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I shoulda went to Tahiti. That is the thought that runs through your head for the millionth time since you have been stuck in traction. You and your boys decided to go skiing to pick up some cute ski bunnies a month ago. You spent the week swooshing up and down the slopes, giving your best pick up lines to all the lovelies.

On your last day there, you decide to go to the bunny slope to see if you can try to meet some single mommies. The cutest little girl falls in your way, just as you are at the end. You turn to avoid her, and fall over a small branch. Just a baby branch. Right next to a big rock that you land on and over. It causes you to break your right wrist, get a hairline fracture that extends the length of your left forearm, break your left leg in two places and sprain your right ankle. And to top it off, you got your ribs bruised badly in the fall, as well.

The doctors thought it would speed your recovery efforts if they left you tied up in this contraption. Your mother called and reminded you that “if the Lord wanted you going down steep hills on little sticks, he woulda made you that way”. The nurse that has been taking care of you since the beginning of your stay smiled as your mother told you off, via speakerphone, for going skiing and getting yourself hurt. She was kind enough not to laugh outright as your mother went on and on about how she told you to just settle down and date Benita from the choir at her church. No need for you to go trying to pick up some cold floozies in tight pants. So much for sympathy from your mother.

When the call is over, your nurse announces it is time for your sponge bath. Your shaft immediately jumps at this news. Since you have been here, this nurse has been the one to administer your sponge bath every day. The first day, you almost poked her eye out, getting a hard-on right as she was cleaning your nut sac. She laughed, gently cleaned off your shaft and finished cleaning you off. Since then, you haven’t missed an opportunity to hit on her while you are naked and she is wiping you down with the wet sponge. So far, she has evaded all your best lines. One day, she said you were cute and patted your head before she left. Today is the last day she will be giving you your sponge bath. The doctor came in and pronounced you ready to be liberated from the harnesses and casts. Tomorrow they would be releasing you from your bed and everything you are hooked up to for good.

Your nurse and you are discussing it while she does her daily routine of cleaning you from head to toe. While she is cleaning your privates, you ask her, hey, what ever happened to the cute little white get-ups that nurses used to wear? “I can fantasize about you a lot ataşehir escort bayan better if you were wearing one of those.”

She laughs and looks down at her colorful scrubs. There is a jungle print all over her top and purple pants to go along with the sensible white shoes. Her hair is pulled back from her face and she doesn’t have on a drop of make-up. She explains to you that this is way more comfortable for cleaning off patients than the all white get up.

You expected a smart remark, not the boring, run-of-the-mill answer you got from her. You ask her what is wrong. She tells you that she has a masquerade party to go to tonight with some girlfriends and doesn’t know what to wear. You don’t see where it is a big deal, but she is preoccupied and quiet the rest of the time in your room.

By the time she is finished cleaning you up and replacing your garment, you don’t even feel like hitting on her.

You doze off watching baseball and when you wake up the sun has gone down. You are feeling a little hungry, so you buzz with the one finger you can move, for a nurse to come so you can ask for dinner.

You hear the door open, but you can’t really see, because the only light is coming from the TV screen. You hear your day nurse say, I waited around, because I thought you would be getting hungry soon. You were about to make a smart comment, when she flips on the light, momentarily blinding you. You blink a couple of times, letting your eyes get adjusted to the light.

When your nurse starts to talk again, you look over at her and almost pass out. You are thinking this must be a dream. She has on the nurse outfit that you asked her about earlier, only this one looks like it was made for a smaller woman. Your nurse is fully curved and the outfit is hugging every curve she possesses. The top of the dress is only half buttoned, plump chocolate cleavage just jumping out at you. She has on the little white hat, and you watch to see if a pretty brown breast will pop out as she reaches to adjust the pin in the hat. She even has on little white gloves. Her thick, sexy legs are encased in sheer white stockings, but you get a surprise when you see her in really tall red stilettos heels. Your jaw must be hanging open, because she starts to laugh. Your eyes travel back up and zoom in on her face. You have never seen her in anything more than bubblegum lipgloss but tonight she is over the top sexy with her make up. Her eyes, cute and sassy with no makeup, become vixen-like, with black mascara and a bit of eyeliner. Her lips, which you have had many oral sex fantasies about, are crimson tonight, shimmering just a little bit. A little blush on the cheeks top it escort kadıköy off.

She waves one white-gloved hand in front of your face, and says, “Hey, would you like me to feed you, or are you just going to gape at me?”

Without thinking you reply, “You really need to be feeding me you tonight, baby girl.”

Instead of her usual reply, she shrugs and says, “OK.”

Your eyes get big as saucers as she starts to shimmy her skirt up her thighs. Right when the skirt gets to the part of her thigh where you can see the garter that is holding the stockings up she says, “Oh, I bet you were just kidding,” and makes to pull the skirt back down.

“Oh hell naw I wasn’t kidding,” you say. There is no way you are going to pass up an opportunity to get a little taste of this sexy ass nurse tonight.

She takes a good hard look at you and then says, “OK…but this can only be between me and you. This is so against the rules.” You swear on your unborn kids that you will never tell.

She giggles, “You don’t have to go that far,” and moves her skirt back up to where it was, before she comes closer to the bed.

She flips the switch on the bed for it to go down as low as it can, before she climbs up. “So you want a taste, huh?” she asks as she settles her well-cushioned butt on your upper chest.

You can smell her sex and feel the heat coming off of it. Instead of answering, you stick your tongue out and waggle it around. She raises her skirt up from around her hips, letting it bunch at her waist, and settles onto your mouth.

You noticed that her thick lips are hairless and already pretty wet. Her garter belt tickles your cheek as she twitches with the initial contact of your tongue on her clit. You feel something metal and she grabs your head and pulls you back in.

“Don’t mind that,” she tells you. “That is just my clit ring.” You let your tongue swoosh up and down her inner lips, and you can feel her gyrating on your face and hear the deep breathing and a moan every now and then. You start to suck on the clit, complete with little ring, and she goes nuts. It sounds like she is trying to stiffle a scream as you suck it deeply, flicking the tip with your tongue.

Your chin is burying itself into her hole and you feel a sudden hot squirt of come trickle down out of her. She says, “Hold on a sec,” and turns herself on you, so that she is now facing your feet. She scoots her sex back up on face and says OK, go for it.

With a different angle, you decide to see how many sounds you can get her to emit. Your tongue snakes back into her hole and she grinds on it. You feel her juicy lips, the object of many of your fantasies, slowly maltepe escort make their way down the length of your hard pole. You can feel a trail of saliva trickling down your shaft as she bobs up and down slowly. Her tongue slowly follows the trail of one of your veins, driving you crazy. She started at your base and ended at your tip, where she is now sucking just the tip, swirling her tongue over the hole over and over again, while using her gloved hands to massage your nuts. She keeps up with this technique, driving you crazy, to the point where you are forgetting to move your tongue. Without warning, she engulfs all of you into her mouth, your head sliding down the back of her throat, the walls closing in on you, tongue tickling your base. That causes your eyes to roll up in the back of your head and your nuts immediately tighten.

“Oh no, big boy, not yet,” she tells you. She flips completely off the bed.

You are ready to tell her, don’t go when she slides back up, this time, straddling you. Her punanni, wet with her secretions and your spit, slide easily down your c0ck.

A soft “oh,” comes out of her lips as you fill her up. You are frustrated by the fact that you can’t move with her, being hooked up to the bed. But she makes up for it, slowing grinding her hips, her eyes closed.

You can see a fine sheen of sweat on her cleavage as she starts to really work. You feel her really soft buttcheeks rubbing against your nuts.

The sight of her, fully dressed in the nurse’s costume, looking so erotic as she is riding you, is enough to make you ready to shoot your load.

You start to try to move your hips and she looks down at you. She can tell you are ready to come, so she pops you out of her sex.

You think she is going to finish you off with her mouth, but she has other plans. She settles right back onto you, this time, letting you sink in the ultra tight warmness that is her asshole.

You have never felt anything so tight and hot before and it is amazing. Her fingers of her left hand make their way behind her to play with your nutsac. The fingers of her right hand steal down to her sex, and start to tickle her clit. The sight of the white glove playing with her sex is all you need to take you that final step over the edge. Stream after stream of hot syrup erupt from your still hard shaft and into her back hole. With her fingers strumming the underside of your sac and in her love nest, there is no way for her to stifle her screams this time.

You watch her chest jiggle and shake in the white costume as you ride out the rest of your spasm and she screams through hers. She climbs off of you and heads to the bathroom to clean up.

When she comes back in, she has a cloth to clean you off as well. You are so satiated, you can barely stay awake for her to finish.

You here her murmur before you knock all the way out, “I will be back to ride you once again, after my party. Make sure you get lots of sleep.”

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