Her Emerald Eyes Pt. 02


This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

All characters partaking in sexual activity are over 18 years of age and fully consent to the acts therein.

This story takes place in a fictitious timeline, namely a timeline void of COVID-19 and the resulting quarantines and horribleness.

This is my first attempt at writing erotica. I got good grades in English class, but not great so if you see any spelling or grammatical errors I sincerely apologize.

If you like the story leave a rating or a comment, or if you don’t let me know why.

This is the second part of a three-part story. You really need to read part one to get the full story.

Sexual acts in this story do include minor CNC, there is also the use of derogatory language directed at members of the LGBTQ+ community, if any of this is a trigger for you please proceed with caution or read something else. I promise I will never hold it against you. Your enjoyment is my top priority.

Also for previous readers, commentators and voters, you are properly amazing, knowing you spent your time on my story is a seriously great honor thank you. Also, there will be a lot less time between this part and part three, promise.

That’s probably enough from me, let’s get to our girls, Superren


“What the Hell are you doing here?” stunned by the figure that stood before me, “how did you even find me?” He just smiled that all-knowing smile.

“I’ll give you props, it wasn’t easy, I mean Shanghai, what were you thinking?” He said, still smiling.

He had no right to sound so jubilant. Yes, he had found me but I wasn’t looking to be found.

“The reason I’m in China is because of you, and Mom and Dad. Running me out of my home away from the person I love most in the world. Because of threatening both of us with prison, then discarding me like I’m just yesterday’s trash. So I put the Pacific ocean between us or was that not fucking far enough!” I slammed the door in his face. I no longer saw him lying in that hospital bed. All I saw was his face as he shoved me into the trunk of his car. Holly hysterical on our porch and then pulling away, everything I ever held dear fading further and further from my grasp.

He continued knocking, not relenting in the speed or volume. I opened the door once more, his smile replaced by annoyance.

“Ivy, I had to connect through Tokyo and Hanoi to get here.”

“Well, I’m sorry that messing with what little life I have left isn’t convenient for your travel plans. Now piss off before I call the cops.” I went to slam the door in his face again but he put his arm up to stop me.

“Deebee eses,” he said, looking at me resolutely.

“What did you say?”


It was early on a Saturday morning. Over the past several weeks I had woken up just as the Sun rose. I didn’t need an alarm, my body, and mind were in total equilibrium. I awoke to watch the amber light envelop the beautiful form that lay in my arms. Her head resting lightly on my shoulder, her breath tickling my erect nipple. I kissed her softly on the head, smelling her apple-scented shampoo. She stirred slightly.

“Come on baby, time to get up.”

“Just 5 more minutes,” she said, her eyes remaining closed, her head not moving. I had no desire for her to move. My hands, by their own volition, began to trace the contours of her body and she moaned, “not fair,” and nuzzled my neck. She began to peck me with kisses, causing a sharp intake of breath and my pussy began to tingle. Everything she did made me love her more and more. My hands continued their movement around her body as I tried to find some semblance of willpower.

“You need to get going,” I said unconvincingly.

“Why?” she whispered followed by another peck, “remember how wet I made your pussy last night?”

She had made me extremely wet the night before. But to be fair she made me wet every night. We would say goodnight to our parents and our brother and make our way to our bedrooms. Then 20 minutes after the house fell silent my bedroom door would open and in would walk this majestic creature, gifted to me by the gods. Removing her pajamas as she made her way to my bed, I didn’t even wear pajamas anymore. She would crawl under the covers and every night without fail, we made love more beautiful than I could ever describe. Sometimes slow and loving other times (only when we were alone in the house) fast and rough, screaming to be fucked. Whatever the situation we always had time to make each other feel good.

“Because, if you carry on kissing me there is no way I’ll be able to stop.”

“That’s just more incentive to keep kissing you,” she giggled and licked my neck up to my ear.

“Fuck it,” I whispered and pulled her to me, our tongues immediately entwining. My pussy was already gushing when we heard something outside my bedroom window. Holly was on top of me and displeased, got up to peek out the window.

“Shit, shit, shit, İstanbul Escort shit, shit!” She moved at pace towards my bedroom door grabbing her pajamas with only a quick gaze backward to say she loved me and was gone before I could utter my reply.

I got up to see what had rattled her ready to curse out whatever had intruded what would have been a perfect morning. I heard them before I saw them. Josh was helping his girlfriend Amy pull luggage out of the trunk of his car. I really hate my brother sometimes. I dressed simply in a hoodie and leggings and went downstairs to open the door.

“Good to see you again Amy,” I said even though her arrival had interrupted my morning tryst.

“And what about me?” said Josh.

“I see you all the time, your presence has become pretty mundane,” Amy laughed and Josh failed badly to stifle a laugh, it sounded almost like he was about to have a coughing fit.

“Ivy, you do have to tell me your secret, every time I think I’ve outwitted him he knows just what to say, damn that silver-tongue of his,” She said as she approached and hugged me.

Amy was a fairly tall African-American girl, 5″ 10 with black hair tied in a short braid that hung neatly between her shoulder blades. Her body screamed that she was an athlete. Which is how she and Josh met, college basketball star meets college swimming star at a varsity rally. 3 years later she’s practically family. A creak on the stairs revealed a yawning Holly.

“Hey Amy,” she said as she approached and hugged her, “Oh and you’re here too,” looking at Josh with disinterest.

“What does nobody love me anymore?” Josh pouted, knowing his little sisters were just trying to get under his skin.

“Aww I still love you, baby,” Amy said and turned round to kiss him. Before she could he puffed up his chest and crossed his arms.

“Prove it,” he said, pretending to sound stubborn. Amy giggled slightly and turned to us holding up her left hand revealing a beautiful diamond ring.

Holly and I both squealed like little schoolgirls as we charged towards them both. I pulled Amy into the deepest hug. Holly leaped at Josh who held her off the ground. His 6″ 4 frame easily taking her weight. We must have been making too much noise because the unmistakable groan of a mother not getting her beauty sleep on a Saturday morning was heard at the top of the stairs.

“What on Earth is going on down here?” said mom donning her bathrobe.

“Mom, there’s someone I want you to meet,” Josh stepped aside to reveal Amy.

“Amy, it’s lovely to see you, dear,” she turned to Josh, “but I met her when you came home for thanksgiving 2 years ago.”

“Ah, but that’s where you’re wrong mom, you met my girlfriend, Amy here is my fiancee,” as he said this Amy held her ring to our mom.

She squeaked equally as schoolgirl-like as we had and pulled them both into an embrace as only a mother can.

“Robbie, get down here, oh you two,” she held a hand on each of their shoulders and began to well up.

“Okay, come on Mom,” Holly pulled her by the hand through to the living room probably to avoid the embarrassment of crying in front of her future daughter-in-law. I gave them both another hug as our Dad came down the stairs.

“Anyone gonna clue me in,” this time Amy answered first.

“Mr. Lake, may I ask you for permission to have your son’s hand in marriage?”

We all had breakfast together that morning, mom went all out, pancakes, waffles, bacon, eggs, croissants, but with the six of us, it was all gone in no time. Mom and Amy discussed wedding plans, even though Josh and she had agreed to wait a couple of years to get the funds together. Josh and dad spoke of sports, Basketball, Football, Hockey and since there was no mention of Soccer I spoke with my sister. We were playing footsie discreetly as Josh and Amy declared that they had to return to California in a few days.

“He wanted to tell you first, he’s scared of my step-dad,” said Amy, laughing wryly.

“I’m not scared of him, I just have a healthy respect for a man that can snap me in two,” We all took a jab at Josh who looked rather uncomfortable. He was clearly not used to being the butt of so many jokes.

As not to raise suspicion of our little game and also because I noticed I was getting wet again I decided we should all go out. Holly and I wanted to go shopping. Josh and Dad refused.

So it was a ladies’ trip to the mall. We wanted some new clothes for college which was rapidly approaching. We slowed as we passed a sporting goods store and I thought I would treat myself to some new Soccer boots. Not paying too much attention to anything when someone caught my eye. Tommy Farringdon, my ex-boyfriend, not that he knew that yet. I had been too caught up in my whirlwind relationship with my sister to talk to him.

“Hey babe,” he said as we passed and he leaned in to kiss me, I managed to maneuver so it was just on the cheek.

“Hey Tommy,” I replied, staring at Holly for help, she just led Amy and Mom away from what was going to be a very uncomfortable conversation.

“So what’s up, It’s like you’ve been Kadıköy Escort avoiding me.”

“Sorry just getting everything ready for college, you know.”

“Tell me about it, Dartmouth wants me up there a week early, something about their current QB having to rest his wrist for two months, I feel for him but kind of a break for me,” he smiled, oh why couldn’t he have been an asshole.

“Listen, Tommy -” he cut me off

“Anyway we need to discuss some sort of schedule, it’s not too far, and I know we’re both gonna be busy with extracurriculars and classes but I still think we can still see each other a lot.” I kind of blurted out my response.

“I don’t want to do long distance,” I stood there, wishing the earth would swallow me whole, I’d never broken up with someone before. All other ‘boyfriends’ were just silly flings that never really went anywhere. “I don’t think long distance works and I think we should end things.”

He just stared at me aghast “What?”

“Sorry,” was all I could think of to say, no need to go into the specifics.

“Sorry. That’s all you have to say, you were fine with long distance a month ago, and now you decide to toss me aside, why? So you can fuck some Yale jerk. I mean what the fuck I waited a whole year for you to decide you’re ready and that’s all you’ve got!” He was leering at me with contempt.

“Tommy, I think you should go,” said the voice of an angel behind me. Holly put her arm around my waist. My guardian, my sister, my one true love.

“Shut it Holly this doesn’t concern you.” At least he used her name.

She stood resilient. “If it concerns my sister it concerns me, please calm down and leave.”

“I SAID SHUT IT DYKE!” Everyone in earshot turned to stare at us. “A whole fucking year, bitch. I hope you and your dyke sister will be very happy together,” he stormed off, the day ruined. Mom and Amy returned with haste.

“Are you two okay?” Amy asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine, kinda used to it by now,” said Holly as she pulled me into a hug. There was nowhere else I wanted to be other than in her arms right now. I pulled out and looked into her emerald eyes.

“Can we…” I motioned for a moment alone with her.

“Of course honey,” said Mom. Knowing our bond as twins meant things could be shared that we wouldn’t share with anyone else. Although neither of us was ready to let anyone know how deeply we shared things.

We went to the bathroom, and when we were sure we were alone she lovingly cupped my face, placing her hands on my cheeks, and kissed me softly. No sex implied, just my sister, my girlfriend, my guardian angel wanting to make me feel better.

“Are you okay baby?” Her genuine care is evident in her voice and manner.

“Surprisingly yeah, I think he showed his true colors there,” I was shocked he had acted that way but it made me feel much less guilty. Still, I felt a bit out of sorts and kind of wanted to go home. A quick call to Dad and immediately he came and picked me up. He was silent on the ride back but his breathing suggested he was one mild breeze from blowing a massive aneurysm, tracking down Tommy, and doing unspeakable things to him. When we got home it was just the two of us, Josh was out with friends so Dad asked me the question he always asks when it’s just the two of us.

“Want to watch Good Will Hunting?”

“With you, always,” I smiled. Some time a few years ago after Holly’s seemingly miraculous genius intellect emerged she and Mom were visiting with professors at Yale so it was just me and dad for the weekend. Despite the obvious similarities between Will and my sister, Dad and I bonded over the movie. So much so than whenever it was just the two of us – Good Will Hunting and pizza. I returned a few minutes later in loungewear, the film all ready to go.

“Double pepperoni with extra mozzarella already on the way.”

“Perfect,” I pecked him on the cheek and he gave me a fatherly embrace.

“Honestly dad, I’m fine,” really I was. God knows what would have happened if Holly hadn’t been there but knowing that the hurdle was passed meant one less thing to worry about.

“I know, you’re strong, but if I ever see that Farringdon kid, well you’ll be seeing me in an orange jumpsuit,” I just laughed and collapsed on the sofa.

We were about halfway through the film and dad turned to me and said,

“Did I ever tell you how I met your Mom?”

“Actually no, I think we all just assumed you met at law school.”

“We did, but we went to different schools.”

“Really? Then regale me, Dad.”

“So coming up to the end of my first year of Law school we had to do this mock trial, a murder case, me as the defense against a prosecutor from another school. Now my case is solid, the guys walking out a free man. I’m feeling good about myself and then in walks this striking blonde and I’m thinking, she’s pretty but she’s not getting this one. I won’t bore you with the details but she blew my ass out the water. I mean she ripped me apart. It was a fake trial sure but I felt so guilty that the hypothetical guy ended up getting thirty to life. As she leaves Kartal Escort she flashes me this smile, almost sinister like she knows what she’s done to me.

A few hours later I’m at the bar with a couple of buddies, drinking my sorrows away and there sitting at a table alone, nose in a book, the same blonde. I leave my buddies at the bar and go to her, tell her how thoroughly pissed I am. She spots me and flashes me that same smile, but this time it doesn’t seem sinister, more sincere. She just says ‘Hey, wow you really had me on the ropes today.’ For thirty minutes we just talked, she was charming, she was funny but eventually, she was ready to call it a night. We said goodbye and I returned to the bar. I turned back and saw her walk out the door. I turned to my friends and I just said ‘sorry guys, I gotta go see about a girl.’ Three years later I married her.”

“Wow, that’s really sweet,” I smiled at him, “does mom know you just quoted Good Will Hunting?”

“I don’t think she’s ever seen it,” we both laughed.

“We don’t need to tell her.”

“Don’t tell your sister, even though I know you will because you tell her everything.” His words sounded a little critical but his smile showed his true intent. Happy that his daughters, his little girls, were so close.

“It’s okay, she hasn’t seen it.”

“She hasn’t?”

“Well I tried to show her once but it got to the scene where Will solves the problem that took them two years -“

“Let me guess, she said it was too easy.”

“Her exact words were ‘fucking trees’,” again we both laughed even though neither of us knew what trees were or why we should fuck them.

Like the devil, if you speak her name, she arrives, Holly opened the front door and immediately ran up the stairs.

Mom and Amy followed and before I could properly greet them Holly ran back down the stairs with an overnight bag and was gone. Mom explained to me that after Tommy’s verbal attack Holly had arranged a night in the city for us. I smiled which they took to mean calm and a return to happiness. In reality, it meant rapturous elation. A night out, just the two of us. We could finally act like girlfriends. Hold hands in public, even full-on PDA if we wanted.

As night drew nearer and Josh returned home my excitement grew. Amy had agreed to take me to the Hotel Holly had booked. I took nothing with me as Mom explained that Holly had packed everything we would need. I exited the car, waved to Amy, and stood alone in the warm summer air looking into the lobby of a hotel that looked like something out of a millionaire’s dream journal. I looked out of place surrounded by Gold and Marble wearing my light grey hoodie and pre-torn jeans. The concierge noticed this and eyed me like I was some Victorian peasant trying to climb the fence of Buckingham Palace.

“I’m sorry miss, I’m afraid we are fully booked for the rest of the weekend,” he said looking at me with disdain. Some people let any sort of power go to their heads. I didn’t care if he was lying as someone put their arms around my waist and gave me a small peck on my cheek. I recognized her intoxicating scent and the feel of her arms.

“Hey baby,” I said, turning to kiss her.

“It’s okay, she’s with me.”

“Of course miss Lake.” He scuttled off, having lost some of the wind in sails.

She took my hand and led me to the elevators, seemingly finished to match the gold and marble of the rest of the hotel. While waiting for one I looked around me and took in how grandiose this place really was.

“Okay, how’d you do it?” I asked my sister.

“Do what?”.

“Swindle this place into giving you a room.”

“Oh that, remember when Dad lost his AmEx card?”

“Yeah, last year when…” I trailed off as she gave me the same mischievous grin from the night we started our love affair, “you stole it?”

“I did no such thing, I just found it, when dad asked me to help cancel it I might have pretended to do so, I might have pretended that I hadn’t found it in the laundry basket, and I might have pretended that it didn’t find its way hidden behind my drivers’ license to be used for whatever nefarious intentions I may have. But steal it I did not,” she said with conviction, her mischievous smile returning. She needed a telling off.

“God, I love you,” was all that came to mind.

The elevator doors opened and she pulled me in. We waited a few seconds and when the doors closed she pinned me to the wall. Her kisses were fiery and passionate, never relenting. I returned her passion with the same fury, totally lost in the moment. We barely noticed when the doors opened for our floor. I would have happily kept on tasting her tongue but she pulled away, somewhat reluctantly, but really why would we stay in the elevator.

Holly tapped the room handle with the keycard and led me into our room. When she closed the door behind us I expected a foray of kisses, but when I turned all I heard was the click of the bathroom door. A little disheartened but when nature calls I guess. I walked the short corridor into the room and was stunned by what I saw. Lying on the single queen-sized bed was a beautiful red, split-leg dress. My prom dress. Slightly perplexed, the lights turned dim and slow music began to play. I turned and Holly stood behind me, her phone plugged into portable speakers. I smiled at her as my heart fizzed looking at her in a black lace dress. I slowly took in the 360 degrees of my surroundings. Balloons, bunting, a large banner with one word: prom.

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