Hello There Stranger Ch. 01


Hello there, stranger.

As the music plays, Sandra feels her heart pumping against her rib cage. She steps back from the dance floor, looks around at the crowd of people jumping up and down to the sound of it. Arms in the air, eyes closed, listening intensely to the sounds that are thrown so vigorously through the speakers.

As she moves towards the bar she looks puzzled at a certain guy standing there. ‘I’m sure thats Will’ She says to her self.

She walks past this 20something male….oozing confidence as he stands there, propping the bar up. She notices his head turn in her direction.


Her head turns and stops dead in her tracks…. “Will…?”

“Hello there stranger…..It’s been a while.”

He draws her into a hold with his eyes as he begins to look at her. She glistens with beads of sweat, trickling down the contours of her body. She thinks back to the last meeting she had with him, his chisled jaw line, he’s body pressed against her, he’s mouth upon her skin. She shakes her head to remove the imagine that seemed stuck there.

“Drink?” He offers.

“I’m not that easy……remember?” Smiling flirtatiously.

“hah-aha! If i remember correctly…you were a challenge”

She bites her lip teasingly as she looks at the spirits behind the bar. Will moves closer to her and whispers..

“But with a great prize at the end.”

Sandra’s smile broadens as he said it….and gives him a cheeky look.

“As you’re paying…..I’ll have a double vodka and Red Bull please.”

“Anything for you’re pleasure…”

Will orders, and she just can’t seem to take her eyes off him. As she looks over his body again, it reminds her of being in his arms. The heat between them were electric. She wants that again.

” Anything for my pleasure?” She verifies.

“What can i say…..You have a certain something i like in a girl.”



“Go on….”

“You’ll find out sooner or later.”

Sandra looks away as she remembers. He told her how he loves the way she uses her mouth, lips and tongue on him. Teasing him the way he’s never been teased before. What she does turns him on more then anything. She begins to feel excited, Maybe to the point where her knickers get a little wetter.

The song changes and out blasts a beat so good to dance Göztepe Escort to Sandra takes this opportunity and takes Will’s hands.

“Dance with me?”

“But you know I’m a bad dancer Sandra…”

” Then just stand there.” She flashes him a smile he can’t resist.

She moves closer towards his body as he stands there wooden. Pushing her hips in towards his groin. His hands touch her waist softly, then with the music, pulling her body into his as he moves with her a little. Almost reminding her of the last time they were together. Her face is close to his and he can feel her hot breath on his chest. She looks up at him over her glasses. Wanting him to take her there on the dance floor. Her hands move round to his arse, she gropes as she pulls herself further into him…wanting him to penetrate her tight shaven little snatch. She turned her back towards him and pushed her plump little bottom into him this time. Slowly gyrating it against his soft limp cock, to give him a little taste of whats to come. She bends to the floor and as she rises her pert butt slide up against his legs and stops at he’s waist. She knows, he knows, she wants him.

He takes her hand, spins her round and whispers

” I want my tongue flicking on you’re clit right now.”

And with that being said, Sandra leaves Will on the dance floor and moves towards the door. Pulls out her phone and dials a taxi service. Once that call was made, she slides her phone shut and heads back over to Will.

“My cab will be here in five minutes. Come home and let me fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before.”

He moves closer into her body, her breasts pressed against his body as she feels he’s breath in her ear.

“I was coming back with you weather you liked it or not.”

She smiles and starts to walk towards the exit. She turns her head back to Will, and gives him an knowing smile as if to follow her now.


The door bursts open, Will and Sandra stumble through. She slams the door shut and they stumble over each other as they make there way to the living room. She kisses him hard…there tongues entwined. She slides his Jacket off his shoulders and lets it fall the floor. They both begin to breath heavily. Both excited by the fact that the night was just starting. İstanbul Escort Her hands find there way to his belt, fumbles about with the buckle as shes longs to see him in all his glory.

“Wait…..wait…..i need to get something.” She says pulling her self away from his lips.

“make you’re self comfy, back in a min”

And with that she hurry’s off upstairs. Will removes the rest of he’s clothes.

” I forgot these….” Holding up a pair of black fluffy hand cuffs.

“Now….i want you to sit here.” Pulling out a chair from the dining table.

“Okay!” Will gets up and sits in the chair.

Sandra takes his hands and pulls them behind him. Then fastening the hand cuffs around he’s wrists.

“Now what then?” He asks.


She walks in front of him and slowly lifts her tops over her head. Moving her hands down her body, feeling the curves of her hips as she hooks her fingers onto the top of her little tartan skirt. Turns her back to him and slowly slides it down over her arse. She lets it fall the ground and her hands begin to feel her ripe little butt in front of Will’s face. Feeling the round soft flesh, tempting him. She turns again and brings her hands up towards her bra. Feeling her C cupped tits. She un-clips the bra, slides it off to expose those juicy full breasts. Her nipples harden as she watches his eyes take them in. She turns and hooks her fingers around the top of her leopard thong. Slowly and teasingly she slides them down again, wiggling it as she squeezes out of them, turning her head to see Will. She sees how hard she is making him. His cock growing with every view of her body. She turns to face him and moves closer, parts his legs and kneels in-between them. Sandra’s eyes are draw to his cock hardening. Looking up at him she asks….

“Would you like me to suck you’re cock Will?” She asks like a good little girl.

She brings her lips closer towards he’s head. He’s nods.

“Would you like my lips to be kissing it…my tongue sliding up here….?”

He finger starts from the base of his shaft and slowly moves up and stops under the tip. He nods again. Her lips graze the tip of Will’s rock hard cock, feeling pre-cum on them, she licks them. Savouring the slightly salty taste that she loves. Her lips begin to kiss him again, tongue teasingly touching Anadolu Yakası Escort the base of his head. Tasting more pre-cum, running her tongue down the fat piece of meat that stands so promptly in front of her. Then running her warm tongue along his balls. Taking in the smell of his ball sack. Tasting them she opens her mouth and starts to slowly suck on it. Will’s head falls back little as he lets out a small growl. She sucks a little harder on him…moving from one sperm filled ball to the other. Feeling excited a little she touches her clit for a cheap thrill. Then stops. Placing passionate kisses upon the sides of he’s rod back up to the tip she gives him a final kiss and wraps her lips round his bulbous head. Flicking her tongue right on the top and sucking. Desperate to taste more pre-cum in her mouth.

She moves her self down further onto his 9 inches. Wanting to take the whole of that fat fucker in her mouth. She begins to gag on it and removes it from her mouth. Spits on it and moves it around with her hand. Making that hard dick so wet. She continues to choke herself on it. She hears his groans.

“Fuck i love you’re mouth around my fat hard cock.”

He’s moans start to get louder. She can feel him throb in her mouth. Throbbing at the back of her warm throat. Again she takes it out and spits on it. Her hand comes up and starts to stroke it hard, squeezing him. Saliva dripping from her mouth. Making up running down her face. But fuck does she look fucking hot.

“I want to feel you cum deep in my mouth. Then deep in my pussy. Then deep in my arse.” She tells him.

Her mouth gets back to work on that nearly exploding cock. Her head bopping up and down, up and down on it, choking herself again and again.

“Oh fuck! You’re making me cum you little slut. Suck that fat fucker now. Suck me hard you dirty little bitch!”

She loves it when he talks down to her and her head begins to bounce harder and faster on him.

“Oh fuck yes! Keep going, you’re being such a good little fuck slut. Im gonna cum deep in that pretty little mouth of you’rs.”


Shots of cum squirt out from his hard cock and she feels the red hot cum hit the back of her throat. She continues to suck on his cock slowly but hard….making sure she gets every little drop of that creamy white cum out of him. She can feel it dribble out the sides of her mouth, so she swallows and licks all around her mouth, making sure she hasn’t missed a drop. Then softly licks and gently sucks the cock clean of him his tasty spunk thats filled her belly.

To be continued……

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