Helping Out a Friend Pt. 02: Tina


Helping out a Friend, Part 2: Tina

Tina had returned from holiday and had resumed her massage business which seemed to be going from strength to strength.

I had thoroughly enjoyed standing in for her and let her know that I would do the same should she take another break, but there was none on the horizon, especially now that she had parted from her boyfriend. A decision I wholeheartedly approved of.

I had managed to keep my liaison with her father a secret and was sure he would be in no hurry to divulge any goings on with his daughter, but it did feel a little uncomfortable a few times when she asked me about his massage.

The sexual tension had always been there with her father, from when I used to pop over to her family home, I could feel the looks he gave me but he was always too much of a gentleman to act in an inappropriate way.

I found him so attractive, so I really couldn’t help myself when the opportunity arrived. But I had not spoken to him since, so there was now a slightly uncomfortable tension on the air. I resolved to solve this by meeting him for a coffee so that we could ensure we could relax around each other the next time we met, especially if we were in company.

I sent him a text message.

“Hi Jack, Beth here. Hope you’re well, wondered if you fancied meeting for a coffee to discuss Tina’s birthday?”

I used Tina’s upcoming birthday as a smokescreen to get a response and gauge the situation.

A reply followed within 10 minutes:

“Hello Beth, Hope you are well too, yes that would be splendid, shall we say Costa on the High Street on Thursday? Shall I bring Tina’s mum along?”

An interesting reply, but Jack was probably just ensuring he was his usual Dad like self.

I thought I’d show my hand a little with my reply:

“No need to bring Mary (Tina’s Mum / Jack’s Wife), just thought a very quick catch up would be good as I’m around this week. Costa at 6 on Thursday then?”

“Perfect — 6 on Thursday, see you there.” Came his reply.

I would clear the air with Jack on Thursday and make sure there would be no atmosphere when we were next in public with Tina or Mary.

Reg was an altogether different scenario. Since I had massaged Reg at Tina’s house, we had swapped numbers and he had already paid me a visit.

I invited him over for a drink one evening and he arrived with flowers and a suit on, he was treating it like a date, so I went along with it.

I wore a Little Black Dress and applied make up like I would if going out Dancing. I also sprayed my favourite perfume — Jo Malone, you guessed it!

I opened the door to him and invited him in.

“Hello Reg, just on time, are these for me?” I asked, as I took the flowers from him.

A roadside garage was now having to reorganize their display!!

“Yes, my dear, flowers for a rose.” He answered, corny I know, but sweet.

“Come in and make yourself comfortable, I will get us both a drink. Gin?” I asked, as I took the flowers and made for the kitchen to put them in water.

“Gin and Tonic, however you choose to make it would be perfect.” Reg answered, and sat in the lounge while I fixed the drinks.

I poured a double Hendricks Gin into an ice filled Gin glass. I added some Fever Tree Tonic water, Mediterranean of course, then some sliced cucumber and mint. Perfect. (If I may say so!)

I brought the drinks into the lounge and sat them on the coffee table.

“Here we go, how lovely to see you Reg, thank you for my flowers, Cheers!” I said, as I raised my glass to Reg.

“Cheers Beth.” Reg replied, raising his glass to toast mine. “And may I say how ravishing you look this evening.”

“Oh! this old thing.” I replied smiling and feeling a deep sexual desire pulse through my core and tingle down between my legs.

“Well, it’s more than you had on the last time I saw you.” Said Reg, immediately wanting to get the conversation on to our sexy last liaison on the massage table.

“Well that is true.” I said, standing up and walking over to my Bluetooth music speaker.

I pressed play and a pre-set music playlist started to play.

As a slow, sexy, beat filled my apartment, I slowly danced back towards Reg. Not taking my eyes off him I turned around from him and slowly drew the zip down on the back of my dress. I pulled the zip down to the bottom of my back, revealing that I was not wearing a bra.

“Oh Beth, come closer, let me help you with that dress.” Reg said, licking his lips.

“No need, it’s all coming off.” I said as I walked out of my dress and over to Reg, wearing nothing but my black heels and make up.

I held out my hand and as Reg grasped it, I led him into my bedroom.

My pussy was already moist, and Reg wasted no time in putting his hand between my legs and stroking it, then inserted a finger which sent a shiver through me. I lay on the bed and Reg buried his face in my pussy.

He licked me and pushed his fingers inside me, bringing me to a wonderful strong orgasm.

“Your turn.” I said, Ankara travesti as I pushed Reg on to the bed and undoing his trousers, brought his rock-hard cock out into the open.

I licked and sucked all over it, pulling his trousers down to gain better access to his big hairy balls, which I licked and sucked while playing with his cock. I gently stroked his thighs and ass, almost inserting my finger, I licked his legs and kissed his rock hard cock.

“Beth please stop I don’t want to cum yet.” Reg muttered two or three times before I finally relented.

“OK Reg, what do you want to do to me?” I asked as I slowly licked the precum around his cock.

“I want my cock inside you Beth.” He said and lay on top of me. He pushed his cock inside me, it slid inside me effortlessly due to the moistness we had both created.

Reg continued to fuck me and brought me to another wonderful climax, his balls felt so good as they drooped on and rubbed around my ass as he fucked me.

Reg turned me over and said, “Let’s try it this way.” I obliged and lay on my front with my ass in the air.

Reg surprised me by pushing his cock into my ass, I wasn’t aware that was what he meant.

“Oh! you mean that way.” I said, as Reg, with a dirty laugh said, “Yes this way you bad, bad girl.”

He slowly worked his cock into my ass and continued to fuck me. First slowly then at full pace. He reached around and played with my pussy, rubbing my clit and pushing two fingers inside me and brought me to another amazing orgasm.

“I’m going to cum Beth.” He panted, and I could feel a warmth inside my ass as he shot his load into me.

“Oh yes cum inside me Reg.” I just about panted out, as my orgasm subsided and grew again as I felt his cum fill me.

Reg withdrew his cock from me which was still rock hard. Unable to resist I grabbed it and sucked away, it was covered in cum and it tasted good from being inside me.

“Oh! Beth you are so fucking naughty, I love it.” Reg said, as I sucked his cock and retrieved the cum that was covering his cock and balls.

I smiled and continued to slowly enjoy his cock and cum. I wanted more but I could see Reg was in no state to continue. Never mind, it was a great session and hopefully not the last.

“So how do I get to enjoy you and Tina at the same time?” Reg asked out of nowhere.

“Well maybe you should ask Tina if she would like a threesome with me and you?” I asked, knowing it was at once both a logical question, but also one that was out of the question. Tina had never had a threesome, would never have sex with a woman, and would also be mortified if she thought I knew about her fun with Reg. I also doubted that Reg and Tina had ever had any fun, I thought that it was purely a fantasy of Reg’s, not that I could blame him for that.

“Well my dear Beth, I actually have already asked her, and you would be surprised to learn that her answer was the same as yours. So, I ask again. How do I make it happen?”

“Really? She asked you to ask me?” I asked, incredulously

“Well not in so many words, but she suggested that it is you who may be the barrier rather than here. Picture it, me Cumming over those beautiful tits and you licking it all off, I would die and go to heaven.” Reg said, looking into the distance, like he was imagining his greatest fantasy.

“You and me both.” I said.

“Really, you would go for it if I arranged it?” Reg asked, looking at me with puppy dog eyes

“Definitely, let me speak to Tina.” That’s if you are telling me the truth.” I added.

“Scouts honour.” Said Reg. “I wouldn’t lie about such an important thing. Please go ahead and speak to her, make it happen, I beg you.” Reg said and dressed and grabbed his jacket ready to leave.

After he left, I thought about it. Tina wasn’t even aware that I had fun with Reg while I was standing in for her. Well I guess he had told her, dirty dog!


I called Tina on Wednesday for a catch up.

“Hi Tina, how are you?”

“Fine babe, how are you? Still warn out after a week massaging?” she joked.

“It’s not the massaging the wore me out Tina, it’s the gift you brought back for me.” I joked. Tina brought me back a 9″ dildo. I actually had not had time to put it to use yet, but thought it was a funny thing to say, especially given what I wanted to discuss with her!

“I didn’t think you’d waste much time with it. I actually bought myself one as well, I’ve nearly worn it into a point!” She laughed as she said this. She really had found her mojo of late.

“Tina wash your mouth out with soap you slut!” I joked, keeping the conversation light and sexy.

“I’ve been enjoying my job this week.” She said, “you can’t beat body contact, even if it is with people who aren’t your boyfriend!”

“Well on that note Tina, can we talk about Reg?” I asked.

“What has he been telling you? Did he try it on with you?” Tina asked

“Tina, you know me, he did try it on with Konya travesti me and if I’m totally honest, he got more than he bargained for.” I admitted.

“Oh my god, did you have sex with him in my apartment?! Tina asked, sounding shocked and disappointed.

“I’m sorry Tina, but he kept groping me then showed me that big cock of his, what was I meant to do?” I asked, jokingly.

“I know exactly what you did, tell me, did you suck him off?” she asked.

“Too right I did, we did everything, he is one dirty old man, but sexy as hell with it.” I said. He also told me about the things you two get up to together. But don’t worry, I didn´t believe him. Much!” I added.

“I can´t believe he told you.” Tina protested.

“You don´t have to hide it from me of all people Tina. What´s the problem? Enjoy yourself.” I said.

“You´re right, I know. I´m just so used to being prim and proper, I find it hard to admit it, but I am having a lot more fun these days, I’ve taken a leaf out of your book. See you are a bad influence on me you filthy slut!” Tina asserted.

“None taken.” I said, mocking my offence.

“I do like his cock though, don’t you Beth?” Tina asked, I couldn’t believe my ears!

“His and many others like him.” I joked in my reply.

“He asked me if I would have a threesome with you actually.” Tina admitted.

“Well funny you should say that, because he asked me the same thing.” I added.

“He is a dirty old man. Not content that we are both letting him have his oats, he now wants us together.” Tina said, as if disgusted by the idea.

“Well I’m game if you are.” I quickly threw in.

“You’re not serious.” Tina said.

“Why not?” I asked.

“I don’t know, what would we do?” Tina asked

“Well without spelling it out, we would play with his hard cock, take turns fucking him and make him cum. I’m up for it of you are.” I said, clearly surprising Tina. And besides, I thought to myself, I get to see those amazing, big, gorgeous titties of yours!

“I’d have to think about it, Beth, I’ve never done anything like that before.” Tina said.

“Do that Tina, then let Reg know. We’ll drive him crazy and have a lot of fun in the process, c’mon go for it.” I teased before we said our goodbyes.

I found myself thinking about the threesome as I lay in bed that night. I then remembered about the dildo Tina brought me. Then I decided to wait, maybe save it for our threesome, that would be awesome.

I went to sleep and woke early playing with myself. Before I knew it, my panties were only on one leg and I was sending pictures to a very naughty old man who I had never met on Literotica.

Sadly, he was based in the US so there was no hope of an invite materialising and enjoying a mouthful of his cum before the day started.

A nice slow sexy blowjob is my favourite way to start the day. Inviting an older man to my apartment, even sexier if I have never met them, stripping naked for them before sucking their cock until they release a sexy, creamy load of cum into my mouth and down my throat is a win-win as I see it.

I had a busy day on Thursday working on my business, things were going well and I was looking forward to a relaxing weekend, when I remembered my meeting with Jack, Tina´s Dad, at 6pm in the coffee shop. What to wear?

I decided to wear tight black leggings and a white blouse. My leggings hugged my long legs and were very tight around my ass cheeks. The outline of my little white thong would be visible underneath, should he choose to stare. My blouse was very see-thru, which would be a problem if I chose not to wear a bra. So, I chose not to wear a bra!

We met and exchanged cordialities. He commented on my lovely perfume.

We chose a table with 4 seats tucked away in a corner, ideal for a private conversation. Jack brought two Cappuccino’s and sat back down. As he sat down, I removed my jacket. My back was facing the coffee shop, so only he could see me from the front. My breasts stared out at him from behind my see-thru blouse.

“Well Beth, it’s nice to see you.” he said to my breasts!

“You too Jack.” I said, and sipped my coffee, watching him stare at my breasts with my peripheral vision.

“You look amazing, as usual.” He said.

“Well, I chose my outfit for you if you must know Jack.” I said and smiled a very teasing flirting smile.

“About the other week…” Jack started.

Before he could continue, I interjected.

“Let’s do it again, my apartment is a 5-minute walk away.” I said and stared at him with the sexiest stare I could muster.

“Beth nothing would make me happier.” Jack said and touched my hand.

I stood and put my jacket back on.

“Good that you got these in ‘to-go’ cups, let’s have them at mine.” I said and we started to walk to my apartment.

Once inside I turned around and put my arms around Jack´s neck. We started to kiss deeply and before long my tongue was down his throat and his hand was inside my shirt.

As we continued to İzmir travesti kiss, he plunged his hand down my leggings and inside my panties, my wet pussy told him how welcome he was.

We moved to the sofa and on my knees, I undid his trousers and started to kiss his cock. I sucked him and licked his balls, he tasted good. He held my head and slowly thrusted his cock in and out of my mouth, his precum was copious and was oozing out of him continually.

“Let me fuck you Beth.” Jack panted in his ecstasy.

“Of course.” I said.

I removed my leggings and panties and lay on the sofa with my legs open, playing with my pussy. After giving my wet pussy a few kisses and licks, Jack plunged his cock into me.

He fucked my deep and moaned in ecstasy.

“I´m gonna cum Beth.” Jack said.

I pulled him up and he stood in front of me by the sofa. Still sitting I took his cock into my mouth and with a few sucks and strokes of his cock with my left hand, as my right hand cupped his balls, he arched is back and released his load into my mouth.

I kept sucking and it kept oozing out, filling my mouth and spilling out dripping down onto my chin and my neck.

“Oh! wow Beth that feels incredible, are you OK?” Jack asked, assuming his cum tidal wave had a negative effect on me.

“Jack you taste so good, help me here I´ve missed some.” I referred to the cum that had dribbled out of my mouth.

I took Jack´s cock and spooned the cum from my neck and chin, then sucked it clean from his cock.

“Yummy!” was all I could think of saying!

We exchanged thank you’ s, made a fresh coffee and decided on Tina´s birthday present.

We also agreed that we would be cool. We would not act suspiciously around family, or friends and I insisted that Jack pop in to let me suck his cock whenever it suited both of us. An agreement was made.

Later that evening I received a text message from Tina.

“Screw it. Let’s do it.” Was all it said.

Hi Tina, Beth here, either you´re drunk or you´ve just agreed to a threesome. Either way, good for you!” I replied.

“Both.” Came the reply back. “Also, I’m horny and playing with my new vibrating friend!”

“Well now we just have to decide when and to ensure you don’t have second thoughts.” I replied, wanting to make sure that we didn’t waste Reg´s time. I also wanted to know I could fantasize about what I was going to do with those amazing breasts, assuming she would be up for letting me have a little play with them.

“What are you doing on Saturday?” came Tina´s reply.

“Well, with a fair wind I will be sucking Reg´s cock while he is sucking your tits!” I joked back.

“Will you call him?” Tina responded.

“Leave it with me Tina, I’ll let you know.” I answered.

I sent Reg a short text informing him that his fantasy was on, provided he was free on Saturday afternoon. It took him a while to respond, about 4 seconds!

“Oh my God Beth is this really true?” he asked after we had made brief arrangements.

“It is true, and like you I can’t wait. Save up some cum, I will be very thirsty.” I teased him.

The big day arrived, I made my way to Tina´s and ensured I had a few changes of underwear, some lingerie and my 9″ friend!

Tina was a little nervous, so we enjoyed a Gin and Tonic and she started to relax a little.

“Tina don’t worry, we will just be natural and play around with Reg, he will be so made up and horny he really won’t mind what we do. Just relax and do whatever comes naturally.” I reassured her.

Reg arrived and flirted outrageously with us both as we danced to music and enjoyed another drink.

Then he saw the massage table, ready for him.

“Oh! Is this for me?” he asked.

Reg undressed and climbed on. Tina and I both started to gently massage him.

Tina stripped down to just her panties and bra (my God she looked awesome) focussed on his shoulders and thrusted her huge breasts into his face. Reg lay back in heaven and enjoyed.

I freed Reg’s cock and started to slowly suck it as he played with Tina’s huge breasts.

We all stood up and danced together as we continued to remove our clothes.

Things soon hotted up as Reg started to grope me as we danced. I encouraged him and started to kiss him, deeply with our tongues entwined and exploring each other´s mouths. Soon I was only wearing my underwear and Reg´s hands were inside them.

Tina joined us and started to kiss Reg too. He grabbed her breasts and started to pant. Tina lifted a breast out of her bra cup for Reg to kiss and lick.

My pussy was on fire looking at those amazing beautiful breasts.

We made for the bedroom and were soon all naked, Tina and I taking turns to pleasure Reg by sucking his cock. Reg couldn’t take his eyes from Tina´s breasts, so I continued to suck him as he kissed and sucked them. He also played with Tina´s pussy and she announced that she was about to cum. The threesome had really worked for Tina.

I took my opportunity and joined Reg in sucking her breasts, one each as he brought her to climax with his fingers. Tina was a little surprised but enjoyed both of our mouths around her nipples as she came.

To ensure I didn’t freak her out I returned to his cock straight after as she came down from her climax.

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