HELP IS AT HAND!The summer of 1993 Wasn,t much to speak of, but the security company I worked for needed holiday or vacation cover for various sites in the central London area and as I worked at Head Office as an inspector I often got lumbered with doing the covering. Some jobs were really great others nothing to get excited about! The job I was assigned to was one of the better ones as it concerned a major record company located in the West End and I was given two nights with the inspector about to take three weeks off to get used to the job. The shift began at 7pm and ended at 8am, thirteen hours, but the busiest was 7pm till 9:30 when the phone lines were rather busy with calls coming in from mostly the USA then staff wanting taxis booked or telling me they,d be working later than 8pm when most left the office. I had to know which offices were working late as the security alarms güvenilir bahis had to be set at 9pm and if staff were working in alarmed areas then zones needed switching off till they left the building. My first night on my own the switchboard seemed to go mad, but I answered the calls as they came in, connecting to the staff they asked for and answering queries the best I could, then booked some taxis for others. At 8pm exactly Tracey Parkes the main Public Relations Officer rang me. “Hi Where,s Carl?” She asked. “Hi Tracey. Carl,s on a three week holiday. Can I help, my name s Joe!” “Well Hello Joe I have a few things to sort so will be working till about 10:30! Can you book me a taxi then for King,s Cross station?” “No problem, Madam.” “Hey none of this Madam stuff I,m Tracey!” she laughed. “Okay Tracey! Will book it straight away!” “Great see you a bit later!” “You bet!” türkçe bahis I terminated her call and rang the taxi firm to place the order for her cab. Quite a number of staff soon exited bidding me a good night and as I received no more calls to say anyone else was working late I assumed they weren,t, but would lock the reception door and check at 9pm when the first security check in call was due. As soon as I made the call I locked up and went to patrol the building deliberately avoiding Ms Parkes office area but found the building empty of any other staff. As patrols included shutting windows, switching off machines left on, taps left running(faucets to my american friends), toilets not flushed by lazy twerps, etc I managed to finish just in time to set the alarms. Had no sooner rung the alarms company and passed the set codes tomthem than the internal phone rang. “Joe. Can güvenilir bahis siteleri you please come to my office? I need some help?” “Sure thing on my way!” I headed straight to the stairs and climbed to the third floor where the executive offices were then knocked on her door. “Come In Joe.” She answered so I pushed open the door to find her office in darkness except fo a floor lamp next to a soft large leather settee where a figure seemed to be reckoning. As O neared the settee I realised it was a very naked female who I recognised as Tracey Parkes! What a Body! Long auburn hair, oval face, fair complexion with dark eyes I couldn,t tell the colour of yet, graceful neck, large breasts with erect nipples, not too slim belly and pubic curls to match the hair on her head, the woman smiling as she gently fingered her snatch. “Thought you said you needed help!” I mumbled. “ I certainly do. I need your Cock! Can you give me your cock Sir?” she chuckled. “Well as you,ve asked so nicely Why Not?” My stiff trouser snake had made up my mind for me any way as he was struggling to free himself from my underwear. TBC Later

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