Halloween with Mom Pt. 06


Apologies for the delay. Hopefully you enjoy the story.

As always, all characters in the story are above 18 years of age.


‘I love you mom,’ Luke’s words echoed in Victoria’s mind after she had watched the cab disappear. She began to get ready for work to keep the emptiness enveloping her at bay.

‘He’ll be home in a few days,’ she reassured herself when she went to the kitchen to pour herself some coffee.

‘My son will be back to his mom in a few days,’ she reminded herself when she entered the shower.

‘My love will be with me again in a few days,’ she promised herself when she left for work.

“We are going out for lunch today,” Megan decided for Victoria and Rachel that Thursday. Megan usually treated her two friends couple times a month. She didn’t mind considering the fact that her family was loaded.

“What’s the topic of discussion?” Rachel chimed in cheerfully. The lunches were also a good occasion to discuss some office gossip, a guilty pleasure for the three friends.

“My sad life,” Megan spoke nonchalantly picking up her purse.

“So?” Rachel inquired once they had sat down in the restaurant.

“My loving husband is saying he won’t be home for Thanksgiving,” Megan replied with her head buried in her hands.

“Ted told that to you two weeks before Thanksgiving?” Victoria chimed in, not wanting her somber mood to be detected by the group.

“And to top it off both Mike and Morgan won’t be coming back home from college either. Apparently they have to turn in some assignments. What sort of college gives homework on Thanksgiving?” Megan continued venting.

Neither Victoria nor Rachel had anything to say to Megan at that moment. They both knew Megan wanted to continue and she did.

“I thought one of the advantages of being married with kids was that you don’t have to spend Thanksgiving alone in your own home. You know what Vicky, I gave you hell for allowing Luke to skip college, I now owe you an apology.”

Victoria waved her off, not wanting to compare Luke leaving that very day to Megan not having her family home. Her son being away from her for a few days was bad enough, she couldn’t fathom being away from him on such a holiday.

“You should talk to the kids. I’m sure they would be able to come home if they knew about Ted being away.” Victoria chimed in.

“I don’t know what goes on in that college. Morgan was home almost every month during her first year. But now that they are both gone, they seemed to have forgotten me.”

When the food arrived, Megan pushed her hair back and cleared her face. “Alright enough whining from me. Tell me something good. How’s Luke doing?”

The mention of her son’s name brought a flood of emotions to Victoria’s mind. ‘I should not be flustered every time I hear my son’s name,’ she scolded herself.

“Luke’s actually out of town for some work. He’ll be back after the weekend.”

“Is he dating anyone?” Megan added.

‘Why can’t these two mind their own business,’ Victoria screamed inside. ‘Me. He’s dating me. I’m dating my son. Is that what you want to hear?’

“I don’t think he’s seeing anyone currently. Work keeps him pretty busy, you know.”

“Wow! Both mother and son have the same excuse why they are not dating anyone,” Megan laughed for the first time that day.

“Uhhh,” Rachel started playing with her food. “I’m not sure that Luke is not seeing anyone.”

Victoria’s heart stopped for a moment. “What are you talking about?” she asked carefully.

“Stacy saw him buying a pack of condoms a few days back. Just thought you should know Vicky.”

Victoria relaxed a little, but her mind continued spiraling. ‘They may not know about Luke and I, but I have to be careful around these two. They already know a lot about me. I shouldn’t give them any reason to connect any dots.’

She tried to appear shocked at Rachel’s big revelation. With her eyes wide she spoke, “Are you sure? What should I do? Talk to him about it?”

“You should know at least a little bit about who the girl is,” Rachel advised. “I mean he’s not even twenty. He’s probably having fun. Its good for him right.”

“No harm having a little fun at his age,” Megan gave her approval. “Just make sure its not some sex starved married bitch using him for sex. You don’t want him involved in that mess.”

“Yeah you are right,” Victoria spoke with some difficulty.

Rachel placed her hand on Victoria’s. “Hey. You don’t have to look so worried. It’s probably one of his school friends. Jesus Megan, look what you did to her.”

Victoria’s mind was a mess when she arrived home. ‘How do I make sure that nobody finds out about us. What kind of life would that mean for Luke, hiding everything we do within the four walls of our home. What’s a life where he can’t go on dates, can’t go dancing, can’t even kiss the person he loves in public.’ With no one to talk to she, continued spiraling. ‘Am I being selfish by pulling Luke into a relationship with me. I can’t ask him to be with me forever. He should have some fun in his life.’ gerçek resimli gaziantep escort Rachel’s voice echoed in her head — “He’s probably having fun.”

‘Was he? No, that can’t be. I know him well enough to know that he’s very serious about me. Is that a good thing though? As much as I want to be with him, I shouldn’t be forcing this on him. It should be his decision.’ Victoria went to the kitchen to start on dinner and hopefully occupy her mind with something else. Once she calmed her thoughts down, she looked at the empty living room making dinner for one. ‘I miss you Luke’ was the only thought in her mind then.

She was already in bed when her phone rang.

“Hey mom,” Luke spoke with his face on Victoria’s phone. “Did I wake you?”

“Yes, I’m so old I go to bed at 8:30, right.” Victoria laughed. “I’m sorry I didn’t call you. Didn’t want to disturb you.”

“That’s alright mom. I called you the moment I entered my room.” He paused a little bit. “You don’t look so good. Everything alright?”

“Yeah, everything’s fine. I just, didn’t realize how much I would miss you.” Victoria didn’t want to unnecessarily upset her son with her thoughts about their relationship.

“You’ve no idea mom,” Luke replied then laughed. “You probably have a pretty good idea how much I miss you too.”

“How was work. I hope everything is going ok.”

“Honestly, its a lot mom. The volume of business is quite a lot more than what we anticipated. That means we have a lot of guys to beat to win the business. Its going to be tough.”

“I have faith in you honey. You should know you can do this.”

“Thanks mom and I guess I should also thank you for the surprise gift you left in my bag.”

Victoria was so occupied with her thoughts that day that she had forgotten about the gift she had secretly packed in her son’s bag. She smiled mischievously. “Glad you like it. I thought it would be good to have something to remember your mom when you are masturbating.”

“Is this from the red lingerie set you wore when we went to the lake-house last weekend?”

Victoria smiled. “Yes. That’s the one. I don’t have a lot of lingerie otherwise I would have packed you a few that would have lasted for your entire trip.”

“You are the best, mom.”

“Am I ‘the best’ or ‘the best mom’?” Victoria laughed.

“Both, mom. I can’t believe how lucky I am that I got a mom like you.”

Victoria just talked with her son for over an hour and ended the call not wanting to keep him up late. She looked at the clock. It was nearly 10PM. ‘This the first time I have gone 24 hours without having sex with my son since we started,’ she smiled to herself. She touched her pussy lightly over her panties. ‘Can I go four more days without him?’ she wondered. ‘Can he go four more days without me?’ She pictured Luke lying in his bed in the hotel room, stroking his cock with her panties. She could feel her panties getting damp. She quickly removed her hand and smiled to herself. ‘Let’s see how long I can wait,’ she challenged herself. ‘You won’t last more than two days,’ the voice in her head replied.

She tried to fall asleep with her head filled with images of what they had done the previous few days. She opened her phone. Her lock-screen was a pic of her kissing Luke on his cheek. She opened her gallery and changed it to the picture Luke had taken earlier. It was a picture of her wearing a crown of flowers Luke had brought for her and Luke was kissing her cheek. It was an innocent picture and no one would find anything wrong with it. Looking at the picture reminded Victoria what they had done after. She had given a blowjob to her son while wearing that same crown of flowers. She tried to picture that image from her son’s eyes — Looking at his gorgeous mother with his thick cock in her mouth, wearing that beautiful crown. ‘I should have asked him to take a picture of that,’ she thought. She noticed that she had an email notifying her of activity on her incest forum.

She quickly logged into the forum and noticed that Linda, her forum friend had sent her a message. Linda was the only other person who knew some details about her relationship with her son. In fact she was the one who had encouraged her to take the leap and make the move on her son. She opened the chat window.

‘I need someone to talk Leia. My mind is going crazy.’ – Linda

Leia was the username Victoria used on the forum.

‘Hey, I’m here. What’s on your mind?’ – Leia

‘Promise me you won’t judge me.’ – Linda

‘Judge you? You know very well what my son and I do to each other. I think you are in a judgment free zone here.’ – Leia

‘Ok. Please please forgive me for being blunt. But I need to ask this for my own sanity. Do you regret what you do with your son?’ – Linda

Victoria stared at the screen for a moment. As much as her brain was spiraling about her relationship with her son and their future, she didn’t need more than a second to answer the question.

‘No.’ gerçek resimli gaziantep escort bayan – Leia

‘Do you think he will be held back in life if he continues this and lives part of his life in secret?’ – Linda

The question made Victoria think. This was essentially the question she had struggled with all night.

‘Everyone likes to live their lives on their own terms. If this is what he wants, I’ll be the last person to stop him.’ – Leia

‘Ok, final one. If your son asks you to carry his child, will you say yes?’ – Linda

Despite the gravity of the third question, despite her struggle with her thoughts regarding her son’s future with her, Victoria immediately knew the answer to the question. And that answer cleared all other doubts she had during her day.

‘Linda what is going on?’ – Leia

Victoria waited and waited for a few minutes. When she was about to close her laptop, Linda’s reply appeared on her screen.

‘I need to confess something to you. I was lying when I said that I was on the forum just to read and that I had no interest in pursuing an incestuous relationship in my real life. I am actually in a relationship with my younger brother. Well technically, its me, my baby brother and his twin sister. It’s been going on for a very long time. He had recently asked us that he wanted to have kids of his own and my younger sister was more than enthusiastic about the request. I have always been very career focused my entire life and I was more than happy to be the cool aunt. Anyway our sex life changed a bit due to this obviously. My brother essentially came in our sister since then. I don’t want to sound like a pervert but you have no idea how much I missed the feeling of my brother filling my pussy with his cum. Anyway, one day when I was alone with him, just like the cliché, one thing led to another, and now I’m pregnant!’ – Linda

Victoria took her time reading the lengthy message.

‘You’re not fucking with me right?’ – Leia

Linda sent an image and Victoria saw the image with three positive pregnancy tests.

‘I couldn’t believe it myself.’ – Linda

‘Why are you telling me this?’ – Leia

‘I honestly don’t know. I’m a little scared to break this news to my baby brother and sister, I just wanted to talk to someone about this.’ – Linda

‘They would be delighted to hear the news. This is great news for you and your brother.’ – Leia

‘You really think so?’ – Linda

‘Talk to them. You have no reason to be worried. And if you need an anonymous ear, I’m always here.’ – Leia

‘Thank you so much for being here for me. And I apologize once again. I feel like I know you a little bit now and I have felt a little guilty thinking I may have pushed you into doing something terrible.’ – Linda

‘You don’t have anything to apologize for. You were the one who helped me accept the fact that I was in fact in love with my own son. Not just as his mother but as a woman. He has really brought meaning and purpose into my life once again.’ – Leia

‘That was really beautiful. You should tell him that when you snuggle with him tonight.’ – Linda

‘Sadly I won’t be able to do that. He’s out on a business trip since Thursday and he’ll be gone for the full weekend. I miss him so much.’ – Leia

Victoria realized that she was giving more details than she normally would have but given what Linda had just disclosed, she felt more comfortable talking with Linda now.

‘That’s too bad. Maybe you should surprise him with something after he comes back.” – Linda.

‘We were on my boss’s lake-house last weekend and had such a fun time over there. You are right. I will think of something.’ – Leia

Linda took a few moments to reply. ‘You had sex with your son in your boss’s lake-house. That sounds so hot!’ – Linda

‘He must have cum more than ten times inside my pussy in that three days. I have such powerful orgasms when I feel his cum shooting inside me. And each time he cums in me is somehow better than the last time. Unfortunately we had to leave early because my boss called me early on the Monday. I will make sure I won’t have to do that the next time I am away with my son.’ – Leia

‘You sound so enamored with your son. I wish both of you stay together forever. These relationships come with a lot of sacrifices, but they are all completely worth it. Believe me, I know.’ – Linda

‘I really appreciate that. I have come to terms with my new life. My son is the only man in my life now. If he wants me, I’ll be with him. I really really hope he feels the same way about me because I want to do everything with him.’ – Leia

‘I know that feeling. I feel like I know you a bit more now and I can tell you this, you will be very happy with your son for a long long time. You would be surprised how many people are in incestuous loving relationships.’ – Linda

‘You really know how to keep my mind at ease. If you are comfortable, share your pregnancy journey with me.’ – gerçek resimli gaziantep bayan escort Leia

‘I will definitely do that. I’ll be going to the doctor to get my official confirmation tomorrow. It was nice knowing more about you. In the beginning I actually thought you would be twins with the ‘Luke and Leia’ username.’ – Linda

‘Haha. No, the names are just our favorite characters, no resemblance to our actual names.’ – Leia

Victoria busied herself on Friday to keep her mind off her son. She pushed through and even got on top of some work that she should have done on a Monday. ‘Luke will be back Monday evening. I don’t think I will be able to concentrate with my pussy dripping in anticipation of my son.’ The thought brought a smile on her face. She looked at the calendar and stared at the two days between Friday and Monday. A whole weekend that she has to spend without her son in her arms, without her son’s cock buried to the hilt inside her. She sighed and left her office for her appointment.

Victoria had scheduled an appointment with her gynecologist to start a prescription for birth control pills. For some reason, having the pills in her hand made her realize the gravity of what she was doing. ‘I’m really doing this. I’m really having sex with my son. This pills are proof that I want to continue to have sex with my son. They are proof that I want to feel him fill me, his own mom, with his potent cum every day. They are the only thing that’s stopping my son from impregnating me with his child.’

She put the pills in her bag. ‘God I hope I’m not pregnant now.’ She had been pretty lax with her son in terms of birth control. She had nearly forgotten to take her morning after pill when she was at the peak of her ovulation. When she was in her ‘safe’ period, she hadn’t even bothered with any form of birth control. Her period should come sometime Monday and that should soothe her fears.

‘What if I am pregnant.’ Her hand moved to her flat belly. ‘I would be happy of course, but I don’t want my first child with my son to be an accident. She wanted her son to want to impregnate her, his own mother, with his seed. She did not want to rob her son of the most carnal pleasure of their love making, filling his lover over and over again with his fertile cum, intent on making his mother pregnant with his first child. The thought made her incredibly wet and she decided to go back home before her horny brain made her do something stupid.

“Hey Vicky, what are you doing here?” Victoria turned her head towards the voice and recognized her boss, Claire, walking towards her.

“Oh you know, just a regular check-up,” Victoria replied a little flustered and soon realizing that she was standing in front of the pharmacy. ‘God my stupidity is going to get me caught.’

“What are you doing here?” Victoria asked her boss trying to shift the conversation.

“Just getting a test confirmed,” Claire replied smiling and almost dancing on her toes.

‘Is she talking about a pregnancy confirmation or am I imagining things.’

“Oh you can just say it,” Claire clutched Victoria’s hand. “I’m pregnant!” Claire almost screamed with delight.

“Wow, congratulations!” ‘Does she have a boyfriend that I don’t know about?’

“You’re the only person outside my family who knows about this. Please don’t tell anyone else.”

“Of course. Mum’s the word.” Victoria’s replied using her hand to zip her lips.

“Yes, I’m gonna be a mum,” Claire said to herself. “So what are your plans for the weekend now that Luke is not home?”

Victoria took a moment to think whether she had told Claire that Luke was out that weekend. “Yeah, I guess Megan or Rachel would have told you about Luke. I was actually going to help Rachel with some work at her home, for the charity concert.”

Once home in the evening, unable to summon enough energy to make dinner, Victoria ordered take-out. Cooking dinners was something she and her son did together. And it was this small stuff that made her miss him even more. She aimlessly roamed after dinner. She went into Luke’s room. He hadn’t slept in the bed since their trip to the lake-house the previous weekend. Luke only came to his room to get his things. A thought came across Victoria’s mind and she was suddenly full of energy. Within an hour, she had moved most of her son’s stuff into her own bedroom. Once she was done, she undressed, put on a pair of soft panties and her son’s t-shirt, the one he had worn the night before he went away. She was getting into bed when she heard her phone ring.

“Hey honey!” Victoria answered and she could see his face on her screen.

“Hey mom.”

“You look rather happy. I’m going to assume its because of me.”

“You don’t have to assume. It is always because of you.” Luke never had a good poker face and hoped he didn’t look too excited on the phone.

Both mother and son chatted aimlessly for a couple hours before Victoria called it quits. Victoria didn’t mention moving her son’s stuff into her bedroom. She wanted it to be a little surprise when he returned Monday evening.

Rachel’s house was a few minutes walk from from Victoria’s. Victoria had usually walked to Rachel’s and decided to walk on the Saturday morning wearing a sweater over her t-shirt and pairing them with comfortable jeans, looking motherly and elegant at the same time. When she entered Rachel’s home, she recognized the look of confusion on Rachel’s face before she even opened her mouth, “What are you doing her Vicky?”

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