Her Sister


I would like to point out that the first incident was not my fault. I was visiting my girlfriend at her house and both her mother and sister were home. Dianne and I were going out, but Dianne wanted to change clothes first so she dumped my in the family room and went off to change.

So there I was, sitting back and minding my own business when in waltzed Dianne’s little sister, Kerry. She just came prancing into the room, naked as a jaybird, not noticing that I was there giving her a very appreciative once over.

When I say little sister, that doesn’t mean smaller. Kerry was nineteen, had a very nice pair of breasts, (I could now guarantee that) and her figure left nothing to be desired. She was also freshly shaven.

Fair’s fair. She was naked and female and I was male and looking. Looking with a great deal of appreciation, I might add.

Anyway, Kerry goes dancing over to this tallboy over against one wall and bent over to get something out of one of the drawers. How I refrained from whipping out my phone and filming her I don’t know. Maybe the thought of the way Dianne would make me eat the phone helped.

Kerry found what she was looking for and turns to leave and that’s when she spotted me, looking her over and laughing. (Laughing quietly, maybe, but laughing.)

She just gasped and froze on the spot, staring at me. And for the life of me I couldn’t decide if that look was the look the cobra gives the mouse when they see each other or the look the mouse gives the cobra.

I just got up out of the chair and strolled over to her. I weighed her breasts in my hands, stroking her nipples while I did so. Then I reached down and cupped her mound, squeezing it gently. I sighed and stepped back.

“Run along Kerry,” I told her. “If Dianne or your mother come along they will not be pleased and I’m quite sure that they will blame me.”

I gave her a pat on the bottom and Kerry fled. I didn’t see her again as she stayed in her room until Dianne came down and we went out.

It was Friday of the next week before I saw Kerry again. I rocked up at Dianne’s place at the nominated time and her mother admitted me. Dianne’s parents were actually on the way out at the time.

“Dianne’s not here yet,” her mother told me, which didn’t really shock me. She was often late. “We’re going out but you can wait inside. You’ll find Kerry in the kitchen.”

So I wandered in, hands in my pocket, and headed for the kitchen. I said hi to Kerry escort ataşehir and then watched in amusement as she blushed, remembering our previous encounter. I hadn’t forgotten it either.

Kerry was hanging up the house-phone when I entered the kitchen. Despite the blush she maintained her cool.

“Good evening, Paul,” she said. “That was Dianne on the phone. She got stuck at work doing some last minute things and is only just leaving now. She won’t be home for about an hour.

Um, you’ll probably be bored just sitting around here waiting for her. You might like to go home and I’ll get her to give you a call when she gets home.”

I considered that suggestion for a good half second before rejecting it.

“No, I’ll be fine,” I told her. “I know how to keep myself occupied.”

Kerry was fresh home from work herself and still in her office clothes, a white blouse and a neat, dark-blue skirt. She’d want to change out of them into something more casual but it was possible she might feel a little inhibited by my presence, especially after her performance of the previous week. I considered it my duty to help her in this dilemma.

I crossed over to her and started undoing the buttons on her blouse. Kerry just stood there for a second and I was working on the third button before she seemed to catch on to what was going on.

“Paul,” she squawked, “what do you think you’re doing? Cut it out.”

Kerry started trying to push my hands away but it didn’t seem to me that she was trying too hard. She was also protesting loudly, but not making any effort to do up the buttons I’d already undone. The result was that Kerry was always protesting my opening the next button with a steady trail of undone buttons above my busy little fingers.

With the last button done I brushed her blouse off her shoulders, pushing it down her arms. Kerry was still complaining but that blouse slipped off awfully easily.

After that I turned her around and unclipped her bra, pushing the straps over her shoulders. Kerry gave a little more resistance to losing her bra, but still not nearly enough to show she was serious.

I tossed Kerry’s bra onto the table to join her blouse while she stood there glaring at me. (Breasts on full display. She wasn’t even pretending to hide them.)

“Well done, Paul,” she snapped. “And just what was that little display of machismo meant to demonstrate?”

“Now, really, Kerry,” I protested. kadıköy escort “You know I don’t go in for displays of machismo. I was just helping you out of your blouse because I wanted to kiss them.”

And that’s what I proceeded to do. I hooked an arm around her waist and pulled her towards me and buried my face in her breasts. My mouth closed over a nipple and started sucking on it, teasing it with my teeth and tongue.

Kerry gasped and grabbed my hair and tried to pull me away from her breasts. Or was she holding me there? It was a bit hard to tell but the no, no, no, she was muttering was rather negated by the fact that her hands were tangled in my hair and she didn’t seem to be pulling.

While I was chewing on her breasts my hands got busy again. Kerry was spending so much effort protesting about the attention I was paying her breasts that she didn’t seem to register that I’d undone the fastenings on her skirt.

She woke up fast enough once I slid my hands under her skirt’s waistband and started pushing downwards. Even more so when she found that I managed to collect her panties on the way past.

“Stop acting the fool, Paul,” she protested, but she still stepped out of her panties and skirt when they hit the floor.

While I picked up the skirt and panties and tossed them onto the table, Kerry backed away from me.

“OK,” she said breathlessly. “You win this one. You’ve managed to see me naked again. Now I’m going to go and get dressed.”

I started moving closer to her and Kerry backed right up to the kitchen table. She leaned back over it, hands going back and bracing her against the table. I don’t know if she realised it but she was presenting to me very nicely.

I unzipped and took out my erection, still watching Kerry. Her eyes flicked down to my cock, she swallowed and then looked back at me.

“You’re not really going to try and use that on me, are you?” she asked, sounding rather breathless. She didn’t wait for an answer, just transferring her gaze back down to where my erection was fast approaching her pussy.

Even as Kerry watched she could see my cock sliding between her legs and could feel it pressing against her slit.

“Oh, my, goooood,” she squealed as my cock first pressed against her slit and then pushed in as her lips yielded right of way.

That gooood she was drawing out lasted from the initial entry past her lips until my cock was all the way inside her. I was quite maltepe escort bayan impressed. I was also not surprised to find that she wasn’t a sweet blushing virgin having her first taste of cock. She knew what one was and, the way she closed around mine, she knew what to do with one once it was in her.

“You shouldn’t be doing this,” she told me as we started to move against each other. (The position she was in gave her quite a decent purchase, allowing her to really thrust her hips forward to meet my incoming drive.) “I never said you could do this.”

What a liar. The way she presented herself to me was nothing short of a written invitation, but I didn’t point this out, not being suicidally inclined.

“You didn’t actually say that I couldn’t,” I said, feeling that this answer was safe.

“But you didn’t ask,” she gasped. (The gasp was because I gave a little twist as I was driving into her.) “You’re supposed to ask.”

“If I’d asked, you might have felt that you had to say no, and I didn’t think that would be fair to either of us. Too late now. More action, less talk.”

Kerry seemed to agree with that as she proceeded to very energetically provide some action. It was fortunate that the table was up against a wall because if it hadn’t been I’d have pushed it there, I was hitting Kerry so hard.

We were both throwing ourselves against the other, hard and fast, and in addition I had Kerry’s sweet breasts in my hand, mauling then unconscionably, but with no protest from Kerry who was clawing my shoulders, trying to draw me even closer to her.

We hammered against each other for what seemed a very long time, all of it blissful and full of feeling. When it finally ended and we both settled down from our respective finishes we were both too pooped to say a word. We just stood there, me still inside Kerry, until finally I stirred.

“You had better have a shower and get dressed before Dianne comes home,” I ventured, and Kerry just sighed and nodded.

She vanished into the bathroom and I tidied myself and went into the family room and turned on the TV. Then Dianne turned up, way ahead of schedule. She’d got a lift home, she said. She’d just go and change and be right with me.

She was heading to her room when Kerry came out of the bathroom, naked.

“Damn it, Kerry,” I heard Dianne hiss. “You can’t just waltz around naked while Paul is here. He might see you.”

“Well, it won’t be the first time he’s seen one of us naked, now would it,” said Kerry, sounding bored about the whole subject.

Maybe it wasn’t, but I didn’t think I’d be pushing too hard to get Dianne naked tonight. And if I did, I suspect that I’d be giving a demonstration of a long slow loving. I was beat.

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