Helping a friend out again11 years later

Helping a friend out again11 years laterWell over the years my friend and I have seen each other a lot even though he never wanted to speak of our indecent I had made a few comment from time to time. and recently his wife has given in and sucking his cock on birthdays and some holidays but just yesterday we had planed hanging out go out to lunch like we do once or twice a month. As I park the car at the front of his house my phone was ringing and it was him he said he just stepped out of the shower and he left the front door open to kastamonu escort come on in.. I said OK and I thought to myself it would be nice to see his cock again. as I walked in the house his bed room is next to the front door as I closed the door he walks by naked looking at his ass I said hello he stopped looked at me and said hell back walking towards me reaching out I thought to shake my hand but reached over and grabbed my cock in my short he said we are both adult enough while rubbing my cock i reached and grabbed escort kastamonu his for a moment he said go to the living room we can watch porn and play a bit.. I did so made myself at home and got undressed he come in looking up some porn and we sat side by side watching porn we were rubbing each others cock for a bit then asked him what was he interested in he said he remembered the blow job I gave him many years ago and since then he has not had one like it., and wanted another one. at that point that was my Q and kastamonu escort bayan moved into position to do so. I teased him for along time sucking him then rubbing it back in forth for 45 min’s he said if I don’t stop he was going to cum.. and said his toe’s were curling at this point I sucked him for all he was worth and I got the reward a huge load in my mouth. this was the third time I have ever swallowed a load that was not mine it was great he said it was one of the best he ever had he said a woman knows how to eat pussy and a guy knows how to suck cock. he said it might be a while but most likely will happen again..we did our plans spent the day together I went home to my girlfriend and he waited for his wife and cooked her dinner.. you can say I had loads on fun! thanks for reading

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