He Writes, She Writes



As we approached the restaurant, Emily could sense that Dan was not going to be satisfied with their innocent fondling under the pier. She could tell by the way he grasped her waist possessively that he was not a patient man tonight. By the way he handled the bottle of wine that he had called ahead for, (chilled red wine!) She could tell his mind was on something besides food.

Emily slid into the booth first. As Dan slid in, she placed her hand on his thigh, as a simple act of affection. But he didn’t stop at arm length. He kept sliding toward her and her hand went up his thigh to his still hard appendage.

She took stock. Long tablecloth; crowded restaurant; music. She looked at Dan. His eyes were already glazing over and she knew in the mood he was in it wouldn’t take long. As the Mariachi played his bass, she played her favorite instrument – with a passion.

The waiter returned prematurely, looking curiously at Dan’s expression, while Emily smiled mischievously at Dan, without missing a stroke. “We’ll need a few minutes….” Dan pleaded. The waiter spun on his heels and disappeared somewhere into the kitchen.

Dan allowed myself the luxury of a rapid and extremely intense, long awaited, and much needed orgasm, an orgasm which sent his hot fluid high up the inside of Emily’s forearm. She continued undaunted, calmly slowing her strokes, as Dan writhed in his chair like an impatient kid.

After subsiding the intensity of the moment he heard a soft faint voice behind his head. A fragrant aroma identified its source as a Mexican waitress, shoulders bare in a puffy white blouse, neatly tucked in a black skirt. Her long black hair nearly draped on his shoulder as she leaned, whispering into his ear, and announcing the location of the washrooms.

Dan excused himself and Emily took in the restaurant. It was an above average Mexican restaurant. Wonderful ambiance and a great band playing tonight. The wait staff was pleasant and efficient.

When Dan returned he offered a passionate kiss. They ordered and were soon enjoying their meal. Emily kept watching their waitress, the one that had whispered in Dan’s ear. She was quite lovely. And apparently enamored with one of the musicians. Emily was wondering how they were going to top the start of the evening, when the band took a break. Dan was busy with the bill. She noticed that the waitress and one ataşehir escort of the musicians were obviously taking their break outside – together. Dan hesitated only slightly as Emily hurried him out the door.

Once outside, Emily spotted her prey. “How about another walk on the beach”, she said casually. “There are some sites I still want to see.”

She was not sure Dan didn’t think her crazy as they walked onto the sand and down to a rocky out cropping. He got the sense she was chasing after something. He just wasn’t sure whether it was; the waves or a quiet place to be alone.

He was surprised when it was neither. When they reached the rocks, Emily climbed up and motioned for Dan to join her. Once on top, she shushed Dan with a hand to his mouth and pointed down to the sand below. They were looking down at a small cove of dry sand, surrounded on three sides by rock. In the center were their friends from the restaurant; the waitress and the musician. We’ll call them Jose and Marie.

Jose had spread a large scarf on the sand and Marie was already lying on the scarf with her blouse pulled down below her lovely breasts. Young, large and ripe, they stood up ready for Jose. In a few years they would be greeting her navel, but for now they were a site to behold. They were definitely holding Dan’s attention. Emily wasn’t sure which was best. Watching Marie and Jose or watching Dan watch them.

Marie only had eyes for Jose. He was standing above her, looking down with hungry eyes. He was wearing his Mariachi costume. He took off the jacket and drops it beside her. Then he dropped his silver gilded pants and revealed his jewels. He kneeled down besides Marie and pulled her skirt up to her waist. He didn’t waste anytime and soon he was tasting her.

Emily gasped and looked over at Dan. Even though the evening was cool, there were beads of sweat forming on both their foreheads. Dan put his finger to her lips and they both looked back on the scene below.

Marie’s hands were in Jose’s hair and her gasps and moans could be heard above the surf. She started imploring Jose for something in Spanish. He responded. He worked his mouth up her body lingering on her heaving breasts. Then he rolled them both over and pulled Marie down on top of his throbbing shaft.

Now it was Marie’s turn for action. She rode him quite effectively. Emily was captivated by Jose’s kadıköy escort bayan face; watching the combination of passion and love in his eyes. As he came and Marie’s head was thrown back in mutual climax, the fire under Emily’s skirt was in danger of burning through the thin fabric. She rolled over on her back to catch her breath. The couple below, dressed quickly, and left the cove – Emily guessed break time was over.

While Emily was still enjoying the effect of their after dinner entertainment, Dan scrambled down the side of the rocks into the cove that Jose and Marie has just vacated. He called for Emily to come and join him. He helped her down the rocks and as she hit the ground, his arms were around her.

Sand and surf, rock still warm from the sun. A cloudless night and not another soul in sight (or earshot)…..


As we walked towards the beach, Emily urged me silently towards a rocky craig. It was a high spot, just above a rocky enclosure. The waves were rolling in aggressively in the moonlit night, the rhythmic thrusting of the water into the eager shoreline. A warm breeze whistled around our ears, traveling southerly down the beach. We quietly perched above the secluded spot, and with quiet anticipation investigated the muffled voices below us. Our positioning above them was superb. We could watch everything, and listen undetected, as Marie revealed herself to the eager musician. She was an experienced seductress and well equipped with all the tools of the trade. Her hardened nipples announced her large breasts which were mounted on a slender shapely frame. I felt my hormones racing as she engaged in carnal pleasures below us. I could feel Emily’s eyes studying my reaction, and I braced myself for inquisition. It came sooner then I had expected, with a quiet whisper

“You want her, don’t you?” . Knowing that in this situation was perilous at best, I tried to blurt out an appropriate lie. “Of course not”. The words didn’t convince me, so I doubted that Emily would be convinced either, so I confessed immediately an told the truth. “Well, yes I do, but I want you more”. That felt better. Truthfulness is so important. I rolled on my side to demonstrate my growing desire.

It wasn’t too long before the couple below us vacated what was apparently a great secluded spot, so we clambered down the rocks to our hideaway. Reaching our spot, escort maltepe I embraced Em, enveloping her in my arms. We kissed with a renewed passion, as my hardness manifested itself proudly between her tender thighs.

I surveyed the site briefly, trying to focus in the moonlight, searching for an item, a large scarf. She had whispered she would leave “panuelo para el cuello” (cover for a table) at the spot of sand. Not understanding Spanish I’d had to ask a wiry brown skinned gentleman in the “Seniors” room at the restaurant what it meant.

Our clothes dropped quickly to the sand and my hands caressed the sensuous flowing curves that define Emily’s body. Reaching for the scarf I held it up, spread open wide with my arms at shoulder height. The breeze blew the silky thin material against Em’s naked form as I slipped the corners into her hands as she reached out to meet my hands. I stepped back a few feet, admiring the way the material bent perfectly around her beauty in the moonlight, revealing the intimate details of her femininity. I dropped to my knees before her, exploring her wonders through the material. Her sweet aroma permeated the scarf, enticing me, inspite of the direction of the wind. My lips secured her erected nipples firmly in alternation as my gentle fingers explored the eroticism of her new apparel. She succumbed to the eagerness of my tongue, but was obviously in want of something solid to squeeze between her thighs. I stood slowly, my erection sliding slowly up the inside of her right leg, raising the scarf as if it was picked up by a stick. Emily moaned in anticipation and as my approach neared it’s target the lubrication guided me easily into her.

Emily stood, arms outstreached , her back arched, and her head tilted back as I thrust deep inside her, almost picking her up as my thrusts intensified. I held onto her buttocks and pulled her firmly towards me as I pumped into her, and then my left arm cradled her lower back as she bent further backwards, rotating her pelvis to harmonize with my motions. Her orgasms came in as the crashing of the largest waves that drowned out her cries of pleasure. My hot seed erupted upwards into her, and I continued to thrust until my legs began to tire. Then we kissed generously in the moonlight, intermingled with smiles and caresses as we clumsily dressed each other.

I reflected on our good fortune. I had expected the scarf, but the demonstration of it’s use was an unexpected and pleasant surprise. But Marie had truly earned the muffled orgasm which came from her lone silhouette hanging, too far for her concealment I thought, over the ledge above us. I had to find a way to thank her someday.

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