Subject: Happiest Place on Earth Please send your comments to: hoo. Disclaimer: The following story contains graphic sexual language and actions between a adult and minor males. If material of this nature offends you, PLEASE do not read any further. Please note that you must be of legal age, where you live, to read this story. This is a work of fiction and any similarity between real people or events is purely coincidental. I pulled the black velvet mouse suit from the company locker. I was actually excited having been promoted to Mickey Mouse during my second summer here at Disney Land. As a young college student, I lucked out last year applying at the theme park after completing my freshman year at CalState. I was hired on the spot to play a pig for the daily parades. It was a welcome relief, as I was no longer on campus and needed to pay rent or return to stay with my parents in Kansas. Now, after my sophomore year, I had returned to the Magic Kingdom to find that my boss had been promoted to one of the most prestigious characters in the park, Mickey Mouse. My hand was shaking as I removed the costume from the plastic cleaning bag. I never thought a person could get this nervous about a simple costume. I stripped off my clothes, learning quickly that these suits were heavy and hot. Finally shucking my boxerbriefs to the floor, I took a minute to view my body in the full length mirror at the end of the locker row. My two years of college weight training was definitely beginning to pay off. The 6’2″ 220lb muscled form staring back at me reinforced why my dance card was full every night during school. The long thick cock swinging carefree between my legs made most of my one night stands into year long fuck buddies. I walked over to the bathroom making sure my snake was completely drained before locking my impressive physique into a big eared cartoon character. I let loose a golden stream of piss which echoed as it hit the porcelain. When the last drops were tapped from my dick, I returned to the locker room to become the great Mouse himself. The costume was heavy, even more that the pig outfit from last year. As I slipped the velvet material over my body, I was surprised that my long soft dick found an opening under Mickey’s bright red shorts. This costume was one of the few remaining Mickey Mouse suits which had shorts and suspenders rather than the more common red pants and coat. My cock was now lying between the black velvet of the mouse and the red cotton of the shorts. Free to dangle in the open space between the two. My hands were already in the large white mittens which composed Mickey’s gloves making it impossible to push my dick back in. “I wonder if the hole was to allow a guy to hit the head without removing the whole costume?” I thought to myself remembering the previous years costume required complete removal to take a piss. I like the idea and decided not to question a good thing. Over the next several days, I was surrounded by laughing children and camera happy parents. I was definitely getting into the role, pretending to laugh at stupid jokes and dancing with every rock-n-roll kid that walked through the Toontown gates. I was also becoming very comfortable in my costume with both my cock and balls pushed through the opening free to enjoy the warm California air just under Mickey’s red shorts. On my second week of employment, I was taking a break from performing when I came upon a thirteen year old boy sitting on a bench. The child’s head was in his hands as he cried silently to himself. Passers by didn’t seem to notice or care that the young boy was upset. The kid didn’t even look up as a large black mouse sat beside him on the bench. I instinctively put my long black arm over the kid’s shoulders using the large white gloved hand to pat the boy’s head in a consoling manner. Breaking the cardinal rule of being Mickey Mouse, I spoke to the boy asking, “What’s wrong my young friend?” The boy didn’t speak a word, just turned toward me laying his head in Mickey’s lap as he continued to sob. I continued to hold the boy comforting the youth until he was calm enough to explain his dilemma. The young boy cried for a good five minutes creating a large wet spot on Mickey’s red crotch. The outline ataşehir escort of my cock was now becoming visible under the cotton fabric making me a little nervous. The thirteen year old finally raised his head telling me his name was Alex. He had runaway from his home in Nevada almost two weeks ago. With no where else to go, he had been hiding in the park the last couple of days sneaking in with school outings while he tried to figure out his next move. I looked at the boy from behind my large mouse eyes. He was definitely dirty with wrinkles and several stains on his oversized T-shirt and baggy shorts. His lightly tanned face showed multiple smudges hiding his true cuteness from causal gazers. His tousled blond hair and bright blue eyes made him a natural ringer for a classic Disney actor. But the problems the boy was confiding were more than my standard “Gee that’s swell!” line would cover. I decided it was best for me to take him to the employee area until I could convince him to talk with one of the park officials. I told him my plan and he tearfully accepted my help. We walked into the employee only area with Alex holding tightly to Mickey’s gloved hand. We passed a sea of lockers and benches finally coming upon one of the numerous lunch rooms that had a platter of left over sandwiches from one of the crew meetings. “Are you hungry Alex?” asking an obvious question. The youth nodded as I steered him to the plate of food. “Go ahead, take some sandwiches and grab a soda then follow me.” My voice remained in character since the young boy seemed to like it. Alex loaded his arms with food, walking close behind me with a soda in each hand. We finally came to row 114 walking to the end where my locker resides. It was one of the rows which had a large frosted window at the end keeping the lockers from going all the way to the wall as they did in other rows. My locker was one of five that was offset from the others creating a small alcove which kept it hidden from the rest of the row. I sat on the small bench with Alex sitting close beside me. He was rapidly eating the sandwiches while drinking down his Mountain Dew. Halfway through his feeding frenzy he looked up asking “Would you like one?” I shook my large mouse head `no’ as a look of relief cross the cute boyish face. When the kid finished off the last of his soda, he looked over at me saying “Thank you. I knew Mickey Mouse would be a nice guy.” I chuckled softly in my well rehearsed mouse voice. Without warning, Alex began to sob again burying his face back into my still wet lap. The boy cried quietly for another ten minutes before his sobs began to fade. I just held him stroking his young back with my large white gloves. “You’ll be alright Alex. We will figure things out.” Mickey’s red shorts were now thoroughly soaked clearly showing my cock and even my balls as the fabric clung tightly around their forms. Alex lifted his head a few inches from my lap, after feeling my now visible mousehood. His eyes stared at the soft thick five inches of mouse dick. “Wow, who’d of thought Mickey Mouse was hung!” he said catching me totally by surprise. Not knowing what to do, I kept massaging his back giggling in my Mickey voice avoiding his statement altogether. Alex brought his hand to my lap tracing the outline of my cock with his fingers. I was surprised at the gentleness his touch causing my cock to lengthening under the boy’s young hands. Soon the obscene image clearly betrayed just how male Mickey Mouse was. Alex grabbed my dick through the bright red fabric, repositioned my shaft toward my mouse belly. As my dick reached its impressive ten thick inches, the deep purple head was clearly protruding above my bright red shorts. “Holy shit! Mickey’s got a foot long cock!” Alex exclaimed lightly stroking my fat dick under the wet cotton fabric. All kinds of thoughts were running through my brain. How wrong it was to have a boy holding my cock. How good it felt as he stroked the length of my staff under the fabric and how much I wanted him to do more. As if reading my mind, the kid unfastened the large buttons connecting the wide suspenders to the shorts allowing the front flap to fold down. avcılar escort Now my large thick cock and hefty balls were in clear view of the thirteen year olds beaming face. The boy returned his hand to the bare flesh of my shaft feeling the heat generated by my now steel hard rod. He stroked my length and played with my balls producing a flow of precum from my massive fuck tool. I knew I should make him stop but the sexual urges he was eliciting from my body overruled my head. Alex began licking the clear fluid that was dripping down the sides of my dick. He used his young tongue to fully clean my shaft before opening his mouth wide and wrapping his small lips around the source. Alex sucked lightly pulling the sweet nectar from my staff while he gently stroked my ten inch wood. It was obvious the kid was no stranger to cock sucking. His tongue expertly flicking across the head of my dick while he sucked with varying amounts of pressure. I was moaning softly, totally lost in the moment of ecstasy his sweet young mouth was providing. The boy was soon sucking four to five inches of mouse dick down his throat. My large thick pole seemed to stretch his mouth to its limits. His hands moved to the waist of his baggy oversized shorts, popping the button and sliding the loose fitting garment off his smooth young body. I looked over seeing Alex’s young bare ass, no underwear, revealing a tight round bubble butt that only young boy’s can have. I couldn’t believe how turned on this kid was making me. I never considered sex with anyone out of my own age before, much less a kid. But this boy was manifesting feelings of erotic desire in me that none of my previous partners ever did. I said “Oh, you are such a good boy!” using my Mickey Mouse voice the best I could between moans of ecstasy. Alex pulled himself off my hard wet dick long enough to reply “I love you, Mickey.” My heart sank as I wondered what might have happened to his boy. What caused him to run away from home and what will become of him now that he is all on his own. I decided the lust in my loins should not override the compassion in my heart. I said in my normal voice “Alex ^�” Before I could continue, the young boy placed his small hand over the permanent smile of my costume. “Please. Don’t spoil it” he said with seriousness in his voice. “I want to give happiness to Mickey Mouse like he gave to me years ago, when things were good.” A tear formed in my eye as that one sentence explained the pain and hurt Alex must be carrying with him. My large gloved hand patted his head as I nodded my acknowledgement. His lips slipped back over my aching cock resuming the lust I had briefly questioned. Alex raised his head from my lap pulling his oversized t-shirt over his head. He let the stained clothing fall to the ground revealing a tight lean body. The boy showed little signs of baby fat which could mean his meals over the last weeks where few. But his tanned torso still sent shivers through my long hard cock titillating my balls as he stood up facing his childhood friend from so long ago. His small boy cock was hard sticking out four inches from his almond sized balls. “Do you love me too, Mickey?” he asked in a pleading voice. I answered again using my practiced Mickey Mouse voice “Yes Alex. I will always have room in my heart for you. You are a special boy.” Alex smiled brightly. He knew that I wasn’t really Mickey Mouse but his mind was more than happy to pretend. He climbed up onto the bench, his knees on either side, hugging me tightly in his small arms. I returned the gesture wrapping my big black arms around this loving boy. He released his hold, as did I, allowing my covered hands to caress his young back. Oh how I wished I could feel his smooth body with my own sensitive fingers. Alex pulled back from me until he was just kneeling over me with my long thick rod wedged into the crack of his boy ass. He moved his butt slowly up and down the length of my wet cock allowing me to feel the softness between his round cheeks. My desire was now fueled to a feverous pitch. My cock was producing precum by the gallons as it flowed down the crack of Alex’s ass to pool at his tight boy hole. The intensity avrupa yakası escort was magnified as the only part of my body that could touch his hot flesh was my thick ten inch dick. Alex spread his buttocks while he continued to slide my staff between his firm orbs. Without a word of warning or hesitation, he pushed my cock into his ass. The shaft slid effortlessly past his small tight ring and was sinking inch by inch down his snug hot fuck hole. I moaned obscenely never remembering a time when my cock felt so good. As my hard thick manhood continued to disappear into the snow white ass, I knew Alex was no stranger to getting fucked either. He was taking my oversized cock up his boy butt with the expertise of a high priced escort. Before long, the kid was bouncing up and down on my fuck pole as if it were some special Disney ride. He too was moaning in total ecstasy as the length of my cock plunged deep into his body only to slide out to the very edge of its mushroom head. Even though I was fucking the kid’s tight little ass, I felt totally powerless. I couldn’t kiss him or lick him. I couldn’t tease his small brown nipples or squeeze that incredible boy butt. All I could do was sit on that wooden bench with my hard dick rising up through my Mickey Mouse shorts as Alex pleasured himself and me with long strokes. The boy bounced on my rod for a long while. Alex alternated his rhythm from hard and fast to easy and slow. Each time I thought my cock was ready to explode, he’d ease off keeping me hot and horny and hard. Now he seemed to be going all out as he could no longer wait for his own explosive climax. He skillfully clenched his butt while squeezing my steel hard dick during our fuck session. Alex kept say over and over “I love you Mickey Mouse. I love you!” He reached over grabbing his baggy shorts placing his bouncing boy cock into one of the legs. A scream was forced from his heaving chest as he shoved his ass down hard on my cock. My ten inch rod was buried deep into the guts of this beautiful boy in front of me. “I’m cumming Mickey! Oh god, you’re making me cum so hard.” His four inch cock jerked wildly as the kid shot a descent load of boy cum into the leg of his shorts. A large wet spot quickly appeared as the white liquid soaked into the cotton fabric. The feeling of his fuck hole squeezing tight with every shot from his boy cock caused my own dick to explode. I let loose a torrent of man juice deep into Alex’s young body. His butt rocked back and forth stimulating every drop of cum from the huge fuck pole up his tight ass. With his cock totally spent, Alex tossed his shorts to the side. His arms flung around my mouse neck again hugging me tightly while his ass squeezed my impaled rod at the same time. Eventually, he released his hold sitting up right on my softening dick. “Thank you Mickey. This is a time I will never forget.” He pulled his boy body up letting the remainder of my limp cock slip for his sloshing hole. Sliding from my lap, he put on his even more stained shorts and dirty shirt. My heart was in agony as the despair which had briefly left his sweet face returned. “Hey Alex” I said in my normal voice once more. The kid put his hand up to my costume covered mouth again saying “This was a special moment between Mickey Mouse and me. If the guy in the suit still wants to meet me. I will be on the ferry dock at the end of the day.” He leant over kissing the big black nose, smiling and said “This truly is the happiest place on earth.” He turned walking down the long row of lockers towards the corridor. I could hear him softly humming the Mouse Club song as the sound faded amongst the metal cages. I was still sitting on the bench a large black mouse with a soft five inch cock lying across his leg. A large cartoon smile stretching across my face as well as that of the costume. “Gee that was swell” I said to myself chuckling. I headed to the restroom to take a leak since my cock was already conveniently out. I checked my costume in the mirror after getting everything refastened. I appreciated Alex’s composure to grab his shorts instead of firing his young load all over my suit. Boy cum sprayed all over Mickey Mouse might be hard to explain. I walked outside looking around for the kid. He was nowhere in sight. I had to stay in my area of Toontown, so looking for him wasn’t an option. I debated whether to tell someone about this runaway and decided it wasn’t the kind of help Alex was looking for. A little girl ran up to me yelling “Mommy, Mommy. It’s Mickey Mouse!” For now, I was back on the job. End

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