He was 18 and worked for me… (part 2)


He was 18 and worked for me… (part 2)He moved the head of his cock to my ass and was clumsy at finding my hole. “Slow down and take it easy. Just rub it up and down the crack a few times and feel my hole.” He did as he was told moving that thick head up and down my crack stopping briefly each time it passed my hole. Then as he stopped once, i pushed myself on him, his head penetrating the hole and my rectum form a tight ring between his head and his shaft. He groaned as did I with the penetration. His dick was large and swollen with excitement.”Easy now, Not too fast,” I told him as i felt his hips ready to shoot off to the races. I put my hands on his tight little ass and slowly pulled him up on me, feeling the shaft of his cock sliding slowly into me. His ab muscles rolled across my cock as he moved. He was breathing heavy and told him to relax. Slowly i kept pulling him in until he was about halfway. I tightened my ass around him and he gasped. I pulled away until i felt my sphincter grasping his head and then tipobet365 güvenilirmi pulled his ass back to me, a little more each time until i had the full length of his cock inside of me. His bare balls laying against my ass were warm and as he laid there for a minute, they stuck to me with the layer of oil between us.”Now fuck me,” I told him. He was squeezing me tight, his warm body and mine almost one. I kept my hands on his ass keeping him from going too fast at first, feeling those cheeks tighten each time he thrusted down. He was afraid to push all of the way down as i gasped each time he got more than half way in with his thickness. He moaned every stroke to the new feeling he had found, the warmth of my inside against his cock. His waist was so small that my legs nearly wrapped around him twice as i pulled myself up to him. He was throbbing, his head swollen bigger with each push, so i told him to go faster and i pulled myself against him, thrusting my ass upward to take all of tipobet365 yeni giriş his manhood inside of me. He was faster, breathing harder, the veins on his neck and upper chest and shoulders bulging out from the muscle. “Do it hard, all the way in,”I said whispered. He pounded me like he had done this many times and his mouth opened and he gasped. “Im going to come, what do i do?” he said excitedly as he kept pushing into me. “Come in my ass, let me feel you,” I said and no sooner the words had left my mouth, i felt the head of his cocks expand and shoot the first big load into my ass. His entire shaft swelled as each time he pushed in hard and deep his deposited another load 8″ deep inside me. “Oh my God,” he cried as he shot the last of his 8 spurts in me and fell limp on top of me with his cock buried deep inside of me.He layed there on top of breathing deep for a few minutes as i rubbed his back and ass. Trying to catch his breath he looked up and kissed me again. “Oh my God, that tipobet365 güvenilirmi was more incredible than i ever expected. Ive jacked off before but ive never felt so big and came so much”. I smiled at him and he managed to smile back. “What can i do for you now?” he asked. “What do you mean,” I asked him. “Well i just shot the best load of my life, what do we do now for you?””Lay on your stomach.” He laid in the floor on his stomach and i poured oil on his back and rubbed it in. I slid a couch pillow under his wait raising his ass in the air and spread his cheeks. I licked around his hole for a minute then pushed against it with my tongue leaving it wet. As i licked more, i took a finger and began massaging the tight little hole. “Relax, dont fight it” I could feel his hole twitching as he tried to relax and then tightened again over and over. At one point when he relaxed, i shoved my finger in breaking that ass cherry. He gasped a little but then seemed to relax more as i slid my finger in deeper. I found is prostate and began rubbing over it. “What are you doing” “Just relax and let it happen.”After about 10 minutes of finger play, i moved into position between his legs. “I dont know if i can do this,” he said squirming as he felt my cock touch him. “If you cant, I’ll stop, OK?” “OK”…. (one more part)

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