Her Mother Watched Us


I’ve always had a thing for my former girlfriend’s mother. She’s not the most beautiful woman, not by a long shot, but there was just something so sexy about her. I’ve often had the old mother-daughter fantasy and I believe it stemmed from her. There were often times when I was fucking Kelly that I would think of her mother’s naked body underneath me as I fucked her sopping wet pussy. My strides would always get harder and faster as I would look down and in my mind’s eye see Tanya laying there, her eyes rolling into the back of her head as I made her cum before I emptied my balls into her. It gets my heart going thinking about it even as I write this now. I have never cheated on any of my girlfriends nor would I knowingly sleep with anyone I knew was in a relationship. I’m just not that kind of guy. Therefore I knew my fantasy would istanbul travesti never come true but the closest I ever got to knowing what it would be like came when I stayed over at my ex-girlfriend’s house one night in December 1999. I remember exactly what year it was because everyone was getting ready for the New Years Eve party of the century. The night started off the best way possible. Me and Kelly turned in early for the night in a deliberate effort to make the most of each other. We had been drinking quite heavily with her parents that afternoon so we were very drunk by this point. At the time Kelly was 16 and hadn’t had much experience with alcohol but had learned quite quickly that it would cause her teenage hormone levels to rise exponentially. I loved that. Kelly was an energetic lover. istanbul travestileri She liked me to fight her for sex. She got off on being restrained and I enjoyed the power of dominating her teenage body. She was not a small girl but well proportioned. I would not say she was in the BBW class but she was somewhere in the middle and there was always plenty to grab on to. I don’t remember us getting naked but I do remember that we were soon naked and play-fighting on her pink carpet. As she sat upright on the floor I stood over her and grabbed hold of her hair before tilting my head back. She smiled devilishly because she knew what I was going to do. My cock was getting harder and was now hovering near her face. In one quick move I thrust it into her mouth causing her to gag slightly which if I was travesti istanbul honest turned me on even more. She was still putting up a fight and not wanting to let her stop I grabbed hold of her head and began to fuck her pretty young face. In an effort to desensitize my aching cock I occasionally pulled out of her mouth and rubbed my tip across her face. I say I wanted to desensitize myself this actually made it worse – if that’s the right word. I grabbed Kelly by the arms and I dragged her onto her feet. I spun her round so her back was facing me and I made her lean forwards with her hands holding her up on the end of her bed. I waisted no time in smacking the right cheek of her big soft ass causing a loud slapping sound to ring out in the room. “Ssshhh!” she said to me. “My parents will hear.” “I doubt it,” I said. “They’re both passed out on the sofa downstairs.” I was of course wrong. I looked over at the large bedside mirror she had in her room and I could see Kelly’s naked body bent over the bed her arms outstretched to hold her upright. It was a turn-on to look in that mirror and see the effect I was having on her.

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