Subject: Helping My Step-Son – Chapter 35 Helping My Step-Son Nifty is an incredible free service that depends on your donations to survive. Please help them to keep providing this awesome resource for all of us: fty/donate.html Disclaimer: This story is fictitious and any resemblance to persons living or dead is pure coincidence. This story depicts acts of physical intimacy between male adults and adolescents, some of whom are related to one another. If this content is distasteful to you or illegal for you to consume, please stop reading now. Chapter 35 The following day, I brought my gym bag to work. Although I was going to miss spending time with my son at lunch, I looked forward to working out. My pants were beginning to fit a little tighter around the waist, so I needed to figure out how to have an active sex life with my son while maintaining some kind of fitness routine. As noon approached, a call came in from a number I didn’t recognize. I answered, “Clint Malone.” The caller didn’t say anything. I asked, “Hello? Is anyone there?” In a quiet, deep voice, the caller said, “Um… hello Mr. Malone. We… um… met on 4th of July weekend. You… um… gave me your card.” I knew immediately it was the mysterious man from the woods–the one who had been wearing a baseball cap and had been standing behind me while I fucked Jeremy in front of a group of strangers. I had given him my business card the following day while Jer, Ryan and I were eating brunch. I said, “It’s good to hear from you. I wasn’t sure you would ever call.” He was quiet for a moment before saying, “I wasn’t sure either. I’m not sure why I’m calling.” He spoke slowly, thoughtfully. I said, “Well I’m glad you did. I have looked forward to talking with you.” I looked through the glass walls surrounding my office. Although everyone could see me, no one could hear me. I was thankful for the level of auditory privacy my office provided. The mysterious man said, “I looked for you and your friends this past weekend at the… you know… the place we met.” “We were only there that one time,” I said. “We were staying at a house by the lake for the weekend. We don’t live nearby.” “Well that explains it.” He paused for a moment. “Will you be coming back any time soon?” My cock began chubbing. Of all the strangers that had been in the woods that day, he was the one who had intrigued me the most. Maybe it was because of what he had said about fathers and sons. Maybe it was because he was the only man in the woods that day who had not participated in the sexual activity. Maybe it was that he had seemed conflicted about his desires, something to which I could relate quite well. I said, “No, not until next year.” I heard him sigh. I added, “Do you want to get together to talk some time?” He said, “I… maybe this was a mistake. I gotta go.” Before he could hang up, I said, “No, please. I don’t think it was a mistake. I gave you my card because I think we might have some things in common. Some pretty intense things. I think we both could use a buddy to discuss this stuff with.” He was quiet, but he wasn’t hanging up. I took that as a good sign. I said, “Mind if I ask you your name?” After a few seconds of silence, he said, “Mitch.” I said, “Nice to meet you, Mitch. Hey look, I’m going to give you my cell number so you can call or text me any time.” I gave it to him, then asked, “What prompted you to finally call me?” He said, “The place we met… I only go there to watch.” I asked, “You’ve never participated at all?” He said quickly, “No, I’m not… It’s my son. He’s gay.” I felt confused. I was beginning to question my memory of the things he said to me while watching me slide my cock into Jeremy’s smooth hole. He continued. “Sometimes, boys my son’s age are there and I see men doing things with them.” My cock continued chubbing. He added, “But you were the first one I had ever seen arrive with a boy. And the way you treated him… it was different.” I was tempted to reveal to him that Jeremy was my step-son. But I resisted. It was too risky. I didn’t know anything about this man. And although he had handed me lube so I could fuck Jeremy more easily, I felt I couldn’t trust him with that extra fact. Not yet at least. I said, “He and I have a special connection.” He was quiet for a few seconds before saying, “I want my son to experience something like that.” I wasn’t sure what he was saying. He didn’t seem to be implying that he personally wanted to have sex with his son. Was he saying he wanted his son to be fucked in front of a bunch of men? Or was he saying he wanted his son to find a man with whom he could have a special connection? Feeling bold, I said, “Maybe you could be the special guy for him?” His voice changed from nervous to angry. “Me? No! You’re misunderstanding! I’m not a homosexual. I don’t want to have sex with my boy. No, not me. This was a mistake.” He hung up. For several minutes, I sat at my desk, staring at the phone. I was trying to understand what had happened. Had I really misunderstood? On that day in the woods, he had made it clear that he didn’t participate in public sex with men. But he had talked to me about fantasizing about sex with his son, hadn’t he? He had asked me if I got off with my wife while thinking of fucking my son, right? And he had handed me a packet of lube, hadn’t he? Maybe I had gone too far by suggesting he have sex with his son. It’s one thing to fantasize about it and a completely other thing to actually do it. But his response had not been to object to that, but to object to the notion that he was homosexual. I remembered what had been going through my mind when Jeremy and I started fooling around. I had been conflicted, confused, and in denial. I understood those feelings. But I wasn’t sure I understood what Mitch’s story was. He went regularly to the woods to watch men have sex. He even carried a packet of lube with him. If he was not into men, why did he go there? I sighed. I told myself to stop trying to understand. The man had a very different life experience than I. He clearly was a church-going man. Perhaps his religious beliefs were playing a big part in his perspective on the whole thing. I supposed I would never be able to understand or to relate to that world view. I looked at my office phone and considered using the call-back function. But I decided against doing so. If I called him, I’d push him further away. I would just have to wait for him to call back when he was ready to talk again. I entered his number into my cell phone so I would recognize it if he texted or called. I headed to the gym. As usual, the lunch-time crowd was small. There were only a handful of people on the gym floor and the locker room was empty. I changed quickly and headed to the weight area. Placing my hands on my pecs, I decided I was going to do a chest workout. One of the benches was taken, but the other was free. In the mirror, I saw the reflection of the man using the other bench. The moment I saw his face, I felt a wave of anxiety. Not because of who he was, but because of the bad memories he brought back for me. The last time I had seen him was during that horrible week between Beth’s accident and the trip to the cabin. I had been in emotional turmoil at the time. When I saw him that day with his younger workout partner, I felt a sense of loss. For the first time, I had noticed the affection with which they treated one another. It had made me realize they were lovers–potentially even father and son, like me and Jeremy–which made me sad for the relationship that Jeremy and I could have had. After a few moments of anxiety, I relaxed. I remembered the last image I had of the man and his workout partner. They had been passing by me in the locker room, on their way to the wet area. The younger of the two had looked my way and had lowered his towel, revealing his ass, and indicating for me to follow them. I ignored the flirtatious gesture at the time, as I had convinced myself to suppress all desires for Jeremy and other men. But now, only two weeks later, my perspective was different. I was no longer denying myself the pleasure of male intimacy. And, if the younger workout partner’s offer was still on the table, I was happy to accept. I nodded at the man in the mirror. He nodded back and sat up on the bench. He looked over at me and said, “How’s it going?” I put my towel on my bench and said, “Pretty good. You?” He offered his hand for a shake and said, “Good, thanks. I’m Sal.” I shook his hand, noting how firm his grip was. “I’m Clint. Nice to meet you.” I looked around the gym floor and asked, “Your workout partner not here today?” He gave my hand a final squeeze and let go. “No, Pete got a new job. Too far from here to work out during lunch time. I’m working out alone these days.” I saw him lie back to do bench presses and I said, “Need a spot?” My heart began racing, as if I had just asked him out on a date and I was fearing rejection. He placed his hands on the bar and said, “Yeah, thanks.” For the next 30 minutes, Sal and I worked out together. I spent much of that time checking him out. He was a very attractive man in his 40s. He looked like Anthony Carrino from the Kitchen Cousins show on TV. He was about 5’8, stocky, with short, black hair and a closely-cropped, salt-and-pepper beard. He was nicely muscled. Not too big, but just right for his size. He had a tattoo covering nearly his entire left arm. He had smooth, olive skin and dark brown eyes. As I lay on the bench, looking up at his crotch, I wondered how big his dick was. I could see up the legs of his baggy shorts, but all I could see was the fabric of his white underwear. I imagined his cock was thick and meaty, just like his body. My cock chubbed as I imagined him fucking the ass of his younger workout partner Pete. Throughout the workout, I watched for signs of flirtation. But Sal wasn’t a very expressive man. He genuinely seemed interested in nothing other than working out. I began wondering if he wasn’t into men at all. His workout partner had flashed his ass at me, but Sal had never done anything suggestive or flirtatious. I glanced a few times at his wedding ring. He obviously was married. Had I drawn conclusions about him and Pete too quickly? My phone buzzed. Reflexively, I pulled it from my shorts. It was a message from Jeremy through the encrypted app. I opened it and an image appeared on the screen. Jeremy and Hector had taken a selfie in their swim shorts while lying on lounge chairs by the pool. I looked at the two nearly-naked teenagers and felt my horniness increase. My cock chubbed more as I imagined pulling down their swim trunks and eating their beautiful young holes. Sal broke my concentration by asking, “Your old lady bothering you?” I glanced up at him and said, “Nah, just my son and his buddy.” I held the phone up so he could see the pic. As he studied the image of my young lover and our muscular fuck buddy, my face heated up. I couldn’t believe I was showing it to him. I tried to tell myself that it was normal for a son to send a picture of himself to his father. But a voice in my head was saying to me, ‘They are nearly nude in the picture. Sal is going to figure out that you are fucking them.’ Sal wiped his jaw and said, “Nice looking boys.” He handed the phone back to me. I placed the phone in my pocket and breathed a sigh of relief. The photo was safely tucked away and would be deleted soon by the app. I was going to ask Sal if he had any children–hoping that he’d reveal that Pete was his son–but my phone buzzed again. I pulled it out again. This time, it was a picture of Hector’s smooth, muscular butt. I turned the phone over and looked up at Sal. He was adjusting the weights on the bar. I couldn’t tell if he had seen the picture and had chosen not to say anything or if he hadn’t seen it at all. For the rest of our workout, my cock stayed semi-hard in my shorts. I couldn’t stop thinking about Hector’s sweet, muscular butt. And I couldn’t keep my eyes off Sal. The more time I spent with the man, the more attractive I found him. It was becoming difficult to concentrate on the workout and even more difficult not to touch him. And yet, he continued to give off no hint of attraction or sexual interest. After the workout, we went to the locker room together. I watched him strip down, trying not to be too obvious. When he was completely naked, he faced my way for a moment before wrapping his towel around his waist. That was long enough for me that his dick was similar to Ryan’s–same size as mine, but with a bigger cockhead. My horniness grew even more. I wanted to suck that man’s dick. We showered and returned to the locker room and got dressed. Sal waited for me to be ready, then he walked out with me. In the parking lot, he pulled out a business card and handed it to me. He said, “If you want to work out together again, give me a call or send me a text. I hate working out alone.” As I watched the hot Italian man walk to his car, I felt disappointment for not having had sex with him. What I didn’t realize at the time was that Sal would become much more important to me than just a quick, meaningless fuck. He would become my regular workout partner for several years. And, more importantly, he would have a big influence on my relationship with Jeremy. But I get ahead of myself again. When I got to my car, I opened the encrypted app, hoping to get another look at the pics Jeremy had sent me, but they were already gone. The app’s auto-delete function was its best privacy feature. It was also its most frustrating. I texted Jeremy. ‘Send me those pics again.’ The pics came in a few moments later. First, the selfie of the two of them on the lounge chairs. Then the pic of Hector’s ass. Then a new one: Hector stepping out of the pool, his athletic body covered in water, and his shorts pulled tight against his skin, showing the outline of his thick teenage cock. It reminded me of a TV commercial for Dolce it was on full display. Jeremy had taken that picture at the perfect moment. My cock began to chub as I looked at the three pictures a few more times. The conversation with Mitch and the interaction izmit escort with Sal–despite having been non-sexual–had made me horny. The pictures of Jeremy and Hector were making me even hornier. I squeezed my cock and said to it, “I’m sorry, boy. No action today.” I sent a reply to Jer. ‘You both are so fucking hot! I want you now!’ Jer replied, ‘Maybe tonight?’ My cock twitched. Considering we had had a hot 4-way at Ryan’s house less than 24 hours before, I really had no justifiable reason to be so horny that I needed to sneak into Jer’s room in the middle of the night. But, yeah, I was horny as fuck. And the mere suggestion that I might be hours away from being inside my son again was enough to make my dick throb. I shook my head and said to myself, ‘You are becoming a sex fiend, Clint Malone.’ I laughed and said out loud, “And isn’t it fun?” I replied to Jer’s text, ‘It’s a date!’ He replied with a few emojis that I didn’t understand, but I assumed they meant he was happy and looking forward to it. As evening approached, Beth called me to discuss dinner plans. Jeremy and Hector had returned from the country club and were in the kitchen cooking for us. I smiled. Our son was the least selfish teenager I had ever known. Because his mom’s arm was still in a cast, he had cut his amazing day short so he could return home in time to prepare dinner. Beth truly had raised him well. It took me a few seconds to realize that Hector would be eating dinner with us. I said, “Are you OK with having Hector over?” Beth responded, “Of course, Honey. He’s a darling. A perfect young gentleman.” I wanted to laugh. My wife’s positive opinion of the young muscle stud was mostly influenced by the social status of his family. She saw him as a perfect young gentleman. I saw him as a hot, horny kid who had just begun to explore his homosexuality. I wondered if my wife’s opinion of him would change if she knew the perfect young gentleman was having sex regularly with Ryan, Jeremy and me. When I arrived home, two suntanned teenagers accosted me. Jeremy hugged me strongly while saying, “Welcome home, Dad. I have to tell you all about the country club. It was so much fun. We…” As Jeremy talked about all the exciting things he had experienced that day, Hector shook my hand and gave me a coquettish grin. “Good to see you, Mr. Malone.” I shook Hector’s hand, wanting to pull him into the embrace with Jeremy. I wanted to feel both of their bodies pressed against mine. And I would have, if my wife hadn’t been in the house. Keeping my arm around Jeremy’s waist, I listened to every interesting detail about his day at the club. I was happy that my son had had such a great time. When he took a break so he could regain his breath, his mother appeared in the hallway. “Jeremy! Give your father a few moments to unwind. I’m sure he doesn’t want to hear every detail of your day.” Jeremy lowered his head. I looked at my wife and wondered how she could have been so wrong. Jeremy meant the world to me. I wanted to hear every single detail of his amazing day. I never could have tired of listening to my young lover, especially when he was talking about something that made him happy. I squeezed his side and said, “Of course I want to hear all about it.” Jer raised his head and smiled. His grey, wolf-like eyes made me melt. I added, “Give me a chance to change, then I’m all yours.” Twenty minutes later, we were at the table eating. Jeremy resumed talking about the country club experience. Beth peppered him with questions about it. Hector, as usual, was shy about the topic. He sincerely appeared to be uncomfortable discussing anything that revealed his less-than-humble upbringing. I smiled at him whenever he looked my way, trying to lessen his discomfort. Of course, each time our eyes met, my cock chubbed. He was so fucking good looking. After dinner, Beth and I relaxed on the couch while the boys cleared the table and washed the dishes. As soon as they finished, they announced that they were heading over to a friend’s house to hang out. I watched the boys with skeptical curiosity. Jeremy and Hector’s only mutual friends were Lisa and Ryan. I was sure they weren’t going to visit Hector’s ex-girlfriend, but it was possible they were going to visit my brother. I imagined the two boys on all fours as Ryan drilled each of their holes. My cock stiffened. I was so fucking horny. When the boys were about to leave the house, I told Beth I was going to get some water. As I stood up, I gave Jeremy a look and tilted my head toward the kitchen. He and Hector followed me there. I whispered, “Where are you guys going?” Hector looked at the ground as Jeremy whispered back, “I am taking him to the truck stop. I told him about it today and he’s really curious.” In a single second, I experienced several emotions. I felt disappointed. I had been hoping that Hector would stay at the house until late so I could fool around with him and Jer. I felt concerned. Hector was new to the world of sex. Was it really a good idea to take him to a place like that so soon? I felt horny. I imagined the variety of men my son and his buddy might encounter at the truck stop. I wished it could be me in the stall next to them, fucking their asses through a hole in the wall. My cock twitched and a dollop of pre-cum oozed out. I placed a hand on Jeremy’s shoulder and another on Hector’s arm. The Hispanic stud looked up at me, his eyes portraying pure innocence. I smiled at him and said, “Have a good time. Be careful.” Hector asked, “Can you come with us, Mr. Malone?” Waves of sexual excitement coursed through my body. I was as horny for Hector as he was for me. If I could have gone with them, I would have. But there was no way I could do that. My wife was waiting for me on the couch. I shook my head. “Not tonight.” I squeezed his arm, wishing I could kiss those big full lips of his. “You guys have fun without me.” Jer placed a hand on my bulge and squeezed it. “Don’t worry, Dad. We’ll be back later.” Hector looked down at Jer’s hand. He licked his lips and said, “Yeah, Mr. Malone. We’ll be back later.” It took every ounce of willpower I had not to pull the boys into an embrace and kiss them. The promise of them coming home to me after having fun at the truck stop was what gave me the strength to resist them at that moment. I said, “I’m looking forward to it. Now, get going.” I watched the boys’ bubble butts as they walked out of the kitchen. I poured myself some water and headed back to the living room. Beth called to the boys as they walked out the door. “Be back by midnight!” As Jer shut the door, he said, “Awww. Come on, Mom! It’s summer. How about 1:00?” She grumbled and said, “12:30!” I sat down next to my wife and put my arm around her. “He’s right, Honey. It’s summer and he can drive now. Let him have fun.” After a few moments of pouting, she pulled out her phone. She sent a text to Jeremy. ‘Fine. 1:00, but no later.’ For the rest of the evening, I couldn’t think of anything other than Jeremy and Hector at the truck stop. Images of them kept running through my mind. Them on their knees, sucking random cocks. Jer bent over, taking an extra-big one up his ass while he sucked Hector’s uncut cock. Jer convincing Hector to bend over and take his turn with it. I even imagined them hooking up with Dave, the green-eyed cook. What a treat that man was going to have, if he fucked my boy and our fuck buddy! Beth noticed the tent in my shorts and asked, “What has you so horny tonight?” I pulled her close and said, “You and I have the house to ourselves until 1:00.” I placed my hand on her thigh and gently rubbed it. “I can’t help getting excited about being alone with my wife.” She smiled up at me. “Do I really make you hard like that? Just by sitting next to you?” The truth was that she had nothing to do with my hardon; Jeremy and Hector were the cause. But I would never tell her that. I said, “I can’t help it, Honey. It just happens.” She pulled my cock through my fly and gave it an appraising look. “You’re like a teenager lately, Clint. Always horny.” I flashed my eyebrows and thought, ‘I’m just reacting to the sexual energy of the two teenagers that were here earlier.’ I said out loud, “Wanna help me out, pretty lady?” In response, she did something surprising. She leaned over and sucked my cock. She rarely took my dick into her mouth without me begging for it. This was one of the few times I could remember her ever instigating it. As she lowered her mouth onto my thick shaft, I couldn’t help thinking how much better her son’s mouth would feel. I had been spoiled by Jeremy’s amazing oral skills; Beth’s couldn’t bring me off. For several minutes, my wife sucked and stroked me, trying to get me to cum. But it was no use. She eventually asked, “Am I not doing it right?” I ran my hands through her hair and said, “You’re doing fine. I’m just not able to cum tonight for some reason.” I got onto the floor and focused on her pleasure. I started with my tongue and a finger, eliciting moans from her as I touched her in all the right spots. Several minutes later, I pulled her to the edge of the cushion and slid my hard cock inside her. I fucked her slowly at first, then I pumped harder and harder into her. I was trying desperately to cum, but despite how horny I was, I couldn’t do it. Her pussy felt as good as it always did, but something was holding me back. I turned her over, making her get on her knees on the couch, with her arms–one still in a cast–supporting her on the back of the couch. I now saw her from behind. I slipped my cock back inside her and fucked her doggy-style. I stared at her ass and thought how easy it would be to slip my cock inside it. She had never allowed me to fuck her in the ass, so I was not going to try. But just the thought of having her in that position and fucking her like I fucked her son, was exciting. With my hands on her hips, I closed my eyes and imagined it was Jeremy I was fucking. The pleasure started building. I could feel my balls tingle. I was sure I was about to cum. But, it still wasn’t happening. I fucked Beth for a good 15 minutes, enjoying every second of it. But I finally gave up. I pulled out and turned her around again. I leaned down and ate my wife out until she quietly came. She pulled my head to hers and kissed me. “That was amazing, Clint.” We cuddled for a few minutes, then we got ready for bed. My cock was still hard when we lay down. Beth glanced at my hardon and asked, “Do you need to jack off?” I shook my head. “Maybe after some sleep, I’ll be relaxed enough to do it.” In my head, I thought, ‘I won’t need to jack myself off. Your son will make me cum when he gets home.’ For the next couple hours, I waited patiently for Jeremy and Hector to return. I tried to nap, but I was too excited about seeing them and hearing about their time at the truck stop. A little after midnight, Beth got out of bed and headed downstairs. A few minutes later, she came back to the room. I asked her, “Is everything OK?” She lay down next to me and said, “I took a sleeping pill. You might want to take one too, since you’re just tossing and turning.” I said with the saddest voice I could muster, “I’m sorry for keeping you up, Honey. I just can’t seem to relax. I’ll go to the couch so I won’t bother you.” She said, “Thanks, Honey. I appreciate it.” With my hard cock leading the way, I headed downstairs. I pulled out a blanket and a pillow. I lay on the couch and stroked my cock. I was going to be ready for the boys when they got home. At five minutes to 1:00, Jer’s car pulled into the driveway. My heart beat quickly as I waited for him and Hector to come through the doorway. When the door opened, it was as if time stood still. I held my breath until they closed the door behind them. Jer whispered, “Wait down here. If he’s still awake, he’ll hear me go into my room. He’ll come to me, then I’ll bring him down here.” I whispered, “I’m already here.” The boys jumped. I sat up and said, “Get over here.” They both rushed to me. Jer sat next to me and wrapped his arm around me. He gave me a nice, big kiss. Hector stood awkwardly next to the couch. After Jer and I were done kissing, I patted the spot next to me on the couch and said, “Come sit next to me.” Hector took his seat. I gave him a kiss like the one I had just given Jeremy. He visibly relaxed. Jeremy asked, “What are you doing down here?” I smiled and said, “Your Mom kicked me out of the bed because I was tossing and turning too much.” Jer giggled. “So, she made you sleep on the couch? How perfect.” I nodded and placed a hand on Hector’s chest. I wanted to feel his tight muscles. I asked, “How was it? Did you guys have fun?” Hector nodded. “It was wild.” Wild? I looked to Jer for confirmation. Jer said, “It was about as busy as the night you and I went there. We had a lot of fun.” I smiled at my son. “I want to hear all about it.” Jeremy nodded. “We’ll tell you. But I should go upstairs first. If Mom is awake, she’ll expect to hear me going up to my room.” I gave him a quick kiss and said, “We’ll move into my study.” I lead Hector to my study and we sat next to one another on the love seat. With the suggestion that my wife might still be awake, I was reluctant to get naked with Hector right away. Instead, I decided to take advantage of the time alone with him to ask him about his incest experience. I placed my arm over his shoulders and pulled him to my chest. He lay against my torso with one leg crossed over mine. His beautiful bubble butt was only inches from my hand. I said, “Rumor has it you slept with one of your relatives. Care to tell me about it?” Hector placed a hand on my chest and caressed it through my shirt. “It’s true. But please don’t make me tell you about it.” He looked into my eyes and begged. “Please. I can’t tell you.” I could sense that he would have told me if I had insisted. I seemed to have that power over him for some reason. But I wouldn’t insist. I had no idea why he was being so secretive about the encounter. But the last thing I wanted to do was to make him betray someone else’s trust. I had trusted Hector with a huge secret of my own–a yahya kaptan escort secret that could land me in jail for statutory rape. I understood the importance of keeping secrets. I caressed his cheek and said, “I won’t make you. But if you ever feel like telling me, I promise to keep it secret.” Hector opened his mouth to say something, but instead grabbed my hand and squeezed it. “You’re awesome, Mr. Malone.” I shook my head. “You’ve got to start calling me ‘Clint.’ At least when we’re having sex.” He nodded. “You’re awesome, Clint.” I placed my hand on Hector’s lower back, just above where his butt cheeks began. “Can you at least tell me… did he fuck you?” Hector nodded. “Yes.” I kissed his neck and asked, “Did you enjoy it? Was he good?” Hector moaned as he felt my lips and tongue graze his sensitive neck. “Yes, very.” He took in a deep breath and said, “Please don’t make me tell you more.” I pulled his head to mine and said, “I’m sorry. You had a good time with him. That’s all I need to know.” We kissed as I continued to rub his lower back. He moved his hand down to my crotch and grabbed my hard bulge. Jeremy opened the door and shut it quietly behind him. He approached us, saying, “I think it’s safe.” He placed a couple towels on the arms of the love seat. He sat on the floor between my legs and rested his head on my left thigh. I said, “Let’s give it a few minutes more, just to make sure she’s asleep.” I smiled at each of the boys and said, “So tell me. How did it go?” For the next 15 minutes, they revealed all the juicy details of their time at the truck stop bathroom. They had sucked off the first man together, passing his dick back and forth until he covered their young faces in his spooge. The second man had been nicely hung, so Jeremy took the opportunity to show Hector how to get fucked in such a cramped space. Hector had been a quick learner and took the next cock up his own tight young ass. Jeremy excitedly told me about running into Dave–the truck stop diner’s cook–while the boys were taking a break by the sinks. Jer had introduced Hector to the green-eyed man and Dave had given Hector a “welcome” fuck right there in the open. I looked at Hector and he grinned. He said, “His cum is still inside me.” My jaw dropped. I remembered how much cum the man had shot on the floor while watching me fuck Jeremy when we were at the truck stop together. If the man had shot a similar-sized load into Hector’s ass, the boy must have been filled to capacity. All this talk about sex at the truck stop fueled my horniness. My cock was throbbing, and I was ready to fuck. I hadn’t been able to cum with my wife earlier. But I was pretty sure I could cum with the boys. As if reading my thoughts, Jeremy reached up and pulled my cock through the fly of my boxers. He admired it for a few seconds before lowering his mouth onto it. The sudden sensation of his warm, wet mouth on my sensitive shaft caused me to close my eyes and drop my head back. My son’s mouth felt as amazing as it always did. As the pleasure caused me to become dizzy, I mentally thanked all the men whose dicks my son had sucked before mine. They had allowed my son to perfect his cock-sucking skills and I was the fortunate beneficiary. No matter how many guys might suck me–and I hoped there would be many–none could ever be better than Jeremy. “Oh Baby, you are so good to me,” I said as I stroked my son’s blond head. Hector stood and unbuttoned his shorts, allowing them to drop to the floor. He kept his white briefs on. I slipped my hand inside them and shivered all over as I felt the smooth skin of his muscular bubble butt. It was hard to believe that the boy had been a virgin only 10 days before, and now he was standing in front of me with an ass full of cum from complete strangers. I looked at his briefs and saw a small wet spot in the back. I smiled, knowing that it was probably cum that had leaked from his hole. Hector whimpered softly as my fingers slid inside his crack and touched his hole. It was moist and slimy, an exciting mixture of sweat, lube and cum. I said, “I’m so fucking envious of how much pleasure you get from sexual stimulation.” I rolled my finger around his hole and watched him gasp and squirm. “But it looks like you’ve learned to be quieter about it.” To be honest, I had worried about doing anything with the young muscle stud while Beth was in the house. Hector’s history of crying out loudly when he was excited made me worry that she would hear him. But it appeared he had gotten the volume under control. Hector took in a deep breath and said, “I’m concentrating hard on it.” He grabbed my arm and said, “I promise to keep quiet tonight. I know how risky it is.” I pushed my finger against his tight hole and watched him squirm… silently. I said, “Very good.” I gently played with his puckered opening and said, “I want to fuck you tonight. The last time we were together, I didn’t get to do so. We can’t let that happen again.” Hector squeezed his muscular butt cheeks on my hand. He said, “Oh god, I want you to fuck me too.” I leaned over and gently bit his hard butt cheek. I said, “But we need to do this quickly. We can’t push our luck with Beth, and I have to get some sleep before going to work in the morning.” Hector squeezed my arm and said, “Jeremy warned me about how little time we would have. He helped me get ready.” My horny son pulled his mouth off my cock long enough to say, “That’s why I took him to the truck stop. To get him ready for you.” He swallowed my thick dick again. I slipped the tip of my finger into Hector’s hole and growled lustfully. “You prepared for me. You have no idea how much that turns me on. I want to fuck you so badly.” Hector pressed his ass against my finger and said, “I’ve been waiting all night for this.” In one quick movement, I pushed Hector’s underwear to the floor. His amazing ass was now naked in front of me. I felt butterflies in my stomach when I saw its muscular beauty. Its perfection was accentuated by the tan lines around it. He had taken a lot of sun that day. His ass was its usual light brown, whereas the rest of his body had darkened a few shades. I had never noticed before how hot a man’s ass looked when it was framed by tan lines. I spread his bubble cheeks and saw his tiny brown hole. The lube, sweat and cum made it glisten, as if drawing my attention to the treasure I was seeking. I said, “What a beautiful hole,” before running my tongue over it. I braced myself for a loud moan, but the boy was keeping his word and staying quiet. For a couple minutes, I ate that amazing hole while my son sucked my cock. I licked the outside, nibbled the puckered opening, and pushed my tongue inside. It was tight, but I was able to get my tongue deep inside. He tasted wonderful. Fucking wonderful. Perhaps it was the strangers’ cum, or perhaps it was his own bodily taste. Whatever it was, it made me lose all sense of time as I got lost in the pleasure of feasting on his hungry hole. As I fucked him with my tongue, I wondered if Hector’s relative had eaten him out before fucking him. And if he had, had he enjoyed it as much as I? I came back to reality when my son released my cock and stood. He had removed his shorts and was standing with his jock strap on. He had pulled his teenage cock out of the pouch and was jacking. I removed my tongue from Hector’s ass and replaced it with a finger. I grabbed my son’s cock with my free hand and stroked it. I asked, “Did you guys fuck each other tonight?” Jer’s cock twitched as pre-cum oozed out of the tip. At the same time, Hector’s ass tightened on my finger. Jer nodded. “Yeah, we did. One guy only wanted to watch us. So, we put on a show for him. We flip-fucked until the guy shot his load into the toilet seat.” I licked my lips and slid off the love seat. Now on my knees, I sucked Jeremy’s cock into my mouth. I was so fucking turned on by the idea that it had been in Hector’s ass earlier that night. I released Jer’s cock and turned Hector around so his cock was in my face. I pulled the foreskin back and sucked it in, feeling just as turned on by the idea that it had been in Jeremy’s ass earlier that night. Hector said, “Jesus, Mr. Mal… Clint. I still can’t believe you suck dick.” I licked my saliva from his beautiful shaft and said, “I can’t believe it either, but it is one of my favorite hobbies now.” I turned back to Jeremy’s dick and resumed sucking it while I stroked Hector’s uncut meat. A few seconds later, Hector moved away from me and lay on the love seat. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the young muscle stud lift his legs and place a finger on his hole. Jeremy pointed to the towel next to Hector. The athletic stud placed it beneath his body and lay back down. He resumed the position–his legs in the air and his fingers on his ass. A drop of cum leaked out and oozed onto the towel. I wondered whose balls had produced that white liquid. The mere fact that it was impossible to know was exciting. Jer turned around and bent over, showing me his beautiful bubble butt. I lifted the waistband of his jock strap so I could see the tan line running across the top. It was a sexy as Hector’s. I ran my hand up his back and down to his ass cheeks. What an amazingly beautiful young man he was! I admired Jer’s perfect behind before spreading his cheeks and revealing his tiny pink hole. It was just as shiny as Hector’s. It made me wonder if the boys had left the lube and cum in their holes on purpose. If they had, they were achieving their goal. The obvious signs of them having recently been fucked by strangers was driving me insane with lust. I ran my tongue along his tiny pink hole. He squeezed it a few times, as if to wink for me. A few drops of cum dripped out. I quickly licked them up and enjoyed the intoxicating taste of sperm. I had no idea whose jizz it was, which made it even more tasty. I swallowed the white liquid and stood, lining up my cock with my son’s ass. With his hole pressing against my cockhead, I whispered, “I need you, Baby.” Jeremy’s tight, glove-like hole opened for me. He slowly pressed back until my entire shaft was inside his warm rectum. My body was buzzing with excitement. Whenever I was inside Jeremy’s ass, I knew we were made for each other. My cock fit perfectly inside him, and his ass hugged my shaft like it was welcoming it home. I wanted to yell out, but I calmly said, “Oh fuck. This is heaven.” I glanced over at Hector and saw that his eyes were glued to Jer’s ass. He looked up at me for a second but returned to watching me fuck my son. All the while, he caressed his horny hole. I winked at him and said, “I’ll get to you in a second. I just need a few minutes to show my son how much I appreciate him setting this all up.” Hector nodded. He didn’t speak. He appeared to be too overwhelmed with lust as he rubbed his hole and watched me fuck his buddy. I asked Jer, “Are you ready, Son?” He wiggled his ass and said, “Always, Dad.” With one furtive glance toward the door, I convinced myself that my wife would not walk into the room and find me plowing her son’s sweet ass while his “perfect young gentleman” buddy fingered his young hole next to us. I pulled my cock all the way out and allowed it to bounce free. I glanced over at Hector and saw him staring at my daddy meat. I pointed it back at my son’s tight opening and I pushed it back in. Jer stroked his hard cock as I bottomed out inside him. I repeated that action a few times, glancing at Hector each time I pulled my cock out of my son’s perfect ass. Hector’s eyes were glued to my cock and Jer’s ass. He was no longer just caressing his hole, he was moving his finger quickly back and forth over it. I smiled. I was glad that watching my thick dick slide in and out of my son’s bubble butt was turning Hector on. I grabbed Jeremy’s cock and stroked it as I fucked him. He reached around and grabbed my waist to keep himself steady. I fucked his hole like an animal in heat. And with Hector watching, I became very excited very quickly and realized I was close to cumming. I was amazed at how quickly Jeremy’s body had brought me to the brink of an orgasm. A few hours earlier, I had been fucking his mother and, although it had felt great, it hadn’t been enough to push me over the edge. But only a couple minutes inside her son’s ass and I was ready to unload inside him. Had I truly gotten to the point that I could no longer cum with Beth? Or had I been holding back, knowing that I would be with my young lover later that night? Despite the overwhelming need to release my baby batter deep inside my son, I resisted. There was another beautiful ass waiting for my cock. And this time, I was not going to give up the chance to fuck it. Slowing down my thrusts, I looked over at Hector. His lips were parted, and his eyes were unfocused. He was no longer circling his hole with his finger. Instead, he was pushing the tip inside very gently. I licked my lips. I was so hungry for his tight hole. But I wanted him to watch me and my lover just a little while longer. I slowed my thrusts down to a gentle, leisurely pace. When Jeremy tried to fuck me more quickly, I kissed his head and whispered, “You’re gonna make me cum, Baby.” He relaxed and let me control the pace. He knew as well as I did that the true goal was for me to cum inside Hector’s hole. I looked over at our Hispanic fuck buddy and asked in a hoarse whisper, “Do you like watching me fuck my son?” Hector pushed a finger inside his cum-filled ass and nodded. “Yes, sir.” I slowly thrust into my son’s exquisite hole and said to Jer, “You love to please your dad, don’t ya, Son?” Jer nodded. “Nothing makes me happier.” I smiled at Hector, knowing that I was tapping into his desire to be to his father what Jeremy was to me. Hector looked into my eyes, back to my cock, back to my eyes and so on. After a few seconds, the looks back and forth became more frantic, more intense. Until out of the blue, he said in a voice filled with desperation, “Fuck me, Mr. Malone. Please, god, fuck me!” Jer slid his ass off my cock and turned around. He handed me the bottle of lube and said, “Go gebze escort for it, Dad!” I moved over to Hector. The young man’s eyes never strayed from my cock as I gently pulled his fingers from his hole and applied lube. His puckered opening was warm to the touch and, though it had been fucked a few times already that night, it was tight. I pressed against his leg, moving him onto his side, with both knees facing the back cushion of the love seat. Hector looked up at me and watched me with those big brown eyes of his. I was lost in his handsome masculinity as I very slowly pushed my cock inside of him. At that angle, I was able to monitor his reactions. When his smile slightly faltered, I stopped and waited for it to appear again. When he flinched, I stopped until his body relaxed. It took a couple minutes, but eventually I was in as far as I could go. The kid still could not take my entire dick, but that didn’t matter to me. The warm, tight feeling of his beautiful ass was thrilling. I began fucking him. At first, I fucked him in that position–on his side with his legs turned to one side. I wondered if it felt odd to be fucked sideways like that. It felt great to me, and it allowed me to pull out and look at his sweet young hole from time to time. It also allowed me to see his 6-pack abs stretched tightly as he twisted his torso. His uncut cock was hidden beneath his legs, though I could see the tip occasionally. I slowly pulled out and instructed him to sit on the edge of the seat. He sat in the exact same position as my wife earlier in the night. As I slid my thick cock back into his warm hole, I knew I would have no problem cumming inside him. I smiled down at Hector, imagining how lucky he would be if his father got more pleasure from his teenage ass than from his mother’s pussy. Spreading his legs, I leaned over and kissed him. I said in a very low whisper. “You know how to make your daddy feel good.” Hector whimpered softly and placed his hand over his mouth to contain the sound. I fucked Hector in that position for several minutes. His ass was warm, silky and tight. His facial expressions were intense. He grinned each time I thrust into him. He frowned each time I pulled out. One time when I was deep inside him, he placed his hands on my butt and held me firmly in place. It reminded me of when Jeremy told me that one of the things he liked about being fucked was the sensation of being filled. It seemed Hector enjoyed it too. Jer got onto the love seat next to Hector. He squatted down slightly and dangled his pearly-white cock over the athlete’s face and lowered the tip to his mouth. Hector stuck out his tongue and licked the pre-cum from his buddy’s cock. He swallowed the shaft a moment later. Jer and I looked at each other and smiled. What a pair we made. Each of us was using our fuck buddy’s holes. And Hector was loving it. His ass clamped down even tighter on my shaft as he feasted on my son’s beautiful cock–the cock that had been inside his ass earlier that night. I pulled Jeremy’s head to mine. Before kissing him, I said, “Thank you… for everything.” Our lips touched, our tongues found one another. We kissed as we both impaled Hector with our rock hard cocks. Hector gagged, making me realize Jeremy probably was pressing too hard against the young muscle stud’s face in that position. I ended the kiss and Jeremy pulled back. He removed his cock from Hector’s mouth and stood back up. Hector wiped his saliva-drenched mouth with the back of his hand and asked, “May I sit on you, Mr. Malone… oops, Clint?” I said, “Sure!” I slipped my cock out of his tight ass and switched places with him. I stroked my shaft as I watched the young stud move into position. He knelt with a knee on either side of my waist. His thick, uncut cock was hard and bouncing. The head was peeking out from under the foreskin. I grasped the shaft and pulled the foreskin up and down. Hector sat back, and his silky anal walls hugged my shaft again. He lowered himself slowly until he had taken as much as he could. He lifted up again until just my cockhead was inside him. He repeated those actions over and over, slowly fucking himself on my thick daddy meat. If you have ever seen an Adonis-like 18-year-old with a big uncut cock and a gymnast’s tight, muscular body riding your dick, you will know what I was experiencing at that moment. No porn movie with perfect-bodied young men could come close to portraying what we were experiencing. Hector was in heaven with my cock inside him. His amazing body was twisting and turning as if it were trying to deal with the overwhelming pleasure it was feeling. He was jacking his cock with one hand and using the other to rub every inch of his body as if his skin were alive with sexual energy. The Hispanic muscle stud was not just going through the motions; he wasn’t fucking himself on my cock to put on a show or to act for a camera. No, he was fucking himself on my thick daddy meat and he was enjoying every second of it. And I was in my own heaven. His ass felt great and it was such a turn-on to watch him. It was also exciting to know the special reason he liked me to fuck him. He wanted his own father to be fucking him. I was his surrogate. As I watched Hector’s eyes cloud over with lust, it excited me to know that he most likely was imagining it was his father’s thick meat that was sliding in and out of his sweet young hole. I wished that the young man’s dream could come true. He deserved to have one night of pleasure with his father. And then the hotness of the situation increased a hundredfold. Jeremy stood beside us and began kissing Hector. The muscle stud placed his free hand on Jeremy’s shoulder as he kissed my son while he continued to jack off and ride my cock. Jeremy broke the kiss, stepped onto the love seat and squatted down, aiming his perfect pink hole at my face. My world slowed down as I watched my son’s sweet, tiny hole inch closer and closer to my mouth. I placed my hands on his hips to guide the angle of descent. I extended my tongue, desperately wanting to taste my son. When the tip of my tongue made contact with the ridges of his ass lips, my head exploded with pleasure. My whole body began buzzing and my cock felt even more stimulated inside Hector’s silky ass. Hector seemed to sense my heightened excitement. He began fucking himself faster, maximizing his pleasure and mine. As his ass massaged the underside of my cock, I felt a tingling in my balls. I was close, and it felt like it was going to be an explosive orgasm. I shoved my tongue deep into Jer’s hole as I shoved my cock deep into Hector’s. Images of everything from that day flashed through my mind. The call from Mitch and the discussion about his gay son. Meeting Sal at the gym and seeing his hot naked body. Receiving the sexy pics of Jeremy and Hector at the country club. My wife giving me head and letting me fuck her on the couch. So many things that day had fueled my horniness. And fucking Hector’s tight hole while eating my son’s ass were the stimulating actions that put me over the edge. I came with so much force–so much release–that it felt like every cell in my body was participating in the orgasm. My whole body tensed as my need to release my seed took over every other bodily function. I held my breath as I felt the cum travel up my pipe and escape into Hector’s warm, receptive tunnel. After the first two shots, I exhaled and began to moan. Jeremy pressed his ass onto my mouth, muffling the loud noises I was making. In the back of my mind, I sensed the humor in that moment. I had been so worried about Hector being too loud and alerting my wife. It hadn’t dawned on me that I would have been the loudest of all of us. While I was filling Hector’s insides with my nut butter, his ass tightened on my cock and Jeremy’s began pulsing on my tongue. A few moments later, I felt warm drops of cum landing on my torso. There was so much cum, I was sure both boys were emptying their balls onto me. When I finished shooting, Hector pulled off me. As soon as my cock was free, my son bent over and sucked it into his mouth. Despite the slight post-orgasm sensitivity I felt in my cockhead, I loved that Jer was enjoying the taste of Hector’s ass and the remnants of my cum. For several seconds, Jer sucked my softening cock while I feasted on his amazing hole. We slowly moved into sitting positions, all three of us pressed snugly against each other on the small love seat. I had a young man on either side of me. I wrapped an arm around each of them and they both snuggled up against me and played with my nipples and the cum covering my chest. I kissed each of them and said, “I’m the luckiest man in the world.” Jeremy and Hector chuckled as they scooped up the cum on my chest and fed it to one another. After swallowing the life-giving fluid, they rested their heads on my pecs. After a few minutes of cuddling, I sat up and said. “OK boys. I could say like this all night, but I really do need some sleep.” Jer used a towel to wipe the remaining cum from my chest. Then we all got dressed, with playful touching making it a longer-than-normal effort. We walked Hector to the door and I gave his ass an affectionate squeeze. He kissed each of us one final time before heading out. Once the door was shut, I grabbed Jer’s hand and led him to the couch. “Lie with me for a few minutes before going up to your room.” Jer and I lay down on the couch together. I sighed contentedly as we spooned. It felt so good–so comforting–to relax with him in my arms. As a result, I began to doze off. I snapped open my eyes and told him, “We can’t fall asleep together. We can’t risk your mother finding us like this.” Jer caressed my arm and pressed his body more tightly against mine. He said, “Don’t worry, Dad. I won’t fall asleep.” For the next several minutes, we lay quietly, simply enjoying holding one another. I began noticing a small rocking of my son’s body. I realized he was jacking himself off. I lowered my hand to his crotch and found him stroking his hard dick. He moved his hand away quickly. I grabbed his stiff shaft and said, “Awww, Jer. Did you not cum earlier?” I thought he had cum at the same time as Hector. Jer said, “No, But that’s OK.” I turned him onto his back and rolled on top of him. “Baby. Please, never think you have to take care of yourself if I am with you. Don’t be shy about telling me you need to shoot a load.” He gave me an intoxicating smile and said, “Dad, I need to shoot a load.” I grinned back at him then looked down at his throbbing cock. I wanted to suck my son off. I wanted to swallow the load he so desperately was trying to coax out of his balls. I scooted down so I could easily feast on his cock. I gave him a wink and a smile before lowering my mouth onto his teenage cock. I wrapped my lips around his pink cockhead and ran my tongue along the underside of his shaft. The salty taste of pre-cum made me even more hungry for his cum. As I settled into a nice sucking rhythm, I imagined my wife upstairs blissfully sleeping while I gave her teenage son oral pleasure on our couch. I pictured her waking up, descending the stairs and finding me on my knees over her son with his beautiful adolescent cock sliding in and out of my hungry mouth. I chuckled when I imagined holding up my hand, telling her not to interrupt me until I finished what I was doing. Jeremy asked, “What’s so funny?” I attempted to deep-throat his pearly white meat, but I only gagged and coughed. I pulled my mouth off and allowed my saliva to drip down his shaft. I said, “Just imagining showing your mom how much I like sucking your dick.” He chuckled and said, “I’ll bet she’d be very surprised.” I licked my lips and said, “That’s an understatement!” I licked the top of his shaft and rolled my tongue around his cockhead. He watched me with his mouth slightly agape. I said, “Feed it to me, Jer. Your dad’s hungry.” I swallowed his cock again and resumed sucking him while staring into his eyes. Within less than a minute, his mesmerizing, wolf-like eyes glossed over, and he appeared to lose focus. He said, “Uh… uh… uh…” and flooded my mouth with his sweet youthful nectar. I swallowed it like a frat boy chugging beer. And just like a frat boy, I became drunk off the liquid traveling down my throat and into my stomach. My head spun, and I snorted like a bull as I allowed his pulsing cock to cut off my air supply as it filled my mouth and throat. When his teenage cock stopped pulsing, I felt his body jerk and I knew his cockhead had become sensitive. I slurped up the final drops of cum and released his cock. It fell against his body with a thump. I swallowed the remaining cum, enjoying the almond flavor. Not quite done with him, I lowered my mouth to his balls and rolled each around with my tongue. I licked the inside of his legs and moved up, kissing the spot right above his pubic hair. I kissed his belly button, his stomach, his nipples, his throat. I lay on top of him and kissed his chin, his nose, his eyebrows, his eyelids. I finished by kissing his sweet pink lips. Jer whimpered as he kissed me back. He said, “I hope this lasts forever.” Without hesitation, I said, “I do too, Baby. I do too.” I lay back down beside him, and he turned so we were spooning again. We held onto one another until I felt myself falling asleep again. Jer shifted off the couch. I moaned sadly. I knew we couldn’t sleep together, but I so badly wanted to do so. Jeremy knelt on the floor, leaning on the cushion with his head next to mine. “Get some sleep, Dad. Lunch tomorrow, right?” I yawned and said, “Yeah. My office.” Jer said, “Oh! I almost forgot. Dave invited us to a gathering tomorrow night. He said you and I would really enjoy it. He gave me his contact info so we could call him for details.” I asked, “Gathering? What does he mean by that?” Jer shrugged. “I don’t know, but I’m guessing it’s a sex party or something.” I said, “A sex party? Huh? Um… I don’t know, Jer.” Jer smiled and said, “I have it all figured out. We’ll tell Mom you and I are going to see that new superhero movie. She won’t want to go. And she’ll never ask us about it. It will be perfect.” I shook my head and said, “How do you come up with these schemes, Jer?” I caressed his cheek and said, “Let’s discuss it tomorrow.” We kissed one final time. Then, as my son headed up to bed, I rolled over and fell asleep. End of Chapter 35.

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