Her First Camping Trip


She wanted to have a good camping experience and wanted someone to help in making it that way. I was the chosen one. She wanted it to be some place unique, but with not much to do. I encouraged her toward a place in northwest Alabama. I didn’t know truly what to expect, although thoughts were streaming through my head; both to be more exact. Being the gentleman that I am, I tried not to think of such things.

We set out on our journey one Friday afternoon. After arriving at the canyon and setting camp, I prepared a light supper and started a campfire. It was a comfortable night so the campfire was more for companionship than anything else. The fire was burning quite well by the time we were finished eating and she decided to go take a shower. She gathered her bath needs and started on her way. I gathered more fire wood and arranged the lanterns to give the best possible lighting.

Upon returning from her shower, we sat and talked for some time. All the while I could not keep my eyes off of her. The cloths she was wearing were nothing special, just loose fitting shorts and a short, loose fitting tank. I couldn’t help but notice that she wore no bra. The air, though not cold, made this quite noticeable. Sitting beside her, made me feel warm, comfortable, and excited. I tried to keep this from my thoughts. We talked and teased each other as we usually do. I didn’t even realize that we had moved quite close to one another, our arms and legs touching many times. I don’t know why, but silence came over us and she just leaned on me as if to rest. This was a nice feeling.

Several minutes had then passed since a spoken word. I felt her hand move on my leg. It was warm lying quite close to my now rising cock. She couldn’t help but feel the swelling move my shorts under her touch. I could only pull her closer in fear that a sudden action might change what was apparently about to happen. I could feel her hand move down to the leg opening of my shorts and her fingers begin to trace a burning line upward to what was now as hard and excited as could be.

I felt her breath on my chest hair as I moved my hand over her and down to her waist pulling her closer. I kissed her freshly washed hair, her neck and shoulders. She held me in her hand as if guiding a plane through the air. She had total control. I could only wait with anticipation.

She wrapped her fingers around my balls feeling them move involuntary like the slow movement of a heart beating. She massaged them tenderly making me more aroused. I could feel her tongue on my nipple and her teeth biting me gently. They hardened as well. Her kisses moved lower onto my torso, even lower as her hand released me. I felt the softness of her breath around my waist as her tongue teased me. She held me in her mouth through my shorts, biting me slightly to let me know that she was still in control.

She stood and pulled me closer to the fire leaving me there as she went to get a sleeping bag. I helped her unzip the bag and spread it over the ground. We settled down on the bag on our knees, locked in a passionate embrace and kiss. I felt her breast rise against me as the kiss became near violent with both of her hands now between my legs and mine on her ass. Our kiss broke as my hands went under her tank and up her back. I could feel her lips, tongue and teeth having their way with my neck. Passions were high to say the least.

She pulled my shirt off and pushed me onto my back in one fluid like motion. I felt her nails lightly claw down my chest and torso to the button on my shorts. She leaned down to suck, lick and nibble on my very hard nipples. Unaware that I had done so, I moaned out loud. She giggled through her manipulations as she unbuttoned and unzipped my shorts. She finally spoke as she saw that my swollen cock had already come through the opening in my boxers. “That’s what I’m lookin’ for” she said, in her sexy Brooklyn accent.

“It’s all yours,” I said, “but not until we even things up a bit. I need to get some of those clothes off of you.” She wasted no time with the tank but I had to ask her to wait for a moment while I put some more wood on the other fire.

After taking care of the campfire I decided to lye down beside her. We savored more kisses as she freed me from shorts and boxers, grabbing me like she thought that I might leave. No way, honey! I removed hers as well only to find there were no panties, not even a thong. I touched her and she gasped, no pulling away or pushing toward, just excitement.

“I’m going to suck you now,” she said as she climbed back on top. I could feel her hot, moist pussy on my upper torso. She worked her way down just above that hard cock and raised herself. She slid her wet cunt up and down the under side, each time allowing the head of my cock a tempting glimpse of that hot hole. She went further down, kneeling between my legs, and stroked my dick with her hands, holding it as she went down and licked my balls, sucking each one tenderly. She licked my shaft from bottom to top and back again several times. The head was swollen and throbbing pendik escort with each flick of her tongue. She could feel it pulsate as she took the head in her mouth, sucking hard on it with her tongue going in circles. Up and down, twisting and pumping, she worked me over. I had to stop her before I lost it. It was way too early for that.

“What’s the matter,” she said, as she crawled on hands and knees over me like a lion with its prey.

“You are driving me nuts,” I thought out loud as she lowered her now dripping wet pussy down to my throbbing cock, sliding back and forth on the under side.

I could feel the opening each time she reached the head, and then somehow she squeezed and lifted it upright, just holding me that way. She shifted her hips left and right in a teasing motion as she came down on my shaft. I groaned and she almost growled as she took it all in. She leaned back, riding me ever so slowly. I pulled my feet up and raised my knees letting her lean further back to rest as the slow grinding continued. Back and forth she rode. Slowly she leaned forward allowing me an opportunity to take her nipples in my mouth, caressing and sucking each one in turn. They became more swollen and hardened with each flick of my tongue. Now she was pumping her hips slowly up and down driving both of us closer to the edge. With each push, her breast swayed like waves on the ocean. Still in control, she leaned back again. I couldn’t help but notice how the firelight sparkled on her now as small beads of perspiration were all over her. Her body was in perfect motion, a steady and never ending wave of passion.

She leaned forward once more, only this time was different. She released me, crawling over me to place her quivering clit right in my mouth. I wasn’t going to refuse this.

At the instant that I began sucking her clit and massaging it with my tongue, gasp of excitement came with a rush. Her whole body began to rock as she ground her cunt on my face. Back and forth she pressed. At times she was doing the hula hard against me. I kept putting my tongue as far inside as I could. I couldn’t help but hear the smacking sound of her wet lips as I released suction for a moment to rapidly tease her clit. Moaning could be heard echoing from the cliff wall behind our campsite. I can’t be sure if it was she or I, for my cock was convulsing with excitement. She tasted good, is all I could think as she rode me hard, wanting to cum.

I held her ass with both hands urging her on to that sweet moment of bliss. She was getting close. I could feel it with each writhing motion. Each forward thrust became somewhat violent. She leaned forward a bit and grabbed my forehead, giving her something to steady herself. She pushed with wildness as the moans became louder. One final push and she came with raging abandon. Panting and what sounded like soft squeals could now be heard. My tongue still caressing, caused her body to jerk, for it could take no more at the moment. She raised her back to an upright position as she still rode, more controlled now. Her wetness was all over my face and neck and left hot wet traces on my chest as she further withdrew.

“Oh my god, I can’t believe I came so soon,” she said. “You are as good as you say. But now, it’s my turn to play.

“But you’ve been playing!”

“But I’m not finished with the love muscle”

She got up, walked to the cooler and retrieved a nice, chilled bottle of wine. Bringing it back, she sat right back down on my chest, still very wet. She began sipping straight from the bottle, more and more she drank until it dripped from her red, excited lips. We both laughed a little at this.

“You think that is funny?” She giggled mischievously as she slowly poured some on her breast.

“I will take care of all that, don’t you worry.

“Not yet.”

She rose up and moved down between my legs. She began pouring small amounts of the wine on my rock hard cock. It ran down the crack of my ass. It was still quite cool by the time it got there. My ball sack was drawn tight, full of excitement. She took one in her mouth, sucking it softly and rubbing it with her tongue. Then she took the other, not wanting to leave anything undone. More wine to my cock before she sucked hard on the head. I could feel the stud in her tongue, which until this night, I had never felt before. Her lips moved down the under side of my cock and over my balls, kissing with fiery passion. She ran her tongue along the skin under my balls. (This drives me nuts.) Back to my cock she went, this time taking it all in. I could feel the head of my dick against the back of her throat as she sucked. I couldn’t help myself as I took the back of her head in my hands and kept a steady pace with her movements with my hips. That stud was driving me wild with every touch to the head of my cock. This was going to be the mother load. Faster, faster with more suction on each one of my upward thrust she sucked. I hoped that I wasn’t hurting her, because I was loosing control. She firmly held my balls now, which was putting maltepe escort me closer and closer to the edge. She knew this as she took it deep, held it there and worked oral magic. Then it happened. I held her head as I exploded in her mouth. She never stopped sucking and gulping. Up and down she worked it slowly. I was shaking and I couldn’t stop it. The sound of her suction being released gave me the satisfaction of knowing that she was pleased with herself.

“Good to the last drop, baby,” she said as she crawled back on top of me and gave me the most passionate kiss conceivable. “But we’re just getting started for the weekend, so you better rest up.

“I think I had better,” is all I had the energy to say.

We sat close together and snuggled for quite some time. After getting dressed, we decided to put away the wine and any food that was left out so the raccoons would not ruin our weekend. It was getting close to the time for the nightly tour of the canyon, so we freshened up so the passions just exchanged were not quite so noticeable.

We arrived at the campground gift shop and browsed as we awaited the tour. The night was clear and star filled and the humidity was low. This would make our night hike quite comfortable. The contingent was called to the trail head for the do’s and don’ts and what to watch for. These are unique creatures and their glow is quite impressive in the dark canyon. As we started downward we held hands, I didn’t know if this was for her safety or comfort, but I was more than willing to oblige. As we walked, we were stopped several times at certain points of the trail for more explanation of what was being seen. Every time we stopped, she would be in front of me. Each stop gave her the opportunity to rub her fine ass against me, arousing me beyond belief. She knew it and enjoyed it. As I rose, she would rub more and the tour would start up. This was cruel and very unusual pleasure. With all this teasing, I thought the tour would never end. But to my relief, the end was near.

As the hike was coming to an end, we were all bunched into an overhang of rocks where we were once again asked to turn off all flashlights. Near pitch black now, we gazed at these glowing organism. It was the perfect opportunity for some pay back for her teasing. Still behind her, I slipped a hand inside those loose shorts, still no panties, and began massaging her clit. I felt her response as she gave my finger a slippery coating. We wanted it now more than before. Some how, we had managed to always stay near the back of the pack during this whole tour which gave me the opportunity to move us backward down the trail. Burr’s hideout was just around the bend.

Without even giving her the chance to face me, I removed her shorts to expose her bare ass and pushed her forward letting her rest her hands on a large boulder. I pushed her legs apart just enough to get my hand between the legs and started playing with her, rubbing her clit and playing with her pussy lips before I inserted a finger. In and out in a swirling motion, I was working her up pretty good. Another finger went in and another as she started to groan and moan. With my free hand, I dropped my shorts to let out the swollen beast. I spanked her ass with my cock letting her know what was come. I removed my hand and stepped up to her ass. Her back bowed down and her ass tilted up as I dick slapped her clit. Head to pussy, she pushed back hard and took it all quick. She wanted it and she meant to get it.

Both hands on her hips, I began thrusting slowly, in and out. She met me each time with a firm push of her own. On and on we fucked. My nuts slapped against the top of her pussy with every pump. It almost hurt because of our earlier activities. Grunts came from each of us every time I pushed in. She got so wet that I could feel it running down my balls. This was the best back door (not anal) sex I had ever had. In the dark in a public place where we could possibly get caught, made it even more thrilling. I kept driving it home and could feel her hips jerking almost spasmodically. She was getting louder with each thrust. I don’t know how long we were at it, but it had been quite a while. It sounded as if she were near to crying with pleasure, of course.

“I’m cuming,” she squealed as I kept going. “Cum with me,” she pleaded.

I couldn’t. Once I cum, it takes me forever to go again. I told her that I wasn’t there yet. I slammed her harder when she reached down to play with my soaked balls. This was helping, but not soon enough. As she came, her knees buckled somewhat but I kept trying to catch up. Slamming, driving and pushing harder than ever, she came again. I was holding her by the hips so she wouldn’t fall. Her ass smacked hard against my hips as we fucked. She squeezed my balls a little more, gently rolling them in her fingers. That was it. I finally lost control. With one last ball banging thrust, I held her ass to me as I filled her with cum, which wasn’t much since she had previously sucked me dry, but it felt good just the same. I collapsed over kartal escort her back hoping not to make her fall, but my legs were gone as well. Leaning on the rock, she supported both of us as we regained our strength.

Finally, able to walk again, we slowly pulled our shorts on, held hands and began walking; no more words were spoken until we reached camp.

After arriving at camp, we just sat and talked for a while; discussing how satisfied we were with the experiences and not truly knowing where to go next. So, we just sat there, snuggled together for a couple of hours each caressing the other. This was surely a night to remember.

A cool breeze finally stirred us from sleep unawares and we decided that maybe we should go to bed for the night. After settling down under the blankets, her breasts in my hands and my hands in hers, sleep came quickly and deeply.

The morning sun was already high, so was I; with help from her sucking mouth. Damn, I thought I was a horny fuck. “You just take what you want, don’t you? I have never been sucked so many times.” She just grinned around my dick and let out a deep giggle.

“I didn’t think you were ever going to wake up,” she said. “Come on, let’s go get a shower, I have found the perfect place.”

I was unaware that she had been awake since sunrise and had done some exploring on her own.

“What do you want me to do with this now?” I asked while pointing at my swollen dick.

“Just put it away, I promise that I will finish what I started,” she said with a mischievous smile. Taking me by the hand she led the way to an area of the park that I had not been. It was definitely well off the beaten path. It was very secluded and eerie, as if it were a place to be avoided. “Are you sure about this place?” I asked. “Just wait, it will be worth it,” she said.

The canyon walls that seemed ominous and forbidden now began to open into valley with cascading waterfalls and pools surrounded by wild rhododendrons and mountain laurels. Leading me through the tree growth like an experienced woodsman was beginning to arouse me. I never thought I could get the city out of her. The trek through the trees opened to a very private pool and a waterfall of unbelievable beauty. “How do you like the shower facilities?”

“It was worth the walk,” is all I could say.

Putting her arms around me, the kisses came slowly and tenderly; not with the animal madness of the night before. Our hands caressed one another slowly, making sure that we felt what we touched. I don’t know how, but we were both naked, as if our clothes just melted away. She released a very passionate kiss and led me into the pool. The water was cool but not cold. As the water touched her breast she pulled me against her as the desire of lips met again. This was too good to be true. It had to be a dream. I could feel her hands around my wasted and she could feel my swollen dick on her stomach. One of her hands eased around it and stroked it slowly.

I took her ass in my hands and lifted her so she could put me inside. She slid down slowly and leaned back in the water. I thought she was going to loose it when I was all the way in. The place, moment and company made every nerve and sense more receptive to what we were receiving from one another. The waves of our passion could be heard lapping against the rocks on the bank.

I bounced her with my hips and hands but she slowed me, raised her head to kiss me and climbed off as easily as she got on. She kissed my chest and sank beneath the water taking my throbbing cock in her mouth. Coming up for air, she led me to the water fall where there was rock smoothed by years of running water. She pushed me firmly in the chest causing me to stumble back onto my back. She pumped me hard with her hand and said, “Now I’m going to finish”. Dropping to her knees, she swallowed me whole, as if starved. The water fell over us as she sucked and pumped. My balls were churning in her other hand. Between the surroundings and the woman, I was loosing it.

She sensed it and slowed the manipulations. She was not going to be denied the pleasure that I was receiving. She urged me farther onto the rock so she could join me there. Dick still in hand, she spun and dropped her cunt right into my mouth. “Eat me, you fucker,” is all that was said. I obliged, as if I had a choice. She was fucking my face wildly. I found it hard to get my tongue in at all. She was grinding on my chin so hard and fast that it was hard to keep up. Finally she quaked, hips jerking and stomach having spasms. She slowed down and settled her pussy into my waiting lips, enjoying the kisses it received.

Her gasping for air around my shaking dick subsided and she began to suck me again, this time with slow deep action. I could feel me hitting the back of her throat but she didn’t gag. Up and down she worked, taking every swollen inch. I was getting closer and she knew it. My ass cheeks tightened as I tried to hold back. She knew that too. She sucked harder and deeper until she knew it was time. Taking all in, she held suction and swallowed all as it came. She kept swallowing even after I was done. Each convulsion gave her more satisfaction. No energy left, she finally let me go. Laying her head on my thigh, she said, “How was the shower”? We could only laugh.

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