He-wolf Ch. 02


(All characters in this chapter are 18+, I like to put it in a fast pace but once I get used to writing this it’ll slow down, if your looking for a quick wank this isn’t for you, id like to thank canned and nina for there comments and Brand-sama for editing you guys are the best, I also need help for my next chapters so if you have any ideas on how to make my story better please let me know via the CONTACT tab on my profile.)


I heard a knock at the door and growled softly as it opened before he could say for the person to go away.

“Sweetheart, I saw our car in the drive way why aren’t you in scho-.”My mum stopped and looked at the boy in my arms and ran to him seeing his bruised face and neck.

“OH YOU POOR SWEET BOY WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU?” She shouted cupping his chin and turning his face side to side after she pulled him away from me gently.

“N-nothing ma’am I fell….” he replied.

“Oh now don’t go lieing to me mister, now what really happened?” my mom said

“Now mom he’s had a tough week; don’t bother him, he’s okay now.”I said holding Jagger’s hand.

‘no “No it’s okay Alex….my mom hit me last night for being late getting home…t-then a boy c-choked me in the bathroom stalls at school for not…..sucking his…w-well you know.” I could see he started tearing up so I hugged him gently rubbing his back as he softly cried.

“Oh you poor, poor boy. well Well stay here all you like. its It’s okay, me and Alex’s father won’t mind one bit! I’m Luna Peterson, Alex’s mom. you You can call me Luna or mom I don’t mind.”

I smiled and held ]Jagger closer but reluctantly let go as he held out his hand to my mom. “I’m Jagger, Jagger hunter Hunter ma- I mean Luna. you You can call me Jagger or jag Jag I don’t mind.” my mom smiled and ignored his hand hugging him tightly then let go and walked out of the room.

“sorry Sorry about that, she’s very over over-protective but she’s a good mom” I said smiling at him.

“It’s okay she’s really nice. I’m sorry if I got you in trouble for hugging you in front of your mom.” he blushed looking away.

“Why are you sorry? she She knows I’m gay and doesn’t care just as long as there’s no sex” I laughed and sat on the bed taking his hand in mine .

Jagger blushed a deeper red and stared at our hands then looked up at me “W-why are you holding my hand?”

i I smiled and squeezed his hand gently. “because Because I feel like it.” I pulled him closer and intertwined our fingers. “Is it okay?”

he He nodded and hugged me gently letting my hand go. “I’m tired, can I take a nap though?”

I chuckled and nodded picking him up and to set him on the bed, laying him down and pulled the covers over him then started to leave.

“W-WAIT!!!” I turned around quickly and looked at Jagger his eyes misted with tears and shaking hard. “D-don’t l-l-l-leave p-please.” he started to sniffle and I noticed every time he was scared or nervous he’d start to stutter.

“okay Okay ill I’ll sit at my desk till you fall asleep.””” I was almost to the desk when I heard him speak very quietly almost inaudible.

“I wa-was hoping y-y-you would lay in b-b-bed with m-m–m-me and h- hold me.” he was looking at his hands crying softly when I looked over.

“are Are you sure Jagger?” I asked and walked over to the bed looking into his eyes. when When he nodded saying nothing; I climbed in next to him and wrapped my arms around him, burying my noes nose in his hare hair taking in his scent.

“W-why do you like m-m-me Alex? W-w-why are you h-h-h-h-helping me?” he asked I just smiled and answered.

“how How can I not like you.? You’re sweet, kind, and you put up with a lot of shit love. but But I mostly love how you still have that sparkle in your eye when you get away from it all and how you still have a real smile, one that shows you haven’t given up yet. I also like your beautiful reddish blond hair, your sweet lips that look so very soft and a very beautiful smile.”

I chuckled softly and buried my face in his neck; spooning him from behind so he couldn’t see me and I couldn’t see him. I waited for him to answer frowning a bit and propped my head up looking down on him. I frowned seeing that he was crying and sat up.

“I’m sorry jag Jag I didn’t mean to make you cry.! just Just forget that I said that I’m so sorry. please Please don’t cr-.”

he He interrupted me by sitting up quickly and smiling widely. “no No no no I’m not sad I’m happy. no No one has ever said something so sweet to me.”

I smiled as he hugged me tightly curling up in my lap, I hugged him back tightly kissing his cheek softly. “You’re very welcome pup anything for you. so So do you wanna stay here tonight or do you wanna go home? you You can sleep in my bed and my mom can make us some dinner…” I really wanted him to stay, I wouldn’t be able to sleep at all if he went home to his horrible mother.

“If it’s alright I’d like to stay here…I’ll go home in the morning.”

“Okay, would you like a tour of the house? It’s Şişli Escort pretty big so it may take a while.” I smiled and poked his nose making which made him giggle.

“Sure I would love it if you gave me a tour.”


Turns out Alex’s house had an old Victorian gothic style that had 4 stories with 36 rooms; 9 rooms on each floor not counting the basement. Alex’s room was in the basement. it It looked like a huge apartment, that had a kitchen, a big bathroom, a large living room, and a bedroom the bathroom had a huge shower that could fit 2 fairly large men and a 4 legged bathtub that I was craving to try out. the The bedroom had a large king sized bed that was far from dominating the room. it It had deep red silk sheets with a black curtain around the bed that was held up over the banisters. there There were 2 wardrobes on the left side of the room and one dresser. the The desk was on the right along with the TV, the walls where a deep red that matched the bed.

“Wow your room is amazing.”

Alex chuckled and hugged me gently making me blush a soft red. “its It’s alright, my mom’s into the old Victorian style.”

“well Well she has amazing taste; so am I.” I replied.

the The first floor held the large dining room that had a huge table that looked like it could easily fit 100 people. There was also a large TV room where a few children where at no older than 3.

“Hey Alice,Felix, and Sparrow.” Alex called.

The children ran over to him squealing happily. “Alex you’re home early!!!” all 3 children wrapped their arms around him smiling.

“Yea my boyfriend here needed a nap. Alice,Felix, Sparrow. This is Jagger my boyfriend.”

my eyes widened and snapped over to Alex. “Boyfriend?”

The children giggled and shook their head but sparrow Sparrow spoke it first. “But you’re both boys you can’t be together.!””

“We can if we really want to, its okay to like boys too, don’t let anyone tell you that its wrong to have one.” Alex smiled at me and winked.

Alex pointed to all three heads and said they were triplets. When I looked they all looked the same besides Alice who had long deep red hair that went down to her waist and shined darkly against her bright yellow dress instead of the short cropped same colored hair as the boys who who both wore small jeans and elmo shirts, they all had sharp husky blue eyes and .

Alice walked over and tugged on my shirt. “Jagger why are you all bruised up?”

I shot Alex a ‘we’ll talk about it later look’ and I got onto my knees and sat on the balls of my feet and smiled at Alice.”Well a couple of people hurt me but I’m okay now and you can call me Jaggy sweetheart.”

Alice’s bottom lip trembled and her eyes teared up. “but But you don’t look like a bad boy why would they hurt you Jaggy you seem so nice.” she crawled into my lap and hugged my neck tightly as she sniffled.

I looked over to Alex and teared up hugging Alice gently and spoke softly. “I’m not bad sweetheart the people who hurt me did it because I wouldn’t do something they wanted and because they didn’t like me. But I’m okay now and it’ll be fine I promise.”

Alice sniffled and leaned up. “C-can we play together before you go home?”

iI smiled widely and nodded tapping the tip of her noes nose gently.”of gently. “Of course sweetheart.”

A few hours later Alex dropped me off at home and as promised I played with Alice for an hour and hugged her before I left.

I walked through the front door and flinched hearing my mother run downstairs. “The school called, you left after 5th period where did you go?””

I looked down and didn’t answer. I whimpered loudly as my mom hit me hard across the cheek; her ring cutting deep into my cheek it.

“WHERE. DID. YOU. GO.?!?” my mother screamed at me.

“M-my boyfriend t-t-t-took me to his house t-t-to meet h-h-his mom.” I yelled loudly as she threw the book she had in her hand at me and hit me in my noes nose, making me fall back and curl up on the floor. I cried out over and over as she kicked me hard in the stomach with her pointed heels.


I ran into my room and grabbed my bag that I had already packed a week ago knowing this would happened and grabbed a few other things like my laptop with its charger and my phone charger. as As I ran out my mom threw a second book.I whimpered as it hit my cheek making me bit my toung hard filling my mouth with blood and ran to the only person where I felt completely safe….Alex.

2 hours later I fell to my knees on the door step and rang the door bell swaying a bit. The door opened and I saw Alex’s mom gasp. I knew I looked bad and whimpered looking away as she screamed for Alex.

“I-I had n-no where else t-t-t-to go. My m-mom kicked me o-out.” I felt blood trickle down my chin my toung still bleeding badly.

“shh Shh honey it’s okay you can stay here it’s alright.” Luna said as I busted into tears. She helps me up and picked up my Şişli Escort Bayan stuff taking me inside.

By then there was a small crowed of people I didn’t know. then Then I saw Alice walk to the front and started screaming I turned away not wanting to scare her any further and sat on the couch.

“Mom what’s going on why is Alice screa-” he looked at me and his eyes widened. “Dear gods….Jagger what happened? who Who did this to you?!”

I looked down and covered my face whimpering . “M-m-my mom…..s-s-she w-w-w-wanted to know w-w-why I left Sc-sc-school. I-I-I-I told her you took me to your h-h-h-house to m-m-meet you mom but I said you where m-m-my boy friend.” I swallowed and winced at the pain crying; the crowed of people I didn’t know had come into the room around me and looked around the room at the people then looked back down and continued. “S-she f-freaked out and th-th-threw a couple b-b-books at me t-then threw me out.

“S-s-she kicked me out Alex I-I have no where to go…” I started to cry again as he finished cleaning my right hand. he asked one of the women to get him a bowl of warm water and a wash cloth then talked to me a bit more. she came back a few minutes later and smiled sadly at me.

Alex took my chin between his thumb and forefinger and smiled while softly cleaning my cheek making me whimper a bit as he cleaned the cut. “shh Shh you’ll stay here with me sweetheart it’s okay.”

He cleaned the cloth in the bowl and cleaned my other bruised cheek then touched my noes nose, making me cry out a little in pain, “shit it looks broken….” he cleaned the rest of my face then my neck.

“She was kicking me a f-f-few times…I-I think she b-b-broke a f-f-few of m-m-my ribs.”I sniffled and looked up at Alex who smiled at me and kissed my forehead after he cleaned i.


Seeing my sweet pup like this infuriated me, and hearing Alice cry because of it made me even madder I told him to lift his shirt and I growled seeing his entire left side if his chest and stomach a dark purple.

“Shit Jag…..my dad is going to have to look at you. Lay down for me and let me clean off your chest” he took off his shirt and looked away.

I told everyone but my mom to leave then told my mom to go get dad. I lifted Jagger’s head and stat above Jagger him, laying his head in my lap.

“So you’re my boyfriend now right?” I asked cleaning the rest of the blood off Jagger then stroked his hair gently holding the rag on his cut cheek.

“When I think about being your boyfriend….it feels right and makes my tummy all fuzzy.” he answered.

I smiled and leaned down lightly kissing him and caressing his cheek. I heard my dad clearing his throat and blushed a deep crimson and smiled while smiling down at Jagger.

“His noes nose is broken and it looks like he needs stitches on the cut on his cheek and his tongue.”

My dad looked him over and sighed scratching his head. “Damn kid what the hell happened to you?”

Jagger whimpered looking away. “M-my mom beat me for being with Alex.”

I stroked his hair, kissing his forehead lightly and sighed looking at my dad.

“Well kid I’m James and you’ll meet the rest of the family later. You’re welcome to stay here.” my dad said patting Jagger’s leg then gave me a knowing look.

Jagger turned his head and smiled a little holding out his hand. “I’m Jagger but you can call me Jag.”

My dad shook his hand and smiled opening the first aid kit he set down next to him. after 10 minutes of poking and prodding my dad sighed and smiled at Jagger “Well Jags I’m going to have to give you some bad and good news…I’m going to have to set your nose into place and its going to really hurt. the good news is your ribs are fine.”

Jagger frowned and sat up wincing at the pain a bit “W-wont they heal on their own? Why do you have to hurt me?”

I frowned and looked at my dad “because Because if we don’t then they’ll heal wrong and well have to re-break it.” my dad replied.


after my dad set his nose back I hugged.I gripped Jagger’s hand tightly as he screamed and cried then pulled him into my lap and rocked him slowly humming a soft lullaby my mother used to sing to me.

“Is it over? please Please no more.” Jagger said shaking hard like a leaf.

Hunter came around the corner and looked Jagger up and down frowning. “what What happened to him?””

Jagger looked at him and sniffled. “my mom hit me a lot i don’t wanna talk about it”

Hunter kneeled in front of him and smiled sadly. “Do you need anything from the house?”He asked.

Jagger smiled weakly but gripping my shirt tightly and nodded. “yea just a few things and my jack skeleton stuff and cloths.”

“Okay ill get what you need this afternoon” Hunter said and stood up. Jagger told him the address and laid his head on my shoulder yawning curling tight against me.

“Wanna take a nap baby?” I asked smiling softly as he nodded. I stood up carrying Jagger Jagger and walked down stairs Escort Şişli then lay him in my bed “would Would you like me to lay with you Jaggy?”

“Yes please I don’t wanna be alone” he said shaking still.

I slid into the bed next to him stroking his hair softly till he fell asleep.


I heard loud knocks on the door and rolled over yelling out loudly as I hurt my broken ribs I rolled onto my back growling softly from the pain. I realized there was a warm body next to me and looked over seeing Alex’s sleeping face. I reached over and stroked a piece of hair from his beautiful face. “My boyfriend…” I said softly to myself.

I blinked a few times seeing Alex start to smile. “yes Yes you’re my boyfriend and you’re staying here with me and you’re going to be mine for a while.”

iI blushed a deep crimson and covered my face wincing softly as he wrapped his arm around me. iI was about to speak when the banging on the door started again and the door opened.

“wheres Where’s the human?! Why do I smell that filth in here?” the short boy stormed in the room and growled squinting at me and pulled me out of the bed.

“hey Hey let me go!!” I yelled pulling away. I heard Alex growl deep in his chest and looked over to him tilting my head “did Did you just growl?”

Alex got up and pulled me to his chest holding me close. “Tyler, leave now I mean it!”

“Not until you answer me, why WHY is he HE in the alpha’s house.”?!” I heard. Tyler growl and glare at Alex.

I whimpered and turned around hugging his waist tightly hugging his waist tightly then shivered realizing I had no pants or shirt on, only a thin pair of red and blue briefs on. I looked up at Alex confused and he blushed taking his shirt of and put on me; his shirt covering down to the bottom of my butt.

Alex looked back over to Tyler and growled. “Get. Out. Now!” I looked up at Alex and rubbed my cheek against his, wanting to relax him.


I looked down at Jagger and smiles smiled rubbing my cheek against his in return. I knew he was confused on how he was only in his boxers; I hated smelling his mom and his friend Bruce on him. So I took all his clothes off and had them put in the washer so he would have to wear a pair of my clothes for the day.

I looked back at Tyler and glared. “Leave now, he’s my mate and he stays here with me.”

Tyler laughed making Jagger tense and whimper as he hid his face in my chest. “Y-y-your mate?!” he laughed harder. “He’s a human; he’s weak, and also a boy!!!” I felt Jag growl and spin around punching Tyler hard in the nose.

“I’m not weak!! And he’s my boyfriend and yea I’m human but you are too!!!” I pulled Jagger behind me as I saw him Tyler start to change and growled loudly.

“You dare hit me?!?!” I could feel Jagger start to tremble and watched as Tyler changed.

“H-he isn’t human, Alex what the fuck is going on?!” he asked me I watched as Tyler finished his change and stood there on all fours, his fur was a long orange color.

I sighed and turned to Jagger cupping both of his cheeks. “After what I show you…I hope you’ll still be able to care for me” I kissed him gently and turned him around changing into my wolf form in 3 seconds flat.


my eyes widened and I fell onto the bed on my butt and stared at Alex. “Y-y-your you’re the wolf that fallowed followed me that I tried to help.” I gasped sharply and covered my mouth. “you You saved me from my mom! she She was going to beat me but you scared her away.” I watched as Alex nipped at Tyler and flinched, running up upstairs, running into a tall bleached blonde-haired man and shook staring at him.

“Alex….Tyler…they turned i-i-into ….what the hell is going on? are Are any of you human?!?!?!”

The man stared at me and tilted his head brushing his fingers across my neck. I heard a large growl then a sharp whimper as I saw Tyler running up stares and the blond picked me up and ran out of the way i stared at Tyler and gripped the blonds shirt shaking hard.I saw Alex growling low in his chest and slowly walk up the stairs watching as he glared at Tyler. I noticed that Tyler was a lot smaller then Alex and less scary then him.

Tyler turned around and growled deeply at Alex and ran to him tackling him hard and biting onto his shoulder but Alex was stronger and shook him off biting the scruff of his neck roughly breaking the skin making Tyler whimper. Alex dropped Tyler and stared him down as he changed back and ran out the front door.

“What are you doing with your arms around my mate Preston?” I buried my face into Preston’s chest and cling to him terrified.

“Dude didn’t you tell the pup what you where when he got here hes fucking terrified dude.” He said

I looked up and saw the sad look on his face as he looked at me and stepped back a bit.

“No but I was going to in a few day and not this way but I but Tyler ruined it…..I’m so sorry pup i wont hurt you just let me explain please?” He looked back at me and held his arms out.

i realized that i didn’t really mind that he was a wolf he had plenty of chances to hurt me but did the opposite he took care of me and took me in and saved me. I quickly jumped out of Preston’s arms and ran up to Alex hugging him tightly.

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