasn’t sexually very active, and had learned to submerge her sexual feelings with exercise and hard work. But this …this felt soooo good! Much better than bursa escort her dreams!! In spite of the pain in her ass and nipples, or maybe because of them, it did not take very long for her to arch into Nick’s probing fingers in a satisfying orgasm.

Nick withdrew his fingers from her pussy with an audible squelch that had Hailey blushing in mortification.

“Blondie, I hope you enjoyed your little reward, because next time, you have to work a lot harder to earn it. Now, it is time to transport you to your new slave quarters.” Before Hailey could move, a thick leather hood descended on her head, completely blocking out the light. Her whole world grew muffled as heavy earmuffs completed her travel outfit. The ropes returned to bind her legs tightly together, thus preventing any thoughts of kicking and escaping this strange new predicament.

Nick slung the blind, deaf and mute Hailey over his shoulder, and gave her ass a sharp smack, grinning at her wiggle. He took her down to his car through his private elevator. Popping open the trunk, he dropped her in and began his preparations for the journey. He tied her legs to one end of the trunk and her hands to the other. A slim tube attached to wiring was inserted into her still wet pussy. He placed a bristly mat under her ass so that she would feel it with every wiggle. A final adjustment to the clothes pins, another squeal and Hailey was ready.

Hailey felt the car beginning to move. Then she felt the thing in her pussy begin to vibrate. As she wiggled in time to the vibrator, the bristly mat dug into her sore ass. The bumpy ride made her nipples throb. The car speeded up, and so did the vibrator and Hailey’s wiggles as she was rapidly transported to her new life.

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