He is evil, stay away.


He is evil, stay away.With a user name satanismo, satanismo2, satanismo3.So this user post a video, acting like what he sees in it must mean the male in is gay. So I will add the screen shot of how it will look when it comes up it is not intended as an form of piracy, using/posting with out permission etc. It just to show what title he put on it. And fyi I looked at his galleries, on of them is screen shots from xhamster live members. Which it says is not permissible. After the pic I will put screen shot of or back and forth which he had now deleted my comments. I guess the truth hurts, he does live in the Bay area of Calif. As in San Fran. Gay capital of the world.So, what does beelzebub do. Here’s the comments he delete, with his responses. He then blocks me from all 3 of his profiles; which if you read the terms of use policy, not allowed!!! ( mind you I have one, to smack little faggots like this one more time, as he did to me but right on my wall) Well that’s it. It start with me trying to explain how getting pegged as man kaçak iddaa by a woman with a strap on is absolutely amazing.And if it’s done by some that happens to be a female doctor, that knows the human body. So I about 8 years ago. Only choice I had was female. Well after second visit; which was a thorough physical. I would either get last appointment before lunch or last of the day. If it was lunch it was just a quickie but end of day, … list track a few times!!! Occassionally her assistant would stay, or other females, from adjoining medical suites. It sucked when she closed practice in my city, but I did get invited,l to the going away party. Well it was more like told to be there as a party favour. I was strapped on to a medical exam table, feet up and tied in the stirrups used for female pelvic exams mostly. Arms strapped to my sides, I had also been positioned so my ass was just at the edge of table and strapped so I would slide. And then for the next 13 hours I spent 6 hours of eating Dr. Nancie’s pussy and ass, while kaçak bahis each of the other ladies pegged me for 30 mins each, for the next 6 hours Nancie, fucked my ass , increasing in size every 30 mins as another lady got her cunt and ass cleaned. Leaving the last hour for Nancie to ride my throbbing aching ‘member’. While the 12 other ladies proceed to squirt or piss on me.I ran into Nancie about a year ago. I was working as a pizza deliver driver. Wouldnt you know it my last delivery went to her, well her sister, but she was in town for the weekend. Because her sister had just kick her partner to the curb. And, sometimes it’s a very small world. ‘Michelle’ was a delivery drive as well, one that worked for me few years ago. And long story short, was having some problems, with this, or another partner, and just to be on the safe side, until locks changed I spent the weekend with her. And that is another story….the story of how to convince a ‘gold star’ lesbian to suck, fuck, and take her first real penis in the a$$, So, illegal bahis when I saw Nancie about a year ago, and then got ushered in by Michelle, and realized the resemblance with the same last name. Called in sick to the job on Saturday. Made breakfast on Monday before on more 3some. We went at for 2.5 days. It had been a while since I’ve had sisters. Turns out I was only the second male to put a dick in Dr. Nancie, and the first didnt count, on account he was a rap!$t. So 2 lesbian sister, whom gave me their stars, had never so much as seen the other naked , since puberty. And now they were having sex with me at the same time as finding out that they are both lesbian, and had fantasized about the other. What are the chances of it. (Shit making my self hard, and single, so I can do it with out worrying, feeling bad, etc. Theyve both left city now, apparently living together.Hummm, dont know how I do it….. turn every situation in my life whether it be a car accident, a weird injury, working behind the bar of the female entertainment club (male strippers) or just simple telling some vid poster that he is a closeted gay homophobic male living San Fran. Well into a story about a sexual experience I’ve had.Believe it or don’t but I was there.

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